Sanctum Somnium  

Quick Facts

Type: Indoor
Continent: House of Thule
Instanced: No
Keyed: Yes
Level Range: 90 - 95
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This is the home of the Lord of Dreams, Morell Thule. The Sanctum is the center of his realm, the Plane of Dreams where Morell oversees all that happens in our subconscious. Here, at the heart of the Plane of Dreams, anything can happen. Morell's home is the source of fantasy itself and contains elements of the varied fantasy realms dreamt up by Norrath's citizens. Time and space can be easily reshaped here.

Morell Thule keeps his rooms at the very top of the tallest tower. From this lofty position he presides over his realm, directing the dreams and nightmares of mortals. His servants inhabit the lower levels of the tower, tending to his needs and attending their duties. There are others who dwell in Morell's tower. The unfortunate few who have been trapped in their dreams...
Welcome to Sanctum SomniumGuardians Make Their RoundsThe CourtyardThe Treasure Halls
The Giant FortOne of the Tower BedroomsHaunted HallsThe Ruined Village
The Dream Collector and CompanyDanger Lurks in the Basement...Morell's TowerDream Shades

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