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Screenshot by Ziggy "EverQuest Monopoly"
by: Ziggy Gnarly of Township Rebellion, Luclin Server
November 16, 2007
169.2 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous Submission) "Fee Fi Fo Fum! Get Out of the Way!"
by: (Anonymous Submission)
November 15, 2007
156.1 KB
Screenshot by Nimmuani "Alter Ego"
by: Nimmuani, Tunare Server
November 14, 2007
140.9 KB
Screenshot by Aulanwen "Sunrise in Steamfont"
by: Aulanwen Desombres of Jesters In Norrath, Antonius Bayle Server
November 13, 2007
252.3 KB
Screenshot by Zular Vergalid's End
by: Zular McBud of Triune, Erollisi Marr Server
November 12, 2007
135.4 KB
Screenshot by Depths of Honor "Depths of Honor in Wonderland"
by: Depths of Honor, The Nameless Server
November 9, 2007
282.0 KB
Screenshot by Ducatti King and Queen
by: Ducatti of Dragon Council, Bertoxxulous Server
November 8, 2007
103.5 KB
Screenshot by Pohaikealoha Swallowed
by: Pohaikealoha of Knights Reborn, Drinal Server
November 7, 2007
56.5 KB
Screenshot by Mishafael Drake Invasion
by: Mishafael Stormfire of Crimson Tempest, Maelin Starpyre Server
November 6, 2007
339.3 KB
Screenshot by Aaidyin "Crouching 'Zerker, Hidden 'Chanter"
by: Aaidyin Nevesenoenonatraps of Dragon Council, Bertoxxulous Server
November 5, 2007
100.4 KB
Screenshot by Morromid "Death at Your Door"
by: Morromid of True Fellowship, Prexus Server
November 2, 2007
87.6 KB
Screenshot by Fazeel "Rare Spawn?"
by: Fazeel Ebonblade of Final Empire, Povar Server
November 1, 2007
69.4 KB
Screenshot by Lexxis "Returning to Old Haunts..."
by: Lexxis Latrodectus, Erollisi Marr Server
October 31, 2007
300.0 KB
Screenshot by Norus Pumpkin Patch
by: Norus Bigaxe of Defiant, Zek Server
October 30, 2007
316.6 KB
Screenshot by Swiftfeett In the Halloween Spirit
by: Swiftfeett Killertunes of Crusaders Valorous, Bertoxxulous Server
October 29, 2007
337.0 KB
Screenshot by Tigerwolf "Say Cheese!"
by: Tigerwolf of Cobalt Wolf Clan, Tunare Server
October 26, 2007
115.5 KB
Screenshot by Leifendower Gorenaire
by: Leifendower of Keepers of the Glade, Bertoxxulous Server
October 25, 2007
189.8 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) Nestled in the Steamfont Mountains
by: (Anonymous Submission)
October 24, 2007
219.7 KB
Screenshot by Basti Sights of a Westbugged Bard
by: Basti of Bonds of Honor, Stromm Server
October 23, 2007
53.8 KB
Screenshot by Obliterater "A Rather Smelly Guild Hall"
by: Obliterater of Storm Spirits, The Nameless Server
October 22, 2007
308.8 KB
Screenshot by Sscalez "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch"
by: Sscalez Zelacss of Destinatus, Cazic-Thule Server
October 19, 2007
86.4 KB
Screenshot by Beadil Distant Thunder, Indeed
by: Beadil of Distant Thunder, Bristlebane Server
October 18, 2007
188.4 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous Submission) "Citizens of Valdeholm in a Close-Quarters Meeting"
by: (Anonymous Submission)
October 17, 2007
271.9 KB
Screenshot by Scrounge These Snakes Can Kick
by: Scrounge of Lucky Insane, Povar Server
October 16, 2007
114.0 KB
Screenshot by Mizty "Does Size Really Matter?"
by: Mizty Kegslayer of Ring of Valor, Bristlebane Server
October 15, 2007
134.1 KB
Screenshot by Zular Pick a Kyv, Any Kyv
by: Zular Mcbud of Avatar Elite, Erollisi Marr Server
October 12, 2007
148.3 KB
Screenshot by Severan "Distracting Target Ring"
by: Severan, Firiona Vie Server
October 11, 2007
37.1 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) Battling the Wildlife of the Overthere
by: (Anonymous Submission)
October 10, 2007
238.7 KB
Screenshot by Eenar Blending in with the Scenery?
by: Eenar of Absolute Blasphemy, The Nameless Server
October 9, 2007
93.9 KB
Screenshot by Hellfire Club "Don't Zone In Yet"
by: Hellfire Club, Cazic Thule Server
October 8, 2007
120.3 KB
Screenshot by Rizaa "Hey, Guys? I Can't See!"
by: Rizaa of Immortal Reapers, Povar Server
October 5, 2007
158.3 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) Phoenix Noble
by: (Anonymous Submission)
October 4, 2007
270.7 KB
Screenshot by Fantun "Froggage Looks Dead to Me"
by: Fantun of Midnight Tempest, Bertoxxulous Server
October 3, 2007
87.3 KB
Screenshot by Pucnit "Teaadil's Revenge vs a Mage?! DOH!"
by: Pucnit Detned of Only the Brave, Luclin Server
October 2, 2007
96.7 KB
Screenshot by Lilmissi "Insult to Injury"
by: Lilmissi of Gathered Might, Bristlebane Server
October 1, 2007
310.6 KB
Screenshot by Tanamen Chancellor of Fennin Ro
by: Tanamen of Twilight Exiles, Saryrn Server
September 28, 2007
186.9 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) 1000 in 1000 Win
by: (Anonymous Submission)
September 27, 2007
124.9 KB
Screenshot by Duncyn 1 in 1000 Win
by: Duncyn Del'Boom of Spiritwind Avengers, Quellious Server
September 26, 2007
396.9 KB
Screenshot by Aramina Going for a Dive
by: Aramina Mitzuhara of Collective Reborn, Drinal Server
September 25, 2007
74.2 KB
Screenshot by Rizaa "I'm So Good, They Catch Themselves!"
by: Rizaa of Immortal Reapers, Povar Server
September 24, 2007
193.8 KB
Screenshot by Despairo The New Solteris? (Shortly After a Server Crash)
by: Despairo of Immortal Sunrise, Antonius Bayle Server
September 21, 2007
290.6 KB
Screenshot by Schecter Fire!
by: Schecter Martinez of Shadows of the Grave, The Seventh Hammer Server
September 20, 2007
63.6 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) Blazing Sun Shines Upon Sunderock
by: (Anonymous Submission)
September 19, 2007
268.5 KB
Screenshot by Wolfsoul "My Work Here is Done!"
by: Wolfsoul of Fellowship of the Faithful, Xegony (Zebuxoruk) Server
September 18, 2007
59.7 KB
Screenshot by Gomlor "Graphic Weirdness in the Plane of Knowledge"
by: Gomlor Si'Dius of Legion of Kings, Prexus Server
September 17, 2007
277.5 KB
Screenshot by Iniari "Wizard's Chess"
by: Iniari Vishna of Talisman, Tunare Server
September 14, 2007
314.9 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) Overlooking the Oasis of Marr
by: (Anonymous Submission)
September 13, 2007
125.1 KB
Screenshot by Mishafael "Wishing for Wings: A Druid's Fall from Solteris"
by: Mishafael Stormfire of Crimson Tempest, Maelin Starpyre Server
September 12, 2007
227.5 KB
Screenshot by Hellfire Club Vergalid
by: Hellfire Club, Cazic Thule Server
September 11, 2007
201.9 KB
Screenshot by Collaterol Visage Task Complete!
by: Collaterol of Jesters of Norrath, Antonius Bayle Server
September 10, 2007
97.9 KB
Screenshot by Hippye If You Play With Fire...
by: Hippye Alfadrooid of Crimson Tempest, Maelin Starpyre Server
September 7, 2007
172.4 KB
Screenshot by Krowbar East Karana Sunrise
by: Krowbar Slickpick, The Rathe Server
September 6, 2007
141.5 KB
Screenshot by Rhavinn "Attack of the Clones"
by: Rhavinn Naebliss of Ministry of Steel, Povar Server
September 5, 2007
88.8 KB
Screenshot by Zorlox "Quad Kiting? Pfft!"
by: Zorlox Maztermind of Omani, Bertoxxulous Server
September 4, 2007
39.3 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) "Inside Ayonae Ro's Tower of Deathknell"
by: (Anonymous Submission)
August 31, 2007
226.8 KB
Screenshot by Aaidyin "You Make Kitty Mad!"
by: Planeshifter Aaidyin of Dragon Council, Bertoxxulous Server
August 30, 2007
194.1 KB
Screenshot by Annetta A Mountain Giant Chickenherder
by: Annetta of Gathered Might, Bristlebane Server
August 29, 2007
24.4 KB
Screenshot by Sarepean "Kurrnul Sanders Rules Thurgadin with a Mighty Fist!"
by: Sarepean
August 28, 2007
132.0 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) "Overcome by the Pyre"
by: (Anonymous Submission)
August 27, 2007
154.0 KB
Screenshot by Calkin "The Disappointed Ranger"
by: Calkin Tinkerbox of Only the Brave, Luclin Server
August 24, 2007
80.5 KB
Screenshot by Littileguy "They Get Younger and Younger Every Year"
by: Littileguy of Alliance of Hope, Xegony Server
August 23, 2007
278.1 KB
Screenshot by Mishafael "The Bridges of Solteris, the Throne of Ro"
by: Mishafael Stormfire of Crimson Tempest, Maelin Starpyre Server
August 22, 2007
273.1 KB
Screenshot by Anayilia "Ever Feel Like You're Having an Off Day?"
by: Anayilia Nitefire of Clan Unbroken, Bristlebane Server
August 21, 2007
24.1 KB
Screenshot by Annetta "Say Ahhh... Dragon Dentistry"
by: Annetta of Gathered Might, Bristlebane Server
August 20, 2007
144.8 KB
Screenshot by Guardians of Solace A Behemoth Problem
by: Guardians of Solace
August 17, 2007
304.8 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) Mammoth Herd
by: (Anonymous Submission)
August 16, 2007
155.3 KB
Screenshot by Swiftfeett "Why Bards Shouldn't Captain Boats"
by: Swiftfeett Killertunes of Crusaders Valorous, Bertoxxulous Server
August 15, 2007
172.8 KB
Screenshot by Kinestra A Very Efficient Backstab
by: Kinestra of Chaos and Disorder
August 14, 2007
264.5 KB
Screenshot by Phreek Maestro
by: Phreek of White Wind, Drinal Server
August 13, 2007
172.4 KB
Screenshot by Walex "And In This Corner!"
by: Walex Manbearpig of Iratus Lepus, Xegony Server
August 10, 2007
321.2 KB
Screenshot by Gilliadson Help Control the Pet Population
by: Gilliadson Shadowbane of Legends of Madcap, Tunare Server
August 9, 2007
196.5 KB
Screenshot by Ducatti "Rainy Sunset"
by: Ducatti of Dragon Council, Bertoxxulous Server
August 8, 2007
43.8 KB
Screenshot by Staarlite "Sumo Wrestling - EQ Style"
by: Staarlite Staarbrite of Republic of the Dragon, Stromm Server
August 7, 2007
88.3 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) "Where's the Fire?"
by: (Anonymous Submission)
August 6, 2007
264.9 KB
Screenshot by Mishafael "Rear Guard Captain Balreth"
by: Mishafael Stormfire of Crimson Tempest, Maelin Starpyre Server
August 3, 2007
273.3 KB
Screenshot by Kadem Quads
by: Kadem of Shroud of Vengeance, Bertoxxulous Server
August 2, 2007
101.0 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) Dragon Bones of Steamfont
by: (Anonymous Submission)
August 1, 2007
295.4 KB
Screenshot by Mizty "An Ogre's Feast"
by: Mizty Kegslayer of Ring of Valor, Bristlebane Server
July 31, 2007
240.6 KB
Screenshot by Shlupfer "I'll Take This One!"
by: Shlupfer Shniffer, Prexus Server
July 30, 2007
169.5 KB
Screenshot by Zular Friendly Face
by: Zular Mcbud of Avatar Elite, Erollisi Marr Server
July 27, 2007
77.0 KB
Screenshot by Primal Brood -- The parsing was around 27 million damage, somehow manage to walk through his bubble and found out he was targetable and attackable, took around 20 hours with around 1100dps from the group. He took it like a champ, sleeping through it all, just sad the corpse poofed on death. Pictures blocks out anything that might give away the last member of the group, who didn't want to be named. Wake-Up Call
by: Captiin, Yonkec, and Rollenaut of Primal Brood, Test Server
July 26, 2007
349.4 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) A Shady Character
by: (Anonymous Submission)
July 25, 2007
300.5 KB
Screenshot by Peerii Doomfire
by: Peerii, Pointy-eared Druid of Doom
July 24, 2007
92.0 KB
Screenshot by Cikaria "Warning: Extreme Cold May Cause Shrinkage"
by: Cikaria of Divine Union of Souls, Prexus Server
July 23, 2007
94.2 KB
Screenshot by Iltraendar "Well, So Much for Buying the Bar a Round of Drinks"
by: Iltraendar Necroboy of Terra Aeternum, Cazic Thule Server
July 20, 2007
215.1 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous Submission) "Even the Shissars Have to Shop for Spells?"
by: (Anonymous Submission)
July 19, 2007
141.9 KB
Screenshot by Gomlor Break Time in Zhisza
by: Gomlor of Legion of Kings, Prexus Server
July 18, 2007
278.3 KB
Screenshot by (Anonymous) "Why Drinking and Riding is a Bad Idea"
by: (Anonymous Submission)
July 17, 2007
178.8 KB
Screenshot by Mcsean "You Think You Have a Tough Job? Try Reaping Souls All Day"
by: McSean the Examiner of Guardians of Blood, Xegony Server
July 16, 2007
131.8 KB

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