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Trains, Chaos, and Mobs Gaining Levels

Every now and then, things do not go as planned. Whether it's the death of your group's cleric, a massive train to a popular instance zone-in, or the wipeout of your entire raid, things can get a little chaotic at times.

Updated: July 25, 2006

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Nagafen Raid Gone Awry Nagafen Raid Gone Awry
by: Furzepha of Blackwatch Legion / Faceless Vengeance, Torvonillous Server
158.5 KB
Mishap in Uqua Mishap in Uqua
by: Gonoan Nowhere of Valheru, Povar Server
266.5 KB
Mastery of Hate "N-n-n-nice doggie; good doggie. Sit!"
by: Euzena Pureblayde of Black Tower Guild, Tunare Server
92.2 KB
Sand Giants Remnants of a Sand Wing Train in the Bastion of Thunder 103.4 KB
Vallon Zek Vallon Zek Win Came with a Price 119.0 KB
Mithaniel Marr Gets Some Payback for Trespassing 138.4 KB
Smith Rondo Smith Rondo 196.9 KB
Muramite Proving Grounds Problems in the Muramite Proving Grounds 150.0 KB
Invisibility Failure What Happens When Invisibility Drops Unexpectedly?
by: Gulkin Natureblade of Ridgerunners, The Nameless Server
229.1 KB
Quick End to a Raid Quick End to a Raid
by: Trudar Serg of Brew Masters, Quellious Server
332.5 KB
Stone Ring in the Plane of Earth AEing the Plane of Earth Stone Ring Was Not Without its Casualties 79.3 KB
Rallos Zek Rallos Zek, Victor in the Pit of Drunder 66.4 KB
Wrong Turn Wrong Turn 117.8 KB
Blazzax the Omnifiend Blazzax the Omnifiend Trots Off Following a Wipeout 58.9 KB
Fabled Dozekar The Fabled Dozekar the Cursed, no Cakewalk 106.7 KB
Fabled Dain ...And Neither is the Fabled Dain Frostreaver IV 115.5 KB
Slightly Unbalanced You Know the Tormentor Ring is Going Bad When... 153.3 KB
Chailak Gets Charmed Pyrilen Researcher's Pet 270.3 KB
The Mudwalker The Monsterous Mudwalker Hovers Over Two Fallen Raids in the Plane of Earth 104.4 KB
Aerin'Dar Wipeout to Aerin'Dar 40.8 KB
Txevu Aneuk Txevu Aneuk 205.7 KB
Karnor's Castle Train Trained to Death in Karnor's Castle 51.4 KB
Plane of Sky A Wisp Hovers Over a Fallen Plane of Sky Raid 40.7 KB
Trial of Adaptation The Construct of Pain Trots Off After Dispatching an Adaptation Raid 148.4 KB
Thangbrand Train A Massive Sand Wing Train, Including Thangbrand, Swarms the Stairs 128.4 KB
Xegony's Djinns A Downed Xegony Raid with the Djinns in the Distance 54.8 KB
Vex Thal Madness Madness in Vex Thal 53.8 KB
Old School Spectres Do You Remember? 37.1 KB
Kessdona's Perch Massacre on Kessdona's Perch 193.7 KB
Steamfont War Massive Train During the Steamfont War 53.8 KB
Magmaton Magmaton Chews Through a Plane of Fire Raid 65.2 KB
Downed Guide Customer Service Turns Sour in the Plane of Earth 70.3 KB
Pyrique Redwing Pyrique Redwing Triumphs in the Wall of Slaughter 82.8 KB

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