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Quests for Caverns of Exile (Solusek C)

Aid Ghaib Against the Kobolds (Normal): Required faction?

You say, 'Hail, Ghaib Zilal'

Ghaib Zilal says 'Quiet, fool. The pathetic kobolds know not of my presence and I'd like to keep it that way. Though, I was hoping someone with your strength would come along. I am in need of your [aid].'

You say, 'What aid?'

Ghaib Zilal says 'I've infiltrated this, the latest stronghold of the servants of Solusek Ro, to find a way to cast them out before they grow too strong. My excursions into the deeper caverns have led me to an answer, but I alone cannot retrieve what I require. If you [lend me your strength], I will in turn help you in your own destruction of our mutual foes.'

You say, 'I will lend you my strength.'

Ghaib Zilal says 'Excellent. Deeper within these caves lie many fierce denizens of flame. The kobolds fear them and rightly so for many dogs have fallen to the pure elemental might these creatures control. By harnessing this power, I believe I can produce a temper that once infused into a weapon will allow the owner to wield the very essence of fire itself. To create this temper, though, I need [raw materials].'

You say, 'What raw materials?'

Ghaib Zilal says 'I need the very essence of the fire creatures that make their home here: pieces of flesh, drops of blood, fluids, bone or whatever else you can find that still radiates heat long after the creature is destroyed. I'll need parts from four different types of creatures to produce the temper. We've spoken long enough. You must go before you alert the kobolds to my presence. Return to me only once you have the materials.'

Ghaib wants A Smoldering Tentacle (off tentacle mobs), Seared Imp's Blood (off imps), Seared Ooze (off oozes), and Crystallized Soul of Fire (off elementals). Give these to him:

Ghaib Zilal says 'Yes, this will do nicely. Here is the temper, but you'll need a [weapon] to infuse.'

You say, 'What kind of weapon will suffice?'

Ghaib Zilal says 'No common blade will suffice. The temper would melt it to slag. You'll need a weapon that can survive the process and I believe I know where to find one. During a recent excursion into the kobolds territory, I overheard them barking frantically about a [treasure] they found.'

You say, 'What kind of treasure did they find?'

Ghaib Zilal says 'It seems that while they were clearing out a small elemental conclave they found what could best be described as a pile of gaudy trash. Normally, Lord Nagafen's garbage is of little interest to me, but within the pile were the pieces of a sword that shattered upon the scales of Lord Nagafen himself. A weapon that has tasted the blood of the dragon! Such a [blade] will thrive under the exquisite heat of the temper!'

You say, 'What became of the blade?'

Ghaib Zilal says 'True to their nature, the kobolds fought fiercely over the baubles and the pieces ended up in different paws. If you can recover them and bring them to me along with the temper I will forge the blade and infuse it with the powers of shadow and flame.'

You receive a temper. The Melted Hilt, Shattered Blade (identifies as top half), and Shattered Blade (identifies as bottom half) all drop off kobolds. Return these to him along with the temper to receive your reward:

Ghaib Zilal says 'Ah, you have returned. I was beginning to worry that the kobolds had grown more powerful than anticipated. I will now forge the blade. May it see the demise of many servants of Solusek Ro. Our pact is complete.'

Ghaib Zilal places the broken pieces of the sword upon the hard ground and pours the vial of radiant liquid over them. The liquid glows fiercely, infusing itself into the broken pieces of the sword and making the sword whole once more.

Ghaib's Flame-Forged Longsword
Skill: 1H Slashing Atk Delay: 20
DMG: 13 Dmg Bonus: 23
This item is placeable in yards and houses.
STR: +10 STA: +10 WIS: +5 INT: +5 HP: +50 MANA: +50 ENDUR: +50
Recommended level of 50.
Effect: Inferno Blade (Combat, Casting Time: Instant)
WT: 8.0 Size: MEDIUM
Race: ALL
Slot 1, Type 4 (Weapon: General) Reward: Ghaib's Flame-Forged Longsword

Gitog's Goblin Heads (Incomplete): Hunter Gitog is KOS, and will not respond to anybody. Use one of the established methods to raise your faction from KOS in order to speak with him: sneak around behind him, charm him, etc.

You say, 'Hail, Hunter Gitog'

Hunter Gitog growls as you approach. 'Do not attack. I wish to speak with you.' Gitog leans forward and sniffs the air. 'Yes you are powerful. [Help] me, and I will help you.'

You say, 'I will help you.'

Hunter Gitog's lips curl into a snarl. 'I do not normally associate with outsiders, but we have a problem and you seem strong enough to assist us. Our hunting grounds have recently been overtaken by a dangerous group of [fire goblins]. These are no ordinary fire goblins however.'

You say, 'What fire goblins?'

Hunter Gitog says 'They were once members of the Taklasinai fire goblin tribe that lair further within the caverns. However they fed upon the flesh of the spiders that live in the caves. The spider flesh is poisonous. It burns the brain causing madness and rage. These fire goblins are out of control. They attack any who venture near them. They have recently attacked several members of our tribe in our hunting grounds. If you [assist] us in stopping them, you will be rewarded.'

You say, 'I will assist you.'

Hunter Gitog says 'I will reward you for every four brain-scorched goblin heads you bring to me.'

Need hand-in dialogues, faction hits if any, list of quest rewards.
Gwaddry's Problem (Normal): Gwaddry Aethadoc is a level 65 quest NPC con'ed indifferently to anyone. He is not far from the zone in of Nagafen's Lair: The Caverns of Exile.

You say, 'Hail, Gwaddry Aethadoc'

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'Get out of my way mortal, you have no business with me unless you [wish disposal of the fire demons].'

You say, 'I wish disposal of the fire demons.'

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'Well then ______, you might be of service to me after all. I seek some brave soldiers to strike back at the servants of Nagafen that have been chosen to guard his hordes of treasure. They need to be cut down so that we may claim what is rightfully ours. Do you wish to [strike back at the minions of Nagafen]?'

You say, 'I wish to strike back at the minions of Nagafen.'

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'Very well, I will need you to collect me 4 items for an incantation I have been working on. My limited area that I am forced to reside in has prevented my practice of magic so I have been restricted to concocting alchemy potions. When you are [ready] I will have you [gather the components] I need for my potion.'

You say, 'I am ready to gather the components.'

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'As I said before I require 4 important components for my recipe. They all must be taken from the beasts that reside in the deepest parts of these caverns. Return to me when you have gathered 1 Fireback Silk, 1 Sweltering Slime Bauble, 1 Fireborn Tooth and 1 Blistering Tentacle.'

The items drop randomly throughout the zone. All are LORE and NO DROP. Give all four to Gwaddry to receive experience a Gwaddry`s Trinket.

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'Well I see that you can certainly be trusted to uphold my will should I request it of you. Please take this symbol and return to me if you should desire to help me with a much [bigger problem].'

You say, 'What bigger problem?'

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'I do feel that you have no problem assisting me with any items I may need, but what I am about to ask you to do could put my life in jeopardy. Let me begin by telling you how I lost my sacred [family totem].'

You say, 'What family totem?'

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'The totem I speak of has been in my family for 5 generations, that is until I lost it recently in a battle to hold back the forces of the Taklasinai. I wish to regain my totem so that I may use it to do the [unspeakable].'

You say, 'What is unspeakable?'

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'For years I have sat here in this dwelling unable to practice my magic at the fault of the Vrodak. I no longer wish to be confined to this space and want to be free. The only way I will not die where I stand is to pledge allegiance to the Taklasinai. I feel if I seek council before their leaders they will agree to use my ranking as a way to infiltrate the Vrodak defenses and eventually cause the Vrodak clan to crumble. Before I can free myself I will need my magical family artifact. If you will [collect the pieces of my totem] I will reward you greatly.'

You say, 'I will collect the pieces of your totem.'

Gwaddry Aethadoc says 'Very well ______, I wish you luck in obtaining the pieces to my family totem so I can once again reconstruct it. When it was lost it was broken into 3 pieces; A hilt, a base and a collection of runes that were engraved into it. Should you return these 3 pieces to me along with my trinket, I can once again construct the totem and free myself from this area to seek council with the Taklasinai. Please hurry ______, if word gets out that I am planning a revolt against my own people I will be killed for sure.'

You're looking for three more LORE NO DROP items: Burning Totem Base, Burning Totem Hilt, Sweltering Totem Runes. Give all three plus the trinket back to Gwaddry to receive your reward.

Gwaddry Aethadoc says, 'I did not expect you to return to me alive to be honest _____. I finally have what I need to reconstruct my totem so the next chapter in my adventure begins. I thank you for your help and would like to present you with this treasure I have been holding onto for a long time. Perhaps it can be of use to you. Now begone before I am seen conversing with you!'

You gain party experience!

Flame Etched Cloak Reward: Flame Etched Cloak

Kiliki's Goblin Heads (Normal): Kiliki is a named goblin who wants 4 scorched goblin heads. Kiliki is KOS until you work your faction up by killing kobolds on the other side of the zone. Reward: Enchanted Lava Spider Blood