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Quests for Echo Caverns

Duke Norfin's Delivery (Normal): This quest begins with Duke Norfin in the Echo Caverns (northern half of the zone in the guildmaster area - southwestern structure in this area).

You say, 'Hail, Duke Norfin'

Duke Norfin says 'Hello _____, my guards seem to find you harmless enough, but I have yet to determine if you are trustworthy. We are always on the lookout for additional hands to assist in our work. Perhaps you are... sympathetic to our situation.'

You say, 'What situation?'

Duke Norfin says 'Those blasted Houses in Shadow Haven. They think they have the right to own all trade going through the Haven. Well it's about time they learn that trade will continue with or without their consent. I know a few people on the Trade Commission who understand the way things really work and they don't care who does the trading as long as they get their cut.'

You say, 'I can help you work'

Duke Norfin says 'Excellent! We like to keep changing who we use for deliveries. Keeps those dumb Defenders guessing and reduces the chances of goods not reaching their destination.'

You say, 'What destination?'

Duke Norfin says 'I have an important shipment coming from Katta Castellum that's late. The courier who was picking up the shipment should still be there. I'd like for you to go over there and see what the hold up is. Take this note and show it to Jarin Lorean so he knows you're on official business. Report back to me with news. Better yet, return with the shipment if you can.'

You receive "Note to Jarin". Next, find Jarin Lorean in Katta Castellum, located at -200, -920, -260 (not findable). This is in the narrow north-south rectangular building in the south-central part of the zone (the sign on the building says "Nectar of Unity Brewery & Tavern").

You say, 'Hail, Jarin Lorean'

Jarin Lorean says 'Can't you see I'm, eh, busy here? Leave me be.'

Jarin Lorean glances nervously about, 'So you're here on 'official' business eh? Well, there's not much I can do right now. I have the goods but someone caught scent of what I've been doing and there are too many people watching me to leave right now. You can tell our mutual friend that he needs to wait for things to calm down or send someone else to bring back the goods.'

Your faction standing with Haven Smuggler Associates has been adjusted by 25.
Your faction standing with Haven Smugglers has been adjusted by 25.

You say, 'I will bring back the goods'

Jarin Lorean says 'You will, will you. That would be great. Make sure the guards don't stop you while you have this stuff. And if you get caught, I'll deny any knowledge of you. Now get out of here.'

You receive "Smuggled Goods".

Return to the Echo Caverns, and hand this in:

Duke Norfin says 'Excellent work. I'm glad you were able to collect this shipment. The buyers were getting anxious to have it delivered. Come back later and I may have another job for you.'

Your faction standing with Haven Smugglers has been adjusted by XX.
Your faction standing with Lake Recondite Bandits has been adjusted by 2.
Your faction standing with House of Fordel has been adjusted by -12.
Your faction standing with House of Midst has been adjusted by -12.
Your faction standing with House of Stout has been adjusted by -12.
Helping the Forsaken (Normal): Approach Priestess Tarafol in the mutant caves of Echo Caverns.

You say, 'Hail, Priestess Tarafol'

Priestess Tarafol says 'Oh, these poor forsaken souls. We must do whatever we can to help them. So far I've been unable to find anything that can cure their afflictions. I'm not even certain there is a cure. The least I've been able to do is ease some of their suffering.'

You say, 'What cure?'

Priestess Tarafol says 'I'm not certain what causes the disease that inflicts most of these people. I believe it's from living down in these caverns for so long. It seems most people have a natural immunity, but the few who are stricken are cursed to slowly rot to death. A most horrible and painful way to die. I wish I could do more than just ease their pain.'

You say, 'I want to help you'

Priestess Tarafol says 'You would be willing to do that? That would be great! I've heard of the possible curative powers of many things here on Luclin. I've been so busy here that I haven't been able to go out and search for any of the needed compounds. If you would be so kind as to collect some things for me I would be very appreciative.'

You say, 'Collect what things?'

Priestess Tarafol says 'Ok, I need you to find these things... Underbulk Bile, Razorfungus Spores and Saprophyte Spores. You should be able to be find them within the nearby cavern systems. Please return to me once you have acquired all the ingredients. Thank you very much for assisting. Good luck.'

Underbulk Bile is found on Underbulks, and on Crinthia in Echo.
Razorfungus Spores are found on Fungal Fiends.
Saprophyte Spores are found on The Great Saprophyte.

(Beware: Razorfiend Spores and Underbulk Bile are food and drink.)

Priestess Tarafol says 'Thank you so much!! These will help so much in trying to find a cure for these people. Here take this as a token of my gratitude.'

You receive Tarafol's Pendant: 15 svdisease, 5 svpoison, Effect: Cure Disease Reward: Tarafol's Pendant