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Types of Spirit ShroudsFollow

#1 Apr 17 2007 at 6:57 AM Rating: Good
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Searching for different shroud types, I found an old post here on the forums:

NaturesParadox wrote:
And I'm going to post here all that I can remember about the different tiers.

Kobold Cleric
Kobold Rogue
Minotaur Brute (warrior)
Minotaur Berserker

Goblin Rogue
Orc Brute (warrior)
Goblin Cleric
Goblin Wizard
Orc Battle Rager (berserker)

Basilisk Beast (berserker)
Scaled Wolf Beast (berserker)
Werewolf Beast (berserker)

Skeleton Wizard
Zombie Fighter (warrior)

Could anyone complete this list, please? Would also be nice to see this added to the DoD Guide...

Edit: Typo...

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#2 Apr 17 2007 at 10:50 AM Rating: Good
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Undead line:

Skeleton Wizard (with lifetap and lich)
Zombie Fighter (Warrior with buff that procs a slow)
Scarecrow Enchanter
Spectre Wizard

(just 4 levels)
#3 Apr 17 2007 at 3:30 PM Rating: Decent
Imp Wizard
Evil Eye Psion (enchanter, the only shroud with Charm ability. Used as a way to get the OT gate hammer by players with bad VS faction)
Evil Eye Sorcerer (wizard)
Imp Trickster (enchanter)
Gargoyle Fighter (warrior)

Animals (All are berserker, you have listed some reptiles also)

Earth Elemental Fighter
Water Elemental Cleric
Fire Elemental Wizard
Air Elemental Illusionist

Nature Spirits
Fairy Trickster
Fairy Wizard
Sporali Spore Wielder (enchanter)
Fairy Cleric
Sporali Cleric

Reptiles (all are berserkers)
Scaled Wolf

Aside from these, there is the DoDh /claim reward of a special gargoyle berserker shroud and another evil eye shroud that was given as a reward for beta testers for some expansion that I know of.
That is all
#4 Apr 17 2007 at 7:50 PM Rating: Decent
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mfbrownbear wrote:
Evil Eye Psion (enchanter, the only shroud with Charm ability. Used as a way to get the OT gate hammer by players with bad VS faction)
Evil Eye Sorcerer (wizard)

I'm being a tad nitpicky here....but the Evil Eye Sorcerer (wizard) also shares the Charm ability with its chanty cousin.

On another note, I think it would be great if we could collaborate information on the unique and semi-unique tricks certain shrouds get. Such as the already mentioned Charm ability, and for another example, the Kobold Rogue shroud's Fake Death ability.

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#5 Apr 17 2007 at 11:39 PM Rating: Excellent
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Combining NaturesParadox's, slickness's and mfbrownbear's lists, we get a complete overview:

1. Imp Wizard
2. Evil Eye Psion (enchanter)
3. Evil Eye Sorcerer (wizard with charm ability)
4. Imp Trickster (enchanter)
5. Gargoyle Fighter (warrior)

1. Bear (berserker)
2. Wolf Beast (berserker)
3. Tiger (berserker)
4. Werewolf (berserker)

1. Earth Elemental Fighter
2. Water Elemental Cleric
3. Fire Elemental Wizard
4. Air Elemental Illusionist

1. Goblin Rogue
2. Orc Brute (warrior)
3. Goblin Cleric
4. Goblin Wizard
5. Orc Battle Rager (berserker)

1. Kobold Cleric
2. Kobold Rogue
3. Minotaur Brute (warrior)
4. Minotaur Berserker

Nature Spirits:
1. Fairy Trickster
2. Fairy Wizard
3. Sporali Spore Wielder (enchanter)
4. Fairy Cleric
5. Sporali Cleric

1. Basilisk (berserker)
2. Scaled Wolf Beast (berserker)
3. Raptor (berserker)

1. Skeleton Wizard
2. Zombie Fighter (warrior)
3. Scarecrow Enchanter
4. Spectre Wizard

- Gargoyle Shroud (DoD /claim reward)

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#6 Apr 19 2007 at 2:23 PM Rating: Decent
Correcting my mistakes here.

Thanks Saeel for pointing out there's another Charm shroud available. I guess I never heard of that one because it comes after the evil eye enchanter shroud and for what most people use it for they wouldn't bother unlocking the next shroud in the series.

I mentioned another evil eye shroud reward for a Beta test but I did some digging and found:

Lens of the Evil Eye

which is not a shroud at all, but a clicky illusion item that was rewarded to PoR beta testers.

To add to the usefullness of this thread I'll mention that the undead enchanter shroud (scarecrow) does not have a Clarity type spell. I guess they figured with the lich ability it wouldn't make sense, but you can only lich yourself so it really gives the scarecrow shroud a big knock on usefullness.

The undead fighter (zombie) has a self buff called Creeping Plague which adds a defensive slow proc. Any creature that attacks you while this buff is up has a chance to be slowed 25% which is a good agro effect for this tank shroud.

The rogue shrouds can be used by other classes to do some quests or collections that would be difficult or impossible otherwise. The Slipgear's Errands quest and to solo your own Hand of Glory. There are write-ups for these at which I have used in the past.
That is all
#7 Apr 20 2007 at 3:41 PM Rating: Decent
I have used an interactive online tool to look up all the info on standard DoDh shrouds before. It's hosted by Caster's Realm, which used to be a good spell info site.

I do not recommend visiting the Caster's Realm main pages these days though, as my computer detects viruses every time I do lately.

The interactive database part has not given me any virus problems though, so I'll put a direct link to the database with a disclaimer.



Again, I will mention that the main pages that lead to this database may have viruses but this page in particular did not when I visited it. Although it is possible to embed viruses in the banner ads that appear so please use caution and common sense. Update your antivirus program before checking it out.
That is all
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