Guild Wars 2: New Daily Achievement System

Yesterday, ArenaNet announced that the Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 2 is being put on hold until January. While they did announce that Wintersday, a test ladder season in PvP and the WvW Sneak Attack event would be coming with next week's patch, today they sweetened the deal with the announcement of a completely new Daily Achievement system.

Guild Wars 2: Season 2 Returns in January

In a blog post today, Colin Johanson of ArenaNet announced that Guild Wars 2 Season 2 will be going on Christmas break, with the next episode of the season set to launch on January 13th. While there will be no new story for a month, ArenaNet has a host of new events during the break including the return of Wintersday.

Guild Wars 2: Seeds of Truth

The next episode in Guild Wars 2's Living World will launch later today. The episode, Seeds of Truth, picks up where the last episode ended when players were shocked after Caithe ran off with the dragon egg that could be the one hope in defeating Mordremoth.

Guild Wars 2: Seeds of Truth

Guild Wars 2's two-week Living World cadence continues as ArenaNet unveils the title and trailer for next week's episode, Seeds of Truth. In last week's episode, players were surprised as an ally, Caithe, stole the dragon's egg right in front of them. In Seeds of Truth, players will learn that sometimes to catch a thief, you must become a thief.

Guild Wars 2: Major PvP Update

ArenaNet today announced that the December 2nd patch for Guild Wars 2 is getting even bigger with major updates to the game's structured PvP content. This update comes just days before the inaugural World Tournament Series (WTS) Championships in Beijing.

Guild Wars 2: Tangled Paths

Players will continue on the Path to War with Tangled Paths, the latest episode of Guild Wars 2's Living World launching later today! In the last episode, Echoes of the Past, players discovered that one of Glint's eggs survived and now everyone wants to get their hands on the coveted dragon egg.

Guild Wars 2: Tangled Paths Teaser

Last week, the Living World for Guild Wars 2 started back up with the Echoes of the Past content release. Next week, the Living World continues its Road to War with Tangled Paths. In Echoes of the Past, players discovered that one of Glint's dragon eggs still exists and the teaser trailer for next week's episode hints that everyone is interested in controlling it. Check out the full teaser trailer below!

Guild Wars 2: Echoes of the Past

Echoes of the Past launches today in Guild Wars 2 as the Living World returns after its mid-Season 2 break. The episode picks up from the cliff-hanger ending that saw players attending the World Summit which was attacked by Mordrem forces. Players managed to would Mordremoth's lieutenant, but not before it in turn wounded the Pale Tree. The attack spurred the world leaders into action, and with the players' help now prepare to take the war to Mordremoth.

Guild Wars 2: Echoes of the Past

The second half of Guild Wars 2's Living World Season 2 kicks off next week and ArenaNet has released a new teaser trailer to get players excited. The first half of the trailer shows events that happened during the first half of the season that left players with more questions than answers, hinting that some of those answers might be coming in the second half of the season. The second half of the trailer is where things get interesting, with glimpses of new areas, monsters and a few NPCs that players may have forgotten.

Guild Wars 2: A Living World Interview

The Living World returns in less than two weeks for Guild Wars 2 with the Season 2.5 starting on November 4th. Earlier this week, we had a chance to sit down with Bobby Stein, Lead Writer for the Living World, and Steven Waller, Associate Game Director of the Living World.