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#1 Dec 31 2003 at 10:26 PM Rating: Good
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OK, so I have made several hot keys to aid in raising skills, and understand the pause function, but does anyone know how many "pauses" equal 1 second? As an Example, if I were to type "/pause 100" how many seconds is that? THe reason I ask, is I've been able to get it to work for short duration re-use skills like begging, and sense heading, but when I try to do it with forage, it doesn't work. I am currently sitting in the Plane of Growth farming branches of planar oak, and it would be nice to either hit a button once every 5 minutes or hold a button down and have it keep going, rather than have to glanse over every 1 minute 40 seconds to re-hit the forage button. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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#2 Jan 01 2004 at 1:08 AM Rating: Excellent
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Doing a /pause 10 delays whatever the next command is by one second.

For forage, I am not too sure on reuse time, but you said 1min and 40sec? Anyway here goes a hotkey:

/doability [whatever forage is]
/pause 1000
/doability [whatever forage is]
/pause 1000
/doability [whatever forage is]

You can also add in an /autoinventory if you want.

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#3 Jan 01 2004 at 8:39 AM Rating: Default
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I love making hotkeys for everything. I will share with you what I have learned.
Before everyone was bumped to 200 skill. Sence Heading /pause 20
for recycle. I only include this because I still use this command to let me know when my Heal over Time spells are up.

/Cast 4 (Celestial Heal 24 seconds)
/pause 240
/doability 1 (Sence Heading) lets me know when time has expired.

Now here is the problem with this hotkey. You cannot use another hotkey while this one is in pause mode which sucks.

Here is another hotkey for Bind Wounds that works great when you are really hurt and want to go afk for a quick trip to the fridge. Only problem is if you click your hotbutton and the first bind wound put you to 50% the hotkey will keep going.

/doability ( bind wound )
/pause 70
/doability (bindwound)
/pause 70
/doability (bindwound)

Same delay works for BASH I think. I either use 70 or 90 for FISHING. This gives me a few seconds to drop the soggy footware or Rusty dagger before recast. Note I often have quite a bit of lagg so I have added 10 to 20 to the /pause duration for myself. You rich folks with Cable can shave off the seconds till you get your desired delay.

Last Hotkey is <WHO> When they changed the WHO key to FIND I was so ******* Hey I play Rallos Zek. First thing you want to know when you enter a zone on Rallos is WHO many ******** do I need to be ready for :)

/pause 600 ( 1-min )
/pause 1200 ( 2-min )

This hotkey works great but as I said above. My other hotkeys will not work while this is in pause mode.
My /pet attack
/say Sick em bones
Which I trigger on my keyboard instead of using mouse to click
will not trigger and I often take a beating because of that stupid /who hotkey with the long duration.

Well thats all I got for you hope it helps.

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#4 Jan 01 2004 at 10:35 AM Rating: Decent
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Thundergug, if you are also hunting in plane of growth, here's something that will help you. Make a hotkey that just does forage once. Then set an arrow key (or num pad key) to the hotkey slot. Then every time you turn, you will try to forage. Also works great for practicing forage (and sence heading before they bumped it to 200).
#5 Jan 01 2004 at 3:12 PM Rating: Excellent
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a lot of people don't know about the /hotbutton command too. I use it to make hotkeys on the fly without having to edit pre-existing ones. formats like this:

/hotbutton NAME firstcommandline

so if you wanted to make a hotkey for an incoming message youd type:

/hotbutton INC /g INCOMING! -= %t =-

after typing it the key pops onto your cursor and you put it in your hotkey box. then you can right click on it and add more lines if you want or edit it.
#6 Dec 19 2011 at 3:22 PM Rating: Decent
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i just came back to playing EQ, and I was trying to remember how to set some to open my spell book, and load spells,
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#7 Dec 19 2011 at 4:22 PM Rating: Good
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ghoinn1972 wrote:
i just came back to playing EQ, and I was trying to remember how to set some to open my spell book, and load spells,

The little book icon on your spell bar allows you to do both without making hotkeys at all. Save a spell set (i.e., buff, group, solo, etc.) and then just load from there. My one hint is to keep long refresh spells in all your sets in the same location.

For example: my chanter used to love running "Night's Dark Terror", so I would keep it memmed in the bottom spell slot of all my sets, including various buff sets. This stopped me having to wait for it. I also kept my best mez in every set just in case unexpected bad happened.

Nowadays (years later...) my necro keeps feign death perma-memmed among all sets.


As a side note: bumping old threads on this boards is frowned upon greatly. It's better to start a new thread (quote or link to the old thread if the info in it really matters). There are quite a few with rating powers that will downrate necroposting --since your post count is currently 1 you probably get away with it this time (but it's really not worth getting sub-default rated over).
#8 Dec 20 2011 at 7:36 AM Rating: Good
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I'm not a big fan of having extended pauses in hot buttons since it restricts your ability to do some other actions during that pause (like hitting another hot key.)

My preferred approach is to make "one-shot" hot keys (meaning no pauses to permit repetitions) and then bind them to one of your movement keys, like your move forward key. Then whenever you move you will automatically FORAGE, TRACK or do a /WHO. This is an effective and painless way to work up some skills too. You can also have /LOC displayed every time you move forward, if you like to know your exact coordinates. The display for WHO and LOC won't be overly distracting since it only shows up when you first press your movement key. If you hold it down you won't get an endless stream of chat while moving. This is very useful with the WHO command on Zek when you're moving through dangerous territory!

Wow, just noticed how old this original thread was! Probably everybody knows this now!

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#9 Dec 22 2011 at 7:39 AM Rating: Good
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Since your macro only allows five separate lines of commands you can combine the pause command with one other command to increase the useful-goodness of them ;-)

/pause 35, /cast 1
/pause 40, /doability 3
/pause 25, /alt act 472
/pause 65, /cast 6

Line 1 has you cast the spell in slot 1, then pause for 3.5 seconds before going to line 2.
Line 2 does the ability that you have placed in ability spot 3, then pause 4 seconds, before going to line 3.
Line 3 activates your alternate advancement skill 472, then pause 2.5 seconds, before moving to line four.
and so on.

The pause command always has to be first in the line and you can only do one pause and one command per macro line. You won't need a pause command in line 5 generally, as there is no line 6 command.

I did a quick google on alt activate lists and picked the first list that came up of several.

Have fun ;-)
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