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Quests for Dreadlands

Bard Epic: Singing Short Sword (Normal):

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NOTE: A patch on April 22, 2015, added a work-around to obtain bottleneck items from Phinigel Autropos (Kedge Keep), Gorenaire (Dreadlands), and Talendor (Skyfire Mountains).

- In Kedge Keep, a harbinger of the seas can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Phinigel Autropos.
- In Dreadlands, a harbinger of frost can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Gorenaire.
- In Skyfire Mountains, a harbinger of flame can help adventurers get their epic 1.0 pieces that would normally drop from Talendor.

NOTE: A Patch on June 22, 2016, removed the Undead Bard from TLP Servers only and put the Undead Dragongut Strings back on Trakanon himself.

Quick Checklist / Guide

[ ] Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Top
    ( ) Talk to Konia Swiftfoot in Western Karana, receive a torch
    ( ) Give the torch to Fajio Knejo in Misty Thicket, receive torch
    ( ) Give the torch to Andad Filla in Southern Desert of Ro, receive torch
    ( ) Give the torch to Misty Tekchita in Lake Rathetear, receive ring Proof of Speed
    ( ) Give the ring to Konia Swiftfoot in Western Karana, receive Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Top

[ ] Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Bottom
    ( ) Ask Baenar Swiftsong in South Karana, “what doll,” receive invoice
    ( ) Take the invoice to Marfen Birkdipple in Solusek's Eye, receive a “doll”
    ( ) Give the doll to Serra in Unrest, receive a note
    ( ) Give the note to Baenar Swiftsong, receive a note
    ( ) Give the note to Maligar in Western Plains of Karana
    ( ) Kill Maligar's Enraged Doppleganger, loot his head
    ( ) Give the head to Baenar Swiftsong, receive Mahlin's Mystical Bongos.
    ( ) Give Mahlin's Mystical Bongos to Konia Swiftfoot, receive Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Bottom

[ ] Maestro's Symphony Page 25
    ( ) Kill Blackwing in Rathe Mountains, loot Onyx Drake Gut
    ( ) Kill Nezekezena or Phurzikon in Burning Woods, loot Red Wurm Gut
    ( ) Kill Eldrig the Old in Skyfire Mountains, loot Chromodrac Gut
    ( ) Give all the guts to Kelkim Menkia in South Karana, receive Maestro's Symphony Page 25

[ ] Mystical Lute Head
    ( ) Kill Quag Maelstrom in Ocean of Tears, loot Alluring Horn.
    ( ) Give Alluring Horn to Vedico Windwhisper in Butcherblock Mountains, receive a Note to Forpar.
    ( ) Give Note to Forpar to Forpar Fizfla in Steamfont Mountains.
    ( ) Say "What Components" to Forpar Fizfla, Receive Forpar's Note to Himself.
    ( ) Kill Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep, loot Kedge Backbone
    ( ) Kill an Amygdalan warrior in Plane of Fear, loot Amygdalan Tendril
    ( ) Kill Drolvarg Warlord in Karnor's Castle, loot Petrified Werewolf Skull
    ( ) Give Note to Forpar, Kedge Backbone, Amygdalan Tendril, Petrified Werewolf Skull to Forpar and receive Mystical Lute Head

[ ] Mystical Lute Body
    ( ) Kill a red dragon and loot Red Dragon Scales (Lord Nagafen, Zordakalicus Ragefire, Talendor , Nortlav the Scalekeeper)
    ( ) Kill a white dragon (Lady Vox, Gorenaire), loot White Dragon Scales
    ( ) Give 1 metal bits (smithed), Red Dragon Scales and White Dragon Scales to Forpar, receive Mystical Lute Body

[ ] Undead Dragongut Strings
    ( ) Live servers onlyGive Undead Bard in Old Sebilis the Mystical Lute Body to spawn a triggered version of Trakanon.
    ( ) Kill Trakanon in Old Sebilis, loot Undead Dragongut Strings

[ ] Mystical Lute
    ( ) Give Mystical Lute Head, Mystical Lute Body and Undead Dragongut Strings to Forpar, receive the Mystical Lute

[ ] Singing Short Sword!
    ( ) Give Maestro's Symphony Page 24 top, Maestro's Symphony Page 24 bottom, Maestro's Symphony Page 25 and Mystical
   Lute to Baldric Slezaf, receive Singing Short Sword

Full Walkthrough
  • Visit Baldric Slezaf, located inside a pyramid at +775, +9665, around the portal area of the Dreadlands.

    You say, 'Hail, Baldric Slezaf'

    Baldric Slezaf says 'Hello. Don't you think this would be a wonderful place to perform a symphony?'

    You say, 'What symphony?'

    Baldric Slezaf says 'It has been my dream for years to perform a symphony that would be remembered for ages to come. I have run into a few minor snags, however.'

    You say, 'What snags?'

    Baldric Slezaf says 'Several years ago I bought sheets of the most beautiful sounding music from a traveling merchant. He did not know the author of the work as it was simply signed 'the Maestro'. The melody I played from them was wondrous and invoked feelings in me I have never felt before. However, as I reached the middle of the music, I discovered it was missing two pages!'

    You say, 'What pages?'

    Baldric Slezaf says 'The pages that were missing were pages 24 and 25. I have been searching the world for a spot to hold my symphony and I have finally found it. Without the music and a new lute crafted by the famous instrument maker Forpar Fizfla, I do not think I can pull it off.'

    You say, 'Who is Forpar Fizfla?'

    Baldric Slezaf says 'Forpar Fizfla is an eccentric instrument maker from Ak'Anon. He makes enchanted instruments that enhance the sound of the music. If I am to perform the concert of all concerts, I must have one of his instruments. I went to Ak'Anon, seeking to purchase an instrument from him but he wouldn't even speak to me.'

    You say, 'What music?'

    Baldric Slezaf says 'It makes me sad to know that the pages of this music may be spread across the world or destroyed. If you find and bring me the two missing sheets as well as a new lute, I would be happy to repay you in some way.'

    You say, 'How will you repay me?'

    Baldric Slezaf pulls a fantastic looking sword from its scabbard and says, 'I might be willing to part with this wonderful sword if I were able to perform this symphony. You would also gain recognition at the opening of the symphony.' Baldric sheathes his sword and begins to hum a haunting melody.

  • Baldric Slezaf wants these four items:

    1) First Half of Page 24
    2) Second Half of Page 24
    3) Page 25
    4) Lute made by Forpar Fizfla

  • To get top part page 24 go to West Karana and see Konia Swiftfoot, who may be found inside a guard tower at -500, -2400. She gives you a Torch of Misty and starts a race. Take the torch to Fajio Knejo in Misty Thicket (close to the wall guards). He gives you a Torch of Ro. Then take that torch to Andad Filla in South Ro (close to innothule zone) who gives you a Torch of Rathe. Then take that torch to Misty Tekchita in Lake Rathe (by arena zone). This will get you Proof of Speed. Finally, take this back to Konia Swiftfoot and you will get the top part of page 24.

  • You say, 'Hail, Konia Swiftfoot'

    Konia Swiftfoot says 'Hello there, ______. I am hosting a relay running contest. Would you like to participate?'

    You say, 'I would like to participate.'

    Konia Swiftfoot says 'Great! The prize will be this silly old music sheet. Let me know when you are ready and I will pass you the torch and tell you where the first stop is.'

    You say, 'I am ready.'

    Konia Swiftfoot says 'Here you go. Run with this torch as fast as you can to the misty thicket and hand this torch off to Fajio Knejo. He will tell you where to go from there. Hurry! You do not have much time!'

    You have entered The Misty Thicket.

    You say, 'Hail, Fajio Knejo'

    Fajio Knejo says 'Greetings, ______. I hope you are having a fine day.'

    Fajio Knejo says 'Run onward, my friend, to the far off Desert of Ro and give this torch to Andad Filla.'

    You gain experience!!
    You gain experience!!

    You have entered South Desert of Ro.

    You say, 'Hail, Andad Filla'

    Andad Filla says 'Hello, traveler, please do not bother me right now. I am waiting for someone.'
    Andad Filla says 'You still have a way to go! Seek out Misty Tekcihta near the arena at Lake Rathe. Run like the wind!'

    You gain experience!!
    You gain experience!!

    You have entered Lake Rathetear.

    You say, 'Hail, Misty Tekcihta'
    Misty Tekcihta smiles and taps her foot.
    Misty Tekcihta hands you a small ring.

    You gain experience!!

    Konia Swiftfoot says 'Excellent! You are quite a runner. Here is half of the sheet music. I decided to keep the other half because it has this wonderful signature. I think it might be quite valuable. It is probably worth as much as an instrument the great Mahlin used.'

    You gain experience!!

  • To get the bottom half, you need to give Konia Swiftfoot Mahlin's Mystical Bongos. Talk to Baenar Swiftsong at location -15, +100 in South Karana. He will give you an invoice after you ask "what doll?". Go to Solusek A and give the gnome vendor Marfen the invoice and you will receive a doll. Take the doll to the Estate of Unrest and find Serra (next to the gnomish spelunker):

    You say, 'Hail, Serra'

    Serra says 'H..h..hello? Can you help me? I lost [something] and I need it so I can go back home.'

    You say, 'Something?'

    Serra says 'I never got my doll for my birthday. Before he could bring it to me I was h..hurt by the bad man. I cannot leave without my doll. Will you please help me?'

    You say, 'What doll?'

    Serra claps her hands. 'Oh goody! But... I cannot seem to remember his name. He gave me this note before I...'

    You say, 'What note?'

    Serra says 'I hope it will help you out. Please find him so I can leave this place?'

  • You receive a Ripped Qeynos Bards Guild Flyer.

  • Give her the Mechanical Doll:

    Serra says 'Oh! You have the dolly! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can go home now. Please give this to my father, Baenar. He will understand when he gets it.' Serra begins to fade away. 'Bye bye!''

  • You receive a Note for Baenar.

  • Take the note to Braenar, who will give a new note for Maligar. Take the note from Braenar to Maligar, who is in West Karana at loc 1200, -10900. Maligar's Enraged Doppleganger will attack at this point (bring a group). Kill the Doppleganger and loot his head. Take the head back to Braenar and receive "Mahlin's Mystical Bongos". Take the bongos to Konia Swiftfoot in West Karana to get the bottom of Page 24.

  • To get Page 25 go to South Karana and talk to the wood elf bard named Kelkin Mekia.

    You say, 'Hail, Kelkim Menkia'

    Kelkim Menkia sighs as she looks over her lute. 'My lute was mangled by those damnable gnolls! I have no idea how I'm going to get a new set of strings for it. They were so rare.'

    You say, 'Why are they so rare?'

    Kelkim Menkia says 'I only use the finest lute strings on my lute. My uncle got them for me from across the world. His name was Zendrik the Wurmslayer. As his name implies, he killed many wurms and drakes. The strings for my lute were all made from the guts of the wurms and drakes he slew.

    You say, 'What wurms and drakes?'

    Kelkim Menkia says 'The strings were from a chromodrac, a red wurm and a huge onyx drake. It always sounded so wonderful.' Kelkim sighs, looking off to the horizon. As she shakes her lute angrily, she says, 'I'll kill all of you dirty gnolls!'

  • Find these three items and give them to her to receive Page 25:

    Chromodrac Gut
  • (dropped by Eldrig the Old, a named chromodrac in Skyfire)
    Red Wurm Gut
  • (dropped by Nezekezena, a named wurm in the Burning Woods)
    Onyx Drake Gut
  • (dropped by Blackwing, an onyx drake in Rathe Mountains)

    Kelkim Menkia snatches the gut strings from your hand and immediately begins to string her lute. 'This is wonderful, I will be able to play my lute again soon! Take this old sheet of music I found - I don't think I will have much use for it. My new desire is to bash gnoll heads in with my lute. Safe travels to you, Kenayne.'

    You gain experience!!

  • Now you need Forpar's Lute. This is rewarded as head, body and strings.

  • First you need to get horn from Ocean of Tears (Alluring Horn from Quag Maelstrom). Take the alluring horn from Ocean of Tears to a half elf bard in Butcherblock, by the docks (Vedico). Take the note she gives you to Forpar. He then gives you a note and a list of items he needs:

    1) Backbone of an Ancient Fishman - Kedge Backbone from Phinigel Autropos in Kedge Keep.
    2) Amalgam Tentacle - Amygdalan Tendril from Plane of Fear.
    3) Petrified Skull of a Lycanthrope - Petrified Werewolf Skull from Karnor's Castle off a Drolvarg Warlord.

    Take all 3 items and the note back give to Forpar.

    Forpar Fizfla says 'Wow! I didn't think a Human like you would be able to gather all of those things.' Forpar rambles around and works with small tools for a good ten minutes before handing you a very fine looking lute head. 'Now, do you want to gather the next pieces for me?'

  • He gives you the Mystical Lute Head.

    You say, 'What next pieces?'

    Forpar Fizfla says 'The next pieces are a little harder to come by than those. To make the body of an instrument that will last ages to come, I need something very special. The scales of a big red dragon and the scales of a big white dragon will make it unbreakable, as well as giving it a unique look. Some metal bits will allow me to hold the body together. Please, if you gather up these things, bring them to me as soon as possible. I have not felt this good in years!'

  • The body requires the following items:

    1) Red Dragon Scales from Talendor, Lord Nagafen, or Echo of Nortlav.
    2) White Dragon Scales from Gorenaire or Lady Vox.
    3) Metal Bits (regular smithed metal bits). (There's been some confusion because the name of the item is plural, but you really only need one copy of this. Verified in-game.)

    Forpar Fizfla says 'Woooooo! You are doing a wonderful job, ______. I wish I could go out and gather these things myself.' Forpar sits back down at his desk and pulls several very strange looking tools out. Eventually he looks up at you and says, 'The body is done! Only one more piece to go!'

    You say, 'One more piece to go?'

    Forpar Fizfla says 'The lute has a head and body. The only thing missing is a set of strings that will never break! I have heard rumors of a living dead poison dragon in the lands of Kunark. If your were somehow able to get your hands on his guts, I could finish the lute. You would have to bring me the head, the body and the undead dragon gut for lute strings!'

  • Find and bring a raidforce to Trakanon's lair in Old Sebilis at -2085, -705.

  • Kill Trakanon and loot the Undead Dragongut Strings from him. On Live servers, spawn the triggered version of Trakanon by giving the Undead Bard the Mystical Lute Body.

  • Once you have all three lute parts, give the following to Forpar to receive the mystical lute: the head, body and gut strings.

    Forpar Fizfla says 'Goodness! I can hardly contain myself! This will be my greatest creation ever!' Forpar sits down, slides the lute head into place and screws it together. After a few minutes, he begins to string the lute with the gut strings of the poison dragon. A wonderful sound fills the air as he strums the lute once and hands it to you. 'I hope you find a good use for that! I bet you could play it from the mountaintops and the people below would hear you. Thank you, ______, for making my lifelong dream come true!'

    You gain experience!!

  • Now head back to Baldric Slezaf and give him the following items:

    1) Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Top
    2) Maestro's Symphony Page 24 Bottom
    3) Maestro's Symphony Page 25
    4) Mystical Lute from Forpar

    Baldric Slezaf looks shocked as you hand him the pages and the mystical lute. 'I will put on a symphony the likes of which the gods have never seen. Thank you so much, ______. Please take this sword as a token of my gratitude.'

    You gain experience!!

  • He will reward you with the Singing Short Sword. Reward: Singing Short Sword
    Reward: Mahlin's Mystical Bongos
    Reward: Mystical Lute

    Drachnid Breeding Grounds (Normal): Taskmaster Klok F`tshai located in Dreadlands at +770, +9130. This is a Short task.

    You say, 'Hail, Klok F`tshai'

    Klok F`tshai says 'First and foremost, I'm here to serve the needs of those looking for supplies out in the dangerous lands of Kunark. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm here to make a few coins from others' lack of forethought. Sometimes they can't pay for their supplies though, which means I have to have them run the gamut of [tasks] so I don't have to. So first and foremost, I'm about making money.'

    You say, 'What tasks?'

    You have been assigned the task 'Drachnid Breeding Grounds'.

    Step 1: Explore the drachnid nest in the northeast (Dreadlands)

    This isn't like any journey you've ever taken before. This time you're on a serious mission to find the one they call Morticalidon. No one knows what it looks like, or if it even really exists, but legend says that a creature of sinister power roams the lands in search of prey once every hundred years. It's time the search started for this mythical creature and youre the one whos going to be at the forefront. The search has already begun, but there are plenty of places to search. You should explore the drachnid nest in the northeast, to start. Do you think you can handle that?

    This task begins in Dreadlands.

    Go to the Drachnid spiderwebs in Dreadlands located at +1825, -5020, 108.48. Kill any spiders in the webs which may block your path through them.

    Your task 'Drachnid Breeding Grounds' has been updated.

    Step 2: Explore the ruins just north of the northeast crater (Burning Woods)

    Don't worry about it too much, there are plenty of other places to explore, and there is no doubt in anyone's mind that this creature is real, but highly elusive. Why don't you take a torch and explore the ruins just north of the northeast crater? This seems like the next best place to look for it.

    Go to the ruins just north of the northeast crater in Burning Woods located at +2955, -725, -255. Just walking into the ruins is sufficient to complete this step.

    Your task 'Drachnid Breeding Grounds' has been updated.

    Step 3: Speak with Byllella Voon (Skyfire Mountains)

    No luck there either, but don't fret. There will be plenty of chances to find the beast before your time on Norrath is done. Go find and speak with Byllella Voon, just to let them know that you've begun to search.

    Go to the Skyfire Mountains. Upon entering the zone, you will receive the message:

    The direction to someone related to your current Task has been marked on your compass.

    Follow the marker to 1110, -3625, -120, where you will find Byllella Voon.

    You say, 'Hail, Byllella Voon'

    Byllella Voon says 'Thanks for contacting me, ______. Your information on this matter has been most useful.'

    Your task 'Drachnid Breeding Grounds' has been updated.

    The search for the Morticalidon won't end, not as long as intrepid explorers like you are on the trail. With this type of creature, you never know when or where you'll find it, but one thing is for sure -- finding this creature will be the most rewarding experience you'll ever have. In the meantime, here's payment for the time you spent searching.

    You receive 3 copper.
    You receive 1 silver.
    You receive 8 gold.
    You receive 37 platinum.
    You gain experience!!

    The Task was completed in approximately 30 minutes.
    EQ Sixth Anniversary Scavenger Hunt (Normal): Anniversary events tend to run from mid-March to mid-April (sometimes to mid-May) each year. They are not available during the "off season".

    For an overview and list of EverQuest Anniversary events, see this quest entry.

    Find Sarvil Amberstone in the Dreadlands, located near the wizard and druid portals, or Nilvara Rishal in Firiona Vie at 787.87, -1974.70, 143.10, just outside the elven faction outpost.

    You say, 'Hail, Sarvil Amberstone'

    Sarvil Amberstone says, 'Hail, _____! I'm glad you finally found me. I thought you looked like someone who might help me out. Are you [prepared] to risk life and limb to assist me?'

    You say, 'I am prepared'

    Sarvil Amberstone says, 'I thought as much. In return for your help I'd be happy to give you this potion here. It's got some wonderful benefits to it that I'm sure you'll enjoy. All you need to do is collect a few things for me from around the continent. It's mostly easy and only a little dangerous, I swear. Are you still [interested]?'

    You say, 'I am still interested'

    Sarvil Amberstone says, 'Perfect! As I said I thought you were someone who could help me. I'm sure you'll have fun along the way with this. Here is a bag to combine the items in and a cheat-sheet to help you along in your search. Don't go asking me for any more hints, I won't give them. Return to me once you've gathered all the items and we'll see how you did. Good luck!'

    Receive Collector's Cheat Sheet, with text:

    1) These conflicted strands are a badge of honor
    2) This pouch is crafted from finer things than leather
    3) Weigh your options before seeking these
    4) A crumbling intellect can be a burden
    5) It towers above, but these help it grow below
    6) The rhyme of the mountains
    7) Cursing can be heard whenever this is used
    8) Their bark is the least of your worries
    9) Fans the swarming flame
    10) Grown from the seeds of failure

    What is really asked for:

    1) A Collector's Sarnak War Braid (Sarnaks in The Overthere)
    2) A Collector's Drachnid Web Sack (Drachnids in the Dreadlands)
    3) A Collector's Bloodgill Scale (Bloodgills in Lake of Ill Omen)
    4) A Collector's Brittle Iksar Skull (Skeleton in Field of Bone)
    5) A Collector's Excavator Claws (Burynai Excavator in Kurn's Tower)
    6) A Collector's Tump Stump (Mountain Giants in Frontier Mountains)
    7) A Collector's Iksar Witch Doll (Goblins in Warsliks Woods)
    8) A Collector's Canine (Drolvargs in Firiona Vie)
    9) A Collector's Fire Hornet Wing (Hornets in Burning Wood)
    10) A Collector's Nohope Moss (Froglok Raider in Swamp of No Hope)

    Combine these 10 items in your collector's bag and return the result to Sarvil for your reward, Ceremonial Elixir of Scholarship. Reward: Dusty Ceremonial Elixir of Scholarship

    Freeing the Tortured (Normal): Hoobert Flinkl is located at 270, -4935 (due west from the entrance from Firiona Vie).

    You say, 'Hail, Hoobert Flinkl'

    Hoobert Flinkl says 'Ugh, I can't believe I got myself stuck in here like a rat in a cage. What was I thinking coming out here alone? All I was trying to do was take care of some [tasks] before I headed out for the frontier and now look at me! Stuck between a rock and a hard place without anywhere to run. I just hope those nasty drolvargs don't come sniffing around here any time soon.'

    You say, 'What tasks?'

    You have been assigned the task 'Freeing the Tortured'.

    The direction to someone related to your current Task has been marked on your compass.

    Speak with Bosellana Skyspeed 0/1 (Dreadlands)

    Very quickly, you need to speak with Bosellana Skyspeed, to let them know that you're the Red Beetle. Your contact will know what it means.

    Bosellana Skyspeed may be found at 125, 8910 (northeast part of the large wizard spire structure in the far eastern part of the zone).

    You say, 'Hail, Bosellana Skyspeed'

    Bosellana Skyspeed says 'Thanks for contacting me, Doremi. Your information on this matter has been most useful.'

    Explore the entrance to the depths of the sarnak fort 0/1 (Chardok)

    Your contact was impressed that you kept your wits about you and didn't give away your cover. Now, as to why you're here. Your code name is Red Beetle and you've been assigned to explore the entrance to the depths of the sarnak fort. This is a very dangerous place where reports suggest there is a rebellion forming. You must go there and determine whether or not this is true.

    This task stage updates inside Chardok at 95, 480.

    Kill 10 reanimated creatures 0/10 (Chardok)

    It looks like the insurgents are forming quickly, Red Beetle. It's up to you to take the raven to the raven's nest and kill 10 reanimated creatures. Only after that will you be able to retire from this life of subterfuge. Good luck.

    Stage missing?

    111 platinum, 3 silver, 1 copper
    You gain experience!!
    Old, Not Weak (Normal): This task starts in the Dreadlands. Hail Klok F`Tashai. He tells you to speak with Korriz Stillripple, also found in the Dreadlands.

    Hail Korriz Stillripple, and he'll ask you to go to Chardok to kill 10 Di`Zok members. Go to Chardok and kill any 10 Sarnaks with Di`Zok titles.

    "Old, Not weak" updates and speaks of wurms.

    Go to the Skyfire Mountains and kill 10 Old Wurms. In the process, loot four wurm meats.

    "Old, Not weak" updates after each meat looted and Old Wurm killed.

    Once you collected four meats and killed 10 wurms, you'll need to see Byllella Voon in Skyfire. Hand in your four meats.

    Upon doing so, you gain 116pp, some additional change and experience. (2% of level 66)
    Sentries and Their Trees (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Klok F`tshai'

    Klok F`tshai says 'First and foremost, I'm here to serve the needs of those looking for supplies out in the dangerous lands of Kunark. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm here to make a few coins from others' lack of forethought. Sometimes they can't pay for their supplies though, which means I have to have them run the gamut of [tasks] so I don't have to. So first and foremost, I'm about making money.'

    You say, 'What tasks?'

    You have been assigned the task 'Sentries and Their Trees'.

    Go to the Lake of Ill Omen.

    You have entered Lake of Ill Omen.

    The direction to someone related to your current Task has been marked on your compass.

    Villuloz Shellzar regards you indifferently -- he appears to be quite formidable.

    You say, 'Hail, Villuloz Shellzar'

    Villuloz Shellzar says 'Thanks for contacting me, ______. Your information on this matter has been most useful.'

    Your task 'Sentries and Their Trees' has been updated.

    Next, go to Veksar. Once in Veksar, go to the second dead tree to the left of zone-in.

    Your task 'Sentries and Their Trees' has been updated.

    The next step is to kill 10 of A Sentry, light blue to 65.

    Your task 'Sentries and Their Trees' has been updated.

    Finally, go to the Warsliks Woods.

    You have entered The Warsliks Woods.

    The direction to someone related to your current Task has been marked on your compass.

    Gellrazz Scalerunner may be found at -1039.08, 805.07, -13.54.

    You say, 'Hail, Gellrazz Scalerunner'

    Gellrazz Scalerunner says 'Thanks for contacting me, ______. Your information on this matter has been most useful.'

    Your task 'Sentries and Their Trees' has been updated.

    Well done. Farmers always like to keep things calm and under control, mostly so crops and livestock don't get eaten or destroyed. You helped one such farmer today, and though it's noble, there are plenty more that may need your help in the future. In any case, here's a small treat for helping out.

    You receive 5 copper.
    You receive 7 silver.
    You receive 8 gold.
    You receive 116 platinum.
    You gain experience!!

    Experience at 65 with 90% regular xp going to AA is about 18%.
    Shackle of Tynnonium (Normal): You must obtain the Shackle of Steel before beginning this quest.

    Find Veltar in the Dreadlands and speak to him.

    You say, 'Hail, Veltar'

    Veltar 's body has scars all about it, looking as though beaten with whips. One wrist bares a unique looking bracer, the other is bare. 'Leave me be! I did not come up here because I wanted company.' '

    You say, 'Tell me about the tynnonium shackle'

    Veltar says 'So it is the one that has freed me before! You seek the ways of Tynn I see. You must be on the true path of the monk to accomplish what is needed. The path will test the three virtues most important to becoming a true vessel for Cazic Thule's power. '

    You say, 'What are the three virtues?'

    Veltar says 'The three virtues are [patience], [agility], and [peace of mind]. Patience is important in knowing in when to strike your opponent, too soon and you may crushed, too late and your opportunity may pass. Agility is very important in showing your ability to avoid blows sent your way, and then returning what was sent to you. Without striking quickly you are no monk at all. Peace of mind will allow you to concentrate on the situation you are in. With it you can control your actions and make decisive strikes at critical times. Without peace of mind you may attack out of rage and will surely fall for your mind is clouded. You must complete these three [trials] to earn the shackle of the Grandmaster. '

    You say, 'What is the trial of agility?'

    Veltar says 'To show agility you must be tested by the most swift of us. Grandmaster Glox will provide your test for this. Ask him of the trial of agility. '

    You say, 'What is the trial of patience?'

    Veltar says 'Patience shall be tested by the one whom has the greatest patience. Seek Master Rinmark, and ask him of this trial. '

    You say, 'What is the trial of peace of mind?'

    Veltar says 'To show peace of mind you must decipher a tome found in the library of Kaesora. An undead tome keeper will wait for you to come, ask him of the trial of peace of mind. The tome will tell you what you shall seek. Do with the tome the same as you would with the item you seek. Show you have clarity of mind in solving this. '

    Head over to East Cabilis and find Grand Master Glox.

    You say, 'I am ready for the Trial of Agility.'

    Grand Master Glox says 'I knew you were not the whiff others claimed you to be, are you sure you are ready to be tested in agility?'

    You say, 'Yes, I am ready'

    You will warp into a locked room.

    Grand Master Glox begins to cast a spell.
    Grand Master Glox says 'We shall spar then, I hope you are as prepared as you think you are.'

    Master Glox regards you indifferently -- You would probably win this's not certain though.

    You say, 'Hail, Master Glox'

    Master Glox says 'That took you long enough. Well then, are you ready to prove your agility to me?'

    You have to attack him to start the trial.

    You crush Master Glox for 143 points of damage.
    You crush Master Glox for 196 points of damage.
    Master Glox's corpse says 'Your have come onto your own. Spread the pain you have shown me to all of your foes.'
    You have slain Master Glox!

    --You have looted a Mark of Agility.--
    --You have looted a Potion of Escape.--

    You begin casting Field of Bone Port.
    Your Potion of Escape begins to glow.

    Head over to the Timorous Deep and find the Iksar Master (proper name, Master Rinmark) on chessboard island.

    You say, 'I am ready for the Trial of Patience.'

    an Iksar master says 'So your time has finally come to be tested for the final rung. To show your patience you shall spar with me. When you have gained the insight and strategy to strike you will know when. Strike me too soon and you will perish, too late and I will be gone. Come at me when the time is right. Let us begin.'

    an Iksar master despawns and Grandmaster Rinmark spawns.

    After a little while you see:

    Grandmaster Rinmark seems to lose a small amount of concentration.

    And he despawns. Master Rinmark spawns.

    After a little while you see:

    Master Rinmark stares off into the horizon, lost in his thoughts.

    And he despawns. Rinmark spawns.

    Auto attack is on.

    Rinmark says 'Good, your sense of timing is correct. Now begin! Show me that your training has not been wasted.'

    You crush Rinmark for 94 points of damage.
    You gain experience!!
    Rinmark's corpse says 'Your ability is strong, may you serve Cazic Thule with all your might.'
    You have slain Rinmark!

    --You have looted a Mark of Patience.--

    To complete the Trial of Peace of Mind, go to the Kaesora library and kill an Iksar Spectre until A Tome Keeper spawns.

    You say, 'Hail, a tome keeper'

    a tome keeper shows awareness of you, but ignores you completely.

    You say, 'I am ready for the Test of Peace of Mind.'

    a tome keeper begins to speak to you without movement of his rotted mouth, you realize his words are pouring into your mind. 'You seek peace of mind, and may you have it. First though, your Shackle of Steel. One Shackle for one tome.'

    Give him your Shackle of Steel.

    a tome keeper drops a tattered tome at your feet and says nothing more. You pick it up and place it among your things.

    You receive a random tome, e.g., Greyed Tome. Read the tome and follow the directions.

    Here is a list of the various tomes and their solutions (short versions). They generally consist of bringing a groundspawn to a certain NPC in exchange for the final mark. Remember you'll need only do one of the following, depending on which tome he gives you:

    Pale White Tome: Head to the City of Mist and find a ground spawn called "Vine Woven Basket." Turn the tome and basket in to Master Bain in East Cabilis to receive a Mark of Clarity.

    Faded White Tome: Bring Mechanical Iksar Tail (quest reward from Kwinn the Outlander in Firiona) to Master Raska.

    Solid Black Tome: Bring a Frozen Soulstone (ground spawn in yeti caves in the Dreadlands) to Prime Hierophant Vek.

    Prime Heirophant Vek smiles at your dedication to Cazic Thule and hands you a small gem.

    You receive a Mark of Clarity.

    Dark Black Tome: Bring Skyfire Pumice (ground spawn on a pillar in the lava lake in Skyfire) to Prime Hierophant Vek.

    Dim White Tome: Bring Earthenware Bowl (ground spawn in a water barrel in frogtown in Swamp of No Hope, location -1262, -1411, 28) to Master Bain (?).

    Dark Grey Tome: Bring a Sarnak Hide (3rd floor in Dalnir) to War Baron Eator.

    Pure White Tome: Bring a Sealed Journal (Mines of Nurga, hole to the right at zone in, need levitation) to Master Raska.

    Greyed Tome: Bring a Ring of Construct (Karnor's Castle, location -149, -298, +3) to Master Niska

    Master Niska smiles at your dedication to Cazic Thule and hands you a small gem.
    You gain experience!!

    (What do you receive?)

    Light Grey Tome: Bring a Kromdul Bracelet (mines in Frontier Mountains) to Master Niska (?).

    Light Black Tome Bring a Chokadai scale (in Chardok) to War Baron Eator.

    When all three marks are in your inventory, return to the Dreadlands and hand in the marks of Agility, Patience and Peace of Mind to Veltar.

    Veltar says 'So you are finally ready for the final rung. Here it is, you shall receive mine for I quest for the fists of Cazic Thule no longer.'
    Your faction standing with Swift Tails got better.
    Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.
    You gain experience!!

    You receive your Shackle of Tynnonium. Reward: Shackle of Tynnonium

    Shamanistic Ways (Normal): Step 1: Kill 10 froglok bok shamans

    Step 2: Loot 4 Nodding Blue Lily

    Step 3: Deliver 4 Nodding Blue Lily to Zuikzan Moorkan

    The hunting went superbly well, it seems, and you're on your way to winning. All you need now is to deliver 4 Nodding Blue Lily to Zuikzan Moorkan so you're not disqualified for not fulfilling all the requirements.

    Reward at level 65 is 58 platinum, 4 gold, 3 silver, 8 copper, and 2% xp.

    Need all dialogues, questgiver(s), text of each step, etc.
    The Lost Circle (Normal): Brother Balatin is a skeletal monk located on a pyramid in the wizard spires of the Dreadlands, at +981, +9057, +1102. You need to feign death and catch him as you stand or he is KOS to you. Hail him as any other mob, and you get the following response:

    You say, 'Hail, Brother Balatin'

    Brother Balatin turns toward you. A transparent human face materializes upon the skull. As he speaks the smells of rotted rat corpses rushes into your face. You must fight the urge to vomit. What discipline do you [follow]?

    You say, 'I follow the brotherhood of the Lost Circle.'

    Brother Balatin says 'Then we are one. The rebirth of our Circle shall start with you. I have waited decades for your arrival. Seek the living brothers within Tunaria. When you have earned your garb, you will be [ready for the true drape].'

    You say, 'I am ready for the true drape.'

    Brother Balatin says 'Seek the broken flute of our master, taken from us by the Iksar twins of Vistrei. To me they will come along with your robe and to you will come the dawning of the new brotherhood.'

    You can get the Robe by completing the Rathe Mountain Whistling Fist Quest. The flute is split into two pieces. One is a Metal Pipe off of an Iksar Betrayer in Chardok (Identifies as Fi). The other is a Metal Pipe off of a Drolvarg Pawbuster in Karnors (Identifies as Zan). Hand these three items in to Brother Balatin and he will give you the Robe of the Whistling Fists.

    Brother Balatin says 'May you have the correct items or lost forever will be all.'
    Brother Balatin says 'May you have the correct items or lost forever will be all.'
    Brother Balatin holds his arms out and a fine robe materializes before your eyes. You grab it just in time to see the skeleton fade from existence.

    Balatin despawns.

    Your faction standing with Whistling Fist Brotherhood got better.
    Your faction standing with Combine Empire got better.
    Your faction standing with Swift Tails got worse.
    You gain experience!!

    Need missing dialogues, /loc of quest mobs, list of additional quest rewards. Reward: Robe of the Whistling Fists

    The War (Removed): Phase One [brewing of the war (10-12 days)]
    Phase Two [Firiona Vie outpost overtaken (4.5 hours)]
    Phase Three [yet to be played out?]


    A war is brewing in the Dreadlands between so-called "good" and "evil."

    There are two sides to the war:
    Lanys T`Vyl and Al`Kabor

    Lanys T`Vyl

    Lanys T`Vyl and army can be found near the tunnel leading to the portal valley. She and her cohorts are on Venril Sathir faction.

    There are a number of quests and turn-ins you can do to gather various items.

    Faction hits for these quests are what?

    This is the starting text for the Exquisite Defiler's Ring. You need amiable faction standing or better.

    You say, 'Hail, Lanys T`Vyl'

    Lanys T`Vyl says 'I sense hate welling up within you. Harness it and use it to fuel the strength you need to destroy our [enemies].'

    You say, 'What enemies?'

    Lanys T`Vyl says 'In the valley before us, the pawns of Firiona wait to be slaughtered. Bring me a pair of their severed heads and you will be rewarded for your loyalty.'

    More information, dialogues needed.

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


    Amiable faction with Firiona Vie is required to do these turn-ins.

    Firiona Vie, having escaped from the Tower of Frozen Shadow, is now in her self-titled city outpost.

    You say, 'Hail, Firiona Vie'

    Firiona Vie says 'Hail and well met, friend. It appears that you have arrived during dire times. Lanys T`Vyl, daughter of Innoruuk himself, has gotten wind of my escape from the Tower of Frozen Shadow and has come looking for a fight. My wounds have kept me from answering her call, but fortunately, Al`Kabor has assumed command of the armies of Firiona Vie to ensure the safety of the city. I encourage you to seek him out for he has need of every able bodied soldier he can find. May Tunare's blessing be upon you.'

    Al`Kabor and company can be found outside the tunnel leading to Firiona Vie. He and his army are on Firiona Vie faction.

    Upon talking to Al`Kabor in the Dreadlands:

    You say, 'Hail, Al`Kabor'

    Al`Kabor glares at you for a moment before speaking. 'I'm hoping those dents in your helm haven't dulled your wit too much. Well, at least you've seen battle. This lot's fought nothing but Drolvarg for years and I'm afraid they're not up for the kind of fight [Lanys] has in mind.'

    You say, 'Who is Lanys?'

    Al`Kabor says 'That witch caught the scent of Firiona, I'm sure of it, and means to finish what she started in Kithicor. Firiona is recovering in the city and is safe for the moment, but Lanys has arraigned the armies of Overthere against us and her [patrols] are canvassing the Dreadlands as we speak.'

    You say, 'What patrols?'

    Al`Kabor says 'That's where you come in. Put that brawn to use and bring me any scouting reports you find. I need to know how much they know about our defenses.'

    Give Al'Kabor both halfs of a report:

    Al`Kabor says 'I need the other half of this report for it to be useful.'
    Al`Kabor says 'These accuracy of these reports is disturbing. Take these trinkets and leave me. I must study them.'
    Your faction standing with Firiona Vie got better.
    Your faction standing with Emerald Warriors got better.
    Your faction standing with Storm Guard got better.
    Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got worse.
    Your faction standing with Pirates of Gunthak got worse.

    Handing in the top and bottom halves of the Sebilisian Scout's Reports rewards you with the Simple Guardian's Earrng. Handing in the top and bottom halves of the Sebilisian Patrol's Report rewards you with the Ornate Guardian's Earring. Handing in the top and bottom halves of the Sebilisian Commander's Report rewards you with the Exquisite Guardian's Earring.

    There are a number of other quests and turn-ins you can do to gather various items.

    List of items which resulted from Phase One:

    Dark Plated Scout's Armguards
    Exquisite Defiler's Ring
    Great Helm of Cunning
    Mask of Defiant Rage
    Necklace of Purest Vision
    Ornate Guardian's Earring
    Pauldrons of the Defiler
    Simple Guardian's Earring

    More information, dialogues needed.


    On 02 February 2005, war broke out. Fighting went on for about four and a half hours (real time):

    00:00 Lanys T'Vyl shouts, 'Dark Riders, step out from the nightmares of the world and show these pathetic worms true pain!'

    00:00 The sky darkens as a pall falls over the land. Something evil has entered the world.

    00:00 Al'Kabor shouts, 'Stalt, Aphasia, you have a task at hand. Lanys calls upon her darker minions and our armies cannot stand against their might alone. Get out there and put those beasts to rest before they tear our troops apart!'

    The war is on..

    00:44 Lanys T'Vyl shouts, 'My pet, you have waited in the wings long enough. The time has come for you to feast upon the fear of mortals once more. Step into this world and rend it apart!'

    00:44 An unnatural roar echoes through the valley as the air around you grows thick with the scent of decay.

    Several named mobs appear in the Dreadlands.. sides are chosen.. Some significant items are among the drops..

    01:45 Al`Kabor shouts, 'Enough with your games, Lanys! It is time to finish this charade!'

    01:45 Lanys T`Vyl shouts, 'Hasten to your death, fool. Your magic won't protect you any longer.'

    01:52 Al`Kabor shouts, 'This day is not yet done, Lanys! You have grown strong in your exile, but even your might is not enough to breach the gates of Firiona Vie!'

    01:52 Lanys T`Vyl shouts, 'Commanders, the time is upon us. That meddling fool has fled like the coward he is. Rally your forces and take the city!'

    The Firiona Vie outpost is overtaken by evil forces.

    04:38 Firiona Vie shouts, 'Fair citizens of Firiona Vie, be strong in this dire time. The city may be lost but we must preserve what we have left. We will regroup, gather our strength, and one day we will reclaim our fair city!'

    04:38 Al`Kabor shouts, 'Fool! The only thing you are going to accomplish is getting your own skull split! Your duty is to Firiona. Don't let your pride get in the way of that. We've done what we can for these people, but now we must depart this doomed city before we are doomed ourselves.'

    04:38 Lanys T`Vyl shouts, 'Don't think you can escape my wrath so easily, Firiona. You can not hide from me. No matter where you go, I am not far behind and on the day you fall, it will be me looking down upon you as you take your final breath! Soldiers, tear the city apart. I want nothing left alive.'

    05:08 Sebilisian Commander says 'Come and feel the blade of the Dark Bargainers.'

    The Firiona Vie outpost is no longer a safe haven for good-aligned forces. It has been overtaken by Lanys T`Vyl and her dark elven army of golems and evil forces.

    Rumour has it that Firiona Vie and company are planning an attempt to regain control of their outpost..

    List of items which resulted from Phase Two:

    Battleworn Steel Shield
    Bone-Hilted Claymore
    Breastplate of the Battlelord
    Cape of the Commander
    Emerald of Precision
    Flamekissed Scepter of War
    Girdle of Conflict
    Golden Bracelet of Visions
    Hate-Fused Ringmail Bracer
    Ironwood Battle Staff
    Leggings of Spiritual Insight
    Leggings of Spun Silver
    Moonspun Cape
    Night-Forged Stiletto
    Preserved Dragon Hide Bracer
    Rage-Infused Chestguard
    Raw Gem of Health
    Sapphire of Inner Reflection
    Spiked Commander's Truncheon
    Wand of Turmoil
    Artifact - Ruby Ring of Nature's Beckoning
    Artifact - Shell of the Cliffwalker
    Artifact - Soulshearer, Blade of the Savage
    Artifact - The Eye of Despair


    Are there any quests out of the overtaken Firiona Vie outpost now that Lanys T`Vyl resides there? Whether or not further fighting will occur is not known. Reward: Pauldrons of the Defiler
    Reward: Mask of Defiant Rage
    Reward: Necklace of Purest Vision
    Reward: Exquisite Defiler's Ring
    Reward: Ornate Guardian's Earring
    Reward: Dark Plated Scout's Armguards
    Reward: Simple Guardian's Earring
    Reward: Battleworn Steel Shield
    Reward: Emerald of Precision
    Reward: Hate-Fused Ringmail Bracer
    Reward: Sapphire of Inner Reflection
    Reward: Ironwood Battle Staff
    Reward: Girdle of Conflict
    Reward: Leggings of Spun Silver
    Reward: Ruby Ring of Nature's Beckoning
    Reward: Shell of the Cliffwalker
    Reward: The Eye of Despair
    Reward: Moonspun Cape
    Reward: Soulshearer, Blade of the Savage
    Reward: Breastplate of the Battlelord
    Reward: Rage-Infused Chestguard
    Reward: Leggings of Spiritual Insight
    Reward: Night-Forged Stiletto
    Reward: Preserved Dragon Hide Bracer
    Reward: Flamekissed Scepter of War
    Reward: Spiked Commander's Truncheon
    Reward: Wand of Turmoil
    Reward: Golden Bracelet of Visions
    Reward: Bone-Hilted Claymore
    Reward: Raw Gem of Health
    Reward: Exquisite Guardian's Earring
    Reward: Bright Orb of Authority
    Reward: Cape of the Commander
    Reward: Great Helm of Cunning
    Reward: Roughspun Cord of the Faydark Defenders
    Reward: Insignia of the Faydark Defenders
    Reward: Orcslayer, Longbow of the Faydark Defenders
    Reward: Firestorm Cape
    Reward: Dark Slayer's Amice
    Reward: Nobleman's Earring of Fealty
    Reward: Sword of the Undead Kings
    Reward: Sash of Nature's Protector