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West Karana: My season on the Miller's FarmFollow

#1 Aug 07 2017 at 1:07 PM Rating: Excellent
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It was my 18th season, and I needed meaningful work --something that is hard to find out of Qeynos in these times (Agnarr server, original era with no plat for a port). So I went to West Karana as I heard the Miller's were looking for help on the farm. [actually I was just looking for somewhere close to Qeynos I could solo level 18 to 19 without a long run]

Cleet Miller put me at ease as he explained life on the farm. I was surprised to see an ogre and a gnoll as adopted members of the family... it seems passersby are not always so tolerant, often harassing these two and usually finding themselves running for the hills. [level of the various Miller clan varies, and people seem quite willing to engage some of them in combat, often learning they are a bit harder red than anticipated]

I had two main jobs on the farm. One was collecting bales of hay which was a lot of work for the effort. [6cp and +1 faction hits seem like a very poor reward for the slow pace of the ground spawns and the sheer distance you have to cover to do it repeatedly... should be worth a few silver and +5 faction hits in my view]

My other task was dealing with the animated scarecrows that my the farm a tricky place to enjoy a picnic. [aggressive mobs that are social. All conned darkblue @18 so the perfect camp for my purposes. Respawns occasionally a bit slow, but playing a few minutes here and there over several nights I made it to level 19 at which point some of them now con green].

-interestingly both Millers (Cleet and Henina) are merchants, but I could never catch them available in that mode --including when they were at rest in their respective huts.

I have moved on from West Karana as the available camps appear to be all grey-con bandits and the higher stuff like Ogres is permacamped. In North Karana the wandering large borers and beetles seems to be my level 19 target, but I am open to suggestions for the next few levels 19-25 (and yes, I realize that grouping in Unrest is fast XP in that range on a server in classic era).

My criteria:
1. a reasonable run for a non-sowed monk based out of Qeynos
2. dark blue mobs with reasonable risk-reward (it doesn't need to be super easy, but no point dealing with red-con roamers/adds if a steady flow of dark blue kills is available elsewhere)
3. hopefully a merchant within 10 minutes
4. ideally some decent drops in the very least some that start to vendor for some coin (I made more coin getting to level 5 in the Qeynos newbie yard than I have in the 14 levels since)
5. not super-popular in that I won't actually get the camp, or beside a popular camp that means I will be trained

Note: North Karana borers/beetles basically meet all these criteria for level 19, with a fair bit of roamer risk in the zone due to griffons* and people kiting griffons. However, alternatives are good and 20+ I would welcome suggestions.
Edit: *though going back in again today, seems many of griffons are dark blue to me now, I was sure it was multiple red-cons the other night...

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#2 Aug 10 2017 at 5:44 AM Rating: Excellent
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Its the "based out of Qeynos" that limits you. I'm guessing for your monkly quests.

Otherwise I'd push South Ro/Oasis. I think the TP servers have the revamped zones. Certainly last time I was on one Freeport was the new version.
You have vendors, mobs in the right range (Orcs cuthroats etc), and a monk trainer in FP.
There are wandering reds but a little care and attention (ie what we were supposed to do back in the day Smiley: smile) will find you a safe spot.
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