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#1 Aug 03 2017 at 8:30 PM Rating: Excellent
I'm looking to add to the NPC type using the Advanced NPC Search.

I have some ideas for some new types but I wanted some feedback on what everyone wanted for easier filtering for a specific type of NPC.

Here is what we have right now as types.

Adventure Merchant
Bard Guildmaster
Beastlord Guildmaster
Berserker Guildmaster
Cleric Guildmaster
Druid Guildmaster
Enchanter Guildmaster
Fabled Creature
Magician Guildmaster
Monk Guildmaster
Necromancer Guildmaster
Paladin Guildmaster
Quest NPC
Raid Encounter
Ranger Guildmaster
Rogue Guildmaster
Shadowknight Guildmaster
Shaman Guildmaster
Tribute Master
Warrior Guildmaster
Wizard Guildmaster

I was thinking there are different types of merchants that sell a variety of things. We can make each type search-able. Keep in mind this is for merchants that are in many places, not the type where there is maybe 2 or 3 of in the whole game.

Spell merchants
Cultural merchants
Specific type of trade skill merchant
Weapons merchant
Shield merchant
Parcels and Noble merchant

Make trade skill static containers their own type instead of being a object.

Mission NPC's
Agent of Change NPC's (for progression servers)

I'm sure there are many other types, let me know what you all would like to see searchable.

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#2 Aug 04 2017 at 7:56 AM Rating: Excellent
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Augmentation merchant?
#3 Aug 04 2017 at 8:53 AM Rating: Good
have you thought about what the NPC types show up on /Find command and use them
#5 Aug 04 2017 at 10:20 AM Rating: Excellent
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Two that come up in newplayers chat fairly often (and probably match up with Larth's suggestion) are:

general merchants (tricky because some sell bandages, or water --two of the things people tend to be asking about

bag merchants (usually flagged as "satchels" in game iirc).

I wonder if a "factionless animal" or maybe "faction animal" tag would be useful? To delineate which animals you can hunt endlessly without them deciding to hate you in a specific zone or across zones? We see the numbers on all the factions now (most of which aren't listed in the faction database because they used to be invisible and there is no way of raising the vast majority of them). So maybe... "irreparable faction" would be the more useful tag? Hmm...
#6 Aug 31 2017 at 8:05 PM Rating: Excellent
Here is what I have so far in code. I haven't submitted it yet. This list automatically gets alpha ordered whenever it pulls up on the site.

'Adventure Merchant','Animal','Anniversary Quests','Tradeskill Supplies: Alchemy','Tradeskill Supplies: Baking','Tradeskill Supplies: Brewing','Tradeskill Supplies: Cultural','Tradeskill Supplies: Fishing','Tradeskill Supplies: Fletching','Tradeskill Supplies: Jewelcrafting','Tradeskill Supplies: Poison','Tradeskill Supplies: Pottery','Tradeskill Supplies: Research','Tradeskill Supplies: Smithing','Tradeskill Supplies: Tailoring','Tradeskill Supplies: Tinkering','Banker','Songs: Bard','Spells: Beastlord','Tomes: Berserker','Spells: Cleric','Spells: Druid','Spells: Enchanter','Spells: Magician','Tomes: Monk','Spells: Necromancer','Spells: Paladin','Spells: Ranger','Tomes: Rogue','Spells: Shadowknight','Spells: Shaman','Tomes: Warrior','Spells: Wizard','Bard Guildmaster','Beastlord Guildmaster','Berserker Guildmaster','Cleric Guildmaster','Druid Guildmaster','Enchanter Guildmaster','Magician Guildmaster','Monk Guildmaster','Necromancer Guildmaster','Paladin Guildmaster','Ranger Guildmaster','Rogue Guildmaster','Shadowknight Guildmaster','Shaman Guildmaster','Warrior Guildmaster','Wizard Guildmaster','Fabled Creature','Furniture Merchant','General Supplies','Guard','Heroic Adventures','Holiday Quests','Housing','Merchant','Monster','Named','Non-Quest','NPC','Object','Parcels and Noble Exchange','Plant','Potion Merchant','Quest NPC','Quests 20+','Quests 30+','Raid Encounter','Soulbinder','Summoned','Tradeskill Books','Translocator','Tribute Master','Undead','Bag Merchant'

Let me know if you guys have some more suggestions.
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#7 Sep 03 2017 at 5:35 AM Rating: Good
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Maybe the basic TS containers ? Forge, Oven ...
Maybe something for Undead+Named and Animal+Named since we can only select one of both ?

Edited, Sep 3rd 2017 1:37pm by Drewinette
#8 Sep 04 2017 at 3:42 AM Rating: Excellent
I already submitted the above choices, just waiting on ZAM to approve. It will take a database change as well to add these types. Not sure when ZAM will get around to that.

Those are some good suggestions Drewinette. Next time I add some I'll add yours to the list. I'd like to eventually code out to the side of the NPC search individual boxes you can set for sub categories. That way we don't have a huge list to scroll through.
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