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What is everyone doing instead of EQ?Follow

#1 May 07 2011 at 4:36 AM Rating: Good
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Im playign World of Tanks
mmo tank game
2 teams of 15
euro or usa server
45min download
1 game every 30 secs, takes about 5 to 15misn to play one game
rankings stats ratings leaderboard etc etc
gonna play this til eq back up
#2 May 07 2011 at 6:13 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm playing 2 mmos

Battle of the Immortals this is kinda like diablo

and Champions Online make your on superhero and kill alien invaders

both are free to play so good time filler till EQ comes back
#3 May 07 2011 at 6:13 AM Rating: Default
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#4 May 07 2011 at 10:46 AM Rating: Good
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Studying for my final exams. Perhaps this downtime is a good thing for me! hehe
#5 May 07 2011 at 11:05 AM Rating: Excellent
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I decided to resurrect a guitar design and build project so I am finishing up the design of an Ashbory Bass.

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#6 May 07 2011 at 2:22 PM Rating: Good
Slowly mentally degenerating...
Catching up on DVRed shows (done)
Reading (more than 20 books, I read fast)...
WoW (which may account for number one ...

#7 May 07 2011 at 4:03 PM Rating: Excellent
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Painting dining room chairs! whee
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#8 May 07 2011 at 5:19 PM Rating: Good
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loosing my mind
#9 May 07 2011 at 5:42 PM Rating: Decent
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i have been reading about star wars old republic. check it out. it looks really good.
#10 May 07 2011 at 8:52 PM Rating: Decent
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I've been checking out a few free MMO's.

Lord of the rings online
Need for speed world (GREAT racing game!)
Runes of Magic (WoW clone... only recommended if you actually like WoW, which i do not...)

I also reinstalled my old favorite, Oblivion. Can't go wrong there =)
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#11 May 08 2011 at 12:10 AM Rating: Good
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Bought a Harley. O--Yo
^^^ goes fast!
Over the last 15 months, we've traveled to every corner of the United States. I've now been in 57 states? I think one left to go.

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#12 May 08 2011 at 3:52 AM Rating: Decent
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P1999 is alright, but it has some significant issues. It's fun for a lot of people, kudos to the team that runs it, and I won't bore you with some of the reasons why I don't play on P1999, but P1999 isn't for me.

Had fun on EZServer for a bit, until I found out about the RoA and what you have to do to progress later on. If you thought live EverQuest was a timesink, imagine being required to level up to 70... ONE HUNDRED TIMES (as well as do things like levelling every tradeskill to 300) in order to "power up" a ring (think it has like 10,000 HP and +500 tick regen at its max level) that's basically necessary for late and endgame.

Some claim that with ideal multiboxing setups and no competition they can get someone from 1-70 in under an hour, but you're still talking about ~100 hours. Per character. Under ideal circumstances. With PLing. Just for one requisite quest to get your ring boosted. And that's just one of the timesinks they put in. I won't even mention the barrel / chest quest.

Currently playing on TheHiddenForest and having a **** of a good time. Basically a huge revamp of EverQuest, ranging from total zone overhauls, to a new storyline, to MANY new quests, to custom loot. Retuned spells (pets are upgraded, for one thing), etc. I could go on and on about why I like the server, but it's by far my favorite of the emu servers. Lots of guilds, big community (not as big as P1999 of course), basically a great place. Imo it's sort of what a lot of people wanted EverQuest 2 to actually be. It's hardly perfect, but THF is by far the best emu server imo. People help each other out all the time, and there's everything from solo to group to raid content.

Also, imagine my surprise when at level 20 my group ran into new named mobs in Crushbone (already populated with new mobs) that Enrage, Flurry, etc. It's definitely good times.
#13 May 08 2011 at 5:34 AM Rating: Good
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Playing Civ 2, Warlords IV, solitare.

Reading 1636: The Saxon Uprising by Eric Flint, my back issues of Sports Illustrated.

Watching movies, catching up on BBC version of Being Human.

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#14 May 08 2011 at 8:34 AM Rating: Decent
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#15 May 08 2011 at 8:50 AM Rating: Decent
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i've been playing in the asdastory2 beta (don't bother unless you really like asda 1) and also playing pruis online. I've also played Lord of the rings online.
#17 May 08 2011 at 10:45 AM Rating: Good
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Let me know when you get that up and running. My name in Minecraft is the same as my username here. Smiley: grin
#18 May 09 2011 at 10:29 AM Rating: Good
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oh yea,

Just dusted off Titanium EQ, Project 1999... free... win.
#19 May 09 2011 at 10:42 AM Rating: Good
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lots of crying
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#20 May 09 2011 at 12:14 PM Rating: Good

Playing a bit more WoW than usual.

Sometimes playing nothing at all. Almost played a PS3 game, but then didn't feel like walking to the TV to turn it on.
#21 May 09 2011 at 1:04 PM Rating: Decent
Decided to buy Rift last week when servers initially went down. Eh, it's an okay game. Also been playing World of Warcraft and Perfect World. I've also been sleeping a lot since I just finished my semester last week. *grin*
#22 May 09 2011 at 11:40 PM Rating: Decent
230 posts
I thought the downtime would be a great time to get back in touch with reality. Boy! you talking about a tuff game to play, this is it! Smiley: lol

Yard work
House work
Lots of sewing for my business
Playing with dogs alot more
Visiting neighbors more
Yard work
House work
Still watching the hubby Smiley: snore infront of TV
Oh! And alot more reading and posting here. Smiley: nod
And Im thinking about taking up a new hobby.... Smiley: chug
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And if it does, then you can play again.

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#23 May 10 2011 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent
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Reading Kindle books like crazy.
and considering buying a PC game called Amnesia. Check out (big baby plays scary game). If you google that, you'll find video of someone getting really scared by going through a walk through. Very funny, but heads up for the language (PG-13 or higher).

Edited, May 10th 2011 2:45am by fluticazone

P.S. Checking my credit card online daily. Oddly enough, I still haven't been charged for station cash that I bought at 1/2 price that bonus Saturday April 30th. Makes you wonder if they knew and threw in that 1/2 price day a few days before dropping the boom.

Edited, May 10th 2011 3:28am by fluticazone
#24 May 10 2011 at 3:50 AM Rating: Decent
  • NecroVisioN
  • a 2 year old game from The Farm 51(1C), WW1 shooter. Is very cool with good graphics, playing at 1920x1080 with good response. ( AMD Phenom 9650 Quad-core @ 2.30 GHZ 4gig ddr2 with an overclocked GeForce 9600GT from Sparkle.) It has a free downloadable demo and cost $6.73 to download full game with install and iso from Amazon. has the chill factor of early DOOM and the attitude of Duke Nukem 3D, and has mob count liken to Serious Sam: The First Encounter, well almost. It is quite fun. But I played a lot of ID games and only missed Quake WARs. It has a decent story line and good cut scenes that you can skip. Most fun I've had since Fear was bugged and every mob in the zone agroed on zone in (died 16 times that night). the also have a prequel
  • (NecroVisioN: Lost Company
  • that is supposed to be a bit better in some aspects but is not yet on the cheap list.If you are Bored and have good broadband and patience for the 1 gig demo to download or the 10gig full version that is well way worth the $6.73 and is about an 8 hour download on a 3mps DSL line. Makes for a calming state of mind after all the fraud prevention cost and work to repair and protect me and my wife from the results of the hack attack. I been on EQ for close to 11 years, but still play the shooters. Oh yeah it is built on the
  • Painkiller: Resurrection engine which is not bad itself.
  • ____________________________
    #25 May 10 2011 at 4:50 AM Rating: Decent
    1,073 posts
    Doing the same stuff I did when EQ was alive.

    Playing with my kids.
    Chopping firewood for next winter.

    Instead of EQ, I am playing Fallout New Vegas and Crysis.
    After 16 years, I'm not listing every friggin character.
    #26 May 10 2011 at 9:08 AM Rating: Decent
    7 posts
    Playing alot more guitar. Also started playing pool again at the bars.
    As far as gaming goes I play:

    Portal 2 / Battlefield 2 / Unreal Tournement 3

    Got my car tuned check out the videos below. They are short.

    2009 Honda Si VTEC

    INJEN Cold Air Intake
    INVIDIA Header
    GREDDY Exhaust
    HONDATA ECU (Computer) Reflash

    Stock 179 WHP tuned up to 205 WHP

    Car Tuning Video #1:
    Car Tuning Video #2:



    Edited, May 10th 2011 11:09am by Beatenzone
    #28 May 10 2011 at 10:02 AM Rating: Decent
    35 posts
    Question: What is the allure of working with that type of car instead of going full performance?

    I'm not sure about the specifics, because I only know enough about cars to change my brakes, oil, fix a flat, change a battery, etc. But I have quite a few friends that are car tuning enthusiasts, and I asked them a similar question.

    Often times ease of working with the car is a huge factor. Some cars are just much easier to modify than others, whether because of availability or selection of custom parts, or simply because changing part X on a given model takes thirty minutes whereas changing that same part on another model could take all afternoon and proprietary tools depending on where it's located and what's around it.

    That and naturally some cars are much more expensive to modify than others.

    Not that you can't sink $500,000 into a $2,000 car, but.

    Just my ignorant input.
    #30 May 10 2011 at 10:31 AM Rating: Decent
    35 posts
    Maybe they got a great deal on it from a friend.

    Maybe they just really like the look.

    Maybe they bought a vehicle without knowing all that much about cars before they started in on their new hobby.

    Maybe they already owned the vehicle in question and didn't want to go through the costs of selling and getting another.

    Just speculating!

    Edited, May 10th 2011 12:31pm by MegidoFlare
    #31 May 10 2011 at 1:52 PM Rating: Decent
    62 posts
    House is clean. Closets and storage cleaned out too. 6, 7, 8 year old notebooks full of EQ stuff...They were fun flipping through.

    Getting my **** handed to me by the computer in Shogun 2. Reading up on EQ classes I've never put enough time into learning enough about. Ogling those $10,000 realistic Japanese love creepy, but so cool lol. Giving away clothes and shredding lots of old snail mail that was never opened.

    Just got back to EQ a few weeks ago after a long break. Figures. I'm not a fan of torture as a means for gaining quality information, but when they find the individuals who perpetrated this, they ought to be strung up by the nads.
    #32 May 10 2011 at 1:58 PM Rating: Decent
    7 posts
    I wanted a 4 cylinder engine because I want to be less of a slave to gas companies. The VTEC engine gets great gas milage during routine driving, but it automatically switches to a larger cam when you want it to, upping torque, but reducing milage. It still gets better gas milage than my previous Saturn that I had for the last 10 years, even when I drive like a maniac.

    It's not quite the same price. I only wanted to put my *** in a sling for $25K. I found this for $21K (warranty, etc.) and put $3500 into it (what I listed). The next step would be in the $30K+ range (to go for performance outright) and I would be "car poor" and it would also be a 6 or 8 cylinder engine which went against my first rule. I would prolly also want to spend the same $3500+ on it to make it run perfectly.

    Knowing myself, I am probably safer in this than a 300 or 400 WHP car.

    This car pulls 205 WHP and weighs 2945 lbs. It's a comet and alot of fun to drive. Next step is the 1/4 mile.

    Performance is also a slippery slope, it feels "faster/quicker" for about 10 days, then you become used to it and the research and continued tuning begins anew. I am most likely done tweaking at this point. Maybe some HID fog lights since my one lens is cracked.

    I know what you are saying, but it could also be taken as "Why even buy any sports car at all unless it's a 2.5 million dollar Bugatti Veyron."

    I miss EQ. Thanx for the distraction. =)

    Edited, May 10th 2011 4:15pm by Beatenzone
    #33 May 11 2011 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
    MegidoFlare wrote:
    Question: What is the allure of working with that type of car instead of going full performance?

    I'm not sure about the specifics, because I only know enough about cars to change my brakes, oil, fix a flat, change a battery, etc. But I have quite a few friends that are car tuning enthusiasts, and I asked them a similar question.

    Often times ease of working with the car is a huge factor. Some cars are just much easier to modify than others, whether because of availability or selection of custom parts, or simply because changing part X on a given model takes thirty minutes whereas changing that same part on another model could take all afternoon and proprietary tools depending on where it's located and what's around it.

    That and naturally some cars are much more expensive to modify than others.

    Not that you can't sink $500,000 into a $2,000 car, but.

    Just my ignorant input.

    Yeah that's about it. I used to own a 78 Camaro which I built up ridiculously powerful. Loved that car more than anything else because of how easy it was to work on. 90% of the parts on the exterior of the motor could be reach either by popping the hood or rolling under it.

    I dread working on most newer cars, like my mother's van. Just to get to the O2 sensor I had to remove a bunch of shields/protectors and pull the exhaust down, there really was no way to reach it let alone get a wrench around it without doing so. I hate vehicles like that, simple parts you really need to change regularly to maintain good running conditions should be easy to get to and require only the tools which one can purchase at a hardware store or automotive store off the shelf.
    #35 May 11 2011 at 12:32 PM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    Well, after more than a year off, I literally renewed my sub the day before everything went down. sigh.

    Fooling around with Rift some, but not a whole lot. It is an OK game, but I'm having difficult getting into it. Reading more than normal, which is quite a lot.

    Really, having just gotten married in the middle of April, I'm taking the time to get settled into married life and getting used to living with someone else.
    “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” -Albert Einstein
    #36 May 11 2011 at 1:02 PM Rating: Decent
    641 posts
    I've found a home in Lord of the Rings Online but playing that just reminds me of how amazing EQ is.
    Seen quite a few EQ refugees on the Brandywine server.
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    #37 May 11 2011 at 8:01 PM Rating: Decent
    6 posts
    Been watching tv shows I missed over the last decade, and frequenting random Everquest/2 related forums and videos for my Norrath fix.
    #38 May 11 2011 at 8:21 PM Rating: Decent
    10 posts
    Well I have been reading more.
    The fishing season is starting here in Kansas and have did the mait on my boat and engine.
    Now if it would just stop raining lol.
    Walking my German Shepherd Dog a bit more but my cat is having eq withdrawl-he usally sits on the back of my computer chair and watchs
    Matrondeath Zek Server
    #39 May 11 2011 at 10:49 PM Rating: Good
    3,362 posts
    I've been quite busy. Playing Fallout 3 (such a great, great game), maybe working on another Diablo 2 speedrun soonish (First one here.) rereading some Carl Sagan, doing a recording or two. (Hint. Hint.) I'm really thinking about hopping on the progression server when EQ is back up. I miss the experience.
    #40 May 12 2011 at 11:28 AM Rating: Good
    610 posts
    I've reverted back to my RTS past. Hearts of Iron 2 and Age of Empires 2(conquerors). AOE2/Conquerors in multiplayer mode is real fun again after 4-5 years on the shelf collecting dust. But I know it will lose its attraction in a couple weeks or so....Which makes me realize how EQ and many MMORPG's can hog ones playtime of computer games almost exclusively.

    Edited, May 12th 2011 1:32pm by hexeez
    #41 May 12 2011 at 12:10 PM Rating: Decent
    7 posts

    Im playing Karos atm .. actually not a bad game .. abit too cartoonish like WoW but still fun) Very nice attack moves ))
    #42 May 12 2011 at 1:35 PM Rating: Default
    learned to fly light airplanes
    played ok, but DEDICATED TO EQ1
    cleaned garage out and almost got bitten by 1/2 dollar sized Blackwidow....nice illusion till i 1 rounded it with boot
    the only hard day was : yesterday
    #43 May 13 2011 at 4:13 PM Rating: Decent
    343 posts
    thanks for the replies
    i starte dout at rank 300,000 in world of tanks

    im now pushing the top 50.000 players lol
    #44 May 13 2011 at 5:20 PM Rating: Default
    91 posts
    Drinking as many different kinds of beer that I can, making a comparison database, checking the outcome, then relating my data back to what I believe personally.

    Survey says: #1 Guinness draught in the can (with widget), followed by Boddington's (close #2).

    3rd place goes to Old Style Pilsner (GO Lethbridge!!!). Although it has been bastardized by Molson breweries it is still a fantastic lager(pilsner).

    Still experimenting with Molson M (micro-bubble-beer). It's a nice light lager with wee bubbles that is reminiscent of a nitrogen based ale. Easy on the guts after having a heavy meal.

    Each and every of these fine brews go very well with a shot or two of Luxardo Sambucca and the company of a fine young bartender that you have no chance of getting with.
    “It's good to shut up sometimes.” - Marcel Marceau.
    #45 May 19 2011 at 5:49 AM Rating: Decent
    14 posts
    Bought the original Zelda for our Wii. i was playing it with my 10yr old son, showing him what video games were like back in the day. LOL

    #46 May 23 2011 at 10:53 AM Rating: Decent
    746 posts
    Playing Dungeon Fighter Online (probably the most awesome mmo out there), and waiting for dragon nest.
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