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Quests for Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance

Deathknell Event #1: Tolling of Dissonance Bells (Normal): This is an expedition event within the Deathknell raid expedition. Its lockout timer is 4.5 days.

This is basically a two stage event in a room shaped like a plus sign; at each end of the wings is a Deathknell Watcher and a Deathknell Enforcer. In the Middle a bell hangs over a pit.

You say, 'Hail, Ayonae Ro'

Ayonae Ro smiles brightly, flames of insanity dancing behind her eyes. 'Welcome, guests of Deathknell tower. Here in my most desperate hour, away from scores of bloodsoaked madmen: murderers led by the Master's beckonin'. Battling, neighing, braying, preening, screaming . . . slaughtering without feeling. Yet even here
his eyes can watch us. [Destroy] them all, and end this night of eternal darkness.'

You say, 'We will destroy them'

Ayonae Ro directs your attention to the Deathknell Watchers, 'The granite beasts are not of my design. See how they spy. They are Mayong's thrall, and they will alert him as to your presence here. The gargoyles deserve nothing less than your worst.'

The Deathknell Watchers come alive, moving towards the bell in fixed intervals of time, one step at a time, regenerating to full and mem-blurring each step. Once they reach the bell, they toll it and cause devastating AE damage. When this happens it looks like this:

North Deathknell Watcher advances a few steps closer to the bell.

The Deathknell Watcher lurches forward and swats the bell. A sickening dissonant tone rings out, and Ayonae Ro screams in horror. The combined cacophany of sound brings you to your knees.

Your body and mind are wracked with pain.
You have taken 11550 points of damage.
(Cacophony of Pain)

To stop them or to push them back even, you've got to damage them before they can move further - each step corresponds to a certain percentage of damage taken in that interval. The Watchers are level 80, melee only (average hit 550, max 3.7k), and AE rampage.

Meanwhile, adds like a Truefaith minion, a Truefaith soldier, a Truefaith zealot (all lvl 73) and a Truefaith follower (lvl 69; charmable) will spawn. These are just trash and have to be disposed of.

After 15 minutes of fighting the Watchers become inactive and Stage 2 starts:

The Deathknell Enforcer breaks free from its statis, glowering at you with crimson eyes as it stands upright and spreads its wings!

All four Deathknell Enforcers come alive at the same time and have to be killed. The Deathknell enforcers cast Wings of the Gargoyle, hit for an average 1.5k and max of 4.5k. They also AE a DT trigger (5x per cast) that must be cured with RGC (same DT as Demiplane gargoyles).

Deathknell Enforcer has been slain by _____!
Your faction standing with Trueblood Coven could not possibly get any worse.

The ropes suspending the great bell creak, groan. . . and unravel. The brass monolith hangs in the air for a moment, then plummets down the shaft of the tower, ringing as it falls until crashing to a halt at the bottom.

Once they are all dead "a claw-scored chest" spawns with the loot from the event. Reward: Twisted Harp String
Reward: Enforcer's Obsidian Pauldrons
Reward: Woven Belfry Wristcuff
Reward: Dusted Belfry Bracer
Reward: Ghostrider's Bridle
Reward: Mask of the Mad Musician
Reward: Symbol of Vivace
Reward: Extended Tessitura Choker
Reward: Blood Drinker's Bone Fragment
Reward: Bulwark of Stained Glass
Reward: Knotted Rope Sash
Reward: Ghostrider's Spirit