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#1 Jul 12 2006 at 10:34 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey does anybody know of a site or have a quick leveling guide that I could use? Just got back into EQ, playing on the progressive server, so I would need a leveling guide from ORIGINAL EQ. none of this 11 expansion stuff. Kunark isn't even out yet on the progressive server.

If anybody knows of areas for a necromancer/magician duo to hunt and gain great exp would be great. if you know any camps or areas that have red, solo mobs, instead of a large number of blue grouped mobs, thatd be great too.

Thanks for any help

This is also up on the necro / mage forums
#2 Jul 12 2006 at 10:38 AM Rating: Default
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Roll a toon.

Head into a zone with mobs in it.

Kill stuff (con to see if it's red, if that matters to you).

Level up.

Kill more stuff.

... sorry, couldn't resist /evil grin
Aude Sapere
#3 Jul 12 2006 at 10:55 AM Rating: Decent
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lol. me and my bro are both already level 11. been hunting in blackburrow, duo'ing elite ledge since level 8 i think. last night we ran to lava storm but apparently they re-did lavastorm and it is terrible. should we just go back to BB for now? and anyone else have any links to a leveling guide for me and him to keep going or what?
#4 Jul 12 2006 at 12:46 PM Rating: Excellent
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I am guessing you are on progression server so you wont be able to go to Kurns for a few weeks.

Level 11 can start working Western Karana, scarecrows on millers farm, bandits. Or Western Commons, Dervs, Kodiaks. I am assuming you are on Antonica and do not have the means or gumption to move to Faydwer. Crushbone or Unrest would be good spots otherwise.
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#5 Jul 12 2006 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
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Level 1-5 BB Mounts., Level 5-12 Steamfont Mounts., 12-30 Unrest., 30-40 Mistmoore, 40-50 Kedge Keep
1-12 Misty Thicket, 12 - 25 Runneyeye, 25-34 South Karana, 34-50 Permafrost
1-5 Freeport, 6-12 Befallen, 12 - 18 N & S Ro, 18-20 Gorge, 20-50 Sol A & B
1-5 Inny Swamp, 5-30 Upper Guk, 30-50 Lower Guk
1-10 Tox, 10-25 Warrens, 25-40 Stoneburnt, 41-50 The Hole
1-50 I think you get the point.
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#6 Jul 13 2006 at 10:22 AM Rating: Good
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I do believe on left hand side here is a Zones category? YES THERE IT IS
I love lavastorm, you can hunt around najeena entrance at 11. Once you get to know the zone head over to the three folks listed as taskmasters for some great tasks to do. They give nice plat and exp when completed. At 11 you may want to talk to the erudite male.
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#7 Jul 13 2006 at 10:26 AM Rating: Good
I love how much everybody has been echoing my own sarcastic sentiments. Thank you, wonderful internet.

On an actually helpful note: I've been hunting in lavastorm with my 11 enc and after that I was planning on moving into Najena. I'm pretty sure that wherever your toon is located that there's something you can kill in either solo or with a group for good exp. Look for it!
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#8 Jul 13 2006 at 10:39 AM Rating: Decent
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While sarcastic, my advice could technically be considered helpful...

Smiley: grin
Aude Sapere
#9 Jul 13 2006 at 10:58 AM Rating: Good
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mage/nec combo will be powerful:

1 - 8 newbie area.
5 - 10 NRo at the dervs.
8 - 12/14 EC or WC at the orc camps (yeah i know you asked for red singles vs blue/yellow groups, at this level the reds will eat you alive)
12 - 18 LS or Oasis
15 - 20 HKP (high keep pass)
20 - 30 HHK (high hold keep gob rooms)

by then Kunark will be open, if it is not already. then you can head over to OT and go up from there in the kunark zones, or hit Guk for faster kills with your combo. i would hit Guk before i hit OT, but right now upper guk is a train traffic zone big time.
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