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Quests for Dragon Necropolis

Key to Jaled Dar's Lair (Neb) (Normal): You can perform this quest at dubious faction standing Paebala. You can alternatively quest Jaled Dar's key through Zlandicar.

You can find Neb deep within the Paebala tunnels in Dragon Necropolis at +473, +760, -161 in the western set of underground tunnels.

You say, 'Hail, Neb'

Neb says 'Chika val na vi Paebala Neb'ri. I am Neb of the Paebala. Aknila sa rik nor valkuta aknila. Start no trouble, there will be no trouble. Nish ala ro tak na re Chetari, skas vena ral. Avoid the Chetari, they will kill you.'

You say, 'paebala'

Neb says, 'Ika woka asa chelaki sa asa Paebala ian raka yi no sa! We are the first to walk on hind feet, to use hands. Toku mala nealopa chelaki wuna saka no Paebala. From rats we come, but the magic of this land, and what we... eat, makes us more, makes us Paebala. Whana so vi re nik ala iva Paebala, so ni valato ut Chetari. The magic breeds true, all ratmen were first from here, even the Chetari...'

You say, 'chetari'

Neb says, 'Rika sa vi na Chetari aga val rak Zlandicar. The Chetari are an evil breed, shaped by Zlandicar. Asila sa vi ne Paebala ika so takina. They enslave the Paebala. Canti ri va ni makata ra Paebala. The Paebala revolted years ago. Mishi ro ka rilla vi ne graka sal ogoo mashan rina, villi rassa rassa ke! They are powerful in the ways of death, but they fear our goo friends, and our teeth are sharp! Rika re rika so malti fe isha kora, Chetari fa rish na Paebala. But the Chetari will not rest until we are all dead or slaves. Villi rassa rassa ke, korta ne riki sa vena. Our teeth are sharp, but we cannot win. Wilta fa unala kisha Zlandicar maka re, villa rasssa, moa Chetari isa rolak. Zlandicar has the sharpest teeth, and the Chetari do his bidding.'

You say, 'goo'

Neb says, 'Unana ogoo Paebala, ni ni ni! Unana ogoo Chetari vi vi vi! The Paebala taste very bad to the goo! The Chetari tast very good to the goo! Moaka sai Slani, ogoo ranta vis Paebala. Thanks to our clever shaman, we teach the goo not to eat us. Ogoo via ranca toka ra to itu. They eat everything else though, even you. Paebala visa ranca so to so to itu ogoo. We would have to feed many of you to the goo to teach them you are bad to eat. Isak to, isak Slani, elasa Paebala ras ogoo so to so to mis. That is what the shaman did, poisoned our dead and fed the goo for years. Makari et ne va mi to mis oh naka? Do you wish to volunteer for this task? Yiyiyiyieh, mita vo Neb'ta! Hahaha, Neb jokes with you!'

You say, 'vaniki'

Neb says, 'Vaniki morka ta, so aka ral faka sa! Vaniki is a witch, she should die! Bantaka se vi rish Zlandicar, bo kal neta Paebala. She was the first to approach Zlandicar, and he made her other than Paebala. Vasu ris oto Chetari, maka so ni inta sla Zlandicar. Out of his boredom, the Chetari were born, they are the toys of Zlandicar.'

You say, 'zlandicar'

Neb says, 'Ika nora drikinava, vaa ria solta drikinava, misa ni vi isa Zlandicar. Zlandicar is the oldest dragon, the evil dragon. Maka drikinava raeli Veeshan, muta ne ri falaka Zlandicar. He is outcast from the other children of Veeshan, for he eats upon their flesh. Ifa no ri ve ala bakari mo drikinavi wo isa maka. This flesh makes him strong, the other dragons fear him and shun him.'

You say, 'i will help you'

Neb says, 'Aakaka! Aakaka! I rejoice! I rejoice! Vala ni veena rika tal, rala vin mo taka, mata nish Vaniki ep Zlandicar! You must be strong, to be here, you perhaps can kill Vaniki and Zlandicar! Moaka sish vanava, Neb'ri anta Paebala tu pa sil ro mitika! Do this thing, and prove it, and I Neb, and all of the Paebala, shall reward you!'

Bring him two items in return for the key to Jaled Dar's lair:
-Vaniki's Heart, dropped off Vaniki in the Chetari tunnels near Zlandicar's lair (she has various PH)
-Zlandicar's Heart, dropped off Zlandicar in the round room at the end of the tunnel on the south of map.

Neb says 'Ika Paebala ma ri skasha, Neb`ri mi re skashi! The Paebala are joyful, Neb is joyful! Misu na tona Vaniki esa Zlandicar, no re Paebala soka mora Chetari, ika tu. With the death of Vaniki and Zlandicar, the Paebala can conquer the Chetari, and rule! Mika na so kaka rika, ug boro Neb`ri, ek val Vaniki ushta. Take this, it is Neb's fighting bone, and here, this key I took from Vaniki.'

Your faction standing with Paebala has been adjusted by 100.
Your faction standing with Zlandicar has been adjusted by -10.
Your faction standing with Chetari has been adjusted by -10.
You gain experience!!

You receive Jaled Dar's Tomb Key (key to Jaled Dar's lair) and Neb's Warbone. Reward: Jaled Dar's Tomb Key
Reward: Neb's Warbone

Key to Jaled Dar's Lair (Zlandicar) (Normal): (You can alternatively quest Jaled Dar's key through Neb, if allying yourself with Zlandicar isn't your cup of tea.)

Short version:

In order to quest Jaled Dar's key with Zlandicar, you will need to work your faction up with him by killing Paebala rats.

Kill Neb, the Paebala leader, and loot his head. Bring Neb's Head to Zlandicar and in exchange you'll receive your key to Jaled Dar's lair.

Full version:

Zlandicar is at location -280, -350 in Dragon Necropolis

You say, 'Hail, Zlandicar'

Zlandicar says 'Hmm, I have been watching you. You made it further than I thought you would. I will have to work on my defenses in the future. So, what do you seek of me?'

You say, 'I seek Jaled Dar'

Zlandicar says 'Jaled Dar is quite dead, you know. But he was tasty, I feasted on his remains long ago. I do wish his spirit would go away, his incessant wailing disturbs me, and worse, it makes other dragons wary of this place. I have not eaten as well as I would have liked since his shade came to stay. If you wish to speak with him yourself, I can arrange that, for I hold a key that will unlock his tomb.'

You say, 'You hold the key?'

Zlandicar says 'This IS my realm, after all. Nothing is barred to me. But I did not become who I am by doing something for nothing. If you wish to talk to Jaled Dar, you will have to do something for me first. Are you willing to do this task?'

You say, 'I am willing to do this task'

Zlandicar says 'There is an annoying uprising taking place among the Chetari and Paebala. This is affecting my diet. I get cranky when I don't eat right. I am VERY cranky right now. The rebellion is led by a Paebala named Neb. He has taken his followers into a part of the Necropolis that I have difficulty reaching, and he has somehow tamed the goo there as well, preventing my Chetari followers from assaulting them directly. If Neb were to fall, I am certain the rebellion would quickly falter. Bring me Neb's head, and I will give you the key to Jaled Dar's tomb.'

Kill Neb and hand Zlandicar Neb's head.

Zlandicar says 'Excellent work! Here is your key, go bother that prattling fool Jaled Dar, and leave me be.'

Your faction standing with Zlandicar has been adjusted by 500.
Your faction standing with Claws of Veeshan has been adjusted by -50.
Your faction standing with Chetari has been adjusted by 50.
Your faction standing with Ring of Scale has been adjusted by -50.
You gain party experience!!

Receive: Jaled Dar's Tomb Key.
Item Lore: Jaled Dar's Tomb Key. Reward: Jaled Dar's Tomb Key

Key to Sleeper's Tomb (Normal): Jaled Dar`s shade may be found at +1590, -120. The simple way to get into Jaled Dar's lair is to have a rogue with a 210+ skill in lockpicking to open the door. If simplicity isn't your thing, or you just want the key for yourself, you can obtain it one of two ways: Either a quest offered by Zlandicar or a quest offered by Neb.

Once you've found your way into the lair:

You say, 'Hail, Jaled Dar`s shade'

Jaled Dar`s shade says 'Mortal! You MUST aid me. I will have my revenge, and my rest!'

You say, 'How can I aid you?'

Jaled Dar`s shade says 'You must wake The Sleeper. He is our salvation, he will restore a new golden age to Norrath. It was a terrible mistake to subdue him, jealousy and envy led us to do it. I see all of this clearly now.'

You say, 'Who is The Sleeper?'

Jaled Dar`s shade says 'Kerafyrm, the best of us, what we should be. We imprisoned him in a timeless slumber aeons ago. I know how to release him, but I am no longer of the flesh, so I cannot do it myself. But you can accomplish this task!'

You say, 'What task?'

Jaled Dar`s shade says 'When the tomb was closed and the entry sealed, many dragons participated in the ceremony. They invested portions of their essence into the seal. The seal is part of them now. With the right talismans, I can show you how to make a key that will allow one to pass, as if they were of the First Brood. If you do not wish to do this for the good of all, perhaps you will be willing to do it for material riches. Priceless treasures are stored in the tomb, yours for the taking, once you are inside and have released The Sleeper.'

You say, 'What talismans?'

Jaled Dar`s shade says 'Sontalak, Lendiniara, Klandicar, Yelinak, and Zlandicar are all that are left alive of those who were involved in the sealing of the tomb. Each has a talisman. Bring me any one of these items, or a large enough piece from one of the talismans from a dead first brood, and I shall unlock its power, which will allow you entry into the tomb.'

You'll need to give him either a talisman from any of the five dragons of the first brood mentioned or a Shard of Hsagra's Talisman, which is dropped uncommonly from top giants (King Tormax, Derakor the Vindicator, The Statue of Rallos Zek, Velketor the Sorcerer).

Jaled Dar`s shade says 'Very well done. Here is how you unlock the entry. Seek out a great dragon statue in the Eastern Wastes, and use this key there. Not very different from how you entered my old domain, Veeshan's Peak, now, is it? Haha, yes, I know many things, even dead.' Reward: Sleeper's Key