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Quests for Crypt of Dalnir

Long Iron Rod (Normal): Travel to Crypt of Dalnir.

  • Kill either a coerced revenant or a wry kly imprecator and loot a Rod Segment 'I'. 0/1 Crypt of Dalnir

  • Kill either a sly kly imprecator and loot a Rod Segment 'II'. 0/1 Crypt of Dalnir

  • Kill the Undead Blacksmith and loot Forge Hammer of Dalnir. 0/1 Crypt of Dalnir

  • Find the Grand Forge of Dalnir and combine both rods and the hammer in it. 0/1 Crypt of Dalnir

    The Grand Forge of Dalnir is located -230, +29, -178 in the room with a tormented tradesman and a coerced smith.

    You receive Long Iron Rod. Reward: Long Iron Rod

    Spirit of Golin (Normal): In the Crypt of Dalnir, the "Thistle Lumpy" will occasionally drop an unstackable, LORE Bone Chips. These can identify as either "Crusader Golin's Crushed Upper Torso" or "Crusader Golin's Crushed Lower Torso."

    The "Carpet Lumpy" can drop several different iksar skulls, one of which is an Iksar Skull with Punctured Cranium, which identifies as "Golin's Skull."

    The Kly Overseer can drop two versions of the Shattered Crusader's Khukri, one of which identifies as "Property of Golin."

    When all four items are put into a Crusader's Coffin, purchasable from A Mortician in West Cabilis, you can craft a 1-charge item usable from inventory by any class that summons an iksar skeleton pet. Reward: Crusader's Coffin

    Visceral Dagger (Normal): Lord Qyzar is standing on the parapet one level up in the SK guild, at +1005, -150. For the Crusader's Test of the Hero, Lord Qyzar requires you to retrieve the [visceral dagger].

    You say, 'What of the visceral dagger?'

    Lord Qyzar says 'The visceral dagger was an ancient torturing weapon. I do not know much of it other than that it was forged by a member of the Brood of Kotiz, but that was ages ago. He is surely dust by now.'

    Not much to go on, but if you find your way to the Crypt of Dalnir, you can find various scraps of paper called "A Journal Entry" which identify as "Crusader Nodfod 1-6."

    #1 reads:

    Day 47

    Crusader Golin and I have discovered what we
    believe to be the crypt of the ancient Haggle
    Baron Dalnir. It would seem as though the babble
    of the goblin slave we caught and tortured turned
    out to be accurate.
    Unfortunately we must rest and plan our route
    into the depths of this beast. It is filled with
    very dangerous creatures. Hopefully we can
    overcome the odds and find the final resting
    place of the Visceral Dagger and the Grand Forge.

    #2 reads:

    Day 48
    Blast! This IS the Crypt of Dalnir. We found
    the entrance which had the ancient Haggle Baron's
    name upon it. How foolish of the crypt keepers!
    The Crypt is filled with croaks from many races.
    They seem to be in some sort of trance and far
    more powerful then they appear. We were about to
    enter the main tomb when we were assaulted by
    the horde. Crusader Golin sustained a major gash
    on his shoulder. Before I could cauterize his
    wound, blood flowed all over, even this entry.
    Tomorrow we shall try to enter the main tomb.

    #3 reads:

    Day 49
    We finally had an opportunity to make a run into
    the main tomb, but just as we had the
    sarcophagus in our sights, we fell through a
    trap door hidden on the floor. We fell into what
    appears to be the true Crypt of Dalnir and also
    a haven for coerced sarnak! They were upon us in
    no time. We ran, but found ourselves in an
    unholy church. We fought our way out, but just
    as we broke through, Golin's skull was punctured
    by what appeared to be a rusted Crusader's
    khukri. I am now in hiding, praying to any god.

    #4 reads:

    Day 49 Eve
    The gods were listening. After many hours of
    hiding, it appears the beasts have gone to
    perform some sort of dark ritual in the church
    we found earlier. I could hear the screams of a
    sacrifice and the chant of some unknown tongue.
    I did a reconnaissance of this level and found
    no way out. The walls had tombs built into them
    as mortuaries do. None of the doors would open,
    but I did find one. I slid the sarcophagus out
    with much effort. Before I could attempt to open
    it I was scared off by noises within the drawer.

    #5 reads:

    Day 50
    What have I gotten myself into? Soon I shall be
    dead. After finding the secret passage through
    the drawer, I found myself in a pit of evil. I
    crept through the shadows and came upon a locked
    door. I am no rogue. The door opened and a beast
    walked out, I spied the Grand Forge! Perhaps,
    also, a way to escape this madness. There must
    a key around here somewhere! On the beasts
    perhaps. Even fragments which I could piece
    together would do. I shall have to face great
    evil once more. Gods be with me once more.

    #6 reads:

    Day 55
    I have made my way past many locked doors and
    encountered great hordes of evil. The forge
    is here. Unfortunately I have learned that the
    dagger is fragmented in the crypt. I lost much
    in here. My good friend and along with him the
    shard which may be a piece to a larger puzzle,
    the khukri, Greenmist. I could never get that
    back. I would need to speak with the Brood and
    obtain a Crusader Coffin. But should I return to
    Cabilis without the dagger, Qyzar would torture
    me. No! Here shall be my last stand!

    You can also occasionally encounter a spectral crusader in the room at +150, -340, -180, who does not respond to hails but will offer a few more clues if you ask the right questions:

    You say, 'Do you know of Greenmist?'

    a spectral crusader says 'Mighty was the mist which covered the land. Mighty is the blade wielded by a crusader.'

    You say, 'Are you Golin?'

    a spectral crusader swipes his hand toward his own head in a chopping motion. 'Stuck between crypt and dust.'

    You say, 'What of the visceral dagger?'

    a spectral crusader says 'Shattered!! Three within the crypt. A master must go. To the [grand forge] they must go. Three become one with the spirit hammer.'

    You say, 'Grand forge?'

    a spectral crusader points to the ground. 'Beyond the doors lies a forge unlike any other.'

    You need to collect three parts of the dagger and the hammer used to reunite them. The three parts of the dagger drop from three different versions of a kly imprecator, each of which may be found in a different part of the dungeon.

    a wry kly imprecator spawns on the second floor, in an alcove at +260, -885, -80. From where you drop down to the level, head east, then north as though to get to the portal that exits the dungeon from that level. Where you would turn west to go to the portal, go east instead, and follow the passage north, then west at the next junction, and the path will lead to the room where the next imprecator spawns. This one drops a Dagger Hilt (identifies as "Hilt of Visceral Dagger").

    Next, drop to the third floor and head south from the landing spot to reach a room with three decapitated statues to find an undead blacksmith. His placeholder is by the north wall of the room at -45, -685, -190 (the same location as one of the journal scraps). He drops a Forge Hammer of Dalnir.

    a shy kly imprecator spawns at the altar in the church area, at +205, -610, -190. He drops a Sharp Metal Shard (identifies as "Shard of Dagger").

    a sly kly imprecator spawns in the last room on the left just before the dining room as you're heading south to where the Kly himself spawns, at +10, -155, -180. The placeholder is whatever mob is standing near the lab table in that room. He drops a Jagged Metal Shard (identifies as "Fragment of Dagger").

    The Grand Forge is in a room down a passage on the right just before the Kly's room, at -230, +30, -180. Remember this location if you're planning to do the Greenmist quest, since you'll have to use the forge and the nearby tormented tradesman for that as well. The tradesman sees invis but is indifferent to all. Put the three dagger pieces and the hammer in the forge and combine them to create The Visceral Dagger (identifies as "Rusted Visceral Dagger"). The hammer and pieces are consumed.
    Reward: The Visceral Dagger