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#1 Jun 14 2010 at 5:20 PM Rating: Decent
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bout 6 years ago i remember seeing a list of how much experience each zone offered *about the time PoP was introduced* anyone have such a list or know where i might find an updated one? just curious like PC i know had lots of extra XP compared to like Oasis
#2 Jun 14 2010 at 9:30 PM Rating: Decent
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I haven't seen a recent (5+ yrs?) one. Most zones have been leveled out to within +/- 15% not including such things as dungeon modification (+15%). Kunark zones still have a slight negative modifier, as far as I now, but that doesn't necessarily make them horrible exp. High Hold Keep has been reduced substantially to basically equivalent to other 20s-30s zones, instead of it's once 150ish % bonus, and is why there is rarely anyone there any more, instead of being the it place for the 20s and 30s.

For pretty much all levels, I go where I can kill reds around 5-7 levels higher, if possible, at a fairly good rate. At higher levels, solo / molo that won't be possible, but generally you can find, if well equipped dark blues (within 5 levels) at any level to kill at a descent rate. the +/- 5 levels bonus is pretty significant, especially on the red end, but the kill rate has to be up there to make it worth while. Some zones are better than others, and from what I understand it is based alot on the difficulty of the zone in comparison to other of similar level.

A lot of people like BoT, probably because of the easy single pulls there, and the mobs seem fairly easy to me as well, but exp seems to coincide with it's ease. I always liked HoH and PoF alot better than BoT, and even GE for ealier levesl (<65). Hotzones have a variable but average around 25% exp bonus, which generally makes them ideal zones, if other factors don't hinder them (KT with horrid visibility, way too many HPs, and way too hard hitting for their cons being a prime example of a not worthwhile hotzone).

Anyway, zone experience modifiers are much more equivalent now than they were, and finding a good spot where you can maintain a high kill rate is probably more important than ZEMs now-a-days. Hotzones just make some otherwise not-so-great zones a good alternative, and those that are good on their own, great ones.

Yther Ore.
Friar Bijou wrote:
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#3 Jun 15 2010 at 6:20 AM Rating: Good
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Here is the list from Feb 2004. It's not very relevant now but I'm posting for nostalgia sake! Note the negative modifiers on The Grey and LoIO!

East Commons-0%
East Freeport-0%
East Karana-0%
Gorge of King Xorbb-0%
Gukta- Outpost of Marr-33.3%
High Keep-100%
Highpass Hold-6.7%
Innothule Swamp-0%
Kithikor Woods-0%
Lake Rathe-0%
Lavastorm Mountains-0%
Lower Guk-6.7%
Misty Thicket-0%
Nagafen's Lair-6.7%
Neriak- All-33.3%
North Freeport-33.3%
North Karana-0%
North Qeynos-0%
North Ro-75
Oasis of Marr-75
Qeynos Hills-0%
Rathe Mountains-0%
Runny Eye-33.3%
Solusek's Eye-73.3%
South Karana-0%
South Ro-0%
Splitpaw Lair-20%
Surefall Glade-33.3%
Temple of Cazic Thule-13.3%
The Feerrott-0%
Upper Guk-100%
West Commonlands-0%
West Freeport-0%
West Karana-0%

Butcherblock Mountains-0%
Castle Mistmoore-20%
Dagnor's Cauldron-0%
Greater Faydark-0%
Kedge Keep-33.3%
Lesser Faydark-0%
Steamfront Mountains-0%
Stonebrunt Mountains-0%
The Estate of Unrest-73.3%

Burning Woods-0%
City of Mist-13.3%
Emerald Jungle-0%
Field of Bone-0%
Fironia Vie-0%
Frontier Mountains-0%
Karnor's Castle-13.3%
Kurn's Tower-100%
Lake of Ill Omen- (-)14.3%
Skyfire Mountains-6.7%
Swamp of No Hope-0%
The Overthere-0%
Trakanon's Teeth-0%
Warsliks Woods-0%

Crypt of Nadox-13.3%
Dulak's Harbor-13.3%
The Gulf of Gunthak-13.3%
Torgiran Mines-13.3%

Acrylia Caverns-20%
Akheva Ruins-13.3%
Dawnshroud Peaks-0%
Echo Caverns-6.7%
Fungus Grove-0%
Grieg's End-20%
Griming Forest-6.7%
Hollowshade Moor-0%
Katta Castellum-13.3%
Marus Seru-0%
Mons Letalis-0%
Netherbian Lair-6.7%
Paludal Caverns-113.3%
Sanctus Seru-13.3%
Scarlet Desert-0%
Shadow Haven-33.3%
Shadweaver's Thicket-0%
Shar Vhal-0%
Ssraeshza Temple-33.3%
Tenebrous Mountains-0%
The Deep-13.3%
The Grey- (-)13.3%
The Maiden's Eye-0%
Twilight Sea-0%
Umbral Plains-20%

Kerra Isle-20%
Stonebrunt Mountains-0%
The Warrens-100%
Toxxulia Forest-0%

Plane of Innovation-58.7%
Plane of Justice-58.7%
Plane of Nightmare-58.7%
Plane of Storms-58.7%
Plane of Torment-58.7%
Plane of Valor-58.7%
Ruins of Lxanvom-58.7%

Cobalt Scar-0%
Crystal Caverns-13.3%
Dragon Necropolis-13.3%
Eastern Wastes-0%
Great Divide-0%
Iceclad Ocean-0%
Icewell Keep-13.3%
Kael Drakkel-13.3%
Siren's Grotto-13.3%
Sleeper's Tomb-20%
Tower of Frozen Shadow-13.3%
Velketor's Labyrinth-13.3%
Wakening Lands-0%
Western Wastes-6.7%

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