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Quests for Chardok

Di'Zok Signet of Service (Normal): In order to get the first ring, all you need is warmly faction with Brood of Di'Zok and to have attained 51st level. Sounds easy, but it will take the killing of over 3500 goblins in Droga to get you warmly from KOS.

You say, 'Hail, Herald Telcha'

Herald Telcha says 'Hail to you, lesser being! It is good to see you seeking the enlightenment and satisfaction that can only come from serving the Sarnak! Experience for yourself the joy of fealty to our Lord the Overking Bathezid Dizok! I am Telcha,
lesser apprentice sub-herald in training to the Court of Dizok and I stand ready to welcome those who would serve our noble Overking. Are you here to [aid] us?

You say, 'I will aid the Sarnak'

Herald Telcha says 'Ah, so good of you to strive to improve yourself! So often members of your pathetic lesser races plod along in ignorance, unaware of the most Noble empire of the Dizok. Enough though of the
chit-chat, as Im sure you are most eager to make yourself useful! Before you may enter our worthy city and be looked upon as a valuable servant, you must prove your worth to our [cause].

You say, 'What cause?'

Herald Telcha says 'The first task I shall set you is the slaying of goblins! Ooh, how very heroic you must feel to finally have a worthy goal guiding your previously menial existance! Yes, go forth from here
and journey to Droga, stronghold of our enemies. Slay the warriors and menials of the Mountain Death Clan, bring havoc to their homes. Return to me with proof of
your deeds, to raise in your standing with the Dizok. Bring me [tokens] of many dead goblins, and one day you shall walk among us.

You say, 'What tokens?'

Herald Telcha says 'As proof of your deeds I shall require either 2 Mountain Death mineral salts, or a patch of green goblin skin. Bring me many of these, as
you bring destruction on the goblin city, and I shall speak to my superiors of your efforts on our behalf. Do enough for our cause, and I shall reward you directly. Return to me later and remind me that you
serve the Sarnak, and I may have a ring for you if you are worthy.

Hand Herald Telcha a Green Goblin Skin:

Herald Telcha says 'Green Goblin Skin! You have indeed been busy! I shall speak to my masters of this, continue your good work and return to me with more skins.

Upon handing Telcha 1 Green Goblin Skin:
Your faction standing with Brood of Di`Zok has been adjusted by 3.
Your faction standing with Sarnak Collective has been adjusted by 3.
Your faction standing with Goblins of Mountain Death has been adjusted by -1.

You hand Herald Telcha two Mountain Death mineral salts:

Herald Telcha says 'Ah, most excellent! You are sure to be more highly valued as our servant once I speak to my masters of this! Mountain Death Mineral Salts, they shall grace the Overkings table this very night!
Be off, minion! Fetch us some more salts to prove your value!

Your faction standing with Brood of Di`Zok has been adjusted by 3.
Your faction standing with Sarnak Collective has been adjusted by 3.
Your faction standing with Goblins of Mountain Death has been adjusted by -1.


You say to Herald Telcha, 'I serve the sarnak'

At dubious faction:
Herald Telcha says 'Away with you! I am the herald of the Dizok Overking, here to greet the servants of my master. If you would walk within our city, go forth and prove yourself our ally by slaying our goblin enemies! Advance into our city at your own peril, as
our soldiers regard you as a foe!

At kindly faction:
Herald Telcha says 'You have not yet done enough service for the Sarnak Collective, and my Dizok Masters. Return to me when you have done more, and I may reward you with a ring of service.'

At warmly faction, below level 50:
Herald Telcha says 'What to do, what to do.. You've served the Di'zok well, young one but you are not yet experienced enough to wear the Signet of the Di'zok. Come back when you've seen a bit more of the world, and the ring shall be yours.

At warmly faction, above level 50 (To get the ring):
You say, 'I serve the sarnak'

Herald Telcha says 'Indeed you do my friend, indeed you do! Walk among us in safety, wear this ring as a symbol of your service to our cause. Continue your efforts in our war on the goblins, and your rewards shall increase. Return to me your ring, along with the head of the Drogan Warlord Skargus, and I'll give you an even greater badge of honor. Good day to you, servant of the Sarnak. ' Reward: Di'zok Signet of Service

Niblek's Gems (Normal): Niblek may be found deep in Chardok at 512, -104, -291.

You say, 'Hail, Niblek'.

Niblek says 'You want something from Niblek? Niblek find treasures in walls. Niblek like to trade treasures.'

You say, 'What treasures do you want to trade?'

Niblek says 'Niblek find piece of old jewelry! It very old, probably has much power!'

You say, 'What do you want to trade for your old piece of jewelry?'

Niblek says 'Niblek likes shiny tings very much! You want old jewelry, you bring Niblek two shiny tings! Niblek has seen black sapphire and ruby!! Niblek likes them very much!'

If you give these to him, you get some experience and a 'Piece of Medallion'. When Identified, it's the Top Shard of the Kylong Medallion, which is needed for the Medallion of Kylong Quest.

Need all dialogues, faction hits if any. Reward: Piece of a Medallion

Regal Band of Bathezid (Normal): You will need to obtain the Di'Zok Signet of Service before proceeding with this quest.

Talk to "a goblin traitor" (2-3 hour spawn) the Frontier Mountains (location -1900, 2000).

You say, 'Hail, a goblin traitor'

a goblin traitor says 'Serve the Sarnak do ya? You the one they say they send? I don't know that I believe ya, show a token. Humm show me ya ring if ya got it. '

You give a goblin traitor your Di`Zok Signet of Service. He hands it right back to you.

a goblin traitor looks relieved when he sees your signet of service and eyes you with a bit more respect. 'Good! They tell'd me to wait here for ya, can't say I like it but here I sits. Itbe good to be rid of Skargus though, so I be a happy one, oh yes. Want to know the [plan] then?'

You say, 'What's the plan?'

a goblin traitor says 'Alrighty, listen listen. Skargus used to be a low rankin' nogood. He made fake story 'bout Gragbar who was the warlord and caused him much trouble with the chief. Gragbar was cast down, chief made Skargus the warlord now. Gragbar is very angry, would take back his position and kill Skargus if he get [evidence] of his treachery. '

You say, 'What evidence?'

a goblin traitor makes a terrible face, then spits on the ground before continuing. ''Gragbar are workin' with the Iksar, bleh Iksar. He sellin' goblin troopsas slaves to Cabilis when he can, sayin' they died in battle at the lake. If we get evidence of that, we get Skargus and kill him. You go to Frontier mountains, find Sarnak there, he knows where we get evidence from. Give him this note from me, and he help ya. Off with ya now, before I get seen with ya.'

He gives you a note. (He is on Di'Zok faction so he is a good way to test your faction standing.)

Take this note to "a sarnak spy" in Frontier Mountains at 1880, 3600.

a sarnak spy reads the note slowly, turning it around in his claws a few times before completing it. ''I see you spoke with that half-wit goblin! I hate hate hate it when he sends me a note, his penmanship is almost illegible. I hope he informed you of the situation, he's really not the most dependable agent of Di'zok, and sadly his note doesn't really make much sense. No matter though, are you ready to [proceed] in this mission?''

You say, 'I am ready to proceed'

a sarnak spy says 'Good, here then is what you must do. It's pretty simple actually and even one such as you should have no troubles. Skargus has been trading in slaves with the Iksar. He has a courier there, visits the outskirts of Cabilis and sends weekly reports back to Droga. If we could get that report, Skargus would be finished. Will you go to Cabilis and [get the report]? '

You say, 'I will get the report'

a sarnak spy scowls at you, clearly unimpressed by your efforts.''Of course you'll go get the report fool, but do you think that the courier will just give it to you?'' The sarnak shakes his head sadly. ''Okay, look. Go into Droga and try to get a warlord's insignia off one of the goblins in there. Take this forged note to the courier I've written out, along with the insignia to Warslik's woods and give it to the courier. With luck, he'll believe you work for Skargus and give you the report. If you get the report, find Gragbar and give it to him .''

He gives you a forged note.

Take this forged note to "a shady goblin" (24 hour spawn) in Warsilik Woods near Cabilis at -1650, -1135 on the 2nd floor, along with a Drogan Warlord's Insignia (random drop in Nurga and Droga).

You say, 'Hail, a shady goblin'

a shady goblin says 'If yer not my contact ya best be movin' on. Got no time to waste on ya. '

You say, 'I am your contact'

a shady goblin says 'Are ya? Hum, let me see yer insignia then, and the note Skargus gave ya. '

Give a shady goblin the forged note and a Drogan Warlord's Insignia.

a shady goblin gapes at the note in puzzlement, obviously a bit concerned by it. The courier looks at the note for more than a minute, then looks at you, and back at the note. ''Errm.. welp, dunno what to make of the note. If I know the right of it, Skargus finally got him some girly to do his writin' for him.

Ooooh I bet she a tasty one, graarr. If I was warlord I know I'd have me a girly too. Gah, take this report and get outta my sight.

He despawns and give you the report.

Take this report to "an angry goblin" (3 day spawn with a 10% variance) in Frontier Mountains (location -1900, 2000).

You say, 'Hail, an angry goblin'

an angry goblin 'Go away, my life is miserable enough!'' The angry goblin looks at you more closely, his rage fading for a moment. ''Are you here with the evidence I was promised? Give it to me if you have

an angry goblin howls in triumph! 'This is just what I needed! Skargus is mine now, wait until he finds out, just wait! His death is close at hand. Follow me and I'll take you to Skargus's chamber, you can wait there while I take this report to the chief!'

an angry goblin shouts 'I have you now Skargus, you traitor! Even now I'm taking this report of slave-trading to the chief! Your days here are at an end!'

Warlord Skargus says 'I've gotta stop Gragbar before he turns in that report!'

This spawns Warlord Skargus (level 56 SK with a 1k HT). Kill Skargus and loot the Head of Skargus.

Take ring #1 and the head of Skargus back to Herald Telcha in Chardok.

Herald Telcha says 'Ah hah! You are notworthy indeed amongst the servants of the Sarnak! Perhaps I should have you killed, before your deeds outdo mine.. Hmm.. Guards! Guards! Haha, do not panic menial being, in fact I am most impressed with your service. Here is the ring I promised you in exchange for your efforts.'

The effect on the ring, Aegis of Bathezid, is a 25dmb Damage Shield, and lasts 25 minutes.

The ring comes with 5 charges and is rechargable by giving it back to Herald Telcha as long as you keep your faction at ally. Reward: Regal Band of Bathezid

Spirit Wracked Cord (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Queen Velazul Di`zok'

Queen Velazul Di`zok says 'Hail, minion! It is good to see a member of a lesser race striving to improve themself through service to the Dizok. We are feeling especially generous as of late, and if you would do us a [service], we shall reward you handsomely.'

You say, 'What service?'

Queen Velazul Di`zok says 'We are not sure you are worthy, but shall assign you this task in hopes you prove mighty enough to resolve it. Gather your broodlings about you, and journey to Charasis. There you shall find a Urn of spirits. We require this, as well as [additional components].'

You say, 'What additional components?'

Queen Velazul Di`zok says 'Very well, if you feel you are up to it, lead your broodlings to fallen Sebilis and return to us with a portion of undead dragon sinew. Bring us the Sinew, the Urn, and your Regal Band of Bathezid as proof of service, and a worthy reward shall be yours.'

The Undead Dragon Sinew drops very rarely from Juggernauts and Trakanon in Sebilis.

Trakanon seems to drop the sinew about one in three kills, occasionally dropping more than one.

The Spirit Wracked Urn is dropped by Drusella Sathir in Charasis (3 day spawn) and doesn't always have the urn.

Hand the Undead Dragon Sinew, Urn of Spirits and Regal Band of Bathezid to the Queen in Chardok.

Queen Velazul Di`zok says 'Amazing! You have returned the trophies I asked for, against impossible odds. Here is your reward, worthy minion, may it serve you well.'

You'll receive the Ring back as well as this Cord:

Spirit Wracked Cord (Lore, No Drop)
Shoulder, Arms, Wrist
AC12, Sta5, Hp100, SvCold+10, SvMagic+5
Effect: Aura of Battle
Weight: 0.0
Reward: Spirit Wracked Cord