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The Kill-stealing Epidemic on Progression, and live?Follow

#1 Jul 14 2017 at 5:37 AM Rating: Excellent
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Some thoughts I have had with the in-game constant chat about KSing, as well as the fact that the official boards progression section is now dominated by talk of this:

I wonder if it would have been easier/less drama to just keep the "play nice policy" in effect, and give one person the fun job of being the "narc".

The "narc" would visit the places that bring out the bad behavior, say HG in Rathe, and just mind there own business killing some HG. KS the narc = 2 month ban. KS the narc a second time (as account would be internally flagged) welcome to permanent ban for that account.

The "narc" would of course politely ask you in tells if you realized you had engaged the previously engaged mob. You say the right things, you get a pass (once) but don't KS the narc again in that session.


Then, as far as the CSR reports of KSing go (which I assume are the actual reason the policy is no longer enforced because responding to each report takes manpower... but why treat all reports the same?) ... just automate the response to the person reported on by sending them an email that "your account has been reported for not nice play" and copy them the policy. Automate it so it counts 2 things: how many times a single account has reported a person, and how many unique accounts have reported a person.

Customer service could then do 2 things:

1. the single account person repeatedly reporting the same person could be spoken to (are you harassing this person, or just always in the same place as them, you realize you are the only person reporting this person including your boxed accounts, etc.)

2. The accounts getting a high number of different accounts reporting them would be passed onto the "narc's" list of people to play near.

Note that the point isn't getting these things all dealt with quickly, but rather whack-a-moling the most heinous offenders and getting the community back enforcing positive norms. On progression we have guilds endorsing KSing and griefing tactics because "it is allowed". Doesn't make it right, doesn't make a better gameplay experience for everyone.
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I assume they have no money to pay staff but I'm certain if they asked for volunteers to step in to monitor / police they would have people willing. Your idea of automating the system by ticket count & non-unique reporters seems like a great idea - even if that was all they could do.
#3 Jul 14 2017 at 2:48 PM Rating: Excellent
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On my server, FV, where everything is tradeable, I have to believe serious camping is going on when one Bazaar vendor has 8 or more units of a non-lore item, like an EoK ring or earring. Check out the Bazaar. I need some ears for my toons and was considering camping some of the mobs that drop nice ones on my own but clearly when a vendor has 8 of the same item for sale, ya gotta believe they have a lock on that camp and won't be very happy about allowing someone else to give it a shot. Have to admit, I haven't tried yet on some of these but I don't play these days to get into disputes with people whose RL livelihood seems to depend on camping and selling virtual jewelry. Life's too short...
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#4 Jul 14 2017 at 4:21 PM Rating: Excellent
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Sippin wrote:
I don't play these days to get into disputes with people whose RL livelihood seems to depend on camping and selling virtual jewelry. Life's too short...

This is the primary explanation for bad behavior on TLP at least. If they did a krono free server I bet most of these issues would simply vanish. But of course, DBG dug the krono hole and they won't be making it go away any time soon.
#5 Jul 15 2017 at 2:23 PM Rating: Excellent
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The best way to combat KS'ing, especially at highly contested spawns, is to record everything and post it on youtube.

On progression I've been KS'd at the Dylan Starfyre book of vaneer spawn multiple times by the same group of people controlling the timer. I finally OD'd one of them late one nigght, but by the time I finally got the drop, the Kunark unlock was on the near horizon.

I love the FV server. People should be forewarned that it attracts the worst sort of RMT/Krono campers. Millions in plat get swapped probably almost daily. But most of that trading and farming is at the very top tiers. Lower tier farmers still camp the 'server up' login button, but I can usually get what I want with a little extra work and vigilance.

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