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Quests for Dawnshroud Peaks

Fungus Covered Mushrooms (Normal): Sedona Raines may be found at +1215, +610.

You say, 'Hail, Sedona Raines'

Sedona Raines says 'Don't be bothered by that crazy gnome. He won't hurt you. He's just a little out of it today. I'm sure if he had some [mushrooms] it'd calm him down.'

You say, 'What mushrooms?'

Sedona Raines says 'Reiker and his brother are always looking for fungus covered shrooms. They love to mix it into their stew. I must admit, it is very tasty.'

You can find Reiker Rikes next to the camp fire here and his brother is in one of the tents next to it. Approximate location is +1235, +585.

You say, 'Hail, Reiker Rikes'

Reiker Rikes says 'I be Reiker Rikes! The fastest gnome in the woods!'

At this point I hand Reiker Rikes a Fungus Covered Mushroom (I only turned in 1).

Reiker Rikes grins. 'These should go nicely in my stew.'

You gain party experience!!

No other reward given other than experience.
Gant's Remains (Normal): Bryce McFadden is at loc -211, -1276, in a small building near the Maiden's Eye zoneline.

You say, 'Hail, Bryce McFadden'

Bryce McFadden says 'What are you doing here? Can't you see we're trying to get some rest. It's not easy trying to find [Gant's Remains].'

You say, 'Who is Gant?'

Bryce McFadden says 'We're looking for Gant's Remains. We've heard that they can be found somewhere in the caves not to far from here. Though, it's not easy getting into those caves. Those dawnhoppers are a vicious bunch. Maybe you'd like to help us. If you can find Gant's Remains bring it back to me and you'll get a handsome reward.'

You can find Gant's Remains on "an Age Old Rockhopper" in the rockhopper caves.

Need turn-in dialogues, faction hits if any. Reward: Tribal Warblade

Hunter's Pike (Normal): You say, Hail, Jon Otton'

Jon Otton says, 'Hello. Don't mind us. We're just passing through. We decided to rest before we head on. My brother Wils may have something you're interested in. Ask him about [forest ravagers].'

Wils Otton says, 'Quiet yourself little brother!'

Target Wils Otton and say, 'What forest ravagers?'

Wils Otton says, 'I can't believe Jon mentioned that to you. I'll deal with him myself. If you want to help us kill the forest ravagers then you must first find Carre Harger. Bring this note to him. He'll get you started.'

Take the note to /loc +1500, +1200. There are two small canopies there where Carre Harger spawns.

Carre Harger says, 'There's been four wolves that have been ravaging the forest. We need them killed. When you are done bring me back their pelts. I know one to be bloodthristy, while the other is enraged. The other two I haven't even seen. But I can hear 'em.'

Immediately on both your sides two of the wolves spawn. To the right is 'an enraged beast' and to the left is 'a ravenous beast'.

After killing 'an enraged beast', 'a rabid beast' spawns. After killing 'a ravenous beast', 'a bloodthirsty wolf' spawns. The wolves can be anywhere from 32 to 36, all four are random.

Loot the pelts from the four wolves and give them to Carre Harger who is still standing there.

Carre Harger says, 'I'm still in shock. I can't believe those pesky wolves are finally gone. Bring this note to Wils, he should have something for you.'

Carre Harger despawns.

Take the note from Carre Harger back to Wils Otton.

Wils Otton says, 'We've been hunting those wolves for a long time now. They killed many of my men. I'm glad to see that they are gone. Take this Hunter's Pike and get some good use out of it.'

You gain experience!

Receive Hunter's Pike, a 30/12 piercing weapon with bonuses of AC 5, STR +3 and CHA +2. It's unique in that it can be held in Primary, Ranged or on the back. The weapon and notes are no-drop, but the pelts are not. Reward: Hunter's Pike

Ogrebane's Armor (Normal): Kanthek Ogrebane is located at approximately neg 882, pos 1340 in Dawnshroud Peaks.

You say, 'Hail, Kanthek Ogrebane'

Kanthek Ogrebane says 'Hello there. Welcome my friend! Please sit and rest yourself. There are many [predators] around. I suggest you rest a bit before continuing your journey.'

You say, 'What predators?'

Kanthek Ogrebane says 'Just take a look around and see what's around you. There's [galorians], [lightcrawlers], [zelniaks], and [rockhoppers] everywhere. They usually let us be, but I've seen 'em kill. It's not something you want to see.'

You say, 'What lightcrawlers?'

Kanthek Ogrebane says 'Lightcrawlers are the biggest bugs I've ever seen. I've heard of bigger, but I've never seen 'em myself. If you're interested in getting some [armor] made out of their shells let me know and I'll see if we can work something out.'

You say, 'What armor?'

Kanthek Ogrebane says 'My cousin can make you some armor, but it'll cost ya. What exactly are you looking for? You looking for a [breastplate], [greaves], [helm], [bracers], [arms]? You tell me and I'll see what I can do. The only problem is I only have enough material to make a small set. So you might not be able to fit in 'em.'

You say, 'What breastplate?'

Kanthek Ogrebane says 'Faber Rugon can make a fine breastplate for you, but it'll require two Pristine Lightcrawler Shells.'

You say, 'What greaves?'

Kanthek Ogrebane says 'Give Faber Rugon back two sets of Lightcrawler Legs and two Shimmering Lightcrawler Shells.'

You say, 'What helm?'

Kanthek Ogrebane says 'Interested in a new helm, eh? Alright. Bring Faber Rugon two Ardent Lightcrawler Shells and he'll be able to help you out.'

You say, 'What bracers?'

Kanthek Ogrebane says 'Faber Rugon can only make one bracer for you, but one will be enough. Bring him back two Stripped Lightcrawler Shells and you'll be set.'

You say, 'What arms?'

Kanthek Ogrebane says 'Alright. Bring my cousin, Faber Rugon, back two Spotted Lightcrawler Shell and he'll be able fashion up a fine pair of arms for you.'

The shells and legs are random drops from the lightcrawlers in the zone. Reward: Lightcrawler Helm
Reward: Lightcrawler Bracer
Reward: Lightcrawler Breastplate
Reward: Lightcrawler Greaves
Reward: Lightcrawler Vambraces

Wolf Slayer (Normal): Prerequisite : Hunter's Pike.

You say, 'Hail, Dragen Faux'

Dragen Faux says 'I've been told that you may be the wolf slayer. I don't know though. You look a little scrawny to be the one. I suggest you prove it and bring me the Wolf Slayer. Once I've seen it we shall speak again.'

Bring Dragen the Hunters Pike from the Hunter's Pike quest.

Dragen Faux says 'I'm sorry to have doubted you before. Please forgive me. My mind is not what it used to be. Since you are the wolf slayer perhaps you cn help us find something. We've been unable to find it. If you can combine the Centerstone along with the Wolf Slayer in this box and bring back what you have. I should be able to reward you once we are through here."

Dragen gives you a box. Combine the Hunter's Pike and a Centerstone (drops off Age Old Rockhopper) in the box to get a Gem-Inlaid Spear. Give it to Dragen.

Dragen Faux says 'I knew you'd come through. This is going to make someone really happy. Take this for your troubles.

Dragen's Runed War Spear Reward: Dragen's Runed War Spear