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Omens of WarAged Muramite Lute Dropped by Ukun Fleshrender.
Dusty Guktan Pastwatch Eye
Shadows of LuclinFabled Girdle of Magnificence Dropped by The Fabled Lcea Katta.
Omens of WarFirestorm Cape Found via this quest. Found via this quest.
Shadows of LuclinGauntlets of the Blood Fiend Dropped by Gorelaz Verilak.
Shadows of LuclinGirdle of Magnificence Dropped by Lcea Katta.
Guktan Pastwatch Eye Dropped by Glikigup.
Shadows of LuclinHelm of the Vampyric Traitor Dropped by Heratius Grolden.
Jezekiell's Fervent Blade
Shadows of LuclinKatta Staff of Peace Dropped by Lcea Katta.
Gates of DiscordKelp-String Lute of Tide Rituals Dropped by Hexxt N`Vak Tkan.
Scars of VeliousLute of the Howler Dropped by Khelkar Icepaw.
Omens of WarLute of the Mischiefmaker Dropped by Discordling Shardmender.
Depths of DarkhollowOddtune, the Chaotic Minstrel Found via this quest.