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Aching Blood
Acidic Dissolver
Amnesic Lolium
Scars of VeliousAncient Venom Sac Dropped by Slyder the Ancient.
Asp Poison
Atrophic Sap
Basilisk Poison
Gates of DiscordBite of the Ikaav
Brain Freeze
Calcium Rot
Carnivore Mortis
Choking Asmag
Corrosive Solvent
Cranial Cryofrost
Crippling Peptide
OriginalCrookstinger Poison Dropped by Crookstinger.
Crystal Eritus
Planes of PowerCrystalline Serum Dropped by A Crystalline Arachnae.
Prophecy of RoCyclan Butil
Cyclic Vertigo
Delusional Swiftness
Dilapidating Ash
Essence of Rallos
Eyeburn Solution
Festering Nettle
Giant Wasp Venom Found via this quest.
Horrendous Atrophy
Inferno Blood
Iron Dimethyl
Kinetic Suppressant
Languid Lixt Wing
Leprous Pus
Lethargic Bliss
Lixt Wing Dust
Maddening Sap
Mages Bane
Metallic Alkaloid
Mind Melt
Monk's Hood Aconite
Pacifying Whisper
Paradoxical Peptide
Veil of AlarisPoison of the Huntsman Dropped by a huntsman.
Powdered Banality
Putrid Bane
Rancid Wolfkiller
Regalis Poison
Rending Swiftness
Retinal Deactivator
Shadowveil Hemlock
Ruins of KunarkSmoldering Cyanide
Snake Venom Found via this quest.
Solvent Gangrene
Soul Burn
Spider Venom Found via this quest.
Spine Break
Spirit of Sloth
Stiffening Ergot
Susceptible Essence
Sweet Lathyris
Temporal Rot
Twisting Disorientation
Vial of Rabid Froth Dropped by Gnashmaw.
Visceral Rot
Visionistic Pain
Warlords Rage
Xegony's Curse
Zek Frost