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Quests for Dranik's Scar

Have a Heart (Normal): Vorskahn may be found at +1665, -1515. You may do this quest at any faction standing.

You say, 'Hail, Vorskahn'

Vorskahn says 'You're a brave one to have lasted in these lands for so long. Perhaps we can use your help? The few of us that are still resisting Mata Muram are attempting hit and run strikes on his supply lines. The only trouble is these blasted kyvs. Their bows can strike a field mouse under a new moon at a thousand paces. A few of my fighters fall to their arrows with every retreat. If you are truly sympathetic to our cause, you will bring me as many kyv hearts as you can. We need their numbers thinned out now more than ever.'

Give him one Kyv Heart.

Vorskahn says 'Well done. For every kyv you bring down you save the life of one of my few remaining soldiers. Soon you will be hailed as a friend amongst the few dragorn that still resist the Muramites.'

Your faction standing with Dranik Loyalists has been adjusted by 1.
Your faction standing with Overlord Mata Muram has been adjusted by -1.
Honor Ladislev (Normal): Bolodakan may be found at +750, -1430.

You say, 'Hail, Bolodakan'

Bolodakan says 'Come to watch those dreadful Muramites corrupt the tower have you? I tell you, they have no right to be there at all. They are perverting the craftsmanship and style of the dragorns that built that wondrous structure. If my [master] were still here he would have words for those beasts working on that accursed [beacon]. But, alas his time has passed and it is up to me to not only provide for my [family] and his, but to uphold the traditions of architecture and craftsmanship that are the heritage of all dragorn as well.'

You say, 'What master?'

Bolodakan says 'Yes, Ladislev was a great architect. He taught me all that I know about building and craftsmanship. That was before he was taken though. Because of his great renown among the dragorn, he was taken to the Wall of Slaughter to aid in the renovations of what ruins were left there after the invasion. Since that day I have heard [rumors] that he was slain by one of the disgusting girplan he was forced to work with.'

You say, 'What rumors?'

Bolodakan says 'As you may know the girplan are often used by the legion to work on any construction projects they need. When Ladislev was taken to the Wall of Slaughter he was forced to work in concert with these horrid things. Undoubtedly he was working to preserve the dragorn architectural style against the designs of the girplans. I heard that he argued with them so much that they decided the work would be easier without him and [killed him].'

You say, 'Killed him?'

Bolodakan says 'As I said, they are only rumors. I refuse to believe that he is dead until I have proof. However, if he is dead I shudder to think of his knowledge and tools in the possession of the Muramites. Perhaps you could venture there and investigate these rumors for me. Ladislev always wore a ring that proclaimed his status as a master architect. If you find that he is dead bring me that ring along with his [tools]. But if he is alive, do all that you can to free him and return with him.'

You say, 'What tools?'

Bolodakan says 'Ladislev kept the tools of his trade in an ornate toolbox. It was a gift to him from the council many years ago to show their appreciation for some of his work on the palace. He also kept with him a detailed book of ancient dragorn architecture. He drew much of his inspiration from this book and it would be a great loss to our culture if it were destroyed.'

Three items are needed, all of them random off mobs in the Wall of Slaughter:
1) Ladislev's Toolbox
2) Ring of Architectural Mastery
3) A Book of Sketches

Bolodakan says 'So the rumors were true. I both feared and hoped they were. At least Ladislev no longer needs to suffer the torture of the Muramites. Thank you for looking into this for me and retrieving what you could. I will see that the knowledge is not lost and shall pass it down to the generations after me. Please take this mantle as a token of my gratitude. it was given to me by Ladislev on the day I became his student.'

Your faction standing with Dranik Loyalists got better.
Your faction standing with Overlord Mata Muram got worse.
You gain experience!!

Casters receive Mantle of the Architect while melees receive Pauldrons of the Builder. Reward: Pauldrons of the Builder
Reward: Mantle of the Architect

Magician Epic 2.0: Focus of Primal Elements (Normal): Once you get your Staff of Elemental Essence, you can start Epic 2.0, which is intented for high-end raiding guilds. Minimum level for Epic 2.0 is most likely 70, but as of now it's at least 69, the level you need to zone into Riftseekers.

It starts with Iilivina, in Dranik's Scar at -570, -260.

You say, 'Hail, Iilivina'

Iilivina says 'The magic here is quite unique. I am thrilled I've had the opportunity to study it.'

Hand Iilivina your Staff of Elemental Essence. She'll hand it back, and continue:

Iilivina says 'My goodness, I did not realize you were the one [Bantil] sent to me! This is truly amazing! I was shocked when Magi'Kot's dream had been realized. I never thought it would be surpassed. My, so much focused elemental energy. This is truly amazing. You have accomplished quite a feat.'

You say, 'Bantil?'

Iilivina says 'Yes, Bantil told me you would be coming. Perhaps we can help each other. There are two tribes of elemental beings here. They have an unprecedented ability to channel elemental energy. I have yet to see one with my own eyes, but they may just contain [power] that will help you unleash the staff's true power.'

You say, 'What power?'

Iilivina says 'They use the elements in a way we have yet to understand. I suspect something in their essence that allows them to tap into the elements in a different manner than we understand. If my suspicions are true, these creatures should leave behind a small portion of their essence, when their spirits leave their bodies. If you find anything like that, bring it to me. They may be rather small, so bring me two from each type for good measure.'

Go to Riftseekers' Sanctum. You will need two each of Pyrilen and Gelidran Essences. Any Pyrilen and Gelidran mobs in the zone drop them.

Return to Iilivina with these items.

Iilivina grinds the small crystals into a fine powder, 'This is like nothing I have ever seen. It will take some time for me to analyze this, but thank you. I have more here than I will need. Take this pouch to Bantil, along with this note. If he doesn't know how this will help you, he may know someone who does.'

Receive Pouch of Powdered Riftseeker Essence and Note from Iilivina.

Find Bantil Io`Tuv in the Plane of Knowledge on the fourth floor of the Library, at 115, 980, 95.

Bantil Io`Tuv unrolls the note and reads it to himself, 'Interesting. Well, I'm not sure I can do anything with this, but if you take this to Transon in Twilight sea, he may be able to understand it a little better.'

Receive Small Pouch of Riftseeker Essence. Take this to Vornol Transon in the Twilight Sea.

Vornol Transon furrows his brow for a little bit as he mixes the powder in a small flask. 'This is most intriguing. There is nothing here that represents elemental magic as we understand it. These beings seem to use different means to channel their power. Let's see. . . Chaos represents fire, Order corresponds to Water, Air is channeled by Spirit, and. . . hmmm. . . Yes! There it is! Earth ties with Body. There you are, Chaos, Order, Spirit, and Body, those are the primal elements, and I suspect they are the key to unlocking the full potential of your new staff there. Which is quite nice if I do say so myself. If you find essences of the Primal elements you may want to speak with Bantil again. He should have some insight on how to complete your journey. Iilivina has been in Discord long enough, she may have some insight as to where these essences can be located.

Return to Iilivina in Dranik's Scar and hail her.

Iilivina says, 'Hello again. So, you are looking for the Primal Elemental essences? That has a nice ring to it Transon has always had a penchant for the dramatic. I do not believe that you will find these beings in Discord however, if they exist at all. I do believe that your staff will resonate when you approach the creatures, so travel the world you know. Elementals tend to gravitate to areas that reflect their element best, I don't see why the [Primals] would behave any differently.'

You say, 'What primals?'

Iilivina says, 'Were I to venture a guess, I'd say look for Chaos near the ruins of a fallen empire, as order would tend to oppose chaos, I would look for the Order elemental near the ranks of a well regimented army, probably an ancient army, it is a creature of prestige. The Spirit elemental would find someplace where death and decay have a strong foothold. The Body Elemental may be the most elusive, as there is life everywhere. I would assume that its strong ties with this realm would pull it to a place where there are Muramites. When you find them, bring their remains to me and I'll see what else needs to be done.'

Take a few groups to the southern section of Ferubi. Take the path you would use to get to Packmaster Skoziat, but instead of heading to him, go west to the square feeding room. The Body Elemental will spawn once you get into a certain range. It hits for ~1000, flurries, and casts the spells Visions of Pain (a rather ugly DoT) and Chaos Affliction. Kill it, and loot the Element of Body off its corpse.

Take a raid to the spires in the Dreadlands, where the Chaos Elemental will spawn. It hits for ~2800 and procs the charm spell Chaos Epidemic. It also AEs Chaos Affliction. Kill it and loot the Element of Chaos. A chest spawns following its death.

Take a few groups to the northwestern-most room (in the green tunnel) of Carprin's area in the Crypt of Decay. Here, the Spirit Elemental will spawn. It hits for about 1000 and procs the spell Spiritual Possession, a single-target charm. Kill it and loot the Element of Spirit.

Take a raid to the southwestern-most corner of the Halls of Honor (-2000, -1000), where the Order Elemental will spawn. It hits for ~3000, flurries, rampages, and casts the spell Cursed Keeper's Drain. Kill it and loot the Element of Order.

Return to Iilivina in Dranik's Scar and turn in the four elements.

Iilivina says, 'You work so fast! Amazing work you have done.' She looks at the 4 essences for a moment, 'Yes, these can probably be used to bind to your staff, but we'll need some sort of binding. Something that can be used to keep large amounts of energy bound together. I have no idea where you'd find such a thing, but if you do bring it to Bantil with your staff, and he'll be able to finish your journey.'

The 'something' she speaks of is a globe of discordant energy from the Asylum of Anguish.

Bring the globe and Staff of Elemental Essence to Bantil Io`Tuv in the Plane of Knowledge to receive your epic 2.0: Focus of Primal Elements. You also receive 10 AAs.

Need hand-in dialogues/emotes. Reward: Focus of Primal Elements

Omens of War Spells (Normal): All Omens of Wars spells (with the exception of ancients) are now droppable.

Karsor the Mad may be found at -1660, -35.

You say, 'Hail, Karsor the Mad'

The dragorn turns toward you with a crazed look in his eyes. 'Hail?. . . All day long I [study] here and all day long the dirty Human says, 'hail.' What do you know of 'hail'?! I know not of 'hail'! You have injured my soul forever!'

You say, 'Study?'

The dragorn glares at you and then falls silent. He stares into the distance for a moment, lost in thought. Without warning, he speaks again. 'Yes. I study [Discord]. Why do you ask?'

You say, 'Discord.'

Karsor the Mad says 'So, you know of Discord then! Excellent!' The dragorn extends his hand. 'I am a student of Yemall the Arcane, a dragorn noble who sought to [understand] the magic of Discord. He was a great teacher . . . until he died, leaving me to carry on the study of Discord alone. Some say the study of Discord has made me insane. Some say, 'Karsor, stop studying Discord! It is making you insane,' but I say to them, 'If I'm insane, then why are my eyes on fire?' Ha ha! That usually puts them in their place, especially when my eyes are, in fact, on fire.'

You say, 'Understand?'

Karsor the Mad says 'Ahhh, you want to understand too, do you? He he. Well, I've been studying the magic of Discord for ten years! That's a long time. So . . . I . . . understand! If you bring me a Muramite [rune], I can help you understand too.'

You say, 'What rune?'

Karsor the Mad says 'Hurry! We are running out of time! Time! It is imperative that you bring me a Muramite rune so I can translate it for you! Bring me one . . . bring one now or I will languish for eternity!'

There are six different types of Muramite Runes you acquire in Omens zones off of named mobs.

Minor Muramite Rune - Level 66
Lesser Muramite Rune - Level 67
Muramite Rune - Level 68
Greater Muramite Rune - Level 69
Glowing Muramite Rune - Level 70 Normals
Ancient Muramite Rune - Level 70 Ancients

Level 66-68 runes are droppable, 69-70 are not. Mobs tend to share loot table, so a mob that can drop a 66 tends to drop the 67 and 68 as well. Single-group nameds from most Omens zones can drop level 66-68 runes. 69-70 runes are dropped off of raid mobs in lesser zones and off of one-group nameds in Wall of Slaughter and above.

Upon handing in a Minor Muramite Rune:

Karsor the Mad says 'Hmm, a bit of magic you have discovered! I'll write the meaning of this rune onto a parchment for you. Don't show anyone else. They wouldn't understand!'

Upon handing in a Lesser Muramite Rune:

The dragorn begins translating the rune. He mutters to himself while furiously scribbling on a parchment. When he's done, he hands you the parchment and turns his head quizzically, 'When did you get here?'

Upon handing in a Muramite Rune:

Karsor the Mad says 'Quite a find, for a filthy Human! Yes, indeed! Quite a find! Give me a moment while I decipher this rune. Do not disturb me. Do not!' The dragorn furiously scribbles on a piece of parchment. He looks back and forth from the rune to the parchment, wiping sweat from the scales on his brow, muttering to himself. When he's finished, he hands you a parchment. The arcane text is written in a circle that spirals toward the center of the scroll. 'Sorry,' he shrugs. 'That's the only way it could possibly make sense.'

Upon handing in a Greater Muramite Rune:

Karsor the Mad says 'The filthy little Dark Elf has brought me a rune! How thoughtful! In return I shall translate its magic for you. You must keep this secret though! Mata Muram has spies everywhere.' The dragorn surreptitiously points to his own shadow and leans in close, nodding gravely.

Upon handing in a Glowing Muramite Rune:

Karsor the Mad says 'Excellent find! I can decipher that for you.' The dragorn translates the rune onto a scroll as a strange wind arises from nowhere. 'You feel the magic of Discord, my friend?' he asks without looking up from his work. 'It's tangible in the air. It's tangible . . . and they call me crazy! Hmph.'

Upon handing in an Ancient Muramite Rune:

The dragorn giggles as he sets about translating the rune onto a scroll. When he's finished, he looks up with a crazed energy in his eyes. 'What is this? What have you brought me?! This has sliced deep into my soul. Take your translation and go!'

You receive spells back in a set sequence for each rune type. With the exception of ancients, the spell scrolls that you receive are droppable.

If you've already got all the spells for a certain level, and turn in a rune, you'll get the rune back:

Karsor throws the rune back at you. 'What is this! We've been over this rune already! My soul burns with fury and you are stoking the embers!'

If you bought a spell from the Bazaar, that spell will be skipped in the order seen here.

The order for each class is as follows:

66 - Luvwen's Aria of Serenity, Vulka's Chant of Disease, Bellow of Chaos
67 - Zuriki's Song of Shenanigans, Vulka's Chant of Frost, Luvwen's Lullaby, Cantata of Life, Angstlich's Wail of Panic
68 - Vulka's Chant of Poison, War March of Muram, Yelhun's Mystic Call, Dirge of Metala
69 - Verse of Vesagran, Chorus of Life, Eriki's Psalm of Power
70 - Vulka's Chant of Flame, Vulka's Lullaby, Voice of the Vampire
Ancient - Call of Power

66 - Healing of Mikkily, Chimera Blood
67 - Muada's Mending, Focus of Alladnu, Spiritual Vitality
68 - Growl of the Beast, Spirit of Alladnu, Spirit of Irionu
69 - Spiritual Ascendance, Feral Vigor, Glacier Spear, Feral Guard
70 - Sha's Legacy, Spirit of Rashara, Ferocity of Irionu, Festering Malady
Ancient - Savage Ice

66 - Axe of the Destroyer, Unpredictable Rage Discipline
67 - Crippling Strike
68 - Mind Strike, Unflinching Will
69 - Baffling Strike
70 - Vengeful Flurry Discipline
Ancient - (none)

66 - Pious Remedy, Confidence, Ward of Valiance, Shock of Wonder, Sun Cloak, Symbol of Balikor, Revulsion of Death
67 - Reproach, Panoply of Vie, Sermon of Reproach, Pious Elixir, Blessing of Devotion, Conviction
68 - Sound of Divinity, Hammer of Reproach, Pious Light, Desolate Undead, Unswerving Hammer of Retribution, Deistic Howl
69 - Yaulp VII, Mark of the Blameless, Word of Vivification, Aura of Devotion, Calamity
70 - Placate, Balikor's Mark, Armor of the Pious, Silent Dictation, Hand of Conviction
Ancient - Hallowed Light, Pious Conscience

66 - Earth Shiver, Tempest Wind, Oaken Vigor, Stormwatch, Instinctual Terror
67 - Nettle Shield, Nature's Serenity, Glacier Breath, Lion's Strength, Sun's Corona, Immolation of the Sun
68 - Steeloak Skin, Chlorotrope, Cloak of Nature, Desolate Summoned, Nettlecoat, Wasp Swarm
69 - Blessing of the Oak, Oaken Guard, Solstice Strike, Vengeance of the Sun
70 - Circle of Nettles, Glitterfrost, Blessing of Steeloak, Mask of the Wild, Hungry Vines, Nature's Beckon
Ancient - Chlorobon, Glacier Frost

66 - Ethereal Rune, Salik's Animation, Mystic Shield, Cloud of Indifference, Synapsis Spasm
67 - Felicity, Speed of Salik, Placate, Rune of Salik, Anxiety Attack
68 - Clairvoyance, Wall of Alendar, Compel, Psychosis, Circle of Dreams
69 - Euphoria, Arcane Noose, Desolate Deeds, Mayhem, Color Snap, Wake of Felicity
70 - Circle of Alendar, Hastening of Salik, Voice of Clairvoyance, True Name
Ancient - Voice of Muram, Neurosis

66 - all of {Summon Calliav's Glowing Bauble, Summon Calliav's Jeweled Bracelet, Summon Calliav's Platinum Choker, Summon Calliav's Runed Mantle, Summon Calliav's Spiked Ring, Summon Calliav's Steel Bracelet}, Child of Wind, Fireskin, Bolt of Jerikor, Summon: Fireblade, Elemental Aura
67 - Summon Dagger of the Deep, Rain of Jerikor, Child of Water, Summon Crystal Belt, Summon Staff of the North Wind, Summon Sphere of Air
68 - Phantom Shield, Blade Strike, Summon: Pouch of Jerikor, Child of Fire, Pyrilen Skin
69 - Elemental Fury, Desolate Summoned, Burning Earth, Renewal of Jerikor, Bulwark of Calliav
70 - Circle of Fireskin, Child of Earth, Star Scream, Star Strike, Elemental Simulcram
Ancient - Nova Strike, Veil of Pyrilonus

66 - Dreamwalk Discipline
67 - (none)
68 - Counterforce Discipline
69 - Phantom Cry
70 - Rapid Kick Discipline
Ancient - (none)

66 - Shadow Guard, Acikin, Chaos Plague, Eidolon Howl
67 - Soulspike, Lost Soul, Dark Nightmare, Glyph of Darkness, Grip of Mori, Unholy Howl
68 - Desecrating Darkness, Shadow of Death, Fang of Death, Scent of Midnight
69 - Pyre of Mori, Bulwark of Calliav, Dark Salve, Dull Pain, Dark Hold
70 - Desolate Undead, Dark Assassin, Chaos Venom, Dark Possession, Word of Chaos
Ancient - Touch of Orshalik, Curse of Mori

66 - Force of Piety, Touch of Piety, Direction
67 - Spurn Undead, Symbol of Jeron, Crusader's Purity, Silvered Fury
68 - Pious Fury, Jeron's Mark, Serene Command, Light of Piety
69 - Bulwark of Piety, Armor of the Champion, Hand of Direction, Pious Cleansing
70 - Brell's Brawny Bulwark, Affirmation, Wave of Piety
Ancient - Force of Jeron

66 - Displace Summoned, Shield of Briar, Nature Veil
67 - Locust Swarm, Guard of the Earth, Sylvan Water, Strength of the Hunter
68 - Hunter's Vigor, Briarcoat, Frost Wind, Tranquility of the Glade
69 - Hearth Embers, Howl of the Predator, Nature's Denial, Nature's Balance
70 - Onyx Skin (scroll is Spell: Skin of the Bear), Ward of the Hunter, Call of Lightning
Ancient - North Wind

66 - Imperceptible Discipline
67 - (none)
68 - Deadly Aim Discipline
69 - Daggerfall
70 - Frenzied Stabbing Discipline
Ancient - (none)

Shadow Knight
66 - Dark Constriction, Bond of Inruku, Blood of Discord
67 - Shroud of Discord, Terror of Discord, Touch of Inruku, Inruku's Bite, Shadow Howl
68 - Son of Decay, Blood of Inruku, Scythe of Inruku, Theft of Pain
69 - Rune of Decay, Spear of Muram, Pact of Decay, Dread Gaze
70 - Theft of Hate, Cloak of Discord, Touch of the Devourer
Ancient - Bite of Muram

66 - Spirit of Sense, Yoppa's Spear of Venom, Spirit of Perseverance, Putrid Decay, Crippling Spasm
67 - Farrel's Companion, Breath of Wunshi, Spirit of Might, Ancestral Bulwark, Spirit Veil
68 - Talisman of Sense, Yoppa's Rain of Venom, Pained Memory, Spirit of Fortitude, Yoppa's Mending, Wunshi's Focusing
69 - Talisman of Fortitude, Pure Spirit, Talisman of Perseverance, Curse of Sisslak, Ice Age. You also receive Balance of Discord if you do not have it yet after any Greater Muramite Rune turn-in.
70 - Blood of Yoppa, Spiritual Serenity, Talisman of Wunshi, Champion, Vindictive Spirit, Talisman of Might
Ancient - Wilslik's Mending, Ancestral Calling

66 - Aura of Runes Discipline
67 - (none)
68 - Savage Onslaught Discipline
69 - Bazu Bellow
70 - Shocking Defense Discipline
Ancient - (none)

66 - Icebane, Ether Shield, Tears of the Sun, Spark of Fire
67 - Circle of Fire, Lightningbane, Phase Walk
68 - Spark of Lightning, Firebane, Spark of Thunder, Ether Skin, Thundaka
69 - Meteor Storm, Spark of Ice, Gelidin Comet, Solist's Frozen Sword, Ether Ward
70 - Circle of Thunder, Telekara, Gelid Rains, Corona Flare, Bulwark of Calrena
Ancient - Core Fire, Spear of Gelaqua

Thanks to all the class messageboards I got info from for these, especially The Runes
Reward: Spell: Muada's Mending
Reward: Spell: Reproach
Reward: Spell: Circle of Fire
Reward: Spell: Symbol of Balikor
Reward: Spell: Panoply of Vie
Reward: Spell: Aura of Devotion
Reward: Spell: Luvwen's Aria of Serenity
Reward: Spell: Zuriki's Song of Shenanigans
Reward: Spell: Vulka's Chant of Poison
Reward: Spell: War March of Muram
Reward: Spell: Yelhun's Mystic Call
Reward: Spell: Verse of Vesagran
Reward: Spell: Icebane
Reward: Spell: Spark of Lightning
Reward: Spell: Firebane
Reward: Spell: Meteor Storm
Reward: Spell: Earth Shiver
Reward: Spell: Child of Wind
Reward: Spell: Direction
Reward: Spell: Acikin
Reward: Spell: Dark Constriction
Reward: Spell: Touch of Piety
Reward: Spell: Locust Swarm
Reward: Spell: Frost Wind
Reward: Spell: Cloak of Nature
Reward: Spell: Lost Soul
Reward: Tome of Aura of Runes Discipline
Reward: Tome of Savage Onslaught Discipline
Reward: Tome of Bazu Bellow
Reward: Tome of Shocking Defense Discipline
Reward: Tome of Imperceptible Discipline
Reward: Tome of Deadly Aim Discipline
Reward: Tome of Daggerfall
Reward: Tome of Frenzied Stabbing Discipline
Reward: Spell: Spirit of Fortitude
Reward: Tome of Dreamwalk Discipline
Reward: Tome of Counterforce Discipline
Reward: Tome of Phantom Cry
Reward: Tome of Rapid Kick Discipline
Reward: Tome of Baffling Strike
Reward: Tome of Vengeful Flurry Discipline
Reward: Spell: Rune of Decay
Reward: Spell: Placate
Reward: Spell: Wunshi's Focusing
Reward: Spell: Nature's Serenity
Reward: Spell: Terror of Discord
Reward: Spell: Desecrating Darkness
Reward: Spell: Shadow Guard
Reward: Spell: Soulspike
Reward: Spell: Pyre of Mori
Reward: Spell: Bulwark of Calliav
Reward: Spell: Force of Piety
Reward: Spell: Vulka's Chant of Disease
Reward: Spell: Bellow of Chaos
Reward: Spell: Vulka's Chant of Frost
Reward: Spell: Luvwen's Lullaby
Reward: Spell: Cantata of Life
Reward: Spell: Chorus of Life
Reward: Spell: Eriki's Psalm of Power
Reward: Spell: Vulka's Chant of Flame
Reward: Spell: Spirit of Sense
Reward: Spell: Farrel's Companion
Reward: Spell: Breath of Wunshi
Reward: Spell: Talisman of Sense
Reward: Spell: Yoppa's Rain of Venom
Reward: Spell: Pained Memory
Reward: Spell: Yoppa's Mending
Reward: Spell: Talisman of Fortitude
Reward: Spell: Blood of Yoppa
Reward: Spell: Healing of Mikkily
Reward: Spell: Chimera Blood
Reward: Spell: Focus of Alladnu
Reward: Spell: Spiritual Vitality
Reward: Spell: Growl of the Beast
Reward: Spell: Spirit of Alladnu
Reward: Spell: Spirit of Irionu
Reward: Spell: Spiritual Ascendance
Reward: Spell: Feral Vigor
Reward: Spell: Glacier Spear
Reward: Spell: Feral Guard
Reward: Spell: Festering Malady
Reward: Spell: Shroud of Discord
Reward: Spell: Son of Decay
Reward: Spell: Blood of Inruku
Reward: Spell: Displace Summoned
Reward: Spell: Hunter's Vigor
Reward: Spell: Briarcoat
Reward: Spell: Hearth Embers
Reward: Spell: Spurn Undead
Reward: Spell: Pious Fury
Reward: Spell: Bulwark of Piety
Reward: Spell: Brell's Brawny Bulwark
Reward: Spell: Pious Remedy
Reward: Spell: Confidence
Reward: Spell: Ward of Valiance
Reward: Spell: Shock of Wonder
Reward: Spell: Sun Cloak
Reward: Spell: Sermon of Reproach
Reward: Spell: Pious Elixir
Reward: Spell: Conviction
Reward: Spell: Sound of Divinity
Reward: Spell: Hammer of Reproach
Reward: Spell: Pious Light
Reward: Spell: Yaulp VII
Reward: Spell: Spark of Thunder
Reward: Spell: Salik's Animation
Reward: Spell: Ethereal Rune
Reward: Spell: Mystic Shield
Reward: Spell: Cloud of Indifference
Reward: Spell: Synapsis Spasm
Reward: Spell: Speed of Salik
Reward: Spell: Felicity
Reward: Spell: Rune of Salik
Reward: Spell: Clairvoyance
Reward: Spell: Wall of Alendar
Reward: Spell: Compel
Reward: Spell: Psychosis
Reward: Spell: Mayhem
Reward: Spell: Arcane Noose
Reward: Spell: Euphoria
Reward: Spell: Circle of Alendar
Reward: Spell: Fireskin
Reward: Spell: Bolt of Jerikor
Reward: Spell: Summon Fireblade
Reward: Spell: Elemental Aura
Reward: Spell: Summon Calliav's Glowing Bauble
Reward: Spell: Summon Calliav's Jeweled Bracelet
Reward: Spell: Summon Calliav's Platinum Choker
Reward: Spell: Summon Calliav's Runed Mantle
Reward: Spell: Summon Calliav's Spiked Ring
Reward: Spell: Summon Calliav's Steel Bracelet
Reward: Spell: Summon Dagger of the Deep
Reward: Spell: Rain of Jerikor
Reward: Spell: Child of Water
Reward: Spell: Phantom Shield
Reward: Spell: Blade Strike
Reward: Spell: Summon Pouch of Jerikor
Reward: Spell: Child of Fire
Reward: Spell: Pyrilen Skin
Reward: Spell: Elemental Fury
Reward: Spell: Circle of Fireskin
Reward: Spell: Summon Crystal Belt
Reward: Spell: Tears of the Sun
Reward: Spell: Spark of Fire
Reward: Spell: Phase Walk
Reward: Spell: Gelidin Comet
Reward: Spell: Solist's Frozen Sword
Reward: Spell: Ether Ward
Reward: Spell: Circle of Thunder
Reward: Spell: Telekara
Reward: Spell: Chaos Plague
Reward: Spell: Dark Nightmare
Reward: Spell: Glyph of Darkness
Reward: Spell: Grip of Mori
Reward: Spell: Shadow of Death
Reward: Spell: Fang of Death
Reward: Spell: Scent of Midnight
Reward: Spell: Desolate Undead
Reward: Spell: Hastening of Salik
Reward: Spell: Mark of the Blameless
Reward: Spell: Balikor's Mark
Reward: Spell: Tempest Wind
Reward: Spell: Oaken Vigor
Reward: Spell: Stormwatch
Reward: Spell: Nettle Shield
Reward: Spell: Glacier Breath
Reward: Spell: Lion's Strength
Reward: Spell: Sun's Corona
Reward: Spell: Immolation of the Sun
Reward: Spell: Steeloak Skin
Reward: Spell: Chlorotrope
Reward: Spell: Desolate Summoned
Reward: Spell: Nettlecoat
Reward: Spell: Wasp Swarm
Reward: Spell: Blessing of Oak
Reward: Spell: Circle of Nettles
Reward: Spell: Glitterfrost
Reward: Spell: Shield of Briar
Reward: Spell: Guard of the Earth
Reward: Spell: Strength of the Hunter
Reward: Spell: Nature's Denial
Reward: Spell: Bond of Inruku
Reward: Spell: Blood of Discord
Reward: Spell: Touch of Inruku
Reward: Spell: Inruku's Bite
Reward: Spell: Scythe of Inruku
Reward: Spell: Theft of Pain
Reward: Spell: Spear of Muram
Reward: Spell: Pact of Decay
Reward: Spell: Dread Gaze
Reward: Spell: Theft of Hate
Reward: Spell: Blessing of Steeloak
Reward: Spell: Summon Staff of the North Wind
Reward: Spell: Vulka's Lullaby
Reward: Spell: Voice of the Vampire
Reward: Spell: Symbol of Jeron
Reward: Spell: Crusader's Purity
Reward: Spell: Silvered Fury
Reward: Spell: Jeron's Mark
Reward: Spell: Serene Command
Reward: Spell: Light of Piety
Reward: Spell: Armor of the Champion
Reward: Spell: Hand of Direction
Reward: Spell: Pious Cleansing
Reward: Spell: Nature Veil
Reward: Spell: Sylvan Water
Reward: Spell: Howl of the Predator
Reward: Spell: Onyx Skin
Reward: Spell: Unswerving Hammer of Retribution
Reward: Spell: Yoppa's Spear of Venom
Reward: Spell: Spirit of Perseverance
Reward: Spell: Putrid Decay
Reward: Spell: Crippling Spasm
Reward: Spell: Spirit of Might
Reward: Spell: Ancestral Bulwark
Reward: Spell: Spirit Veil
Reward: Spell: Pure Spirit
Reward: Spell: Spiritual Serenity
Reward: Spell: Talisman of Wunshi
Reward: Spell: Color Snap
Reward: Spell: Wake of Felicity
Reward: Spell: Voice of Clairvoyance
Reward: Spell: True Name
Reward: Tome of Mind Strike
Reward: Spell: Word of Vivification
Reward: Spell: Calamity
Reward: Spell: Armor of the Pious
Reward: Spell: Oaken Guard
Reward: Spell: Thundaka
Reward: Spell: Ether Skin
Reward: Spell: Ether Shield
Reward: Spell: Lightningbane
Reward: Spell: Gelid Rains
Reward: Spell: Bulwark of Calrena
Reward: Spell: Corona Flare
Reward: Spell: Solstice Strike
Reward: Spell: Vengeance of the Sun
Reward: Spell: Champion
Reward: Spell: Summon Sphere of Air
Reward: Spell: Silent Dictation
Reward: Spell: Hand of Conviction
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Core Fire
Reward: Spell: Talisman of Perseverance
Reward: Spell: Curse of Sisslak
Reward: Spell: Ice Age
Reward: Spell: Burning Earth
Reward: Spell: Renewal of Jerikor
Reward: Spell: Child of Earth
Reward: Spell: Star Scream
Reward: Spell: Star Strike
Reward: Spell: Elemental Simulacrum
Reward: Spell: Cloak of Discord
Reward: Spell: Touch of the Devourer
Reward: Spell: Dirge of Metala
Reward: Spell: Dark Salve
Reward: Spell: Dull Pain
Reward: Spell: Dark Hold
Reward: Spell: Dark Assassin
Reward: Spell: Chaos Venom
Reward: Spell: Dark Possession
Reward: Spell: Word of Chaos
Reward: Spell: Vindictive Spirit
Reward: Spell: Talisman of Might
Reward: Tome of Axe of the Destroyer
Reward: Tome of Unpredictable Rage Discipline
Reward: Spell: Spirit of Rashara
Reward: Spell: Ferocity of Irionu
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Savage Ice
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Call of Power
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Chlorobon
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Glacier Frost
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Veil of Pyrilonus
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Nova Strike
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Curse of Mori
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Touch of Orshilak
Reward: Spell: Ancient: North Wind
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Bite of Muram
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Spear of Gelaqua
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Hallowed Light
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Pious Conscience
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Neurosis
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Voice of Muram
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Force of Jeron
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Ancestral Calling
Reward: Spell: Ancient: Wilslik's Mending
Reward: Spell: Nature's Balance
Reward: Spell: Tranquility of the Glade
Reward: Spell: Affirmation
Reward: Spell: Wave of Piety
Reward: Tome of Unflinching Will
Reward: Axe of the Destroyer
Reward: Hammer of Reproach
Reward: Spell: Mask of the Wild
Reward: Spell: Nature's Beckon
Reward: Spell: Hungry Vines
Reward: Spell: Unholy Howl
Reward: Spell: Eidolon Howl
Reward: Spell: Soulless Terror
Reward: Spell: Instinctual Terror
Reward: Spell: Balance of Discord
Reward: Spell: Deistic Howl
Reward: Spell: Circle of Dreams
Reward: Spell: Desolate Deeds
Reward: Spell: Revulsion of Death
Reward: Spell: Sha's Legacy
Reward: Spell: Anxiety Attack
Reward: Spell: Blessing of Devotion
Reward: Spell: Ward of the Hunter
Reward: Spell: Angstlich's Wail of Panic
Reward: Spell: Bulwark of Calliav
Reward: Spell: Call of Lightning
Reward: Spell: Shadow Howl
Reward: Spell: Placate
Reward: Spell: Desolate Undead
Reward: Spell: Desolate Summoned
Reward: Spell: Spark of Ice
Reward: Tome of Crippling Strike

Recover the Family Crest (Normal): Bolodakan may be found at +750, -1430.

You say, 'Hail, Bolodakan'

Bolodakan says 'Come to watch those dreadful Muramites corrupt the tower have you? I tell you, they have no right to be there at all. They are perverting the craftsmanship and style of the dragorns that built that wondrous structure. If my [master] were still here he would have words for those beasts working on that accursed [beacon]. But, alas his time has passed and it is up to me to not only provide for my [family] and his, but to uphold the traditions of architecture and craftsmanship that are the heritage of all dragorn as well.'

You say, 'What family?'

Bolodakan says 'My family used to have a wonderful home in Dranik. My father had planned on passing it on to me and I to my children. This was all before The Darkening and the coming of Mata Muram. With the coming of the Muramites our house was ransacked and we were chased from the city by a pack of ukun. We were forced to leave at a moment's notice and only just avoided being eaten alive by those vile beasts. One of the items we had to leave was the great [crest] of my family.'

You say, 'What crest?'

Bolodakan says 'It was a gift of the council many years ago, given to my family for service to the dragorn people. As such, it holds a great deal of sentimental value for me. If you could return the crest to me and three of the chain leashes used on the ukun as a measure of vengeance against them I would be in your debt.'

Melee/hybrid reward is a Dragorn Crested Amulet. Priest/caster reward is a Gold Crested Amulet.

Need dialogues, faction hits, etc. Reward: Dragorn Crested Amulet
Reward: Gold Crested Amulet

Revenge on the Ikaav (Normal): Kirostall may be found at +1740, -40.

You say, 'Hail, Kirostall'

Kirostall says 'Ah, there you are! I've wanted to meet you. After hearing about your fights with the Muramites I knew that you were one to respect. At least you have the heart to fight back against those worthless thieves. If it were up to my kinsmen we'd all just roll over and thank them for ruining our world. After the battles you've been through I wonder if you could take care of a few [things] for me.'

You say, 'What things?'

Kirostall says 'You see, I've been keeping my eyes open. I'm not one to just roll over and take what's given to me. I keep watch over those Muramites and what goes on in their ranks. I've noticed [three] of the Muramites in particular who seem to have a bit more sway in the legion than a common soldier. Perhaps if you could see that these Muramites had a bit of an accident, the rest of the dragorn would come to their senses and see that the Muramites are nothing more than a pathetic band of slavers.'

You say, 'Three?'

Kirostall says 'The first one that I noticed was [Bowlord Rorn]. He's one of those kyv that you see around in the Muramite ranks. I watched Rorn for a while and noticed he worked with [Mistress Ujani] a good deal. Then, a few weeks later while hiding from some ukun, I came across [Guttertusk the Cruel]. He's a mean one he is. I wouldn't put anything past him and would prefer it if I didn't have to cross his path again.'

You say, 'Mistress Ujani?'

Kirostall says 'Mistress Ujani is a one of the ikaav. As you may know, ikaav have more than a bit of talent when it comes to magic and Ujani is no exception. She likes to dominate those around her with her charm and trance spells. I would hate to fall under her spell even for a moment. If you could kill her for me and bring me her magical amulet and a scrap of skin from three of her fellow ikaav it would be a boon to the dragorn of the city.'

Mistress Ujani spawns at +2065, +1055 in the Ruined City of Dranik and drops Ujani's Amulet (need fight info). Three Scraps of Ikaav Skin are also needed. Hand them in for your reward. Melee classes receive a Polished Runestone. Casters and Priests receive the Ancient Ivory Figurine

Hand-in dialogues, faction hits if any, additional rewards needed. Reward: Polished Runestone
Reward: Ancient Ivory Figurine

Revenge on the Kyv (Normal): Kirostall may be found at +1745, -45.

You say, 'Hail, Kirostall'

Kirostall says 'Ah, there you are! I've wanted to meet you. After hearing about your fights with the Muramites I knew that you were one to respect. At least you have the heart to fight back against those worthless thieves. If it were up to my kinsmen we'd all just roll over and thank them for ruining our world. After the battles you've been through I wonder if you could take care of a few [things] for me.'

You say, 'What things?'

Kirostall says 'You see, I've been keeping my eyes open. I'm not one to just roll over and take what's given to me. I keep watch over those Muramites and what goes on in their ranks. I've noticed [three] of the Muramites in particular who seem to have a bit more sway in the legion than a common soldier. Perhaps if you could see that these Muramites had a bit of an accident, the rest of the dragorn would come to their senses and see that the Muramites are nothing more than a pathetic band of slavers.'

You say, 'Three?'

Kirostall says 'The first one that I noticed was [Bowlord Rorn]. He's one of those kyv that you see around in the Muramite ranks. I watched Rorn for a while and noticed he worked with [Mistress Ujani] a good deal. Then, a few weeks later while hiding from some ukun, I came across [Guttertusk the Cruel]. He's a mean one he is. I wouldn't put anything past him and would prefer it if I didn't have to cross his path again.'

You say, 'Bowlord Rorn?'

Kirostall says 'As I said, Bowlord Rorn is one of those kyv. He's been keeping track of their patrols and what sorts of tasks they have been set on. If you could bring me the decorated gauntlets he's always wearing and three of the bows his fellow kyv carry it would help my efforts greatly.'

Bowlord Rorn may be found in the Ruined City of Dranik. He drops Elaborate Gauntlets occasionally. A Broken Kyv Bow is dropped from various kyvs in the zone. Hand in the items:

Kirostall says 'Perfect! This will light a fire under those laggards. Here, take this ring I found in the gauntlets. It appears you were a bit tough on him when you pulled these off. Good for you!'
Your faction standing with Dranik Loyalists got better.
Your faction standing with Overlord Mata Muram got worse.
You gain experience!!

Melee reward is Muramite Officer's Ring, while the caster reward is the Muramite Glyphed Ring. Reward: Muramite Officer's Ring
Reward: Muramite Glyphed Ring

Revenge on the Noc (Incomplete): Kirostall may be found at +1740, -40.

You say, 'Hail, Kirostall'

Kirostall says 'Ah, there you are! I've wanted to meet you. After hearing about your fights with the Muramites I knew that you were one to respect. At least you have the heart to fight back against those worthless thieves. If it were up to my kinsmen we'd all just roll over and thank them for ruining our world. After the battles you've been through I wonder if you could take care of a few [things] for me.'

You say, 'What things?'

Kirostall says 'You see, I've been keeping my eyes open. I'm not one to just roll over and take what's given to me. I keep watch over those Muramites and what goes on in their ranks. I've noticed [three] of the Muramites in particular who seem to have a bit more sway in the legion than a common soldier. Perhaps if you could see that these Muramites had a bit of an accident, the rest of the dragorn would come to their senses and see that the Muramites are nothing more than a pathetic band of slavers.'

You say, 'Three?'

Kirostall says 'The first one that I noticed was [Bowlord Rorn]. He's one of those kyv that you see around in the Muramite ranks. I watched Rorn for a while and noticed he worked with [Mistress Ujani] a good deal. Then, a few weeks later while hiding from some ukun, I came across [Guttertusk the Cruel]. He's a mean one he is. I wouldn't put anything past him and would prefer it if I didn't have to cross his path again.'

You say, 'Guttertusk the Cruel?'

Kirostall says 'I shudder every time I think about him. I can't even tell you the tales I heard of his deeds. Aside from the good it would do my cause, his death would be a great relief to my people. As reluctant as they may be to rise against the oppression, no one deserves that sort of treatment. Bring me Guttertusk's helm and the hides from three of his fellow noc and you shall have stories told of your deeds for all time.'

Guttertusk the Cruel may be found in The Ruined City of Dranik (/loc?). Kill him to loot a Blood Encrusted Helm and return it with three Noc Hides to Kirostall. Melee/hybrids receive the Forged Hoop of Gratitude. Casters/priests receive the Diamond Earring of the Victor.

Need hand-in dialogue, faction hits if any. Reward: Forged Hoop of Gratitude
Reward: Diamond Earring of the Victor

Shorvock's Chain Armor (Tier 1) (Normal): Shorvock can be found at location -175, -1055.

Berserkers receive Ragebound Chain armor, Rangers receive Sunrider's armor, Rogues receive Darkraider's armor, and Shaman receive Spiritkin armor.

You say, 'Hail, Shorvock'

Shorvock says 'Shhh. Keep your voice down. What I am about to say, I share with you in strictest confidence. I have heard it whispered that you are an enemy of the Muramites? If this is so, I have much need of your [help].'

You say, 'How can I help?'

Shorvock says 'My name is not Shorvock, but rather Durhosk. I was one of the captains of the force lead by Rurof the Negotiator against the Muramites. Although Rurof and the rest of our company perished in the explosion of Dranik, I myself survived by a stroke of luck for I was away patrolling our rank's southern flank. Still, the shockwave knocked me unconscious for many hours. By the time I awoke, everyone was dead or gone. Left with no choice, I fled into the countryside, assuming the alias 'Shorvock.' Ever since then, I've been searching for other [survivors] of Rurof's army.'

You say, 'What survivors?'

Shorvock says 'I have heard rumors that a few of my companions survived as well and have since set up raiding parties to waylay the Muramites. If only I could find them again! I would be more vocal in my search, but I fear the Muramites will recognize me and end my life. If you can help me in my quest, I can reward you with chain armor for your [hands], [wrists], [arms], [head], [chest], [legs], or [feet]. It is part of my old battle mail, which I can no longer wear because its splendor will draw too much attention.'


You say, 'Hands?'

Shorvock says 'Harbinger's Spire was once a dragorn lookout tower which Mata Muram has since claimed and bent to his own purposes. He uses the spire as a beacon to receive news on his domain. Some of his captains possess infused crystal shards which can be used to send up beacons from Harbinger's Spire. Return to me with one of these infused spire control shards along with two darkshorn Kyv hoods. The hoods will help me hide my identity and the crystal shard will produce a break in the Muramite chain of command, allowing me greater freedom . . . at least for a few days. Do this for me and I can reward you with my finely crafted pair of chain gloves.'

You'll need two Darkshorn Kyv Hoods (dropped by yard trash in Harbingers' Spire and Nobles' Causeway) and one Spire Control Shard (dropped by various named in The Ruined City of Dranik and the Wall of Slaughter).


You say, 'Wrists?'

Shorvock says 'My kin believe that all the dragorn were created by the death of a single dragon, Dranik, the great father. The first dragorn to walk Kuua created many things in his honor. Among these creations was a fearsome battle standard painted with a drop of blood from each of Dranik's firstborn sons. The last dragorn armies to carry the banner fell to the Muramites. No one can say where the Blood Standard of Dranik has gone, but the recovery of such an artifact would leave me in your debt. Return with this banner along with two shed ikaav skins to hide it in. One of my men, a sergeant named Tibor, used to carry this standard into battle. Although he is probably dead, it would honor his memory if you recovered this standard born by my lost friend. I'd be happy to reward your efforts with my chain bracer.'

You'll need two Shed Ikaav Skins (dropped by ikaav yard trash in Nobles' Causeway) and a Dranik Blood Standard (dropped off various named in the Ruined City of Dranik and the Wall of Slaughter).


You say, 'Arms?'

Shorvock says 'The armies of Mata Muram are but one aspect of Discord's deep shadow. The Darkening ravaged not only the denizens of Kuua, but also the landscape as well. Many of our old landmarks no longer stand and the sky -- once blue and vast -- now seethes with ash and storms. If you can find a map of Old Kuua, one drawn before the coming of Discord, I may be able to use it to find my way again. I have many miles to cover if I am to find my lost men and the terrain looks so alien to me. Return with such a map along with two Kuuan Lodestones so I can make a compass. Your efforts will be rewarded with my chain armwraps. Best of luck.'

You'll need two Kuuan Lodestones (dropped off murkgliders in Noble's Causeway [any other locations?]) and a Map of Old Kuua (dropped off various named in The Ruined City of Dranik and the Wall of Slaughter).


You say, 'Head?'

Shorvock says 'When Discord first impinged upon our world, sentiments of treachery and paranoia crept into our lives. Dragorn turned on dragorn and longstanding friendships ended in bitter squabbling. One dragorn, Noble Yemall the Arcane, kept his wits enough to realize what was happening. Before the Muramites came, Yemall toiled tirelessly to counter the effects of Discord. Although his efforts were ultimately in vain, it is said that he was able to author a treatise before the Muramites seized him. This treatise, entitled The Duskfall Chronicles, contains his reflections on the nature of Discord. No one knows what has happened to this text, but if you are able to recover it, I may be able to understand Discord and avoid mistakes of the past. Bring me this treatise along with two deepshadow feran pelts so that I may make a book cover. Do this for me and I will reward you with my chain coif.'

You'll need two Deepshadow Feran Pelts (off ferans in Noble's Causeway) and the Duskfall Chronicles (off various named in the Ruined City of Dranik and the Wall of Slaughter).


You say, 'Chest?'

Shorvock says 'Before the Muramites came, the Council of Eight ruled over Dranik. The eight nobles, lead by Jelvan the Eldest each carried scepters that were said to be carved from the bones of the first dragorn sons. It is said that these scepters will glow as long as their owner is alive. I have not seen or heard from the council since the Muramites overran our city, but I have heard that these scepters were handed out by Mata Muram. If you can recover one of these scepters along with three ragged discordling skins to hide it in, I can smuggle this relic of the dragorn away from the Muramites. They should not be in control of such a relic. Relieve our enemies of this relic and I can reward you with my chain vest.'

You'll need three Ragged Discordling Skins (dropped in the Wall of Slaughter off yard trash) and a Dragorn Elder Scepter (drops from various named in the Ruined City of Dranik and Wall of Slaughter).


You say, 'Legs?'

Shorvock says 'Kuua was not the first world touched by Discord. There have been many others. I know this because I have heard the Muramites tell stories of past conquests. One of the stories they tell is that the last ember of a Discord-ravaged city will burn for many years, long after the ruins of the city itself have been covered over by time. Some say it's the city's spirit slowly dying. Others claim it to be a side effect of the Discord's lingering magic. Regardless, these embers are highly valued by the legions of Discord, for Mata Muram rewards them to his fiercest captains as war trophies. If you can bring me one of these embers along with three locks of a chimera's mane, I can make a charm to bribe my way past any Muramite who may find me. My enemies are everywhere and I need insurance in case they see through my guise. Do this for me and you shall be rewarded with my old chain leggings.'

You'll need a Dragorn City Ember (from Pyrique Redwing in the Wall of Slaughter) and three Locks of Hair of Chimera Manes (dropped from chimeras in the Wall of Slaughter).


You say, 'Feet?'

Shorvock says 'When Discord first descended upon Kuua, many of my own kin turned traitor. These traitors did considerable damage to our defense efforts for they worked against us without our knowledge. There is talk of a traitors' stone which is etched with the names of all dragorn who conspired with the Muramites in those dire days. The Muramite captains carried these stones and used them to determine which dragorn to slay outright and which to spare with a life of slavery. If you can bring me one of these Kuuan traitors' stones, along with two Muramite dispatches, I can use them to learn who to trust and who to avoid on my quest to find my missing legion. There are many who would turn me in if they knew my true identity, but this stone should help me sort friend from foe. Bring this stone to me and I can reward you with my chain boots.'

You'll need a Kuuan Traitor Stones (dropped from various named in the Ruined City of Dranik and Wall of Slaughter) and two Muramite Dispatches (dropped from trash mobs in Nobles' Causeway).

Need additional drop information, hand-in dialogues, rewards. Reward: Sunrider's Boots
Reward: Sunrider's Gloves
Reward: Sunrider's Hat
Reward: Sunrider's Sleeves
Reward: Sunrider's Wristguard
Reward: Spiritkin Cap
Reward: Spiritkin Sleeves
Reward: Spiritkin Slippers
Reward: Spiritkin Tunic
Reward: Darkraider's Coif
Reward: Darkraider's Sleeves
Reward: Darkraider's Boots
Reward: Spiritkin Leggings
Reward: Sunrider's Vest
Reward: Darkraider's Pants
Reward: Ragebound Chain Boots
Reward: Ragebound Chain Cap
Reward: Ragebound Chain Mittens
Reward: Ragebound Chain Sleeves
Reward: Ragebound Chain Wristband
Reward: Spiritkin Mittens
Reward: Spiritkin Bracer
Reward: Sunrider's Pants
Reward: Darkraider's Gloves
Reward: Ragebound Chain Chestguard
Reward: Darkraider's Wristguard
Reward: Darkraider's Vest

The Spire Beacon (Normal): Bolodakan may be found at +750, -1430.

You say, 'Hail, Bolodakan'

Bolodakan says 'Come to watch those dreadful Muramites corrupt the tower have you? I tell you, they have no right to be there at all. They are perverting the craftsmanship and style of the dragorns that built that wondrous structure. If my [master] were still here he would have words for those beasts working on that accursed [beacon]. But, alas his time has passed and it is up to me to not only provide for my [family] and his, but to uphold the traditions of architecture and craftsmanship that are the heritage of all dragorn as well.'

You say, 'What beacon?'

Bolodakan says 'Can't you see it? The one they placed on top of the tower. I expect it will be used as a signal of some sort. It is an outrage that the Muramites have turned our glorious works to this. Mata Muram's forces, with every day of work, are defiling the memory of the great father Dranik. It is said that when he died, Dranik's head rested on the very spot where the tower stands. If only I could get a [sample] of their work, perhaps I could find a way to do something to slow or destroy it.'

You say, 'Sample?'

Bolodakan says 'To best know what is going on in there I would need a set of blueprints of their work on the tower. I would also need samples of the materials being used there. Bits of mortar, stone, and wood would allow me to study the aspects of the materials and perhaps find a weakness.'

Hand in A Sliver of Wood (dropped by yard trash in Harbingers' Spire), a Cornerstone Fragment (dropped by various named in Harbingers' Spire), Harbinger Spire Blueprints (dropped by yard trash in Harbingers' Spire), and Tower Mortar (dropped by yard trash in Harbingers' Spire).

Bolodakan says 'Excellent! You've found all that I asked for. I will review these plans and materials immediately and see what can be done. Take this belt as a reward. It has been in my family for ages, but seems a fitting reward for your efforts.'

Your faction standing with Dranik Loyalists could not possibly get any better.
Your faction standing with Overlord Mata Muram got worse.
You gain experience!!

Melee and hybrid classes receive a Belt of Melded Scales. Priests and casters receive a Belt of Braided Platinum. Reward: Belt of Melded Scales
Reward: Belt of Braided Platinum

Tibor's Chain Armor (Tier 2) (Normal): Tibor may be found in Dranik's Scar at -900, -1100, just north of the Priests of Discord. Berserkers receive Wrathbringer's Chain armor of the Vindicator, Rangers receive Bladewhisper Chain armor of Journeys, Rogues receive Whispering armor of Shadows, and Shaman receive Ritualchanter's armor of the Ancestors.

Tibor regards you as an ally -- looks like quite a gamble.

You say, 'Hail, Tibor'

Tibor says 'I have been expecting a creature like you for sometime now as I have heard rumors of strangers in our lands. Powerful strangers that, shall we say, do not find the Muramites to be the most tasteful of folk. I am Tibor, former officer from the Dragorn militia. It was my army that held off the Muramites at the wall during those dark days. Many fine warriors under my command [fell] to those that came out of that portal near the wall. Many more in the days after that became infected with the sickness of thought that came from the influence of Discord. Brother turned on brother, friend turned on friend.'

You say, 'Fell?'

Tibor says 'Many of us had no choice but to flee rather than face striking down our own brethren and risk making our enemy stronger. So here I have been, waiting and watching . . . biding my time, gathering information. And now I am ready to put a plan into action. With your help, the dragorn can reclaim their dignity and honor by finding the courage to rise up against our enemy. I cannot promise riches for I only have a few meager pieces of [armor] to trade for your valiance. What say you?'

You say, 'What armor?'

Tibor says 'I have been slowly collecting implements of war, but have not found many weapons due in part to the Muramites destroying most of our forges. What weapons I have I cannot part with as the force I am building needs them. I do, however, have several pieces of chain armor that you may be interested in for helping me solve my [problem].'

You say, 'What problem?'

Tibor says 'The simple fact of the matter is that I cannot risk attracting attention to myself or those I still command and yet I cannot allow the Muramites that remain to do so uncontested. No, we must strike back, but if the Muramites learn that dragorns are behind the attacks, they will crush our resistance. But if someone else were to carry out the attacks they would have no cause to believe it was us. Therefore, in exchange for your help, I will give you several pieces of armor that I have. I have a [helm], a pair of [sleeves], [bracers], a pair of [gloves], a [breastplate], [leggings], and [boots].'


You say, 'What helm?'

Tibor says 'I am in need of a method of stealth. This is where you can help. There was a late dragorn elder by the name of Patorav that was always seen bearing a certain walking stick. It was rumored that this walking stick of his had the ability to guide him to his destinations safely as it avoided paths of danger. Bring me this walking stick so I may see if it the rumors hold any truth because if so, this may prove very useful to my men and me. In addition to bringing me this walking stick, I need you to discretely thin out some of the kyvs in the area as I am worried that they may discover my plans. Once you bring me the walking stick and two kyv scout rings, I will give you a fine chain helm worthy of a dragorn officer.'

Patorav's Walking Stick is a random drop from Jelvan`s Keepsake, Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, and Warden Hanvar in the Citadel of Anguish. Kyv Scout Rings drop from an elite kyv hunter in Muramite Proving Grounds.


You say, 'What sleeves?'

Tibor says 'If you help me, I will give you a pair of chain sleeves that even a dragorn officer would be proud to wear. I have noticed that one of the Muramites holds a certain embossed leather pouch. I'm told he carries notes and orders that may enlighten us as to the Muramite's plans for our lands and people. I want you to retrieve that pouch. I also need you to perform a secondary task for me. I've noticed a concentration of Ikaav forces near the palace and maze. Weaken the Muramite forces by reducing the number of them without attracting too much attention. Bring me this embossed leather pouch and two Ikaav Heads and I will give you the sleeves.'

Lenarsk's Embossed Leather Pouch is a random drop from Jelvan`s Keepsake, Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, and Warden Hanvar in the Citadel of Anguish. Ikaav Heads drop from trash ikaavs in the Citadel of Anguish and Riftseekers' Sanctum. Upon hand-in:

Tibor reaches for the pouch and quickly opens it. He dumps the contents on the ground and quickly rummages through the pile, picking up a folded note and reading it. 'Yes, it turns out my suspicions were correct. This pouch contained two sets of orders, one for the girplan and discordlings, and another set for the dragorn Muramites. Now that I am aware of their plans, I can prepare my forces accordingly. I also thank you for removing some of the ikaav as this will make it easier for my soldiers to move about undetected.'

You gain experience!!


You say, 'What bracers?'

Tibor says 'Though the Muramite legion was indeed fierce, our warriors almost managed to rout them at the Bloodfields portal. Our council, led by Rurof the Negotiator, formed a pact with the riftseekers. We were to push the Muramites back to the portal and the riftseekers would close it. Both Muramite and dragorn armies clashed, neither gaining ground until one moment when a small, but brave group of dragorn warriors, managed to fight their way past the Muramite guards and slay some of their commanders. At that moment the tide of battle turned against them as the shock of their loss reverberated throughout their side. Just when we gained a small advantage, the portal seemed to shimmer and close with a mighty explosion. Until that moment we believed victory [was] within our grasp.'

You say, 'Was?'

Tibor says 'Yes, we thought that the riftseekers had kept their word by closing the portal. Yet just as the portal disappeared it exploded so violently that those nearest to it were instantly cast into dust. Those of us that survived knew that we had been betrayed. At the moment of our greatest victory, the riftseekers had handed us our greatest loss. I would have you bring me back one of their hearts, but you must know that the heart of a riftseeker is not a heart like the one that beats with blood. No these vile beings keep their essence within a gem-like object that is often guarded by powerful beings. Bring me back one of their hearts so that my thirst of vengeance is quenched. Another source of constant irritation has been those disgusting discordlings that have overrun our lands. In addition to the heart bring me two withered discordling tongues so I know their accursed yelping has been forever silenced.'

Riftseeker Heart is a random drop from Jelvan`s Keepsake, Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, and Warden Hanvar in the Citadel of Anguish. Withered Discordling Tongue drops from "a discordling enchainer" in Muramite Proving Grounds and Wall of Slaughter. Upon hand-in:

Tibor opens his eyes wide as you hand him the heart that glows with arcane magic. 'Ah, the heart of our enemy', he says holding the heart up to the light. Within the center of the heart you notice what appears to be a small diseased shadow. Tibor violently throws the gem down to the ground and as he grinds it to dust, you hear a faraway scream that sends a shiver down your spine. 'Here is a chain bracer that I myself once wore in battle. May it bring you countless victories.'

You gain experience!!


You say, 'What gloves?'

Tibor says 'Makyah the fierce is the most famous warrior of my people. During the invasion, scores of Muramites fell beneath the fury of his axe on that day at the portal. Not until the Muramite slayer, [Harnock] Vreck, did any Muramite give Makyah pause.'

You say, 'Harnock?'

Tibor says 'The two battled for a long time trading blow for blow, neither giving ground to the other. The battlefield, already slick with the blood of the dead or dying, caused Makyah to slip and lose his footing. As Makyah rolled down a shallow hill, Harnock jumped down upon him hoping to end the colossal struggle. Harnock raised the black sword above his head and struck Makyah in the chest. The impact of the black sword against the breastplate shattered the stones in the nearby walls and towers. Dragorn and Muramite alike were left stunned by the blast. Yet Makyah's breastplate held. Harnock's blade had shattered into so many glinting shards scattered across the field. Already defeated, Harnock simply smiled at Makyah as the [axe] fell upon his skull.'

You say, 'Axe?'

Tibor says 'Soon after this, the portal seemed to collapse upon itself and we thought we had won . . . that the invaders had been defeated. Yet moments later the air itself screamed as if mortally wounded. A tremendous blast emanated from where the portal was, annihilating both sides. No trace of Makyah's body was ever found, but I have hope that the axe may have survived the blast. As a symbol of righteousness, I could use it to rally my people. Find the axe and two Kyv whetstones so I may hone the edge again.'

Makyah's Axe is a random drop from Jelvan`s Keepsake, Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, and Warden Hanvar in the Citadel of Anguish. Kyv Whetstones drops from random kyvs in Muramite Proving Grounds.


You say, 'What breastplate?'

Tibor says 'At this critical time, it is crucial that my scouts are able to spy on the enemy without fear of being discovered. One of my people's most famous hunters was Jayruk. He was rumored to wear a vest of shadowy swiftness that helped him perform his duties when protecting our people. I want you to recover this vest for me so I may put it to good use. I also need you to bring me three kyv short bows so that my scouts may protect themselves.'

Jayruk's Vest drops from Overlord Mata Muram and Arch Magus Vangl in the Citadel of Anguish. Kyv Short Bows drop from "an elite kyv hunter" in Muramite Proving Grounds.


You say, 'What leggings?'

Tibor says 'Day by day, the Muramites entrench themselves further in our lands by building towers and other defensive structures. If we are to have a chance of ever repelling them we must not allow them to continue building. As you know all too well though, I currently do not have enough warriors to do this. You must stop the Muramite architect for us. I know little about him except that he wears a stolen dragorn amulet signifying his role as the leader of the girplans though he himself is not one. Bring this amulet back to me to prove to me that he no longer leads them. In addition you must bring me three shattered ukun hides to show that you have halted their current plans.'

Patorav's Amulet drops from Overlord Mata Muram and Arch Magus Vangl in the Citadel of Anguish. Shattered Ukun Hides drop from "an ukun bloodbeast" in Nobles' Causeway.

Tibor says 'Ah, the amulet. Yes, this surely belonged to a dragorn noble or perhaps an elder. I can still smell the stink of the Muramite that stole it though. I will see to it that it is returned to the owner or one of his brood. The demise of the architect and the girplan workers will buy our people some time to regroup. For your courageous acts, I will give you these chain leggings that are fit for even the most-skilled dragorn fighter.'


You say, 'What boots?'

Tibor says 'I have a pair of chain boots that once belonged to a young officer from a noble family close to my own. Ethask was captured by the Muramites and sent to their Proving Grounds to be used as sport for their warriors. Unarmed and already wounded, he never stood a chance. I have heard the Muramite that killed him was awarded a medal for the cruelty he demonstrated. Bring me proof of this Muramite's demise by showing me this Muramite Cruelty medal and I will give you the boots that Ethask wore. Though it pains me to say this, I also need you to bring me back two dragorn Muramite rings. As I have said before, some of the noblest dragorn became twisted and turned against us. Now they are but mere shadows of the honorable dragorn they once were. Release their spirits from this burden and bring me their rings as proof.'

The Muramite Cruelty Medal is a random drop from Jelvan`s Keepsake, Keldovan the Harrier, Ture, and Warden Hanvar in the Citadel of Anguish. Dragorn Muramite Rings drops from random dragorns in Muramite Proving Grounds. Reward: Ritualchanter's Wristband of the Ancestors
Reward: Ritualchanter's Mitts of the Ancestors
Reward: Bladewhisper Chain Sleeves of Journeys
Reward: Whispering Armguard of Shadows
Reward: Ritualchanter's Armguards of the Ancestors
Reward: Bladewhisper Chain Cap of Journeys
Reward: Whispering Bracer of Shadows
Reward: Bladewhisper Chain Gloves of Journeys
Reward: Ritualchanter's Leggings of the Ancestors
Reward: Whispering Boots of Shadows
Reward: Bladewhisper Chain Wristband of Journeys
Reward: Wrathbringer's Chain Helm of the Vindicator
Reward: Ritualchanter's Boots of the Ancestors
Reward: Whispering Gloves of Shadows
Reward: Whispering Hat of Shadows
Reward: Whispering Pants of Shadows
Reward: Bladewhisper Chain Vest of Journeys
Reward: Bladewhisper Chain Legguards of Journeys
Reward: Wrathbringer's Chain Gloves of the Vindicator
Reward: Ritualchanter's Cap of the Ancestors
Reward: Bladewhisper Chain Boots of Journeys
Reward: Wrathbringer's Chain Sleeves of the Vindicator
Reward: Wrathbringer's Chain Boots of the Vindicator
Reward: Whispering Tunic of Shadows
Reward: Wrathbringer's Chain Wristguard of the Vindicator
Reward: Wrathbringer's Chain Leggings of the Vindicator
Reward: Ritualchanter's Tunic of the Ancestors
Reward: Wrathbringer's Chain Chestguard of the Vindicator

Wall of Slaughter Port Spells (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Elder Priest of Discord'

Elder Priest of Discord says 'Should you wish to return from whence you came, tell me you wish to [go home] and I will send you. I am also able to aid wizards and druids with the ability to [find their way] further into Discord.'

You say, 'Find their way?'

Elder Priest of Discord says 'If you bring me the right materials -- three samples of pure discordant blood from a dark creature and a rare enchanted scroll, I can help to create teleportation spells.'

Give him 1 x Dark Enchanted Scroll and 3 x Pure Discordant Blood.

Elder Priest of Discord takes the sickly blood and spreads it across the enchanted scroll. It blends and swims horribly over it. When it settles, the priest hands it to you. 'You may now travel further into Discord, true power awaits!'

You receive the Ring of Slaughter, Circle of Slaughter, and Zephyr: Slaughter spells if you are a druid, and Slaughter Gate, Slaughter Port and Translocate Slaughter spells if you are a wizard. Reward: Spell: Circle of Slaughter
Reward: Spell: Ring of Slaughter
Reward: Spell: Slaughter Gate
Reward: Spell: Slaughter Portal
Reward: Spell: Translocate: Slaughter
Reward: Spell: Zephyr: Slaughter

Warrior Epic 1.5 Pre-Quest (Normal): This flags you to start the quest for the epic 1.5 if you don't have the Jagged Blade of War (epic 1.0).

Find Korbuk Brimblade in Dranik's Scar northwest of the port-in, at -1045, -1365.

You say, 'Hail, Korbuk Brimblade'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'Well now, aren't you a meager one? Da name is Korbuk Brimblade. Have you felt anything strange lately?'

You say, 'I have felt something strange.'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'Aha, you have sensed it as well. For a while, I believed it was just me dat noticed it. Now dat you've confirmed my suspicions, I'm sure I can move forward with my [work].'

You say, 'What work?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'Hmm, I'm not sure if I should go into any more detail. After all, we've just met and I don't know how trustworthy you really are. Listen, if you really want to know what work I'm involved with, I'll need you to run a couple [errands] for me first, just so I know you're da real deal.'

You say, 'What errands?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'You see, I had some things taken from me. I want to get dem back. I'm very partial to my weapons, and had some great [plans] to make a sword dat would be unmatched by any other. I thought it would be nice to start da plans with my brethren by talking to some of dem about da tactics involved in creating a sword.'

You say, 'What plans?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'Da sword was going to be made of da finest metal with a hilt dat's handcrafted by someone I'm very close to. It was going to have my family seal engraved into da base of da blade and was to be my finest sword ever. But da plans were stolen by someone -- no doubt someone who oversees everything where I was working -- and I have yet to get them back. You look more than capable of recovering da plans for me. Hurry back when you've found dem.'

Kill The Diaku Overseer in Drunder, Fortress of Zek (a.k.a. the Plane of Tactics). He drops Korbuk's Weapon Plans. Bring these back to Korbuk.

Korbuk Brimblade says 'Ahh, da plans! You really gave it to dat overseer, huh? Not too bad, I must say. You're not done yet though. There are still a couple errands left dat I need finished. You know da most important part of any sword is da blade it's forged from, right? Well, it is. I had da perfect [shank] ready and waiting for me.'

You get the plans back.

You say, 'What shank?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'I found dis shank during a battle dat raged on for many weeks. It was solid and strong, perfectly balanced and had an aura of cunning like I'd never seen before. I took it and stored it away in my vault at home. One night while I was away, a gang of pirates aboard da Hate's Fury plundered my home city and took da shank. I've heard dat it is in da hold of an undead pirate, long forgotten to da ages, so I need you to go recover it for me.'

The undead pirate is Shoqui the Forgotten (/loc and fight info needed). Once he's dead, he will drop an Elegant Shank. Bring this back to Korbuk.

Korbuk Brimblade says 'You found it?! Did you slay da beast dat had it locked away too? You must have! Good work, you're really proving yourself nicely. There's some more work to be done though, so don't get too excited yet. Dis next errand is actually a favor I owe to a long time family friend. Perhaps you know of da Redblade family? Specifically, I'm talking about Kargek Redblade. He's in need of some help and you're da perfect person to help him. Just tell him I [sent you to help].'

You get the shank back. Kargek Redblade (click for map image) may be found in East Freeport at -1300, -380.

You say, 'Korbuk Brimblade sent me to help.'

Kargek Redblade says 'Really? I thought we'd have to deal with this problem on our own, and that has proven most distressful. If you really are here on word from Korbuk, you'll have no problem helping my family recover a [sword] we made and put on our father's grave.'

You say, 'What sword?'

Kargek Redblade says 'The sword is a sign of our heritage and our continued patronage and service to the cause of the red scabbard. It combines the duty of our family with our proud and strong family name and was placed on our father's grave as it was on his father's grave. It's a tradition you see, and now it's gone! I know [who did it] too!'

You say, 'Who did it?'

Kargek Redblade says 'It's that wily gnome, that's who! Drevlon and his gang of miscreants have been plotting to get their hands on anything valuable around here and they chose that sword as their prize. I had a lookout watching the area for a while, but there weren't any problems. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I let the lookout off for an evening, Drevlon and his thugs snuck up to the grave and stole the sword! I need you to [find Drevlon] and recover the sword from him.'

You say, 'Find Drevlon?'

Kargek Redblade says 'If you can catch him and return the sword he stole, we can once again place it on the grave of my father where it belongs. He'll be expecting me or someone in lieu of me to try to find him, so you'll have to wait for him during the evening, when he's most likely to come out of hiding. He hasn't had a lot of time to get out of the area, so you can probably find him near my father's grave, in the eastern plains of Karana.'

Drevlon Knacknabber spawns at approximately 7 PM gametime at -3000, -1520, and will travel in a circle to the gnoll obelisk to the south, then back to the huts, despawning at approximately 9 AM gametime. Max hit of 658 but otherwise a straight melee fight, easily doable with one group. Kill him to loot a Redblade Family Sword. Bring this back to Kargek.

Kargek Redblade says 'You got it, I'm so relieved! I know the rest of my family will be just as relieved as I am to know that we can return the sword to its resting spot atop my father's grave. You have done such a service to my family that I must give you something as a token of my thanks. This hilt bears the markings of the Redblade family. Combine it with the proper blade and you will have an amazing weapon. Thanks once again!'

Kargek gives you an Emblazoned Champion's Hilt. Take this back to Korbuk.

Korbuk Brimblade says 'Kargek must have been very appreciative, especially to give you a hilt dis fine. I know he gave dis to you, but since my sword is almost completed I thought I could use dis hilt to accompany my blade. I'll repay you, have no doubt about dat. I have everything I need now though, so there's just one more [job] I need you to do for me.'
You gain experience!!

You get the hilt back.

You say, 'What job?'

Korbuk Brimblade says 'I need the hilt, the blade and the plans taken to an ornery dwarf in the frozen tundra to the south. He hides among the coldain, mostly to keep himself drunk as much as possible. Unfortunately, he's the best person to combine the blade and the hilt into something I can use, so you need to find him and give him the three pieces. His name is Dardek.'

There is a no-name dwarf laying down in the back bar in the northeastern part of Thurgadin. After you hail him, he will respawn as Dardek Bladewright.

Dardek Bladewright says 'Yeah, I'm Dardek. What d' ye want?! Can't ye see I'm not in t' mood fer talkin'? Bah, t' heck with ye. If'n ye get me a nice hot cup of m' favorite coffee, I might be willin' to talk with ye for a few minutes. Hurry up now, Coldain Coffee! It's t' only thing I'll drink!'

He refuses to speak to him any further until you get him some Coldain Coffee Blend. Petcas Coldbeard is a vendor at -55, +95 who sells Generic Coffee Beans.

You say, 'Hail, Petcas Coldbeard'

Petcas Coldbeard says 'Hail to ye as well offlander. I bid you welcome to the Icy Mug, one o' the finest establishments for a drink in Thurgadin. Whether it's [souvenirs], stories, or that [special brew] yer lookin for, you've come to the right place.'

You say, 'What special brew?'

Petcas Coldbeard says 'Aha, you're looking for something with a kick to it, eh? Well, I'm willing to give some up to you, but it's going to cost you. Give me 350 gold pieces and I might consider parting ways with some.'

Give him 350 gp.

Petcas Coldbeard says 'Here are your special beans. I'm sure you'll enjoy the fine flavor and the delicate aroma that can only be gotten from the depths of Thurgadin. I know one recipe calls to filter three coffee beans to get some normal coffee, then filtering the coffee and those beans to get a wintry treat able to heat just about anyone up.'

You receive Special Beans. Buy 3 x Generic Coffee Beans as well. Brew 3 x Generic Coffee Beans together to craft Generic Coffee Blend, trivial <= 56. Brew Generic Coffee Blend with the Special Beans to craft Coldain Coffee Blend (trivial around 90). Bring this back to Dardek.

Dardek Bladewright says 'Mmm, nothing like a nice hot cup of Thurgadin's best. Alright then, let's head over t' my shop and we can get down t' business!'
You gain experience!!

He will start walking toward the forge at -430, -111 in the Underbelly Arms shop, on the other side of Thurgadin. Once he gets there:

Dardek Bladewright says 'Alright then, what do ye have fer me? I'm certain ye didn't wake me up and make me coffee just t' see my glistening smile! What have ye got fer me?!'

Give him Korbuk's Weapon Plans, the Elegant Shank, and the Emblazoned Champion's Hilt.

Dardek Bladewright says 'Well now, looks like ye've done got yerself quite a selection there. Let me have a look at these things fer a minute.' Dardek works with the items in the forge briefly and then hands a completed sword to you. 'And there ye have it, your completed sword. Now if'n ye don't mind, I'm goin' t' head back and get some much needed sleep.'
You gain experience!!

You receive Dardek's Forged Blade. Bring this back to Korbuk.

Korbuk Brimblade says 'At long last, my sword is completed! It's fantastic and just as amazing as ever I thought it could be. Thank you so much for helping me realize my dream and for helping me complete this sword. Now I think you're ready -- if you're still willing -- to help me with some other [work] I have to get done. Since you've helped so much, why don't you keep hold of da sword for a while longer? I think you may find it will come in handy.'

You receive Korbuk's Blade of Mastery. Congratulations, you've finished the pre-quest. Reward: Korbuk's Blade of Mastery

Warrior Epic 1.5: Champion's Sword of Eternal Power (Normal): Pre Steps
Learn Elder Elvish
Draniks Scar: Ground Spawns, Decomposing Pages 1-3, Decomposing Cover
Draniks Scar: Ground Spawn: Blackfall Ore(I have seen it without being on quest)
Nobles Causeway: Ground Spawn
Muramite Proving Grounds: Ground Spawn
Bloodfields: Ground Spawn (Can wait till Sixth Vision)
Smithing(115): Gemming Tool
Jewel Crafter(103): Nocturnal Mask of Acuity
Vendor: Spell: Fire
Vendor: Platinum bar
Vendor: 7 flasks of water

[] First Vision
  • []Draniks Scar: Loot pages and cover, turn into Korbuk
  • []Abysmal Sea: Turn in pages and cover to Rewina Jalmoy.
  • []Receive Recounted History of War
    [] Second Vision
  • []Draniks Scar: Turn in Recounted History of War to Korbuk
  • []Receive Energy Receptor
  • []Find Blackfall Ore
    [] Third Vision
  • []Draniks Scar: Give Blackfall Ore to Korbuk
  • []Receive Smelting Plans
  • []Nedarias Landing: Find iksar blacksmith, turn in 7 flasks of water
  • []Spawn Korezna and turn in Blackfall Ore and Smelting Plans
  • []Receive Blackfall Blade
    [] Fourth Vision
  • []Draniks Scar: Turn in Blackfall Blade to Korbuk
  • []Receive hidden flag for Vxed
  • []Vxed: Kill all three Borerlings, spawn Blackfall Borer
  • [] Loot Vial of Blackfall Blood
    [] Fifth Vision
  • []Draniks Scar:Turn in Vial of Blackfall Blood to Korbuk
  • [] Receive Sealed Vial of Blackfall Blood
  • []Everfrost: Find Kimber Whitefoot, turn Sealed Vial of Blackfall Blood.
  • []Everfrost: Wait near Permafrost for Kikber to return
  • []Receive Potion of the Blackfall Spirit
    [] Sixth Vision
  • []Draniks Scar: Turn Potion of the Blackfall Spirit into Korbuk
  • []Bloodfields: Kill Girplan Devourer
  • [] Loot Decrepit Hilt
  • []Draniks Scar:Turn in Decrepit Hilt to Korbuk
  • []Firiona Vie: Find Corfia Nultethen, must speak elder elvish
  • []Turn in Platinum Bar
  • []Turn in Nocturnal Mask of Acuity
  • []Turn in Decrepit Hilt
  • []Veksar: Kill Galuk Drek
  • [] Loot Skeletal Tome of Galuk Drek
  • []Firiona Vie: Turn in Tome to Corfia
  • [] Receive Glistening Hilt
    [] Seventh Vision
  • []Draniks Scar: Turn in Glistening Hilt to Korbuk
  • []Loot Stones of Eternal Power
  • []Walls of Slaughter: Dragorn Campion
  • []Nobles Causeway: Ground Spawn
  • []Muramite Proving Grounds: Ground Spawn
  • []Bloodfields: Ground Spawn
  • []Draniks Scar: Turn in stones to Korbuk
  • []Butcherblock: Turn in stones to Gridbar
  • []Butcherblock: Turn in Gemming Tool and Spell: Fire to Gridbar
  • []Butcherblock: Turn in Glistening Hilt to Gridbar
  • []Receive Carved Keg Stamp
  • []Shadow Haven: Turn in Stamp to Koren Galund
  • []Receive Tube of Setting Solution
  • []Butcherblock: Turn in Setting Solution to Gridbar
  • []Receive Hilt of Eternal Power
    [] Eigth Vision
  • []Draniks Scar: Turn in Hilt of Eternal Power to Korbuk
  • []Ruined City of Dranik: Give Krekk Brimblade the Blackfall Blade, Potion of Blackfall Blood and Hilt of Eternal Power
  • []Ruined City of Dranik: Kill Krekk
  • [] Loot Champions Sword of Eternal Power

    If you have the Jagged Blade of War or have done the pre-quest:

    Korbuk's First Vision

    Korbuk Brimblade may be found in Dranik's Scar northwest of the port-in at -1045, -1365.

    You say, 'Hail, Korbuk Brimblade'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Well now, aren't you a meager one? Da name is Korbuk Brimblade. Have you felt anything strange lately?'

    You say, 'I have felt something strange.'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Aha, you have sensed it as well. For a while, I believed it was just me dat noticed it. Now dat you've confirmed my suspicions, I'm sure I can move forward with my [work].'

    You say, 'What work?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Yeah, ok. You look like da respectable type. I wish it was an easy story to tell, but me thinks it's not so easy. I'm uncertain if you know da story of da red scabbard. I was named after my ancestor by da same name. In a great war, Rallos Zek bestowed to my ancestor da fabled red scabbard after Suteng was slain. It had been his charge and dat of my family to hold da scabbard until a [true warrior] would step forward to claim it as theirs once more.'

    You say, 'What true warrior?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Time passed and no warrior came forth. Then da terrible scourge took hold of da ogres and we began to lose ourselves. It was then dat another ancestor of mine, Grivnok Brimblade, asked a human to take charge of da scabbard until da scourge had waned. He would know dat time when a descendant of Korbuk with da same name would come forth. It was then dat da Redblade family, led by Thegrek, took over da charge of da scabbard until I would return to [reclaim da charge] in da name of da Brimblade family.'

    You say, 'Reclaim da charge?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'It was I who returned to da Redblades, who spoke with da descendant of Thegrek. But I could not reclaim da charge. I felt a greater power, something more amazing and powerful than even da red scabbard contained. What draw I felt from da scabbard I felt ten fold from this [new source], and I was unable to explain where it was coming from. I just know dat it has drawn me here, to this place, so that I might find da answers I seek here.'

    You say, 'What new source?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'I can't express who or what it is dat is drawing me here. I only know dat this is where I must be. I feel as though this is something like da scabbard, but more powerful. Perhaps it is a new weapon? If so, I must be da one to lead da charge to protect its power until da right warrior comes along to claim it. Just as my family led da charge so long ago to protect da red scabbard, so shall I continue it with this new journey. Are you [willing to help] knowing all dat?'

    You say, 'I am willing to help.'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'I had hoped so. Let's get started then. It seems the powerful lure is greatest when I am at this point, so I must remain here to ensure dat I can keep a grasp on where it resides. I'm hoping dat after you return with whatever you can find, I'll be able to uncover more information. From time to time, I get flashes of da things dat we need to find, like da picture of a place or a [thing]...'

    You say, 'What thing?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Just now I had a flash of a book, or pages of a book. Just as quickly as the book was there, it split into da cover and three pages and then fell to da ground. I wonder if dat's going to happen often... In any case, maybe you should have a look around to see if you can find any pages from a book that are on da ground. Return to me if you find them.'

    For spawn locations, copy this set of map points into your "draniksscar.txt" map file:

    P -500.0000, -1205.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Page_I
    P 245.0000, 425.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Page_I
    P -1390.0000, -995.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Page_I
    P -200.0000, -1600.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Page_I
    P 20.0000, -430.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Page_II
    P -150.0000, 1240.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Page_II
    P 730.0000, -713.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Page_II
    P 500.0000, 60.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Page_II
    P -85.0000, 645.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Page_III
    P 735.0000, 1630.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Page_III
    P 385.0000, -1325.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Page_III
    P 815.0000, 950.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Page_III
    P 1060.0000, -1650.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Cover
    P 680.0000, -820.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Cover
    P 1400.0000, 300.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Cover
    P -1160.0000, -260.0000, 0.0000, 0, 0, 0, 2, Decomposing_Cover

    And translated into in-game /locs:

    Decomposing Page I

    1205, 500
    -425, -245
    995, 1390
    1600, 200

    Decomposing Page II

    430, -20
    -1240, 150
    715, -730
    -60, -500

    Decomposing Page III

    -645, 85
    -1630, -735
    1325, -385
    -950, -815

    Decomposing Cover

    1650, -1060
    -680, 820
    -300, -1400
    260, 1160
    -neg 674, +819 just south (about 20ish feet) of the Ukun Slavehunter spawn point.

    Bring the pages and cover back to Korbuk.

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Those... those are da pages and da cover I saw. You don't suppose dat da two are linked, do you? What if they are, what could dat mean? I don't even know what these say! I think you should take these to a linguist to decipher them. I knew one in da abysmal sea, aboard da hulking boat, but I forget his name. I do recall dat it was a funny name, though.'

    You receive the pages and cover back.

    Translate the Pages

    Rewina Jalmoy may be found in the Abysmal Sea at -310, +250.

    You say, 'Hail, Rewina Jalmoy'

    Rewina Jalmoy says 'Hello ______. What's that I see? Are you [smirking] at me? That's not very nice of you.'

    You say, 'I am not smirking.'

    Rewina Jalmoy says 'Well, I don't think it's very nice to laugh at someone just because of his name. I didn't pick it, you know. Go laugh at my parents.'

    Give him the pages and cover.

    Rewina Jalmoy says 'Oh my, what is this? Someone looking to interact with me who isn't making fun of my name?! I'm shocked! So what have you brought me, hmm? Ooo, what a collection of fine specimens! Where on Norrath did you find these? Did you find them on Norrath? Oh wordy me! I always seem to get sidetracked, but I did manage to decipher what these pages say for you. Don't be a stranger, come back and see me any time you like!'

    You receive a Recounted History of War, which reads:

    Dranik's Vengeance

    The time of turmoil is at an end. We must strike back at the infidels who try to thin our numbers. From the west, we find the power of the ancients, and from the north we find refuge in our heritage.

    We have fought long and hard to ensure our way of life. We do not fear death, nor do we fear them. We live for the hunt and will make them pay, even if it means our own deaths. We call him Kratak Drom, the Broken One. He is a myth to our people, but clearly the myth is real.

    The pain he feels will be surreal, though. I find myself carving his name into my table at night, hoping for a chance at his neck, hoping to rinse my blade in his blood. His denial of our people will be his downfall and we will see to it that we bring him and his minions mercilessly to their knees.

    The war will be ours. Victory over life in Dranik's Scar.

    Korbuk's Second Vision

    Head back to Korbuk and give him the Recounted History of War.

    Korbuk Brimblade grimaces in pain for a moment before opening his eyes. 'Things are getting stranger by da moment. I just had a vision of a creature dat wanders about da area below, then it went dark. I'm not sure if this creature is part of everything else, but it certainly is something we should check out. I know it seems silly, but you should have this [rock].'

    You receive a TEMPORARY Energy Receptor.

    You say, 'What is this rock?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'I was holding da rock when I had dat vision. Whatever happened to me was passed into da rock as well and I can sense some power within da rock now. Maybe holding da rock will lead you to da creature or maybe it will lead you to something near da creature, I don't really know. You have to keep a tight grip on it though, else I don't think you'll feel da power drawing you as I did. If you do find da beast, be careful. There's no telling what dangers lay in this place.'

    Put the Energy Receptor on your cursor and wait. Eventually it will lead you to the Blackfall Borer. Follow it around for a while and it will drop Blackfall Ore at one of the following locations:

    +1600, +200
    -1070, +155

    Korbuk's Third Vision

    Bring the ore back to Korbuk.

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'And you say you found this in a pile dat da creature left behind? I wonder what da story behind dat is... In any case, touching this gave me a brief glimpse of something sharp. It almost seemed like it was a blade. You should probably take this to get it looked at by a skilled [smith].'

    You say, 'What smith?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Blacksmith, yes. She's dealt with some of da more interesting things I've needed worked on lately and I know she'll be able to help with dat ore as well. She's in Nedaria's Landing, so you shouldn't have a lot of trouble finding her. Give her da ore and these smelting plans, she should know what to do wit them from there.'

    You receive the ore back and some Smelting Plans. Head to Nedaria's Landing and find "a blacksmith." Make sure you bring seven Water Flasks with you. If you don't bring enough, the blacksmith won't respawn properly.

    You say, 'Hail, a blacksmith'

    The blacksmith despawns and respawns as Korezna Orecleaver.

    Korezna Orecleaver says 'Ugh, too hot in here. I can't really... ... talk until I've gotten cooled down a bit. Do you have anything that I can cool down with, maybe some water?'

    Give her four Water Flasks.

    Korezna Orecleaver says 'That helps, but I'm still too hot! More... water... please!'

    Give her three more Water Flasks.

    Korezna Orecleaver says 'Phew, thanks much for helping me cool down a bit. I guess you never realize how hot it can get working in here all the time. So anyway, what do you need worked on?'

    Give her the ore and the plans.

    Korezna Orecleaver says 'Ooh, that's an interesting ore. Don't think I've ever seen anything like it before. Seems as though your friend knows all about it already though, huh? Alrighty, let me get down to the forge so I can work on this for you. Give me just a minute.'

    She despawns. After a few moments, you "hear:"

    Korezna Orecleaver says 'Nice looking blade, I must say. I'm hope whoever this is for will be happy with the results. I'm gonna get back up to my post now, have a lot of work to get done still. Thanks for stopping by!'

    You receive a Blackfall Blade.

    Korbuk's Fourth Vision

    Bring the blade back to Korbuk.

    Korbuk Brimblade says, 'What a fine looking blade, I must say dat smith did good work in such a short time. Hopefully it wasn't too much touble for you. I... oh my, this can't be good. Da creature... it's [loose]!'

    You say, 'Loose?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says, 'Somehow da creature dat left da ore has made its way back to Norrath and is tearing through da mountainsides! You have to head it off in da crumbling caverns of Vxed before it can get any further! Be careful, though. I had a vision of some of its spawn with it so you may have to take care of more than just da one creature when you get there. Now Hurry!'

    This gives you an invisible flag. Bring a group to Vxed, and three Blackfall Borerlings will spawn around the zone. The first one spawns near zone-in at -3250, -750 and has line-of-sight aggro. The second one is along the left path from zone-in: head straight at the first intersection until the path ends, then go left to location -2183.59, 348.65, 240.27. The third one is located down the path along the right path from zone-in, just before crossing the bridge as though you were heading toward the NPC to win the trial at location -1381.59, 1626.75, 329.43. Once all three Borerlings are dead, you'll see a zonewide emote (text needed) saying that the beast is awaiting you up the hill. It is partially slowable and hits for 1100 max. Loot a Vial of Blackfall Blood.

    Map locations:
    P -348.6478, 2183.5874, 236.5213, 0, 0, 0, 1, Blackfall_Borerling_2
    P 1626.7537, 1781.5902, 325.6835, 0, 0, 0, 1, Blackfall_Borerling_3

    Korbuk's Fifth Vision

    Bring the blood back to Korbuk.

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Dat was too close! You did a good job though and stopped dat beast before it could get too far on Norrath. We don't know what it might have been capable of otherwise. I've sealed da blood of da beast in a vial for you for da [journey]. I also got another [vision] when I took hold of da vial.'

    You gain experience!!

    You receive a Sealed Vial of Blackfall Blood.

    You say, 'What journey?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'I noticed dat da blood gave me some kind of feeling. I'm not sure whether it was da same magic dat's been giving me visions or something new, but I'd like you to take it to a shaman I knew briefly growing up. He's a friend of da Redblade family and I'm sure he'd be willing to help. Just tell him I sent you. His name is Kimber Whitefoot and you shouldn't have trouble finding him, he's a very large barbarian.'

    You say, 'What vision?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Da vision I had showed me an impish creature. It was dark and twisted and seemed to devour energy from da chaos surrounding us. I don't know what part it plays in this, but like everything else, I'm sure it's important. Perhaps there is another portal around dat was destroyed, like it was in Taelosia. See if you can find it and look for da creature there, then return to me whatever it may have in its possession dat we can use.'

    Kimber Whitefoot spawns in Everfrost Peaks at 7 AM gametime at the zoneline to Halas and runs to Permafrost. Give him the Sealed Vial of Blackfall Blood.

    Kimber Whitefoot says 'Great, wait out here for a while. I've got to make a trip into the frozen mountain of Permafrost, but I'll be out some time this evening. I should have enough time on my trek to examine the vial. I'll be back soon!'

    He despawns at the entrance to Permafrost and respawns at 7 PM gametime.

    You say, 'Hail, Kimber Whitefoot'

    Kimber Whitefoot says 'Yes, yes, you again. I had a chance to examine the vial you gave me. Quite an interesting substance, I must say. Scary though. Where did you say you found it? Never mind, it's not important. I made a potion out of the vial, but I can feel an evil presence within. I want to be rid of it, so you can have it back. Please don't come to me with anything like that again. I'm really not into dealing with spirits of such heinous design. Good luck.'

    You receive a Potion of Blackfall Spirit.

    Korbuk's Sixth Vision

    Bring the potion back to Korbuk.

    Korbuk Brimblade gags as he takes hold of the potion, then quickly returns it to you. 'I had no idea such a strong presence would be coming from this after Kimber worked with it. I hope he's ok. Now dat we've taken care of dat, we can focus on the last [vision] I had.'

    You say, 'What vision?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Da vision I had showed me an impish creature. It was dark and twisted and seemed to devour energy from da chaos surrounding us. I don't know what part it plays in this, but like everything else, I'm sure it's important. Perhaps there is another portal around dat was destroyed, like it was in Taelosia. See if you can find it and look for da creature there, then return to me whatever it may have in its possession dat we can use.'

    Head to the Bloodfields with 3-4 groups and kill 4 x Girplan Slasher to spawn the Girplan Devourer, which quads for 1900, rampages, and AEs Avatar Power and Corrosive Breath. Loot a Decrepit Hilt, after which a chest can spawn with additional loot. Bring the hilt back to Korbuk.

    Korbuk Grimblade says, 'What a worthless specimen this is. I don't understand why my vision would show me dat creature if all it had was this mediocre quality hilt. I also don't understand why there's energy emanating from da hilt when it cannot be used to wield a blade in its current state. I think we're going to have to look into [cleaning up da hilt].'

    You say, 'Cleaning up da hilt?'

    Korbuk Grimblade says, 'Right now it would fall apart if you tried to attach a blade to it. We're going to put some luster back into da hilt and I think I may know someone who can do it. I don't remember her name or even where I found her, but I do remember running into a [shady jeweler] on da outskirts of one of the larger cities of Kunark.'

    You say, 'What shady jeweler?'

    Korbuk Grimblade says, 'She worked on da outskirts to sell to less reputable individuals, like myself. She didn't live on the outskirts though, only worked there. I want to say she was part of da port authority, but I can't quite remember. I also don't remember her name, or if I even ever knew it, but I do remember dat she was one of da best I ever dealt with. Take da hilt to her, if you can find her, and see what she can do with it. One more thing, she's a fan of her own tongues, so be prepared for dat when you speak with her.'

    The shady jeweler in question is Corfia Nultethen, found at +140, -3300 in Firiona Vie after the dark races conquered the elven outpost. To talk to her, you must speak in Elder Elvish.

    You say, 'Hail, Corfia Nultethen'

    Corfia Nultethen says, in Elder Elvish, 'Yes, what can I do for you?'

    You say, 'Korbuk sent me.'

    Corfia Nultethen says, in Elder Elvish, 'That's really quite fascinating, but doesn't mean a whole lot to me. I really don't care who sent you. You don't have any [items of value] to me, so be gone.'

    You say, 'What items of value?'

    Corfia Nultethen says, in Elder Elvish, 'Well... if you must know, I'm in need of a platinum bar so I can continue my work.'

    Give her a Platinum Bar.

    Corfia Nultethen says, in Elder Elvish, 'Aha, something worth my time. But I've changed my mind. I'd prefer if you made me something that really showed me how interested you are in my craft. We jewelers are hard to please, but if you can present me with a [Nocturnal Mask of Acuity], I'd be more than willing to at least speak with you.'

    You say, 'What Nocturnal Mask of Acuity?'

    Corfia Nultethen says, in Elder Elvish, 'The mask is an interesting blend that will allow me to see much better in the darkness, where we elves can sometimes have trouble. To make it, you'll need an enchanted electrum bar and two darkened star rose quartz. Show it to me when you've made it.'

    She sells the basic ingredients for the items in question. Get a jeweler to craft the mask (trivial 103). Give her the mask.

    Corfia Nultethen says, in Elder Elvish, 'Well done, but not great. It doesn't have the sight properties I'd hoped for, but it looks nice nonetheless. I half thought you'd shy away from creating such a lustrous piece of jeweled metal. You didn't though, so now you have my attention. What is it that you have for me to look at?'

    Give her the hilt.

    Corfia Nultethen says, in Elder Elvish, 'What a filthy piece of rubbish! This will need a good deal of work, I can guarantee you that. I have a small repository of supplies that I only rarely use, and one of the things I have is a cleaning solution. I don't often use it for most mundane things, but I'd be willing to part with some if you're willing to do me a [favor].'

    You say, 'You want me to do you a favor?'

    Corfia Nultethen says, in Elder Elvish, 'Yes indeed. I've been spending such a long time in the city lately that I just haven't had time to go on the expeditions I used to. Such a strong and capable person as you would be able to fill in nicely. You see, I've always wanted to explore the depths of [Veksar] to find out what treasures are hidden down there.'

    You say, 'Veksar?'

    Corfia Nultethen says, in Elder Elvish, 'I've heard plenty of stories and read a number of tales about artifacts of great wealth down there. In fact, I was able to get a sneak peek into the ruins some time ago, but not enough to find what I needed. One of the most interesting things I've read about is a tome of bones made for a necromancer named [Galuk Drek].'

    You say, 'Galuk Drek?'

    Corfia Nultethen says, in Elder Elvish, 'Oh, he was a beast, to be sure. One of the nastier creatures down there, but also one of the most brilliant, from what I've read. Drek kept the tome full of information on various crafts, and one of them just happens to be jewelcraft. I'd love to set my hands on that tome, and if you can find it, I'd be more than willing to finish up this hilt for you in no time!'

    Decaying Lord Galuk Drek may indeed be found in Veksar at location +280, -485. Upon zoning into Veksar:

    Decaying Lord Galuk Drek has sensed your presence. He's waiting for you...

    If you zone out and zone back in, you will see:

    You have less than one hour left before you will see the Decaying Lord Galuk Drek again.

    He doubles for 1800, can be slowed, and AEs Darkened Decay. Once he's dead, loot a Skeletal Tome of Galuk Drek. Bring it back to Corfia.

    Corfia Nultethen says, in Elder Elvish, 'Wow... I hadn't expected you'd be so quick about things. This is the most amazing find ever, you've helped me more then you could ever know! Thanks so much! I made sure to polish that hilt up for you as best as I could, and even added a few touches to it that'll make even stronger that it was before.'

    You receive a Glistening Hilt.

    Korbuk's Seventh Vision

    Bring this hilt back to Korbuk.

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Ah yes, Corfia. I remember her now. She did quite a fine job cleaning up dat hilt, eh? It's more ornate than it looked before. Didn't you say she added a couple additional touches to make it stronger? I wonder if style changes were part of dat... in any case... I... oh boy. I just had another [glimpse] from touching da hilt. Here take it back.'

    You say, 'What glimpse?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'It was a series of images, really. One was of a [young combatant] within da Muramite ranks. One was of a [gorge] somewhere. Da third was a [maze] of some sort, and da final one was in a [field of blood]. At da end, I saw four eyes dat appeared in da center of da hilt. I'm guessing da eyes go in those four holes on each side of da hilt and dat one each can be found in those four places.'

    You say, 'What young combatant?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'I noticed a creature dat walked like a man but looked like a dragon and was near a fortress. I can't say where exactly it was, but I can say it was a powerful looking creature unchanged by da onslaught of war. I'm guessing he is a relatively new champion of their people.'

    You say, 'What gorge?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Giant creatures lumbered over da eye. I can't really say much else because dat's all I saw. They were massive and didn't look terribly friendly.'

    You say, 'What maze?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Near a great crystal tower within da maze, I saw da eye gleaming up at da sky. You should take caution because da tower is unlike any I've ever seen before.'

    You say, 'What field of blood?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'In a field of blood, near a large fortress, you'll find da fourth eye, though it may be out of da sight of prying eyes.'

    The eyes may be found as follows:

    Wall of Slaughter - Stone of Eternal Power: Northeast Eye

    Dropped by the Dragorn Champion, a level 70 raid encounter that hits for 1900, rampages, and procs Dark Mass, Dragorn Champion's Venom, and Venom Claw. Upon looting the stone, a chest can spawn with additional loot.

    Nobles' Causeway - Stone of Eternal Power: Southwest Eye

    Ground spawn in the pit with Bone Cracker at +1140, +665. You can retrieve it without aggro if you time his movements properly.

    Muramite Proving Grounds - Stone of Eternal Power: Southeast Eye

    Ground spawn at -3765, -730.

    The Bloodfields - Stone of Eternal Power: Northwest Eye

    Ground spawn at +1530, +1040.

    Give the four eyes to Korbuk.

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Yes, those must be da stones dat fit into those holes! I'm not entirely sure how... wait, I know! We need to have a gem setter put these back in place and I know just da one. His name is Gridbar Galund and he makes his stay out in da towering mountains of Butcherblock. He owes me a favor or two, so I'm sure he'd be more than willing to help you out with this.'

    You gain experience!!

    Gridbar Galund may be found in the Butcherblock Mountains at +2335, +2110.

    You say, 'Hail, Gridbar Galund'

    Gridbar Galund says 'Hiya there. Oh me oh my, never mind. Huh? What can I do for ya? Er... wow, look at that bright... huh? I'm here! Hi! Are you looking for Gridbar? I think he's around here somewhere...'

    You say, 'Korbuk sent me.'

    Gridbar Galund says 'Ooh, Korbuk. Big and important, yes. Gridbar should know what Korbuk wants. You say your name is Korbuk? Or did you say you were Gridbar? Huh? Who are you? Right, Korbuk. Did you bring the stones?'

    Give him the eyes.

    Gridbar Galund says 'Ah... huh? Oh, Gridbar says he needs a [gemming tool]. Who? What do you want? Something about Korbuk? Where's Gridbar? He says you need a [spell called Fire]. Huh? Gridbar who? No cookies for me now, thanks. Huh?'

    You gain experience!!

    You say, 'What gemming tool?'

    Gridbar Galund says 'Yes, yes. Gemming tool. Very strong... huh? Korbuk wants a cookie? Where's Gridbar? Gridbar who? I know I'm a horse, so what? Huh? Right, tool. Need a flask of water... huh? Two high quality metal bits. Where's the beef? One gemming mold. Cook them in a forge, you got yourself a... what? Tool, gemming tool.'

    You say, 'What spell called Fire?'

    Gridbar Galund says 'Can buy it from a... what? Wow! Look at the stars! What stars? Where's Korbuk? Who are you?! Buy from a shop. Someone has it. Not me. Maybe Gridbar.'

    The Gemming Mold is sold by Armorer Caedus in Sanctus Seru at +80, +475. Combine 2 x High Quality Metal Bits + 1 x Water Flask + 1 x Gemming Mold in a forge to craft a Gemming Tool (trivial 115).

    Buy the Spell: Fire scroll from Tisiana at the druid ring in the Lavastorm Mountains.

    Give the Gemming Tool and Spell: Fire scroll to Gridbar.

    Gridbar Galund says 'Oh, a hammer! No? Who are you? Where's Gridbar? I need a bottle of milk! No you don't. Gridbar says to eat some bread. Why? Huh? Give Gridbar the receptacle. What? The eye sockets! Give him the socket piece!'

    You gain experience!!

    Give him the Glistening Hilt.

    Gridbar Galund says 'Ooh, pretty. Huh? Gridbar likes it. Not me though, I think it's too bright. Who are you? What? Fine, I need some time with this. Gridbar does, not me. Who? He'll work on it, but I need you to... no wait, Gridbar needs you to do something for him. For me. For who? My sister is in Shadowhaven and needs a keg stamp. Give this to her for her brother. Who? Gridbar. That's me? Why?'

    You gain experience!!

    You receive a Carved Keg Stamp. Koren Galund may be found in Shadow Haven, south of the Nexus port-in, at -310, +1440. Give her the stamp.

    Koren Galund says 'Excellent, the stamp I've been waiting for! I see you've met my brother. He's nice and a great gemsetter, but not altogether there, if you know what I mean. I really appreciate you doing this for me. Make sure you get this tube back to him. I'm sure he'll need it for whatever job you've got him working on. And be patient with him. He'll get his thoughts out eventually.'

    You gain experience!!

    You receive a Tube of Setting Solution. Bring this back to Gridbar.

    Gridbar Galund says 'Nice, just what Gridbar needed. I needed. No he didn't. I want a sandwich. Gnome sandwich? Which sandwich is which? Aha! Genius! Who? This helps me finish the gem setting. Good good. Here's your socket piece. Gridbar likes it. Huh?'

    You gain experience!!

    You receive a Hilt of Eternal Power.

    Korbuk's Eighth Vision

    Give the hilt to Korbuk.

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Met up with Gridbar did you? He's an oddball, for certain, but he's da best at what he does. I don't think I've ever seen stones set so finely into anything before, wouldn't you say? Alrighty, I think... wow [another image]...'

    You gain experience!!

    You say, 'Another image?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'This one is of da completed sword. It's not too shabby, but it's not great either. It looks like there will be more dat needs to be done than just what we have so far. In any case, I know how to get da sword put back together. It'll involve a trip to see my brother, [Krekk].'

    You say, 'Krekk?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'He's become one of da finest sword makers I've ever known. He'll know just how to put da hilt and da sword together to make a finely balanced weapon. He had come with me to this place, but went ahead to find new and precious metals he could use to make new blades. I think he mentioned visiting a ruined city somewhere, but I'm not certain.'

    You should have the hilt, the potion, and the blade. Head to the Ruined City of Dranik with 3-4 groups and find Krekk Brimblade at +930, -1135. Give him the items.

    Krekk Brimblade says 'You've been working very closely with my brother, I see. No doubt he wants my help to finish da sword for you. I'll put da sword together, you can rest assured of that. But I won't be giving it back to you. Oh no, I think I'll keep it for myself. I'll be da one to continue da Brimblade legacy and strike fear into da hearts of men! Not him!'

    You gain experience!!

    Krekk Brimblade says 'You are too weak for me! Die now by my hand!'

    He will attack you. He hits for 2k and AEs Whirlwind Slice. Loot the Champion's Sword of Eternal Power, after which a chest can spawn with additional loot.

    Head back to Korbuk.

    You say, 'Hail, Korbuk Brimblade'

    Korbuk Brimblade looks saddened. 'Dat sword, there's something wrong with it. Was it my brother? This is terrible news. I had no idea he had been so corrupted by this place. I had no idea he'd turn into a monster and try to steal away dat which we have been charged to protect! Luckily you were able to stop him and recover da sword. You should keep it in your possession. I have a feeling you're da [one] I've been waiting for.'

    You have gained an ability point! You now have 5 ability points.

    You also have access to your new epic 1.5 title, "Conqueror." Reward: Champion's Sword of Eternal Power

    Warrior Epic 2.0: Kreljnok's Sword of Eternal Power (Normal): If you have the Champion's Sword of Eternal Power (warrior epic 1.5), find Korbuk Brimblade in Dranik's Scar northwest of the port-in at -1045, -1365.

    You say, 'What one?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Only da one who had da power to combine da sword could have come so far. You have it in you to make dat sword great! Right now, its power is minor. With some time and effort, you might be able to bring it into da light and make it da most powerful sword ever known! When I touched da sword, I sensed a [presence] within it.'

    You say, 'What presence?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'I can't explain it really. It's as if da sword was part of a being at one time. Perhaps da sword was a being but was changed into a sword by some terrible means. All I know is dat it keeps calling to me, leading me... and you... to da next step of da puzzle. Right now it's telling me dat da next step of da puzzle resides in da labryinth. We've already been there, I wonder what more we could find from [going back].'

    You say, 'Going back?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Well, if you want to continue, you'll go back. Da vision I had showed a beast possessed by an evil spirit. It almost seemed like dat spirit was part of da presence dat I've felt from da sword. You should find da beast and destroy it, then see if you can recapture whatever spirit is trapped in its body.'

    The "beast possessed by an evil spirit" is the Possessed Brute in Muramite Proving Grounds. Kill it to loot Kreljnok's Muddled Rage. Bring this back to Korbuk:

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'All too easy. For you, I mean. You did well. I'm... I'm getting unclear visions from this essence. I can't seem to understand what it's trying to tell me. This essence is impure and needs to be purified. I happen to know of a [purification expert] dat can help us clear this mystery up.'

    You say, 'What purification expert?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'You're going to need to travel to da frozen underbelly of Norrath to find a gnome I've not seen in a long time. I couldn't begin to tell you where to find him, but you might try da frozen ocean as a starting point. If you can't find him, you may be able to find someone else who knows where he is.'

    Find Fazzle Thumpkin in Iceclad Ocean at +3945, -20005.

    You say, 'Hail, Fazzle Thumpkin'

    Fazzle Thumpkin says 'Damnable interruptions! Can't you see I'm looking for my pestle?! I lost that blasted thing months ago and haven't been able to find it! What will I do without my pestle?! My poor, poor pestle. Where have you gone? I thought I'd lost it around here somewhere, but maybe I left it near one of those statues during my surveying of the islands. Drat and double drat! Where did I leave you? Woe...'

    Find a Frozen Pestle (identifies as "Lost years ago, this pestle is covered in ice") at +1070, +5225. Return it to Fazzle.

    Fazzle Thumpkin says 'You... you found it! My pestle! Hooray! I can get back to my work! I'm so grateful for this kind act, I've got to have something in my knapsack that you want! Here, how about some lint... wait, how did that get in there. You don't want lint! Hah! How about some cogs? No, what would you do with cogs? I know... you'll be able to make special use of this [map] I have.'

    You gain experience!!

    You say, 'What map?'

    Fazzle Thumpkin says 'I've had this map for a long time. I can't seem to remember who gave it to me. I may have even made it myself. I do remember that something special can be found by following where the map leads. It's a magical map and will only show you the way in the dead of night, and only in the eastern wastes of this dreadful ice-covered place. You have to hold onto it tightly for it to work, keep that in mind! Good luck, you may need it!'

    You receive Fazzle's Map of East Wastes. You can say "What map?" to Fazzle again later for further retries. At around 8 PM gametime, the map will become active and guide you to a spot in the Eastern Wastes near the top of the ramp to Kael Drakkel at -6300, +3600, where Larnik the Recluse will spawn and start running to Kael. As soon as you catch up with him:

    You say, 'Hail, Larnik the Recluse'

    Larnik the Recluse says 'Ahh! I've been found out! Who are you and where did you come from? How did you find me? It was that bothersome Fazzle, wasn't it? I knew he couldn't be trusted with the map! I knew it! Leave me alone, I don't want to be bothered! Away, away!'

    You say, 'Korbuk sent me.'

    He stops running.

    Larnik the Recluse says 'What? What did you say? Who sent you? Korbuk sent you? That's impossible. I told him to be gone long ago. I told him never to speak of me or send anyone my way ever again! That fool! Why would he send you here?'

    You say, 'The great purification.'

    Larnik the Recluse says 'Raaaa! I'm out of that business! I'll never help him or anyone else purify another thing so long as I live! Get away from me!'

    Larnik the Recluse says 'I'll not be hunted any more! Begone with you!'

    He attacks. He hits for up to 1800, Double-attacks, has a 4K proc, and has ~93k hit points. Once he's dead:

    Larnik the Recluse's corpse has lost the fight for his life and crumples helplessly to the snow.

    Loot Larnik's Locked Purification Kit. Bring this back to Korbuk.

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Uh oh. I'm guessing dat he didn't want to part with this peacefully? Well, I can't say I'm sorry. He was a jerk to me da last time we talked. I guess I just figured someone else might be able to persuade him to change his mind. I went ahead and broke open da lock for you. You'll be able to make use of da [kit] now.'

    You gain experience!!

    You receive Larnik's Unlocked Purification Kit, a container (have an open inventory spot).

    You say, 'What kit?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Da kit you got from Larnik was his very special and highly prized purification kit, used to remove impurities from magical things, such as da essence you gathered from dat possessed beast. I'm guessing it will work with dat too, so just place da essence inside and let it go to work.'

    Combine Kreljnok's Muddled Rage in the kit to craft Kreljnok's Focused Rage.

    You say, 'Hail, Korbuk Brimblade'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'You were able to purify da presence, good. Just as I thought, da essence is pure and unadultered. Things are becoming ever clearer da closer we come to unraveling this mystery. Even without touching da essence, I can see pure rage surrounding a sword. I cannot even begin to express what it looks like. It's a very powerful image, to be sure. We're not quite done yet, however. There's a bit [more] da needs to be done.'

    You gain experience!!

    You say, 'What more needs to be done?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'I have sensed a strong and powerful draw from da fallen palace to da north. I've heard whispers dat it is called Anguish and is a terrible place to go. I don't know any more than dat, except dat there is... something there. My visions about this are chaotic and I don't know what to make of them. Be careful, there's no telling what may lie in wait for you there.'

    Travel to the Citadel of Anguish and obtain a Globe of Discordant Energy from one of the raid mobs there: Arch Magus Vangl, Jelvan`s Keepsake (from the tormentor ring), Orb of Discordant Energy (spawns following the death of Warden Hanvar), or Overlord Mata Muram. Give the globe to Korbuk.

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Yes, this is precisely what I felt. Its power is indescribable. We're so close now! I can see what's left and it's a glorious end to a glorious journey. There are just two [last items] you need to take care of.'

    You gain experience!!

    You say, 'What last items?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'First, it's time for me to put my strengths to use. Hand me da sword, and da essence and I'll let da magic of these visions flow through me and into the sword. After dat, you must let da sword guide you to da end of your journey. I know now dat you are da one who will fulfill this journey, who will see it through to da end. Hurry forth into da causeway, do not stray. Then, and only then will da power of da sword be fully realized. Hurry now, you don't have much time!'

    Hand in Kreljnok's Focused Rage and the Champion's Sword of Eternal Power.

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'Well done. Well done, indeed. I knew da moment I saw you dat you were da right person for all of this. Here is da sword, but there's one [last item] dat you need to do.'

    You gain experience!!

    You receive a Raging Sword of Eternal Power.

    You say, 'What last item?'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'You must let da sword guide you to da end of your journey. I know now that you are da one who will fulfill this journey, who will see it through to da end. Hurry forth into da causeway and seek out dat which will end your journey. Then, and only then will da power of da sword be fully realized. Hurry now, you don't have much time!'

    Head to Nobles' Causeway with a raid. As soon as you zone in, Korbuk Brimblade will spawn at /loc 1130, 1160, 265 (near Bonecracker's pit).

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'At last, you have arrived. I've been waiting. Da time has come and your journey is at its end. You must hand over da sword so dat I may reign over everything in greatness! It is destined for me and me alone! No one else shall have it, least of all you! If you [won't give me da sword], I'll take it from you!'

    You say, 'I won't give you the sword.'

    Korbuk Brimblade says 'You have lived far too long. I shall end your miserable existence now!'

    He attacks. He has ~100,000 hitpoints, hits for a max ~2,600, rampages, and procs Whirlwind Slice.

    Korbuk Brimblade has been slain by ______!

    Korbuk's death has released a more powerful spirit into the mortal realm.

    Essence of Kreljnok shouts, 'You foolish mortals! How dare you defy the will of Kreljnok! I will be reborn and shall have my sword once more! Hand over what is rightfully mine!'

    It attacks. It has ~750k hit points and no special abilities, but spawns Kreljnok`s Power and Kreljnok`s Rage during the fight (any additional fight info for these?).

    Essence of Kreljnok has been slain by ______!

    The death of Kreljnok signals the end of his power in this region. The once powerful warrior has had his life taken by a far superior force.

    Loot Brimblade's Scabbard and Kreljnok's Essence from the Essence of Kreljnok. Doing the latter may spawn a chest with additional loot.

    Combine Kreljnok's Essence and the Raging Sword of Eternal Power in Brimblade's Scabbard to craft Kreljnok's Sword of Eternal Power, receive 10 AAs, and your new 2.0 epic title of Decimator.
    Reward: Kreljnok's Sword of Eternal Power
    Reward: Raging Sword of Eternal Power