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Quests for Butcherblock Mountains

Adventure in the Mistmoore Catacombs (Normal): For every two successes in the Mistmoore Catacombs, you gain another piece of information. For every five pieces of information (ten successes), your Adventurer's Stone gains in power. At first, you must talk to Vual Stoutest, but later he tells you to seek out other members of the Wayfarers Brotherhood...

2 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'Greetings. I've been sent here to keep watch over what transpires in Mistmoore's Catacombs. I'm sure you know already that the Wayfarers Brotherhood are spread far and wide across Norrath. Morden Rasp, our leader if you didn't know, asked me to be a bit wary of those we're not chums with. Sorry to say you don't look familiar to me. If you manage to do a few jobs for us, though, I may be able to provide you with some information I have about Mistmoore's Catacombs. Xyzelauna Tu`Valzir may have some work you can do.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

4 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'Well, we still have not seen hide nor hair of Mayong Mistmoore. Still, he remains elusive. Some fancy that he is biding his time in the Underfoot. I find it strange that he would not return to protect the catacombs we have now discovered. Our very presence there threatens all he has built there.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

6 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'Remember when I told you that Mayong Mistmoore is nowhere to be found? There is a reason for it. He doesn't wish to be found. We have found journals and notes that indicate that Mayong, the first vampire of Norrath, is so consumed with achieving perfection that he cares for no one else. Those he has left behind in that dark place don't know this or refuse to accept it, because they all seek his favor. Strange way to live, or not live as is the case with the undead.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

8 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'Hello ______. You may be interested in this . . . We found a journal written by one of Mayong's servants who has long since disappeared. The suggestion is that Mayong's children are left in such disarray because his children, castle, and the catacombs were simply a whim; an experiment. Mayong surrounded his castle with the much-feared Tier'Dal whom he feels are suitable victims for what he feels is a gift. He felt that Norrathians would be more likely to keep their distance from the Teir'Dal. I can tell you after seeing the catacombs for myself that I too am fearful of the immortal blood which courses through him and his offspring.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

10 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'I have to make this quick. So far, I've found out there are several different castes of vampires down there. I know there are Orphans, Sustainers, Loyals and Progeny. It also seems like those organizations of vampires are split. It's clear to me so far that the Orphans are the lowest and most filthy class of vampires in the catacombs. If you come back fairly soon, I will probably be able to learn more.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventurer Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

12 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'You sure are a budding adventurer, my friend. While you are not equipped to tumble the great immortal powers that fester within Mistmoore's Catacombs, you are certainly skilled enough to cause a rift between the scrambling beasts. There is more information about those denizens in the dark. I've heard whisperings about the class of vampires known as the Orphans. I think you might find there is a growing conflict between the two sects within the Orphans, called the Nightrage and the Savagefang. That's about all I know right now, I'm afraid.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

14 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'Well, greetings again! While you were hunting in the dark caverns of Mistmoore's Catacombs we have learned a bit more about what is transpiring in that evil place. It seems that the Savagefang are at odds with the Nightrage. We are trying to learn more about them. We hear that the Savagefang find themselves superior to the other tribe. As I understand the rumors, the Savagefang are looking to rise above their lowly station having been shunned by the pure-blooded vampires. I'm not certain how they plan to gain power, but if you are able to spend more time amongst them, you may be the key that grants us the answer. Best of luck to you in thwarting this evil!'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

16 wins

Vual Stoutest says 'My how you have grown, fair ______. I have missed your visits. I have more to tell you about the Savagefang, finally. A traitor of Mistmoore came to us and squealed about the intentions of the Savagefang. It would seem that the only way that clan can improve its power in the catacombs is to lure more vampires into their chambers. It seems the Savagefang are cannibals and will eat nothing but others like them! Because you and your fellow adventurers have been so thorough with your assistance, the Savagefang are running out of food. Now may be the best time to strike at them and upset their immortal blood flow. Beware the Nightrage too though. While the Savagefang won't be interested in taking a bite of you, the others will. Have no doubt.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

18 wins

Vual Stoutest says 'Ah, the ways of the Nightrage is becoming more clear. They are a most savage ilk of vampire. After some observation, it's been confirmed that the Nightrage consume their victims whole. And, yes, as their name suggests, they most often feed at night. But it's always night in Mistmoore's Catacombs. Those varmints are always hungry. Ever on the hunt. Be on your guard of these creatures.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

20 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says '______, it is indeed good to see you again! As you probably figured out for yourself, the Nightrage and Savagefang are caught in an eternal vicious cycle. Mayong Mistmoore continues to be absent and unconcerned with the ways of his catacombs. Consumed with his own importance, as long as his minions remain constant and in balance, it is likely Mayong won't appear here to solidify the pecking order. That means it's up to us to keep these foul creatures under control.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventurer Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

22 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'It's been somewhat slow here the past while. We've had to venture deeper to get more information. Henai Silentwalker, one of the Wayfarers Brotherhood's best rogues, has been able to get more information about the catacombs. He hasn't been back this way in a while, so you can probably catch him in Dagnor's Cauldron.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Henai Silentwalker may be found high on the southern wall of Dagnor's Cauldron, east of the entrance to Unrest.

24 wins

You say, 'Hail, Henai Silentwalker'

Henai Silentwalker says 'Ah, Vual has sent you to me. Well met! I've been sent here by the Wayfarers Brotherhood to walk with the creatures in Mistmoore's Catacombs. It's been a very interesting experience so far. I was able to figure out how some of the more powerful vampires behave, but it's been mighty tricky. The class known as the Sustainers certainly has some appalling dynamics friend! Come back soon. I will no doubt have more information for you after my next foray into the catacombs.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

26 wins

You say, 'Hail, Henai Silentwalker'

Henai Silentwalker says 'It's good to know I'm not the only one investigating Mistmoore's Catacombs. I am impressed! The numbers of foul beasts in there are somewhat under control. I discovered that the Sustainers occupations are, in general, to keep the catacombs maintained and protected. For some reason, there are disputes among them even though they perform different functions. I've got to get back in there to find out more about it.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

28 wins

You say, 'Hail, Henai Silentwalker'

Henai Silentwalker wipes his fevered brow. 'Whew, I barely escaped my last trip to the catacombs. Have you noticed that there is a silent, well-mannered war between many of the vampires within the catacombs? The same holds true for the sects of the Sustainers. The ones that call themselves the Crimson Cabal are mostly magic users and those called the Harvesters are the undead that maintain the catacombs and keep it clean, so to speak. They have a strong dislike for each other, though they manage to be civil on the surface. Odd that. That's about all I know right now, sorry to say.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

30 wins

You say, 'Hail, Henai Silentwalker'

Henai Silentwalker says, 'Ah, welcome back ______! I see you have done well to help my friends, the Wayfarers Brotherhood. Remember the Crimson Cabal? I've heard that the Crimson Cabal continues the study of magic in the catacombs. They persist with their research and practicing magic that will best serve and protect their masters and Mayong Mistmoore. The problem is that the Harvesters are forced to live in close quarters and sometimes feel the brunt of the Crimson Cabal's magic as they experiment and practice. That, in part, is why the Harvesters tend to strike back.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventure Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

32 wins

You say, 'Hail, Henai Silentwalker'

Henai Silentwalker says, 'The Harvesters are certainly not the bright ones. I suppose as they are mostly unkempt dead, they wouldn't be too bright or organized. While that's true, I hear the Harvesters have been keeping a secret of their own. As they were pushed farther back into the catacombs by the painful magic of the Crimson Cabal, they found some rare and unusual ore. While none of us know what its purpose is, I believe it's significant.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

34 wins

You say, 'Hail, Henai Silentwalker.'

Henai Silentwalker says, 'It seems that the strange ore found deep in Mistmoore's Catacombs is much like the other magical fragments we are finding deep under the crust of Norrath in the dungeons. It appears the material does indeed have a purpose. The Crimson Cabal and Harvesters will forever war with each other now that they believe the ore may improve their struggle to ascend from their lowly place in the catacombs. It is our job, though, to be certain that the power amongst the two sects remains balanced. With your help, I think we can do it.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

36 wins

You say, 'Hail, Henai Silentwalker.'

Henai Silentwalker says, 'Greetings _______. I hate to say it, but I fear I have become diseased. I have spent so much time in the catacombs that I've become infected. It will be some time before I will be well enough to return. I am expected to make a full recovery though! All the research and information we've been gathering has provided a cure for what ails me. Be careful you don't catch it! A new party was formed and is taking over for me. They have been reporting back to Vual. You may want to go back and talk to him.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

38 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'Well, ______. Welcome back! By the looks of you, I can tell you're ready to learn more about what is transpiring down in Mistmoore's Catacombs. Did you know that the horrid place is woven beneath all the lands of Faydwer? We here, this group of coarse explorers, have uncovered secret entrances into Mistmoore's Catacombs. The labyrinth of tunnels and tombs extends outward from the Mistmoore Castle foundations like an evil claw. It's going to take a long time to explore the entire network of evil that has burrowed underground.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

40 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'Ah, you again. I'm going to assume you've become aware of some of what lurks in those dead-ridden halls of Mistmoore's Catacombs. I've done some research on the Loyals class of the vampires. I've determined that the Loyals are those vampires that are in the service of the most powerful and elite vampires, the Trueborn. Some of the members of the Loyals are older than the elite, or Mistmoore-borne, vampires themselves!'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!
Your Adventurer Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

42 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest.'

Vual Stoutest says, 'So, ________, you wish to learn more? That is admirable! I've figured out that within the class of Loyals there are two sects. One is called the Bloodguard; the other, the Stewards. While the Bloodguard are tasked with protecting the catacombs and their own masters, they also ferociously guard the secrets and strength of the immortality granted by vampires. The Stewards are in the service of elite vampires. Their duties range from advisors to tailors, satisfying all of the narcissistic whims of their masters.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

44 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest.'

Vual Stoutest says, 'The Bloodguard and the Stewards have been turning their eyes to each other lately. It looks like the Bloodguard is preparing an offensive attack that will all but decimate the Stewards. Words came to me on the wings of a bat about the Stewards trying to convince the elite vampires that the Bloodguard were no longer necessary and that a political power struggle may be on the horizon. There was some mention of some strange ore deep within the caverns too.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

46 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest.'

Vual Stoutest says, 'The Stewards have been collecting some strange ore that carries a strong aura of magic. It's clear that even the wise Stewards are not sure what the ore is for. The Bloodguard have also begun to collect the ore. The lower classes of Mistmoore's Catacombs also have orders to find more of the mysterious fragments.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

48 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest.'

Vual Stoutest says, 'Morden Rasp has advised us to continue collecting the treasures and gems from Mistmoore's Catacombs for the time being. At the same time, we are keeping a healthy balance between the two sects of power among the Loyals. I don't believe those creatures can exist without conflict with one another. Over this time, we have learned this much. It is our job to keep them in check, from now until the end of time, or the end of them. The Progeny are certainly a bigger problem as they are more intelligent and a great deal more devious.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

50 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest.'

Vual Stoutest says, 'The adventure party from the Wayfarers Brotherhood has been lost to the undead in Mistmoore's Catacombs. This has been terrible for us. We haven't received any new information in days. However, I hear that Elwinn Prelliaen has got himself a vampire that escaped the catacombs. The vampire was young and yearned for his mortal life. Elwinn was able to convince him to talk in exchange for some protection. I'm sure he's got access to secrets that I don't. He's deep in the lesser Faydarks.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventure Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

52 wins

You say, 'Hail, Elwinn Prelliaen.'

Elwinn Prelliaen says, 'Shhh, keep it down. There are many who would strongly disapprove of my protection of one of the vampires from Mistmoore's Catacombs. I've been keeping him safely hidden, so do not expect or attempt to usurp my efforts to learn ways to protect ourselves from the evil that lurks in those caves. There is much to learn about the Progeny. We know very little about them, other than they are the elite vampires. Some of them are even considered Mayong Mistmoore's children.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

54 wins

You say, 'Hail, Elwinn Prelliaen.'

Elwinn Prelliaen says, 'Ah yes. Have you encountered Mayong Mistmoore's children yet? They call themselves the Progeny. But, there is some dispute about which of them should be the ruler in the catacombs. As a result, Mistmoore's children have aligned themselves in two ways: the Trueborn and the Scions.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

56 wins

You say, 'Hail, Elwinn Prelliaen.'

Elwinn Prelliaen says, 'You may have learned that the Trueborn claim to have Mayong Mistmoore's immortal blood running through their blackened veins. The Scions are the most recent additions to vampire nobility. Most still have memories of their mortal lives. Both resent each other; both want to be in Mayong's highest favor. There is much more to learn, but I can tell you no more right now.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

58 wins

You say, 'Hail, Elwinn Prelliaen.'

Elwinn Prelliaen says, 'It's rather peculiar that both the Trueborn and Scions war for Mayong's favor. Do they not understand that Mayong cares nothing for them? All Mayong desires is his own perfection, whatever that means. His narcissism is so complete it leaves him no room for his children. There appears to be no way to convince those pathetic undead in the catacombs of Mayong's indifference.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

60 wins

You say, 'Hail, Elwinn Prelliaen.'

Elwinn Prelliaen says, 'I'm afraid I can tell you no more. The source of my information has disappeared. I'm not sure if he was found, or if he left of his own accord. During all this time though, Vual Stoutest was able to create another Wayfarers Brotherhood party to get to the still heart of the catacombs. You should go talk to him. Be well traveler. The world is becoming stranger by the hour.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventure Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.

62 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest.'

Vual Stoutest says, 'Welcome once again, ______. It's been some time since I've seen you. You are indeed more powerful, I can see it in your eyes. I'm sure you are one of the great adventurers responsible for keeping the undead in Mistmoore's Catacombs under some control. The blood of the vampire is so foul, is it not? Bye the way, I've learned more. The pride and desire for power among the Trueborn and Scions is keeping their numbers relatively even, though it shifts from time to time. It's remarkable really.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

64 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest.'

Vual Stoutest says 'I think I'm beginning to understand those vampires better. I always wondered why they seemed to coexist quietly while their hated was so palpable it weighed on the air. And there was always death everywhere. During one excursion to the catacombs, I was observing from the inside of a coffin and I saw a silent assassin end the existence of one of the Trueborn. I surmised that assassinations among them must be frequent.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

66 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest.'

Vual Stoutest says 'The more time we spend down there ______, the more dangerous it becomes for us all. It just never seems to end! Unfortunately, Norrath's less experienced adventurers and friends in the Wayfarers Brotherhood have lost their mortal lives and now walk with the vampires and undead. If only there was a way to rescue them . . .'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

68 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'Back again, eh ______? Thankfully, many of the Wayfarers Brotherhood's adventurers have fed us information. Have you noticed that the Scions are restless? It turns out that memories of their mortal lives still haunt them. Did you know that some of the Scions have not fully succumbed to the life of a vampire? We just recently learned that ourselves! For some time, they are able to resist the full descent into one of Mayong's children. They also keep the company of the living at times. Very strange indeed.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

70 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest.'

Vual Stoutest says, 'The Trueborn and Scions spend so much time focusing on getting attention and praise they will never receive. Mayong Mistmoore has not been back here since the Wayfarers Brotherhood found his catacombs. We are fairly certain Mayong has no interest here other than keeping a sufficient force of vampires and undead. Some thing Mayong aims to start a war. I do not. I simply believe he's trying to maintain the power of the numbers of his children and servants so that if he needs to war, he can. My view? I think he aims to become a deity of his own making.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

Your Adventure Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarer's Brotherhood.

72 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest.'

Vual Stoutest says 'Both of the Progeny sects, the Trueborn and the Scions, have been collecting a strange ore from the lower classes in the catacombs. A deal was struck between the Progeny and the Orphans. The Orphans, the lowest rung on the ladder down there, have been supplying ore to the elites to learn what it is for. There are some among us who have made many educated guesses that I can't share with you unfortunately. We may have more for you a ways down the road of time.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

74 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'Gracious me, ______! Just when I believed you couldn't gain more experience and skill you show up here even more powerful than before. By the way, even more intrigue haunts the halls of Mistmoore's Catacombs. The Trueborn and Scions are back at their petty and useless attempts to be acknowledged by Mayong. The assassinations in their ranks are now rampant. And, with the intervention of the Wayfarers Brotherhood, the vampires never seem to achieve strong organization. Oh, and that ore they are storing away is starting to hum with unnatural energy. Very peculiar.'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!

76 wins

You say, 'Hail, Vual Stoutest'

Vual Stoutest says 'My good friend, ______! I've been contemplating the constant replenishment of the vampires in Mistmoore's Catacombs. It has occurred to me that many fallen comrades and curious Norrathians have succumbed to the vampires' tainted blood. Who can say if the vampires lust for more than only power. Or, has Mayong been visiting his catacombs? I'm not sure, but I'm suspicious. Still, the vampires seek to steal the best and brightest from the mortal realm. For so long as they have depended on secrecy to hide their existence and actions, and now they must not just fight themselves, but us as well. Who is to say what will happen in the future?'

You have received an invaluable piece of information!
Your Adventurer Stone glows with more power as you gain stature with the Wayfarers Brotherhood.
An Examination of Death (Normal): Gigi Bilgum may be found at +2800, -685.

You say, 'Hail, Gibi Bilgum'

Gibi Bilgum says 'Get a load of my sister over yonder. She doesn't know when to give up the swashbuckling. Idiocy is more like it. She's not the only one around here with some [tasks] that need... well, tasking. You might say I'm a taskmaster, only without the whip. I'm not sure how to even use a whip though, so maybe it's for the best.'

You say, 'What tasks?'

You have been assigned the task 'An Examination of Death'.

[This task begins in Dagnor's Cauldron]

It's not enough to know what you are going after, you need to know where to find it and how to get rid of it, too. With that in mind, why don't you speak with Hrellmoor Gull? You'll get some meaningful insight into the art of pest removal.

Go talk to Hrellmoor Gull (/loc?).

Missing stage listing and description.

Head to Unrest and kill 10 x "tormented dead" (the zombies in courtyard).

Now that you've had some practice, you're ready to step things up a notch. This time, go kill 10 death beetles, and while you're there, loot 4 Amanita Phalloide. That way, you'll get a first-hand glimpse of what it is those pests can carry with them.

Kill 10 x "a death beetle" and loot 4 x Amanita Phalloide.

You did a terrific job, better than any other exterminator before you. Since you have some extra items that aren't worth a whole lot, you can probably just deliver 4 Amanita Phalloide to Brysell Geogo, and be done with them. You've learned all there is about exterminating, for now.

Brysell Geogo may be found in Dagnor's Cauldron at -330, +345, +60. Hand in 4 x Amanita Phalloide.

When you're working in extermination, it's sometimes hard for others to understand or even accept the skills you need. You, on the other hand, show a great respect for the skills involved and seem to be a natural. There's certainly room for someone of your caliber within the extermination industry, so keep it in mind when you're looking for your next job. Here's a small trinket as proof of completion of this course.

You receive 6 copper, 3 silver, 6 gold, 2 platinum.
You gain experience!!

Need missing /locs, actual task stage listings and descriptions (these are transcriptions).
Beetles of the Estate (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Atwin Keladryn'

Atwin Keladryn says 'What are you looking at? Yeah, I'm a half elf, so what? I'm only here because my father is off gallivanting around looking for treasure off in some hidden dungeons somewhere. I wish I could have gone. It sounds like more fun than 'holding down the fort,' as he called it. He asked me to keep some of the local ruffians busy with some [tasks], but I don't see any reason why you can't help, that is, if you're interested.'

You say, 'tasks'

You have been assigned the task 'Beetles of the Estate'.

  • Speak with Symperbell Moor - Dagnor's Cauldron

    Your Location is 1347.01, -187.24, 171.86

    You say, 'Hail, Symperbell Moor'

    Your task 'Beetles of the Estate' has been updated.

    Symperbell Moor says 'Thanks for contacting me, Bamfadiany. Your information on this matter has been most useful.'

  • Explore the back door of Unrest Manor - Estate of Unrest

    Your task 'Beetles of the Estate' has been updated.

    Your Location is 805.71, -63.37, 3.59

  • Kill 10 death beetles - Estate of Unrest

  • Speak with Feriella Vorana

    Your Location is 900.90, 2559.32, 0.18

    You say, 'Hail, Feriella Vorana'

    Your task 'Beetles of the Estate' has been updated.

    There comes a time when enough is enough. The mindless destruction of the artifact may have ensured the creatures' survival for a time, but it has deprived future generations of valuable magical information and reference. There can be no argument that you deserve this reward for your services.

    You receive 7 copper .
    You receive 7 silver .
    You receive 1 gold .
    You receive 2 platinum .
    You gain experience!!

    Feriella Vorana says 'Thanks for contacting me, Bamfadiany. Your information on this matter has been most useful.'
    Chalice of Conquest (Normal): Note: to start this quest, you need amiable faction with the Paladins of Underfoot. At the moment, only dwarf paladins enter the game with sufficient faction to get the quest, as there is no known way to raise it.

    I was helping my good friend Riae Soulmender in Dagnor's Cauldron trying to find that elusive Bilge Aqua Goblin when suddenly Riae mentions that he found some exiled Paladin by the docks of faydwer. Naturally I felt obligated to go investigate. Off to Butcherblock I went in search of something interesting.

    I get to the docks and to my surprise I find a friendly young Dwarf fisherman by the sea.

    "Hail, Dru Razbine", I said. He responds back about his fishing spot and tells me how he needs to fish for food now that he is banished from Kaladim. I listen in on his story of woe and how he was stripped of his Cape of Underfoot by Datur Nightseer, the leader of the Paladin Guild in Kaladim. Turns out he was chosen for a very important task by Datur, failed, and was banished.

    If only he had a brave Paladin to help him. "I think you've found your best hope Dru, let me help you," I said to him, hoping for the chance to redeem my newfound fallen dwarf paladin. He jumps at the chance maybe seeing something in me that reminded him of himself back in his younger years.

    He goes on to explain the unfortunate circumstances surrounding what has happened. He was sent by Datur Nightseer to carry the Chalice of Conquest to a noble band of Paladins in the Mountains of Rathe. Dru then informs me that the Chalice of Conquest is very special indeed.

    Rumor has it that Brell himself delivered the Chalice to the Church of Underfoot himself. Drinking from the Chalice of Conquest assures you of victory, howerver only good natured people can drink from the cup. If someone of an evil past drinks from the cup, they suffer the wrath of Brell.

    He goes on to say he was able to make it to the group of High Paladins in Rathe Mountains but while he was there a band of orcs attacked the camp. During the melee an opportunistic Blue Orc was able to sneak into the camp and steal the Chalice! Dru was busy fighting off the attacking orcs to notice the artifact being stolen. After the fight was over Dru chased the orc off into the sunset to no avail.

    When Lord Datur Nightseer heard of the events that took place from Dru, he chose to blame his once noble paladin and banish him from Kaladim.

    After his tale ended he handed me a container with two slots. He told me that once I found the Chalice of Conquest and the Candle of Bravery, combine them, and return the case to Lord Nightseer. "Candle of Bravery?" I asked, having never heard of such an item. He explained that is a Ceremonial candle lit when the Chalice of Conquest is to be drunk from. He told me to get the Candle of Bravery I would have to get both the candlestick and the candle, the latter of which burnt out long ago and he did not know where Priestess Ghalea aquires them from.

    From this point I'm off on my quest for the Chalice of Conquest, Candle of Bravery, and most importantly- To restore Dru Razbine to his former glory of being a Paladin of Underfoot. First, thanks to Riae Soulmender who reminded me who she was, I went to Kaladim to speak with Priestess Ghalea of the Church of Underfoot. I made my way to the cleric guild inside Kaladim and asked the Priestess about the Candle of Bravery.

    She explains that the candle itself is very difficult to make and only one person is able to do this task: Dok of Halas. She told him that if I needed one made I would surely need some Soil of Underfoot to give to Dok. For the Soil of Underfoot I had venture to Lesser Faydark and lay waste to some Fairies, and pick up four portions of Fairy dusts. After this tedious task I returned the dust to Ghalea and she gave me some blessed Soil of Underfoot (requires kindly faction with Clerics of the Underfoot). I then knew my journey required me to take the boat to Antonica.

    After a long boat ride, followed by a long run, I made found myself at the Paladin camp in Rathe Mountains, the same Paladins who give out the Armor of Ro molds. I find Nicholas, the dwarven Paladin, and ask him about the Chalice of Conquest. He fills me in, with more detail, of the orc attack that fateful day and the events that followed.

    Turns out that after the attack, a passing ranger helped Nicholas track down the blue orc to an orc camp in the near by Lake Rathe. At this lake the found the blue orc's dead body, appearently the orc had taken a fatal blow during the fight but had enough stamina to make it back to the camp, and a group of orcs too powerful for just the two of them to take on.

    Nicholas decided that it would be best to go back and get help from the other Paladins. The next morning when the Paladins returned to the orc camp they found it deserted with some orc remnants scattered about. They found a bracelet with the name "Klunga" on it, a shovel, a bag of cauldron prawns, and two sets of tracks leading away from the camp. Nicholas went on to say that the orc camp has now been taken over by green orcs and advised me to stay away.

    I thanked Nicholas for the information and then asked him what he knew about the Candle of Bravery. He gave me a piece of the broken candlestick and went on to say
    that the Rathe Mountains are not only overrun by monsters, but by evil druids as well! Appearently an odd druid somehow managed to brake the candlestick and steal a portion of it during a fight between the druids and the paladins.

    Nicholas even remembered the druids battle cry, "Long live the green!!!" Nicholas told me that if I was able to find the other piece of the candlestick, the make of the candlestick would surely be able to put it back together.

    Against Nicholas' advice, I went to Lake Rathetear in search of clues. I found the orc camp that he mentioned, dispatched the surrounding orcs and found an abandoned orc shovel on the ground, which I promptly picked up. I found no other clues or tracks however, so I went back to Rathe Mountains in to find the odd druid who holds the remaining portion of the Candlestick. At this point I searched and searched and searched but could not find any druids that seemed... well unordinary to me.

    Luckily for me an old friend of mine, Bohr Blackblade of Fires of Heaven, a fellow Dwarven Paladin, passed through the mountains and stumbled upon me. I informed him of what I was searching for. He sat down for a moment to think, like many wise dwarfs do at times. He stood up and told me that the only "odd druids" he knows of in the Mountains of Rathe would be the Unkempt Preservers. He then told me he was in a bit of a rush and he hoped he helped out. I waved goodbye and then started looking for Unkempt Preservers. I indeed found them and after killing the evil druids for almost a full day I felt discouraged. I took a bit of a rest and decided to give it another shot. Then out of nowhere I heard, "Long live the green!!!", as a dagger pierced my shoulder from behind. I quickly showed her what a Dwarven Paladin is made of and I'm sure she will regret what she started for all eternity, the druid fell dead at my feet.

    I did indeed find the Base of the Candlestick on the body and felt with these components I should make my way to Halas to find Dok.

    I was unfamiliar with Everfrost and Halas, and everything inbetween. After a days journey wandering the Snowy Peaks I found a cave with surrounding Barbarian Warriors. I found myself at Halas at last. I was able to find Dok in the building aptly named "Dok's Cigars". When I hailed him Dok told me how I would find no cigars for they had run out and I should leave.

    I informed him that I was not there for the cigars, but for the Candle of Bravery. "Candle of Bravery? I'll need the candlestick, or pieces of it, a pouch of Soil of Underfoot, and a honeycomb to make that magical item," he told me. Of course I had every component accept the honeycomb and none of the local shops had any instock. I reluctantly left Halas and started the journey for Misty Thicket, where I had heard Bixies dropped the Honeycomb I was after.

    Lucky for me a friendly druid named Tryst Trustolid was kind enough to take me to Misty Thicket in a flash. I found a Honeycomb in one of the local shops and my friend Tryst was able to get me back to the Karanas. From there I was able to run back to Halas and turn in the items to Dok. He must have been a shaman because I was sure I felt some magic pulsating from the Candle of Bravery when he handed me the item. I placed the Candle into my container given by Dru Razbine and was already halfway to my goal!

    At this point I was all out of clues. I had a bracelet with the name Klunga on it, and an abondoned orc shovel. "Where could the Chalice be?" I asked myself over and over. The blue orc, Klunga?, had it last and now he is dead. I finally went back to Nicholas to ask about the orc remnants to see if I missed something. He reminded me that he found the shovel, the bracelet, and a bag of cauldron prawns when he looted the camp.

    Cauldron prawns! How could I have been such a gnoll and missed that clue, surely it meant that the Orcs were from Dagnor's Cauldron.

    So I rode the boat back to Faydwer and headed to the Cauldron. When I arrived I found that my old friend Dalas Soww was there looking for the elusive Blige. I asked him if he had seen any orcs in the area and he quickly led me to the only orcs he knew of, the orc scout camp high atop of a rocky hill. I thanked him and he went along his way. So I was onto them now.

    I found the orcs and they were going to give me the information I needed to find the Chalice! Even though I was very good at the Orc Language they would not respond to my questions. I showed them that Dwarves do not appreciate such lack of cooperation. I had to resort to violance. I slaughtered the Orcs and every time they came back to the camp I slaughtered them again. Still no information. However I did notice an odd pattern. Roughly every 6 in-game hours (18 real life minutes) there would be four orc at the camp instead of three. However this fourth orc that was appearing was still just a plain Orc Scout. But I was determined, and continued the Orc slaughter, I needed to redeem Dru!

    Finally, days later, a new orc appeared at the camp. It was an exiled orc legionnaire. "Could this be what I have been looking for?!" I questioned myself. Sure enough he followed suit as with his orc brethren not responding to my questions so I dispatched him. However this orc, instead of dropping Rawhide armor, dropped a note. A bloodstained note.

    The note had some very interesting information, the spelling was sloppy as is all Orc Literature. The note read a little something like this: "Dis is a notis of the death of Klunga~ He tryd to reedeam himsef by stealig a Dwarv cup~ When he drunk from cup at lake he died~ We drug his body back to Calldrin~ We burnd bodi in fire pit here~ We bury cup here~ We killd gnome castor here~ We tink he knows sumtink~ Den all is gud~"

    I deciphered the note I found on the Orc with my brother Xiae Soulmender, a very intelligent High Elf wizard. We decided the message stated that Klunga was the blue orc that stole the cup, he was not injured during the battle in Rathe Mountains but died from drinking the cup. His fellow orcs brought Klunga's body and the cup back to the Cauldron.

    The Orcs then cremated Klunga's body in the fire pit at the Orc Camp, and buried the cup elsewhere. The only thing we weren't quite sure about was the Gnome caster. Who was it? And where was he? While scouring the Cauldron for answers I noticed my brother Diae Soulmender, a Ranger, walking to the Estate of Unrest. I asked him if he could try to track down this Gnome Caster.

    He was able to make short work of that task, finding Ghilanbiddle Nylwadil very quickly. Ghilanbiddle was at a camp with some companions of his. I asked Ghilanbiddle if he knew anything about the Chalice of Conquest. He told me that he knew the Chalice was buried within the Cauldron but he did not know precisely where, however he did know someone who does.

    He explained using his arcane magic he would be able to resurrect Captain Klunga and have him lead me to the cup. He required a few items to do this task, a item that was once owned by Klunga, a portion of his blood, and most importantly, 100 gold coins. I had the bracelet klunga had owned, and also 100 gold coins. But what could be the portion of blood? "Is it possible the bloodstained note itself is what he requires?" I asked myself.

    I decided it was worth a try. I traded him the note, the bracelet, and 100 gold coins.

    Sure enough he responded back saying the he had successfully resurrected Klunga's soul to the place he was laid to rest. Ghilanbiddle also told me that Klunga's soul would need something to dig up the Chalice with. I sure was glad that I picked up that abandoned orc shovel at the Orc Camp back in Lake Rathetear.

    I ran to the Orc Camp where I found the exiled orc, and found a skeleton named Captain Klunga. I gave the scattered fallen bones the shovel. I have to admit I jumped back a bit with the bones came together to form a skeleton twice the size as I. Klunga, wordless, started walking in a straight line towards a distant point in the Cauldron.

    I followed him into the water and swan close behind to follow, my only fear now was that a passing adventurer would kill Captain Klunga before he was able to dig up the chalice. We made it across the Cauldron to a remote spot. Klunga paused a moment, a brown bag appeared at his feet and then he turned on me! I unsheathed my Ghoulbane, and dismissed him back to the realm of the undead.

    When I picked up the brown bag where Klunga paused I found none other then the Chalice of Conquest! Overjoyed I made my way back to Kaladim. Ran through the halls, past the Bank of Kaladim, through the halls of the Church of Underfoot and kneeled before my liege, Lord Datur Nightseer, the noble Paladin leader.

    I placed the Chalice into the container and combined the two items. I handed the container then to Lord Datur Nightseer who, in return, gave me a Cape of Underfoot for my troubles. The Cape itself was not very useful, a simple 4 armor class and maybe 5 extra stamina.

    I believe the cape to be more of a status symbol in Kaladim and almost forgot about Dru Razbine himself. I ran to him, cloak in hand, seeing in his eyes that he knew my quest was over and he would be able to back to Kaladim.

    Dru Razbine exclaimed, "Jiae, you're definitely a finer Paladin then I. Take this holy weapon, but be careful what you do with the magical charges it possesses, for I know of only one cleric that can recharge the magical effect. The cleric I speak of went to the lava filled plains of Antonica and has not been heard from since. Thank you Jiae, I will now be able to walk the halls of Kaladim again..."

    When I examined the blade closely I found no magical effect or charges, does this mean I must search out the cleric in the lava filled plains of Antonica? What does she hold in store for me? A refined weapon? Possibly our grandest holy sword of all? We shall see in the future fellow Paladins, I call on you to help find the missing pieces regarding this Cleric!

    Need all dialogues, faction hits, in-game names of quest items and mobs, quest details, /loc of quest mobs, etc. Reward: Holy Partisan of Underfoot

    Going Postal (Butcherblock to Kelethin) (Normal): Siltria Marwind may be found at the docks at 1422.73, 2712.10, 2.12.

    You say, 'Hail, Siltria Marwind'

    Siltria Marwind says 'Hail, ______ - Are you [interested] in helping the League of Antonican Bards by delivering some [mail]?'

    You say, 'What mail?'

    Siltria Marwind says 'The League of Antonican Bards has a courier system made up of travelers and adventurers. We pay good gold to anyone who will take messages from bards such as myself to one of our more central offices. Are you [interested]?'

    You say, 'I am interested.'

    Siltria Marwind says 'I have messages that need to go to - well, right now I have one that needs to go to Kelethin. Will you [deliver] mail to [Kelethin] for me?'

    You say, 'I will deliver mail to Kelethin.'

    Siltria Marwind says 'Take this letter to Jakum Webdancer in Kelethin. You can find him at the bard guild hall. I am sure he will compensate you for your troubles.'

    Need all dialogues, quest items, quest rewards, faction hits, /loc of quest mobs.
    It Likes to Kill (Incomplete): You say, 'Hail, Atwin Keladryn'

    Atwin Keladryn says 'What are you looking at? Yeah, I'm a half elf, so what? I'm only here because my father is off gallivanting around looking for treasure off in some hidden dungeons somewhere. I wish I could have gone. It sounds like more fun than 'holding down the fort,' as he called it. He asked me to keep some of the local ruffians busy with some [tasks], but I don't see any reason why you can't help, that is, if you're interested.'

    You say, 'tasks'

    You have been assigned the task 'It Likes to Kill'.

  • Kill 10 death beetles - Estate of Unrest
  • Loot 4 Amanita Phalloide - Estate of Unrest
  • Deliver 4 Amanita Phalloide to Brysell Geogo - Dagnor's Cauldron

    You say, 'Hail, Brysell Geogo'

    Brysell Geogo says 'I'm afraid I can't speak right now, Bamfusara. I'm waiting for someone very important to arrive.'

    Your Location is -343.34, 339.80, 59.76

  • Your task 'It Likes to Kill' has been updated.
  • Your task 'It Likes to Kill' has been updated.
  • Your task 'It Likes to Kill' has been updated.
  • Your task 'It Likes to Kill' has been updated.

    You're not afraid of anything, are you? You stood up to those beasts and proved once and for all that there's no merit to the rumors. The people need leaders like you to get them through the tough times. Here's a little something as compensation for your efforts. Keep up the good work!

    You receive 3 copper .
    You receive 2 gold .
    You receive 1 platinum .
    You gain experience!!
    Scout's Mask (Normal): /loc of scout?

    You say, 'Hail, a Tunarian scout'

    a Tunarian scout says 'What a [sad] day no?'

    You say, 'Why is it sad?'

    a Tunarian scout says 'Why is it sad? Mother Tunare has blessed nature with many beautiful things, and Innoruuk takes it upon himself to desecrate such beauty with the creation of [abominations] to the very senses. Creatures created, mind you, in his very image. These foul beings slither about and do his bidding, destroying and enslaving, all the while mocking the beauty of creation. It makes me ill to think upon it.'

    You say, 'What abominations?'

    a Tunarian scout says 'I have heard them referred to as Luggalds. They reside upon the blasted island of Broken Skull Rock. I was just now watching the seas to see perhaps if there was any word from our last scout we sent investigating. Unfortunately it has been many weeks and I fear that something has happened to him. Such is too often the fate of truly brave scouts, to disappear and simply never discover their fate. [Fate and mortality] are not why I am here this day, however.' The elf shifts his weight a bit and turns back to the sea, seeming to forget you are there.'

    You say, 'What of fate and mortality?'

    a Tunarian scout says 'Fate, mortality, idle concepts that do not highlight my purpose. I am here for honor, and for Mother Tunare. Should our scout not turn up in a few days time I will need to go in his place and leave the coastline rather unprotected. Scouts are so few in numbers these days, there are too many who would overlook such a post in lieu of grandeur and riches. We can always use more good [help].'

    You say, 'I will help.'

    a Tunarian scout glances at you sharply, taking both eyes from the sea for the first time. 'Perhaps then you can. The Scouts of Tunare have taken it upon ourselves to learn as much as we can about these Luggalds so that they may be destroyed. It is a mission of utmost danger, as you will be in unfamiliar land and surrounded by enemies on all sides. We have been slaying the Luggalds in batches and ferrying back their organs and remains to study. Thin the population a bit whilst we study' The scout smirks and turns back to the water. 'If you really wish to do this, travel to Broken Skull Rock and slay the Luggalds. Bring me back four carcasses, or evidence thereof. Should the evidence prove enlightening perhaps our leader will have a reward for you, of course that is dependent on you making it out alive. Good luck.'

    Turn in 4 Luggard Parts (rare drop off any luggald in the Gulf of Gunthak).

    a Tunarian scout says 'Not bad at all, my friend. I believe these will prove most useful in our studies, and four less abominations to contend with.' He scrawls out some symbols that make no sense at all onto a slip of parchment. 'Take this to Tylfon in Kelethin and I believe he may show some gratitude to our cause.''
    You gain party experience!!

    You receive an Encrypted Scout Note. Turn in the note to Tylfon in Kelethin in the Rogues Guild (/loc?).

    Tylfon scans the note and sizes you up with a look. 'Very well then, I thank you for assisting us. You have shown great bravery in aiding in this mission. Keep this as a symbol of our friendship.'
    You gain experience!!

    You receive a Scout's Mask. Reward: Scout's Mask

    The Curse Begins (Normal): This group task begins with Savil Tranquilsong in the Butcherblock Mountains. He is located just outside the passage leading to Greater Faydark (approximate location -1285, +2500).

    The task's mob levels and rewards scale based on the level of your group (up to level 70, though there is no maximum level limit for requesting the task).

    You say, 'Hail, Savil Tranquilsong'

    Savil Tranquilsong says 'The blessing of Quellious upon you ______, Are you on your way to the [estate], or have you come to confront the many dangers of the cauldron?'

    You say, 'I am on my way to the estate.'

    Savil Tranquilsong says 'Ah, the cursed undead there are truly a wretched bunch. Those grounds were not always that way, you know. Once it was a beacon for hope and worship to my goddess, and I hope to see it as such again. Would you care to hear the [tale] of the estate?'

    You say, 'What tale?'

    Savil Tranquilsong says 'The estate was originally built by a cleric of Quellious, named Calim Malsiv. It was to be a great outpost for the glory of Quellious. From there Calim was going to spread the word of the goddess to all on Faydwer. Indeed all was going well until that [fateful day].'

    You say, 'What fateful day?'

    Savil Tranquilsong says 'It all began with a dwarf from Kaladim that found himself in some trouble about the same time that Calim began his construction of Unrest. The dwarf's name was Garanel Rucksif. To all who knew him he was a peaceful and hard working dwarf. He held a prestigious position within the Kaladim mining guild, and had a loving family. No one who knew him would have ever conceived that he would be capable of [what he did].'

    You say, 'What did he do?'

    Savil Tranquilsong says 'One day, he seemed to completely lose his mind, little is known about what caused this though I personally suspect the hand of Innoruuk was involved. In a fit of blind rage and hatred, he murdered his wife and three children. As news of this horror spread, the citizens of Kaladim were outraged and fearful of the crazed dwarf and began to take up arms, meaning to bring their own [judgment] down upon Garanel for his actions.'

    You say, 'What judgment?'

    Savil Tranquilsong says 'I can only imagine he was to be put to death by their vengeful hands. That was not what happened though. Garanel must have heard the whispers and even in his rage realized he must leave his homeland or face his own death. He wandered the mountains for some time and eventually found himself by the water of Dagnor's Cauldron. From there it was not long before he found himself on the grounds of the Estate of Unrest. Calim happened upon Garanel, as he sought a place to hide, and heard his confused and twisted tale. With his faith in Quellious and peace, Calim sought to aid the dwarf and took him into the mansion. What [happened] next is almost too terrible to tell.'

    You say, 'What happened?'

    Savil Tranquilsong says 'Calim and Garanel climbed to the top of the tower, along with several of Calim's own kin. There they began to talk about what had happened and see what they could do to discover the cause of the madness and what could be done about it. Unfortunately before they could overcome the problem, Garanel's madness rose once again. In a fury beyond anything you can dream, Garanel tore through Calim's kin before finally turning on [Calim] himself.'

    You say, 'What of Calim?'

    Savil Tranquilsong says 'Calim called upon Quellious for aid in that moment, but was not quick enough. No force could stop Garanel then. The enraged dwarf slaughtered Calim, but as Calim's blood spread on the floor, the attention of Quellious was drawn fully to the estate. Upon seeing the devastation of her loyal followers, Quellious cursed Garanel and the entire estate along with him. It was a terrible curse that endures to this day. However, it is my [mission] to see this curse undone.'

    You say, 'What mission?'

    Savil Tranquilsong says 'It is my belief that if we could travel through time and undo the deaths of Calim and his kin, that the curse will never come to pass. To this end I have been studying portal spells in hopes of finding a way back to that day. I believe I have finally succeeded, but have discovered a new [snare] in my plans.'

    You say, 'What snare?'

    Savil Tranquilsong says 'While I believe I can travel back to that fateful day, I doubt I have the power to stop Garanel myself. Wait. . . if you are [willing], we might be able to work together and fulfill my mission.'

    You say, 'I am willing.'

    Savil Tranquilsong says 'Bless you ______. I will activate the portal so that you may use it. Travel back and see to it that Garanel is unable to complete his bloody work.'

    You have been assigned the task 'The Curse Begins'.

    Accept the task. You receive Savil's Wand, with one charge of Savil's Time Portal.

    Speak with Savil's assistant 0/1 (Dagnor's Cauldron)

    My apprentice, Nisha Lightbrook, has instructions to help you through the gate. Speak with her when you arrive in the cauldron. Make sure you hold on to this wand, it is your ticket home. Best of luck to you in this effort.

    Zone into Dagnor's Cauldron. At this point your shared task will update, and your compass will reflect a green line similar to other DoN-era missions.

    Follow the compass to the island in the middle of the cauldron. Calim's assistant, Nisha Lightbrook is waiting for you there. She does not respond to hails, however, once all of your party arrives for the mission, have each individual say "I am ready" and she will port you into the instanced version of Unrest.

    You say, 'I am ready.'

    Nisha Lightbrook says 'May the blessings of Quellious go with you on your endeavor.'

    You have entered The Estate of Unrest: The Curse Begins.

    Stop Garanel from killing Calim Malsiv 0/1 (Estate of Unrest)

    Hurry to top of the tower in the mansion, there isn't much time. I can only hope my calculations were correct and you have arrived in time to stop the deaths of Calim and his kin.

    One party member must reach Garanel's live version, along with the corpses of Calim and his kin out on the balcony (where the Knight of Unrest spawns in the normal zone).

    Once you reach them a zone-wide text will go into play:

    A celestial voice echoes around the mansion, 'What have you done Garanel? I came to my cleric's call, only to find his blood on your hands! Treachery such as this will not go unpunished.'

    Garanel shouts, 'Do your worst! None can stand against me and there is nothing you can do to stop me!'

    The voice returns, 'You shall reap the fruits of your labor, dwarf. You will never leave these grounds again. Let this serve as an eternal reminder to all your treachery and murder.'

    At this point all of the roaming followers of Quellious depop and the zone repops with dark blue to yellow con KoS mobs.

    A cold wind blows through the estate as the sounds of activity and worship dwindle. Suddenly the sounds of clattering bones and tearing earth can be heard.

    The voice icily states, 'You are not above this curse either, dwarf. You will spend eternity deprived of your mortal coil. Go seek whatever hole you would hide in fiend!'

    Garanel howls with rage before snatching something from Calim's corpse and dissipating with the wind. . .

    Your task 'The Curse Begins' has been updated.

    Retrieve the holy symbol of Quellious from the gazebo 0/1 (Estate of Unrest)

    Retrieve the Book of Knowledge from the balcony 0/1 (Estate of Unrest)

    Retrieve Calim's Medallion of Quellious from Garanel Rucksif 0/1 (Estate of Unrest)

    Destroy Garanel's ghost 0/1 (Estate of Unrest)

    Regrettably we were not fast enough to save Calim, however, you should be able to collect several ancient artifacts while you are there. These artifacts have been lost for ages and would prove a great boon if they were returned.

    There was a holy symbol that was said to have blessed the gazebo outside the mansion. You might start there in your search for it.

    There was also a book detailing many of the original tenants of my faith. It would be a most precious thing if you could find it for me. According to my research Calim often ventured out on to the balcony of the roof of the house in order to study it.

    Before he fled it appears that Garanel stole Calim's Medallion of Quellious. Hopefully you will find it on him when you confront him. It is my hope that by eliminating him at the start of the curse we may be able to dilute the effects as time moves forward.

    Your quest is now to collect three items and kill Garanel. The items are:

    1. A Holy Symbol of Quellious (drops off a twisted acolyte at the gazebo)

    2. A Book of Knowledge (drops off Librarian Carsil - named ghoul located on roof at +545, 0)

    3. A Medallion of Quellious (drops off Garanel Rucksif, same location as regular Garanel in basement)

    Upon the last boss's death, the following zone-wide text appears, along with "an ancient chest" containing various loot:

    I appreciate your help more than you can know. We will see what effects your work has had on the undead. In the meantime, I will continue my work and see if the timing can be corrected on my spell.

    (Opt) Use Savil's wand to return to your own time 0/1 (Estate of Unrest)

    (Opt) Return the artifacts to Savil Tranquilsong 0/1 (Butcherblock Mountains)

    At this point you may port out of the zone using the wand and complete the optional quest checklist items by returning the three looted drops to Savil Tranquilsong in Butcherblock for a little extra experience, or simply destroy them. If you port out, you see this:

    At least the trip back worked as intended. Bring me the relics you retrieved and I will see what I can do to reward you.

    If the items are returned to Savil, he responds courtesously.

    Savil Tranquilsong says 'I never thought I would see these relics. Thank you for taking the time to bring them to me. You cannot know what this means to my brethren and I.' Reward: Cloak of the Fallen Priest
    Reward: Blighted Stone of the Heathen
    Reward: Torn Mantle of Worship
    Reward: Blasphemer's Eye
    Reward: Cursed Pauldrons of Defiance
    Reward: Globe of Souless Preservation
    Reward: Mask of the Heretic
    Reward: Bundle of Maps
    Reward: Glimmering Sash of Piety
    Reward: Cloak of the Estate
    Reward: Calim's Ring
    Reward: Signet of the Cursed House
    Reward: Wrap of Three Blessings
    Reward: Wrap of Four Blessings
    Reward: Wrap of Five Blessings
    Reward: Wrap of Six Blessings
    Reward: Wrap of Eight Blessings
    Reward: Wrap of Seven Blessings
    Reward: Polished Collar of Conviction

    The Kidnapping of Firiona Vie (Normal): This quest was a one-time-per-server event. It is still available for progression servers when OoW is unlocked. Upon completion of the Galeth Veredeth escort to the Plane of Growth, Galeth seems to have taken up residence in Iceclad.

    This quest was a lead in to the Save Firiona Vie quest, another one-time-per-server event.

    Find Fergus Stonetosser in the Butcherblock Mountains (location?).

    Fergus Stonetosser says 'It was her, I swear it! I know I saw fair Firiona herself, here at the docks! I can hardly believe it!'

    You say, 'Hail, Fergus Stonetosser'

    Fergus Stonetosser says 'Greetings. How can I be of service?'

    You say, 'You saw Firiona Vie?'

    Fergus Stonetosser says 'Ah! I did see her but a few days ago. In fact, I think I may have annoyed her. You see, I think she was trying to go unseen but I recognized her at once. Hers is the most famous visage in the land, after all. She gave me her [crest] and told me that she was merely heading to the Ocean of Tears for some kiola nut. What royalty does is no business of mine!'

    You say, 'What crest?'

    Fergus Stonetosser says 'I was going to keep the crest for the memory you see, but it seems your business is rather important. Perhaps you should have it, might loosen folks' tongues. Hey, maybe you should speak to the merchant there. I believe only one person sells that nut out there, perhaps they may have picked up on something.'

    Head to the Ocean of Tears to Sister Island. See Cleaonae Kalen:

    You say, 'Hail, Cleaonae Kalen'

    Cleonae Kalen says 'Welcome to the island of the Sisterhood of Erollisi.'

    You say, 'You saw Fironia Vie?'

    Cleonae Kalen says 'Well met. The princess did stop by here, but I believe she was in a hurry. She kept looking over her shoulder, but she was alone. She only took one nut and got right back on the boat to Freeport. A bit rare, that. Most people who come out here stock up if you get my drift. I'm not sure how useful that information is to you. She did seem rather tired and sad. Perhaps you should check some inns.'

    Travel to East Freeport and see Innkeep Hunter:

    You say, 'Hail, Innkeep Hunter'

    Innkeep Hunter says, 'Hail _____. Business is going well these days. I have a full stock of baked goods and other items for sale. Have a look around!'

    You say, 'You saw Firiona Vie?'

    Innkeep Hunter says 'Ah, I see. I don't normally make a business of talking of my clients coming and goings, do you understand? Would be bad for business! Perhaps if you [stay] for the night . . ?'

    You say, 'I will stay for the night'

    Innkeep Hunter says 'Ah, wonderful. My rates are very affordable. For one such as yourself, i could give a room for say, 5 platinum pieces.'

    Innkeep Hunter says 'I'll give you her room. Maybe she left something useful. I believe the room is unlocked, have a looksee." He winks and smiles at you.'

    Receive Delicate Diary Page in the room (location?) and a Scrawled Room Receipt from Innkeep Hunter.

    Head to North Felwithe and see High Guard Ivyleaf (location 0, -60):

    High Guard Ivyleaf says 'If you hold any loyalty to Felwithe in your heart, please come to me on the bridge. Your assistance is needed!'

    You say, 'Hail, High Guard Ivyleaf'

    High Guard Ivyleaf says 'I beg your pardon, but I am extremely [preoccupied] young one.'

    You say, 'Preoccupied with what?'

    High Guard Ivyleaf says 'It seems the king's daughter has been kidnapped. Just last night she was safely in her room. No one saw anyone enter or leave, yet this morning, she is gone! Our very own Firiona is gone! I have been organizing our guards around the city, yet no one has yet found any clues to where she might be. The king has posted a [reward] for any who find information leading to her safe return to Felwithe.'

    You say, 'What reward?'

    High Guard Ivyleaf says 'Now that, my friend, depends on how useful the information is. I believe a princely gem is in store for whomever leads directly to her rescue. She took her cloak with her, and it is quite distinctive. I cannot believe that we have heard nothing from her. Please, let me know as soon as you find something.'

    Hand him the Delicate Diary Page.

    High Guard Ivyleaf says 'Just think, royalty staying in a mere inn. We must find the princess! Please accept this reward and keep looking!'

    Receive the Ring of the Koada�Dal.

    You must now go out and collect four pieces of torn fabric. Two are located in Greater Faydark (ground spawn locations -1870, -2100 and -1860, +970) and two are located in Butcherblock (ground spawn locations -890, +55 and +2230, +300). Turn them into High Guard Ivyleaf.

    High Guard Ivyleaf says 'Why . . . this looks like her cloak. It appears to have been completely tattered. Please, take this to Tailor Charlene and see if she can repair it. It could be that she may even be able to tell what caused the tears to begin with.'

    Receive Bundle of Fabric Pieces. Take this bundle to Charlene, found in Felwithe South (location +405, -900).

    Tailor Charlene says 'Firiona's cloak! What a mess it is. It is such a terrible thing for her to have gone missing. You must be after the [reward].'

    You say, 'I am after the reward'

    Tailor Charlene says 'Everyone has been talking about it. I do hope that such an incentive will help in her rescue. Why, just last night I was talking to the baker about it. She even . . Oh dear! She [mentioned] something to me and I didn't even think about it until just now!'

    You say, 'What had she mentioned?'

    Tailor Charlene says 'I believe she said that she heard someone in her room! I can't believe we didn't realize how important that might be. Here, take this note to her and see what she can remember. I am sure she will talk if she knows that you are trying to find Firiona.'

    Receive Note From Charlene.

    See Serenica Greenfinger in North Felwithe (location +140, -450).

    Serenica Greenfinger says 'I feel so ashamed of myself. I wish I would have said something to the guards, but it didn't even cross my mind. I was taking a bit of pastry to Guard Mystan.' The young girl blushes and then continues. 'While we were talking I thought I heard something from the princess' room. Now that I think about it, the light was already gone from the sky and I can't think of anyone who would be in her room at that hour. I could be wrong, but I thought I heard her crying. Oh, I am terrible!' She begins to cry softly and waves you away.

    Receive Confidential Information. Turn this note in to High Guard Ivyleaf.

    High Guard Ivyleaf says 'Well, now. This could prove very helpful indeed. Unfortunately, it doesn't exactly tell me where she is. I am grateful for you digging this up, so please take this reward. Don't give up now! If you find anything else that pertains to the princess, let me know immediately!'

    Receive Drape of Firiona.

    Head to the Northern Desert of Ro and see Ticket Collector Beppi at the dock to Iceclad Ocean.

    Ticket Collector Beppi says 'I can't believe it's gone! That was more money than I have seen in my life. Woe is me.'

    You say, 'Hail, Ticket Collector Beppi'

    Ticket Collector Beppi says 'Hello there friend! Are you interested in a ticket to Iceclad? Oh, I hope so. I really don't get much business out this way anymore. It would seem the world has moved beyond such things. Or are you perhaps on a [quest]?'

    You say, 'I am on a quest'

    Ticket Collector Beppi says 'What sort of quest would that be? Are you a gallant knight? A lowly apprentice? Or are you perhaps trying to rescue a [princess]?'

    You say, 'I am trying to resuce a princes'

    Ticket Collector Beppi says 'Now that is a noble quest indeed. I used to see all sorts come through this way, high and low alike. Now business has slowed to a crawl I'm afraid. Everyone has alternate means of transportation it would seem. Although, just a few days ago I did have a strange [passenger].'

    You say, 'What strange passenger?'

    Ticket Collector Beppi says 'Aye, it was a woman I believe, but she was very secretive. Wouldn't tell me her name and paid in platinum coins she did! Worse for me, that was. Overpaid by half and that very night I was [robbed]!'

    You say, 'Robbed?'

    Ticket Collector Beppi says 'A [scoundrel] it was; these sands are full of them! She must have seen the lady paying me, or mayhaps just that it was paid in a fine silk purse. High quality it was, and not like any I have ever seen.'

    You say, 'What scoundrel?'

    Ticket Collector Beppi says 'Indeed, she heads a band of brigands over yonder. Never messed with me before, as I said I don't get much business nowadays. I sure could use the money. Say, you wouldn't be able to [get it back] would you?'

    You say, 'I can get it back'

    Ticket Collector Beppi says 'Great! Bring it by here if you do.'

    Vervain spawns near the Dorn B`Dynn camp. He hits between 200 and 400. Slowable, does not summon. Approximately level 50. Loot the Purse of Platinum Pieces from the corpse and return it to Beppi.

    Ticket Collector Beppi says 'Quite impressive if I do say so! Gee, would you look at that. I didn't even notice before. Isn't that the Thex crest? I'll keep my money but perhaps you should take that with you.'

    Beppi will give you a Torn Silk Purse with which you need to head back to North Felwithe. Give it to High Guard Ivyleaf.

    High Guard Ivyleaf says 'Indeed, that is the princess' purse. She has several, but they are all in the same style. At the port to Iceclad did you say? I will inform the king at once. We need to start sending some scouts to Iceclad at once!'

    Receive Pristine Mask of Truth.

    Travel to Iceclad Ocean and see Adisson Stubblechin (location?).

    Adisson Stubblechin says 'Yarrr. Shiver me timbers, it's as cold as sin out here today! That fine lady could've offered me a pint, that she could.'

    You say, 'Hail, Adisson Stubblechin'

    Adisson Stubblechin says 'Shiver me buckles and swash me timbers. What are ye wantin? Talkin ta you is cuttin valuable minutes outta me [yellin] time. What do ye think, yer [royalty] or somethin'?'

    You say, 'What yellin time?'

    Adisson Stubblechin says 'I be the first mate so me job is yellin and pointin. That's what I'm good at so that's what I do.'

    You say, 'Royalty?'

    Adisson Stubblechin says 'The other night, I thought I saw one, a princess that is. Well, I'm not sure twas. Me pirate bones could have sworn I saw fair [Firiona] traipsing across the snow just over there! Of course, I blame the rum.'

    You say, 'You saw Firiona?'

    Adisson Stubblechin says 'Ah, well now the details are a bit fuzzy you see. Don't get much to eat out here outside of fish and the rare trade with passerby like you. What we don't outright steal, of course. What I wouldn't give for some of me mum's [hot oatmeal] here and there.'

    You say, 'Hot oatmeal?'

    Adisson Stubblechin says 'Me mum makes the best honey oatmeal you ever had, by gods! Course I haven't seen her in many a moon now. Say, if you [bring] me some I just might be able to remember a bit more.'

    You say, 'I will bring you some'

    Adisson Stubblechin says 'Ah bless ye child! I don't quite think she will believe ye saw me. Take this with you to help her rememberin'. Her name be Celine, of Ak'Anon.'

    Receive a doll, Adisson's Baby Trinket.

    Head to the Steamfont Mountains and see Celine (location?), and give her the doll.

    Celine says, 'Talked to Adisson did you? I can hardly believe it. That good for nothing hasn't been home in years! I bought this for him when he was just a wee tyke. Why did he send you?'

    You say, 'He wanted some hot oatmeal'

    Celine grins. "I haven't made that in ages! I would be happy to make some for him, but I am afraid I am out of honey oats. Would you be a dear and [pick some up] for me?

    You say, 'I will pick some up'

    Celine says 'Here is my order then. Talk to Bartle in Rivervale and he should be able to fill it right up.'

    Receive Order for Honey Oats.

    Travel to Rivervale and see Bartle Barnick.

    You say, 'Hail, Bartle Barnick'

    Bartle Barnick says 'Good day _____! If you are a new Druid of the Storm Reapers I have promised Hibbs that I would assist in getting you outfitted for ventures beyond Rivervale but you must bring me a note from Reebo as proof that he sent you. There are many dangers outside of the shire so often leather clothing and a weapon become necessities for a traveling druid.'

    Hand him the letter from Celine.

    Bartle Barnick says 'An order from Miss Celine? I haven't seen her lovely face in quite awhile now. Do send her my best.'

    Receive Honey Oats with which you need to return to Celine in Steamfont.

    Celine says 'Ahhh, so fresh! Bartle always did have the best. Here is your oatmeal dear, best hurry back to Adisson.'

    Receive Hot Oatmeal. Return to Iceclad Ocean and give Adisson the oatmeal.

    Adisson Stubblechin says 'Ahh, that's the stuff. I should make a point to head inland more often.' Adisson belches before continuing. 'Now now, what was it I be promisin' ya? Oh yes . . the other night. Well, I had a wee bit too much rum and was doing my necessary over there behind that tree. Then I saw her. As I live and breathe it could have been no other but fair Firiona herself. She looked a bit rough, as though she'd traveled quite aways. I saw her heading over towards the tower there.' Hanging his head, he says 'I saw [something else], too . .'

    You say, 'You saw something else?'

    Adisson Stubblechin says 'Well, she seemed alone you see. Then I saw these . . . things outside the tower. They struggled and she went inside. I ran. I didn't tell anyone either, just holed up with some rum and went to sleep. I reckon Thex would have my head for that. Don't be tellin' him, ya hear? I can buy a bit of [loyalty].'

    You say, 'What loyalty?'

    Adisson Stubblechin says 'Arr, I'm not entirely without my spoils. Take this and tell not a soul!'

    Receive an Adisson�s Gem of Cowardice. Take this and head back to Felwithe.

    High Guard Ivyleaf says 'Cowardly pirates! If we had this information at once, things might not be so far behind. Thank you for your help, here maybe you should keep this. Guards! To me!'

    Receive the same gem back, only this time it has some nice stats.

    Head to the The Iceclad Ocean and see a Tunarean Scout (location?.

    A Tunarean scout says 'Be quiet, blast it! Don't let those in the tower hear you!'

    You say, 'Hail, a Tunarean scout'

    a Tunarean scout says 'Quiet, you! I heard you a mile away, and there are [ears] about you'd best not alert.'

    You say, 'What ears?'

    a Tunarean scout says 'Something very important is going to happen here soon. Shh! Sir [Galeth] himself has gone to seek a blessing.'

    You say, 'Galeth?'

    a Tunarean scout says 'Why, Sir Galeth! He is the bodyguard of fair Firiona. He set out this morning to restock at Thurgadin before completing his religious rites in preparation for [battle].'

    You say, 'What battle?'

    a Tunarean scout says 'Yes, I believe we will be sieging the tower soon. I am afraid I can give no more information than that seeing as how you are not in our regiment, the king would have my head. Are you loyal to the [king]?'

    You say, 'I am loyal to the king'

    a Tunarean scout says 'Good for you. In these tumultuous times one never knows who deserves to be trusted. Why don't you prove your [loyalty] to our king here and now?'

    You say, 'I will prove my loyalty'

    a Tunarean scout says 'There have been some scouts lurking about from within the tower. If you take care of one of them and bring me their teeth as evidence, I may be able to send you on a mission of honor, so to speak.'

    This will spawn a Tower Scout near the Tower of Frozen Shadow (level?). Kill him, loot his tooth, and return it to the Tunarean Scout, who will then despawn and respawn. You can repeat this step as many times as your raid needs.

    a Tunarean scout says 'Well done. Perhaps your loyalty lies with Felwithe after all. You see, I am a bit [worried] about Sir Galeth personally.'

    You say, 'Why are you worried?'

    a Tunarean scout says 'Well, shortly after he departed one of our lookouts thought they saw something strange following him. Unfortunately, we had our hands full with these scouts. Sir Galeth is well able to take care of himself, but I fear should we lose him before the battle the tides may be turned against us. I wish I could go [protect] him myself.'

    You say, 'Protect him?'

    a Tunarean scout says 'Honestly, I could have gone with him. The problem is not my duties here but the king, and do not repeat that. He does not think too highly of Sir Galeth as of late, and I fear to be grouped with him may diminish my standing in his eyes. He is a good man however, and I worry for him. Would you be up for the [task]?'

    You say, 'I am up to the task'

    a Tunarean scout says 'Wonderful. Seek him in Thurgadin and lend him your protection. I would suggest that you make haste, for he shall not be there long. I am sure that fair Firiona herself would appreciate the gesture.'

    Head to the Thurgadin Exchange and see Galeth Veredeth.

    You say, 'Hail, Galeth Veredeth'

    Galeth Veredeth says 'I am afraid that I have not much time to chat, young one. There are important matters that weigh heavy upon my heart. I must hurry to the Plane of Growth in search of forgiveness, for I fear that I have gravely wronged those that I hold most dear, my beloved Firiona and Tunare herself. I fear that I cannot enter battle with this guilt spread through my soul, without this forgiveness this blade may as well pierce my heart where I stand. Come if you wish, but please give me silence within the plane.'

    From this point, do not use /say to speak. Group, guild, and raid chat is OK, but Galeth wants SILENCE. He will now start walking towards the Thurgadin entrance. You'll need to escort him from the city to the Great Divide, through the Eastern Wastes, Kael Drakkel, the Wakening Land, and finally to the Plane of Growth. Various mobs will spawn in his path and attack. Be sure to loot the shadowed ambushers. Various items drop from the spawned mobs.

    Raid members must zone into the Plane of Growth regardless of faction status. If not in the zone, they will not receive any reward. Once in the Plane of Growth, Galeth will lead the raid to Tunare's tree where he will meet the Avatar of Growth. It is not advisable to bring KOS people here. Have them hide out in a safer part of the zone.

    Avatar of Growth says 'I see you have returned to our fair plane, Galeth, wayward child of Growth. What brings you back to this grove after so many seasons?'

    Galeth Veredeth says 'I seek the Mother's aid to find my way to Firiona and other matters. I wish to speak to her alone and without prying minds and ears. I have much to say before I begin my quest.'

    Avatar of Growth says 'Indeed, I do believe I know what you seek. Tunare may not hear you. I am urged to tell you that she cannot. It has been forbidden among the gods. While you are special to us, I do not expect that it will make a whit of difference.'

    Galeth Veredeth says 'Then I will search my heart and spirit to find the voice to reach her. There are things I must tell her that cannot wait. I must confess and beg her forgiveness. I must do this.'

    Avatar of Growth says 'You may speak to her through me, Galeth. I am Growth itself and entwined fully with the Mother, Tunare. I shall hear you should you wish to speak.'

    Avatar of Growth says 'Very well, child of Growth. Speak.'

    Galeth Veredeth says 'Blessed Mother, I have caused so much heartache. I lost the woman I loved because I did not have the will and honor strong enough to see past my heart. She died because of the strain of bringing a child of immortal and mortal essence into the world -- my child.'

    Galeth Veredeth says 'Now, I have lost my daughter a second time. I feel I can endure no more and my work is not done. I still strive to aid my child in striking a balance in this world -- a task you charged her with.'

    Galeth Veredeth says 'I beg you, merciful Tunare, help me. Give me your blessing to aid me in finding your chosen and my child.'

    Galeth feels a warm rush of air blow the hair off of his face. He turns his head and a smile begins to lighten his tortured heart.

    The Avatar of Growth whinnies as the sign that Galeth has been forgiven and heard by Tunare rushes on the wind, though she could not speak it herself.

    Galeth Veredeth says 'Thank you, oh Mother. You have my love and allegiance both. I shall never forget my life here as one of the very children of Growth. I shall not rest until I bring Firiona to safety.'

    Galeth mounts the steed, Tunare's gift to him, and sets off to find his daughter.

    Galeth Veredeth says 'I greatly appreciate your help. My heart grows light with hope for her safety. Please accept this with my utmost gratitude.'

    Each person in the raid will receive a class-specific reward:
    Pendant of the Fearless Guardian (Priests)
    Girdle of the Fearless Guardian (Hybrids)
    Cloak of the Fearless Guardian (Melee)
    Staff of the Fearless Guardian (Casters)

    Take your raid to the Tower of Frozen Shadow. Raid members will receive various tells from Firiona Vie:

    Firiona Vie tells you, 'Is someone there? I could sense your presence, faintly, when you breached the door of the Tower. Take extra care in this cursed place. Tserrina and her minions draw upon my strength and grow ever more bold.'

    Firiona Vie tells you, 'Has Tunare turned her back on me? It is . . . so cold. Please, help me. Don't let this be my end.'

    Firiona Vie tells you, 'Tarry no longer, adventurer. The more you delay, the more we are all placed in great peril.'

    Firiona Vie tells you, 'Please listen, the inhabitants of this tower have grown progressively stronger, as I have grown weaker. They have managed to seal off the portals which connect the various floors. Destroy them to unseal the portals and open the way ahead.' Reward: Ring of the Koada`Dal
    Reward: Drape of Firiona
    Reward: Pristine Mask of Truth
    Reward: Adisson's Gem of Cowardice
    Reward: Cloak of the Fearless Guardian
    Reward: Girdle of the Fearless Guardian
    Reward: Pendant of the Fearless Guardian
    Reward: Staff of the Fearless Guardian
    Reward: The Lifeguide
    Reward: Tiny Spy Compass
    Reward: Shimmering Spy Cloak

    The Poisoned Flounder (Normal): This group monster mission begins with a gnome named Mister Squich in the Butcherblock Mountains. He can be found at +1990, +2975 (north of the dock area along the coast).

    You play a Gunthak pirate invading Freeport and looting plundered treasure.

    You say, 'Hail, Mister Squich'

    Mister Squich says 'Avast thar ye scabrous dogs! Have ye come to join the most fearsome [ship] in the seas?'

    You say, 'Ship?'

    Mister Squich says 'The Poisoned Flounder of course, you lilly livered barnacle! She's going to be the terror of the seas once I get a full crew for her. For some reason though no one wants to sign on to my ship. I've come up with a [plan] to fix that problem though.'

    You say, 'What plan?'

    Mister Squich says 'All those lubbers need is a chance to see my Flounder in action. Once they see her win battle after battle everyone will want to sail on her. I figure if I can raid Freeport they'll see things my way and things will be clear sailing from there. I just need to get a few more hands to set things loose. Say. . .you wouldn't be [interested] in signing on to help with just that one raid would you?'

    You say, 'I'm interested!'

    Mister Squich says 'Arrr! I knew ye had some salt in yer veins when I saw you. The Poisoned Flounder is docked just north of these here docks over yonder. We are a bit wary of public docks as it were. Just let me know when you are ready to [board] and I'll signal for a dinghy. Haha! They'll never know what hit em when the Flounder lets loose.'

    You have been assigned the task 'The Poisoned Flounder'.

    Hurry up you greasy son of a fish! The ship is about to set sail! Get on board and see that you're ready when we arrive.

    Monster templates include level 55 Rogue, Cleric, Warrior, and Enchanter.

    Board the Poisoned Flounder 0/1 (Butcherblock Mountains)

    You say, 'Ready to board!'

    Here we go!

    Your task 'The Poisoned Flounder' has been updated.

    You have entered East Freeport: The Poisoned Flounder.

    Get going and make this a raid those land lubbers will never forget!

    Jus remember . . . once you find your first victim . . . you be havin' forty-five minutes or so till we worn out our welcome.

    Oh, and I need ya to get at least thirty 'afor I gives ya somethin fer yer troubles but the more ya gets, the better shot ya have at a choice reward!

    ? ? ?

    (Missing step involves?)

    In this instanced version of East Freeport you'll find all the usual NPCs, merchants, quest NPCs, and so forth in their regular places. Only in this case, all are level 50 and all will attack you on site (even merchants). You'll find treasure in chests located in various parts of the zone (typically inside buildings behind counters).

    (Optional) Loot as much plundered treasure as you can in 45 minutes! 0/100 (East Freeport)

    (Optional) How much time you've spent raiding Freeport 0/45 (East Freeport)

    Doing as much as you can in as little time possible may enable a choice of rewards.. (Confirmation needed.)

    The common reward is Fitted Chain Boots, while the rare is Plundered Shard of Minor Resistance.

    Fitted Chain Boots (ARTIFACT) transmutes to:
    Fitted Chain Boots (level 1-10)
    Dusky Chain Boots (level 11-20)
    Faded Chain Boots (level 21-30)
    Well-Formed Chain Boots (level 31-40)
    Freeport Guard Chain Boots (level 41-50)
    Freeport Sergeant's Chain Boots (level 51-60)
    Freeport Captain's Chain Boots (level 61-70)

    Plundered Shard of Minor Resistance (ARTIFACT) transmutes to:
    Plundered Shard of Minor Resistance (level 1-10)
    Plundered Shard of Hardiness (level 11-20)
    Charm of Good Luck (level 21-30)
    Plundered Shard of Toughness (level 31-40)
    Plundered Crystal of Vigor (level 41-50)
    Pillaged Charm of Health (level 51-60)
    Pillaged Charm of Sturdiness (level 61-70) Reward: Fitted Chain Boots
    Reward: Freeport Sergeant's Chain Boots
    Reward: Freeport Captain's Chain Boots
    Reward: Plundered Shard of Minor Resistance
    Reward: Freeport Guard Chain Boots
    Reward: Pillaged Charm of Sturdiness
    Reward: Plundered Crystal of Vigor
    Reward: Dusky Chain Boots
    Reward: Faded Chain Boots
    Reward: Well-Formed Chain Boots
    Reward: Plundered Shard of Hardiness
    Reward: Charm of Good Luck
    Reward: Plundered Shard of Toughness
    Reward: Pillaged Charm of Health
    Reward: Plundered Shard of Minor Resistance
    Reward: Fitted Chain Boots

    They're a Bit Short (Normal): You say, 'Hail, Gibi Bilgum'

    Gibi Bilgum says 'Get a load of my sister over yonder. She doesn't know when to give up the swashbuckling. Idiocy is more like it. She's not the only one around here with some [tasks] that need... well, tasking. You might say I'm a taskmaster, only without the whip. I'm not sure how to even use a whip though, so maybe it's for the best.'

    You say, 'What tasks?'

    A task window pops up offering various tasks.

    You have been assigned the task 'They're a Bit Short'.

    They might as well call you a scout, because you'll be going out and doing some scouting on some very high-profile sites. These sites are rumored to be burial grounds for priests of an ancient civilization, but there is not much information on them than that. Enough delay, get going and explore the single dwarven hut along the path in the north.

    [This task begins in Butcherblock Mountains.]

    Follow the path north until you see "Task Stage Complete," around where Guard Sornn and Guard Norin are guarding the hut at +2075, +405.

    If your findings are correct, there's nothing around there that even remotely suggests an ancient burial ground. It's unfortunate, but there's one more spot you need to check before we give up all hope. Go ahead and explore the large rock tower on goblin isle. Be careful, if there is a burial ground, there's no telling what kind of creatures lurk nearby.

    Head to the goblin island in the Ocean of Tears and find the area with all the goblin shaman around it (/loc?).

    It's unfortunate that you weren't able to find any remnants at all. Perhaps there will be more to find next time. In the meantime, you need to report your findings, so speak with Tarerd Gahar. That is all.

    Head to the Plane of Knowledge.

    The direction to someone related to your current Task has been marked on your compass.

    Tarerd Gahar is at one of the reflection pools in the "good" part of town (/loc?).

    You say, 'Hail, Tarerd Gahar'

    The ideal of burial grounds nearby is one that can not be easily overlooked. That's exactly why you were sent to check these areas out. Sadly none of them turned out to be the rumored burial grounds, but there's plenty more land to cover, so you maybe called upon again. You'll be recieving some payment, mostly for your time investment, but partially for the danger involved. Good job.

    You receive 3 copper .
    You receive 3 silver .
    You receive 4 gold .
    You receive 1 platinum .
    You gain experience!!

    Tarerd Gahar says 'Thanks for contacting me, ______. Your information on this matter has been most useful.'

    Need /loc of Gibi, other missing /locs, names for each task stage, minimum level required to get quest, and any other missing information.
    Tour of the Castle (Normal): This is a medium task which begins with Alun Bilgum in the Butcherblock Mountains. (2812.70, -689.13, -0.82 - inside a hut near Kaladim.

    Very Quickly, you need to speak with Averna Eisley to let them know that you're the Red Beetle. Your contact will know what it means.

    Averna Eisley is at -321.55, -1636.18, 1.66 in Lesser Faydark (near the shadow men).

    You say, 'Hail, Averna Eisley'

    Averna Eisley says, 'Thank you for contacting me. Your information on this matter has been most useful.'

    Your contact was impressed that you kept your wits about you and didn't give away your cover. Now, as to why you're here. Your code name is Red Beetle and you've been assigned to explore the entrance to the graveyard. This is a very dangerous place where reports suggest there is a rebellion forming. You must go there and determine whether or not this is true.

    Head to the entrance to the graveyard in Castle Mistmoore. As you approach the entrance to the graveyard your task is updated.

    It looks like the insurgents are forming quickly, Red Beetle. It's up to you to take the raven to the raven's nest and kill 10 pledge familiars. Only after that will you be able to retire from this life of subterfuge. Good luck.

    Pledge Familiars spawn around the entrance, the lake near entrance and down the tunnel to the graveyard. They are blue/white to level 23-24. Kill 10 of them to update the task. It doesn't matter if you are the one killing them, you just have to be in the group that gets experience.

    After you kill 10 pledge familiars, the task is updated.

    You were almost discovered, and that's a quick way to foil the operation -- or worse yet -- get yourself killed. However, you were able to secure the area and get rid of the rebels. Find and speak with Brynn Tinkerton, codenamed Black Bixie, to update your progress. After that, your services will no longer be needed.

    Brynn Tinkerton is a female gnome in the Steamfont Mountains. She is located along the road from Lesser Faydark to Ak'Anon. Her location is -585.55, 993.99, -110.03.

    You say, 'Hail, Brynn Tinkerton'

    Brynn Tinkerton says, 'Thank you for contacting me. Your information on this matter has been most useful.'

    You've impressed quite a few people with your cunning. Some thought that you, the Red Beetle, would fail, but others felt you had exactly what it took to get the job done. They were right. You may be contacted in the future, Red Beetle, so keep a watchful eye to the sky for the Black Bixie. Here's a little something for your trouble.

    You receive 3 copper.
    You receive 8 silver.
    You receive 10 platinum.
    You have gained experience! [22% at level 24 (unshared)]