Gorge of King Xorbb (Beholder's Maze)  

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Type: Outdoor
Continent: Antonica
Instanced: No
Keyed: No
Level Range: 10 - 25
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The Gorge of King Xorbb separates the Citadel of Runnyeye from the Eastern Plains of Karana. It is a twisting maze full of minotaurs, muddites and goblins, with a central area home to the evil eye lords.
Entering the GorgeEvil Eyes and Minotaurs Patrol the GorgeA Towering ChasmMuddite Elder
Entrance to the Citadel of RunnyeyeAltar of the Evil Eye LordsLooking for Handouts
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King's Xorbb's Gorge in the Time-locked Progression Era
# Feb 20 2011 at 2:02 PM Rating: Good
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While really only a novelty out-of-the-way place to level on regular servers, this zone is actually travelled and used in the early days of the time-locked servers.

Those wanted to hunt here would ideally be kiters. The zone layout (especially the massive nearly empty south pathway) is perfect for long drawn-out little damage kites (and that's what level 12+ progression types will be doing for a while, until twink gear trickles down).

Melee-wise, its not such a great spot because the muddites blind and root. Group xp is likely better in many other zones that aren't quite so inconvenient to non-gaters.

Kill in here long enough you can use Runnyeye as a home base, but many would rather kill in there.

If you've never tried to get the named in here, be aware it takes a lot of time and luck to see even one of them.

A couple of useful caster items drop off the evil eyes, so at least until Kunark is unlocked there is a farming aspect to the zone as well. Also, some people like the clay and ore drops off the muddites.

My nearly-naked level 13 necro found the blue-con minors to be easy kites. At 13, the elders con yellow and are doable. Everything else (minotaurs, evil eyes) are at least yellow and very resistant to snares it seems.

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King's Xorbb's Gorge in the Time-locked Progression Era
# Dec 30 2013 at 2:25 PM Rating: Decent
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snailish wrote:

Kill in here long enough you can use Runnyeye as a home base, but many would rather kill in there.

Edited, Feb 20th 2011 3:07pm by snailish

In the early days on Tallon Zek this was a viable option for the dark races.
If you were hunting (PKing) in the area, you needed a place to bank the coin you got. It was a long run back to Neriak if you didn't have Runnyeye faction.

Those were fun times.
Flyhalfer Wingfoot
Melee Druid of Karana
# May 18 2009 at 7:18 PM Rating: Decent
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This area never spawned King X despite the years play. I've never figured out why SOE never addressed/fixed that or added some more interesting mobs to this area.
# Aug 19 2009 at 4:44 AM Rating: Good
Decidrius wrote:
This area never spawned King X despite the years play. I've never figured out why SOE never addressed/fixed that or added some more interesting mobs to this area.

They don't need to do anything to the gorge, their in-game metrics will show the zone is occupied by fanatical hunters after the King quite freqently and is often passed through by druids/rangers taking a shortcut and hoping to get lucky on track.

Camp the zone for a full day and you will likely not be alone the whole time. Countless other newer zones in the game cannot boast such.

Does the zone serve its original focus of levelling teenage halfings? Not really, but they revamped Runnyeye and Cazic Thule back in the day to up usage in what had already become low-pop newb areas.

The Gorge was a great place to learn how to kite as well. Keep in mind the era of the zone, most places mob placement was in tighter bunches.

Raster of Guk is a 5% spawn on a 27min (iirc) timer. So people camp him for hours to days. Suppose Xorbb shares a single roaming PH with the other named mobs in the zone (anecdotal evidence suggests so) and that this PH is on the 6 minute timer most of the mobs are on (Goblin Alchemist is reportedly on 72 minute timer in the gorge) and has a 1% chance of spawning. That's going to make spawning him rather difficult.

Keeping in mind that the minotaurs kill the goblins randomly (some goblins die, some get ignored)which really throws off the tracking order as some spawns aren't just goblins all the time.

And yes, I have killed King Xorbb. Qlei is the only named I haven't managed to get in the Gorge over the years.
Did 16 here
# Oct 18 2006 at 9:22 AM Rating: Decent
Got the message at the end of 15 to go to the Gorge to hunt so I did. Got a dwarf Beserker completely untwinked with just newbie armor and weops. Came in through Runnyeye. Seemed safe there with easy exit so stayed there. First thing I learned was you have to pull carefully as you get big trains of both goblins and muddites. I did not have a chance against the evil eyes so never fought them. I know there are better zones for money but this was not too bad as the muddite mud was near 1P, and lots of clay sells ok. Weird thing was, it was like I leveled up here in one level. Start was yellow and red minotaurs and white muddite elders and blue minors and blue goblin vets. By the end of 16, it was blue minotaurs amd blue elders and everything else green. Killed a lot of green with the trains and got my new double attack maxed in one level. I would fight everything I could at Runnyeye exit and then run the cliff line. Pull them up the bottom to the line and fight there as not many adds that way. (You can see the line on the cliffs). I thought it was ok place that took a little hunting skill to get the right mob.
The Hunt continues
# Nov 23 2005 at 10:06 PM Rating: Decent
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Was this zone ever busy? Having spent way too much time in here lately trying to get the king to spawn I have the sneaking suspicion that the named in here were never intended to be ultra-rare.

Wandering mobs seem to definately be a factor as every named (aside from the common eyes at the altar) I have seen has been wandering the paths. Bramhs was on the path going basically straght north from East Karana zone in. The imp was along the top (not the loop but the main run). Imp was also invis...

I just wonder if killing a particular spawn and leaving the rest would speed this up. Hard part is figuring out what spawn to try. Certainly most spawns seem to be random of most mob types.

This is an old zone... just seems odd that it is so hard to find mobs in.

An interesting point of view on rpgexpert.com search "Xorbb".
RE: The Hunt continues
# Nov 27 2005 at 4:33 PM Rating: Decent
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Still wasting time in here. Still no Xorbb. Did see a spinflint though. Kept killing the north loop and he eventually wandered through. The science is inexact though that whenever it got slow I ran around and killed everything.
RE: The Hunt continues
# Dec 11 2005 at 1:27 AM Rating: Decent
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I want to give up... but my ranger now lives here. I log him in, hit track -see no xorbb so I kill some mobs then log.

I have now run into people in here. Halflings doing armor quests, and a few duos doing the runnyeye zoneline for xp. No one has seen a xorbb.

Has anyone seen a Xorbb lately?
Nix this Zone
# Jul 08 2005 at 2:55 PM Rating: Excellent
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If ever there were a zone to be surgically removed from EQ, it's this one. The graphics suck, there's no real theme, and the mobs are crap. The beholders are incredibly irritating, and trains are just a heartbeat away. do yourself a favor and never, ever set foot in this zone.
Vashra's Guide to the Gorge (rant)
# May 04 2004 at 5:23 AM Rating: Good
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Dunno if this is true on every server but here is the deal on MithMarr...

Back in the day when this zone had MOBS in it, people would come here for occasional xp but usually just to camp the pbb and similar stuff or to farm clay and ore (mostly clay).

Today the zone is all but devoid of mobs. I mean you run in and there's like...no mobs. If you got to where the two evil eyes pop (big throne-like stone thing) there are a FEW mobs.

The muddites are minors to elders. They have a crappy spell that is either a root or a snare (I dunno it won't stick on me). They have under 516 hp total because one of my Retribution spells ko's them but good. They drop clay, muddite mud, random low end gems (jade, amber, onyx, etc), ore, and words/runes/pages/etc. If they have any really cool drops I haven't seen it. Got two silver bars off one but not in near enough quantity to make farming here profitable.

The eyes are enchanters. They also have under 516 hp. Unlike most enchanters I've fought, the pets seem to go poof when the eyes die rather than hanging around to stick out the fight. Anyway they can tash you, charm you (or your pet), mez you and all the other lovely things a lvl 1 - 25 enchanter may be able to do.

The minos are pretty much like the minos in the slaver caves of Steamfount. Axes, horns, random junk.

I haven't seen the imp yet - dunno what he does. Been here 9 hours....

Spinflint pops so darn rarely that he's practically a figment of your imagination. By the time you spot this guy (let alone get him to drop the thingie you need) you'll be able to BUY a cloak of greater pernicity for cash. Leave this sad PoK quest to people with WAAAY too much time on their hands. I took my faction (High elf cleric) from kos to indiff with the gobbies in Runneyeye and haven't seen this guy pop once.

The eyes at the throne are easy to single pull. I've never pulled one and had the other aggro unless what's his name on the top tier was there. He's about lvl 25. Drops a ring.

If anyone knows what optic fluid is for lemme know.

Honestly unless there is something in here you desperately want/need, you could go your whole EQ life and never see this zone and be fine. <yawn>
*Insert snazzy catchphrase here*
RE: Vashra's Guide to the Gorge (rant)
# Oct 20 2005 at 9:26 PM Rating: Decent
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The imp aggroed on me as a level 65 chanter. It died.

Zone seems rather empty of mobs for the amount of running around you do. The more I killed the more there seemed to be though. Some seemed to walked into walls. Lack of track makes me unable to confirm "Lots of mobs but none I can see".

Since they put a bunch of quest npc's in here one would hope they fixed the old issues. The place is definately out of the way. Would be a very funny spot to put some new loot into.
RE: Vashra's Guide to the Gorge (rant)
# May 17 2004 at 11:51 AM Rating: Excellent
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This is the only zone that drops Heavy clay which is used in tradeskills. Never many ppl here but if your a tracker the zone is very easy to get a few levels around level 18.
'The only thing I cannot resist is temptation.', Oscar Wilde.
# Jan 10 2004 at 2:54 AM Rating: Decent
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can some one tell me were spinflint is and eyes too
# Jan 10 2004 at 2:53 AM Rating: Decent
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can some one tell me if you have to go to the rune stone to find rinflint
# Jul 20 2003 at 1:24 PM Rating: Default
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Is there good hunting here for a solo 29 pally? The eyes would be good for me, but I don't know if I could pull one at a time without them all adding on me.
# May 14 2003 at 12:21 PM Rating: Decent
killed the king once.... and the imp.bout the same time after killing eyes for a while.. never saw him again.. been there alot any one got any info on popping the king??
Any one on...
# May 06 2003 at 8:59 PM Rating: Default
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Any one on mithaniel mar server? if so please email me at neomack@yahoo.com to thorris
# Mar 21 2003 at 11:50 AM Rating: Default
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How often does this guy pop?
A necro's guide to evil eye hunting
# Dec 24 2002 at 4:01 AM Rating: Excellent
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I took a 31 necro in to get a pair of polished bone braclets. It took me about 2.5 hours before the second one dropped. Bring lots of backpacks - the eyes drop gems, which are light and valuable. At this level, neither the minotaurs nor the muddites would aggro on me (without being charmed, but I'll come to that).

Breaking the spawn was the only hard part. The eyes spawn around a platform shaped like a T, with Lord Soptyr on top of the platform at the T's intersection and Lords Sviir and Syrkl spawning in the alcoves made by the T's crossbar. Soptyr is much tougher than the other two. I killed one of the lesser lords with standard necro dot/pet tactics, but Soptyr then charmed my pet and multiple minotaurs which chased me to the zone line (which is a long way). I was lucky to survive. But with one side of the T clear, I could get a clear shot at Soptyr with FM. I died the first time - he enthralled me while our pets fought and munched me up himself at 65 hp per hit. The second time I was smarter and hit him with fear off the bat. My pet could occupy his pet easily, and the fear took him well out of reach of the other eyes.

After the spawn was broken, I started to fear kite the lesser lords and the evil eyes that alternately spawn in their place. Fearing them minimizes the number of spells they can get off. It's easier if you hit them with a fear immediately as they spawn, before they have a chance to summon a pet. They'll run for the entrance tunnel under fear, so I parked my pet in their way. Fear... darkness... pet... shock of poison... shock of poison... would kill the lesser lords, and you can skip the last shock of poison for the evil eyes. I set up on the crossbar of the T itself above their spawn points where I could survey the whole area.

Thankfully, Soptyr (or Xorbb) never respawned after I cleared the central spawn point. It must be on a very long clock.

I'd recommend this to any INT or WIS caster in the early 30s - two +3 INT +3 WIS braclets in a little over two hours plus lots of gems and about 25 pp of coin. (But very little XP.) Fear makes it easier for necros to break the spawn, and I managed to do it at level 31. Other kinds of casters might want to wait another level or two.

One oddity - charmed pets don't die when you zone. I was attacked by some beastlord's orphaned warder when I first arrive, and the orphaned pet that chased me to the zone line under charm just stood there for the rest of the time I was there, even after I summoned another pet.

One note - if an eye dies (from a dot) while you're mez'd or charmed, its body just disappears. This happened to me twice early on before I got my tactics down.

Ledge by evil eyes
# Dec 16 2002 at 1:40 PM Rating: Decent
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There's a ledge before the evil eye pit that spans from one side of the wall to the other. It's great to sit on while your healing or medding. The Minotaur are great since they roam up and down the path. I jump down on them when there's no chance of a gang up. Every once in a while an evil eye will come down the path so you have to be really careful watching your back. It's no fun when they blind or charm you. They also debuff you so having SoW doesn't help. Lvl 22 human monk an I still donít mess with them.
Iím in the area now!(12/16/02)...don't be shy and say hi ;)

Optic Eye Fluid???
# Sep 24 2002 at 1:39 AM Rating: Decent
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I looted a bottle? of Optic Eye Fluid off of one of the named lords, was wondering what it is for? Lore, No Drop.

Also noted that in my 3 days of camping the EEs (wanted PBB to raise my poor wis of 130 and only got 1) I NEVER once saw one summon a pet. It looked like they spawned with one. I nuke a few as soon as they spawned just to see and pet was there already (it didn't have time to cast).
Mr. Coldfeet
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RE: Optic Eye Fluid???
# Dec 27 2002 at 10:31 AM Rating: Decent
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It gets the red out. Hehe
good place to solo 18-21
# Jun 28 2002 at 9:37 PM Rating: Excellent
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My Vah Shir BST spent all of lvl 19 here, and I was usually the only person in the zone. Parked my pet at the entrance to Runnyeye, and just ran out to pull anything and everything toward that spot (except goblins, almost all of which were green to me).

Gorge minos dropped some gold everynow and then, but usually just a few silver (on occasion they would have a horn or axe).

Chasm minos dropped more plat, and were great xp for this level.

Muddite elders were also great xp even though they were blue to me, and dropped decent loot. Some spell components, silver bars and low level gems every now and then, some ore (blocks sell for 3pp if you can lug them to a vendor), and lots of clay. Also dropped muddite mud (posion component) which sells for decent cash.

Also killed whatever muddite minor would come by just so they would be hanging around whenever something tougher walked by (they will join in even if they are green). Minos and muddites are on same faction -- King Xorbb goes down, two goblin factions go up.

At level 20, some of the gorge minos are light blue, but muddite elders and chasm minos are still good. Only saw a couple of evil eyes, as I did not venture too far in (not a curious cat here), but they are fairly easy if you have a pet.

With the clay I collected, I went from 0 to 95 in pottery skill in about 20 minutes, spending less than 5pp on water and sketches.

Nice place to hunt solo, especially if you are a beginning potter (NOTE: heavy clay is also dropped -- rarely -- and is used in some high level pottery).
lvl 25
# Apr 27 2002 at 11:44 AM Rating: Decent
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you said that lvl 25's can fight here but i havent seen to much that is blue or even light blue to me. could you plz tell me what i can fight.

Throuc 22 monk
winamtin 52 warrior
Fennin Ro Server
RE: lvl 25
# May 29 2002 at 3:21 AM Rating: Decent
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Check the bestiary.
at 25 the Evil Eyes should be ok & maybe a Chasm Mino or Gobbo alchemist, these u should be able to Solo.
The Named Evil Eyes are a bit different, especially if Lord Soptyvr is up. A group of mid 20's should be able to handle them (but not a 30Pally/26 Cleric double act - trust me)

Bereck Ymdroi
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Bereck Ymdroi of Faydark's First
Cleric of Brell Serilis
Master Potter and Drinker
Ok, so do they gang up?
# Dec 16 2001 at 9:03 PM Rating: Decent
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Would like to get some of the nice stuff everyone is talking about (not to mention that I could use the plat as well!), and want to solo my 17 druid here. Question is, if I start beating on these guys, will they all come running to help out their pals? I've never done anything in this zone other than to run through on my way to Karanas.

thanks in advance,
Jannae lvl 10 shaman
Darklet lvl 17 druid
Darklet lvl 17 Druid
Jannae lvl 10 Shaman
Shade and Sweetwater
# Oct 11 2001 at 6:42 PM Rating: Default
Hey all I'm a lvl 15 mage who is sick of oasis and is looking for new places. Would this area be good for me?
Report from the Maze
# Sep 17 2001 at 7:58 AM Rating: Default
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Ok so the eyes are messed up. It seems to me that since they Have the eye spawning in the middle now, it is almost inpossible for less than a full group of upper 20's to break this spawn. We tried a couple of time, 3 lvl 21 to 24s. We were able to kill a few eyes, one per attempt before being forced to zone by the Boss Eye.

On the other hand the exp in this zone is great. There are some nice drops. The mino's drop up to a plat, and the axe from time to time. The Muddites Elders drop Some items that can be sold for nice cash or better yet, made into items if you happen to know a smith. Another possible benifit is the fac you get for killing the Muddites and Minos, and I assume eyes. But we were so bussy fighting and running that I didn't really notice what fac changed when we were killing them. Anyway your fac goes up with the runnyeye and pickclaw goblins. I believe once you get your fac high enough you would be able to bank in RE.

The hole time we were here there was noone else hunting this zone. Which ment we had all the mobs we could handle. The best place to hunt is just outside the RE zone. From the canyon stright ahead you can pull muddites and Minno, and if you get into truble, the zone is right behind you. The canyon on the RHS looking out from RE is less busy but seems to hold more muddites and fewer Minoes. The Zone area from EK has no mobs for a long ways. Until you come to a 3 way split in the path or canyon. Either path will take you to the RE side. The one to the right is the shortest but with the most mobs. The one on the left is the longest. It also ties into the center path.
From time to time an eye will come up out of their area and run the canyons. We killed a couple of these but didn't get any PPB of of them. We did get one from the ones at the spawn location.

All in all this was a great hunting spot. Made some shield and banded armor from the ore drops. The enchantrass got some silver and electrum.

The exp was great, and the loot was good. Just had to be carefull when pulling that too many muddite minors didn't join in, and for now we left the eyes alone.
Polished Bone bracelets, Evil Eyes and Beholder...
# Jun 23 2001 at 7:10 PM Rating: Default
Hail all,

After spending a few hours, OK OK OK, 7 1/2 to 8 hours in the Gorge of King Xorbb (whom I didn't meet by the way), I scored two Polished Bone Bracelets, 4 Polished Bone Hoops, several Onyx rings (+5 hit point rings, which I dropped), Quartz crystals (+5 hit points, primary & secondary slots; I know, it doesn't make much sense) silver amulets, gold rings and earrings and (who'd a thunk it) a bar of silver (off of Muddites), plus gems and research components for most caster classes (Lvl 16 - 20 spells) I also got 8 bunches of optic nerves needed for the Crafted Bracer quest, methinks they are, if not, I'm not letting 'em clog up MY inventory!

The Evil Eyes are placeholders for the two named Lords (slightly harder than the regular EEs, they ARE named afterall) that also spawn here, drop evil eyestalks for all you poison maniacal rogues, they are described in here fairly correctly and go down like most NPC casters, because they have few hit points.

Well, I was doin fine hunting in here with hopes of getting some nifty bracers for myself; when I got my first one, I nearly jumped outta my seat because it was after the 4th hour, LOL!

Soon after though, Lord Soptvyr (or whatever he's called) spawned ON the thrown area (up top inbetween the two spawn points of the other eyes), and I didn't have full mana or health from strugglin' to keep the spawn broken by myself. He was blue to me, so I say what the hey!


Well at least for me (I'm sure someone else could've killed him, but hey, I'm an enchantress, mistress of crowd control, not Death Incarnate, Mr. Necro...LOL), anywho, I got him down to 1/4 health though and would've taught him who's who if my retarded pet would've attacked him instead of his pet...*sighs* Lord Sappy has level 29 enchanter spells, not 20 spells like the other Eyes. So expect to be debuffed (I was turned into a buffless smurf in about 2 seconds flat!) and nuked for 150 DD, he'll Suffocate as well, I'm assuming...I didn't live to be so lucky to get that cast upon me, ;)

HE is on my S-list! One day he WILL die by my hands of magic! Hey, at least I got my PBBs! |0)

PS-I DIDN'T farm these, I needed them to increase my paultry intelligence so I went to where they were dropped and killed until I had TWO in my possession. I earned them, WITHOUT purchasing them. Some people like to do things this way and others like to farm and twink until they have a few 1000k of platinum in reserve to throw around...I am a humble soul, unable and to attain the seemingly endless amount of platinum on my server currently and this was pretty much the first time I camped something; and I do hafta say this, IT SUCKS to camp! ! ! !

Kelilye Furykryztal, 35th seasoned Mistress of Hateful Enchantments and High Mystic within The Circle of the Shadows on The Nameless server
RE: strange EE
# Jun 08 2001 at 7:38 AM Rating: Default
at least twice i have encountered the same low hp EE - 2 swings from my pet and it was dead. One tme, however, before it died it cast a DoT disease on me - very nasty - it lasted over an hour and had done about 1000 damage before i was able to find a cure.
RE: strange EE
# Jul 11 2003 at 3:45 PM Rating: Default
145 posts
The lack of information provided here might make me sound like a tard but I would still like to toss this to you about your Diseased Eye.

If the DoT is a low damage dot that lasts for a very long time. Consider this a gift as this low dmg ( assuming ) dot provides you with a handy defence vs the charming eyes. Think about it.
RE: strange EE
# Jul 27 2001 at 8:38 PM Rating: Default
The infected EE is sort of a trap. Its best to cast on him because if you touch him you get that nasty LOOOOOOO DOT.
New pathing and spawns
# Jun 01 2001 at 9:00 AM Rating: Default
The chasm that runs from the main Gorge ring to EK used to be one of the finest kiting and fighting areas available for mid-teens to low 20s. The May 30th patch has significantly changed that particular part of the Gorge.

Formerly, mobs would venture no further than the junction of the chasm and the main Gorge ring, unless pulled or aggroed. Now, mobs can be found wandering or patrolling all the way up the chasm to very near or right at the EK zone line. Used to you could just snatch a mob from the intersection and back up towards EK, kiting all the way. Now, there is a stream of mobs, from minor muddies to chasm minos to EEs, all up and down the center of the chasm to the EK zone line.

Formerly, all spawns were on, or interior to, the main Gorge ring. Now, spawns can occur at several points along the chasm to EK. Used to you didn't have to watch your back whilst fighting a mob you had pulled. Now, you had better keep an eye on your six, since there could be an extra Minotaur or two, or the occasional Evil Eye, moseying down to check things out.

At lvl 20, the minor muddies were not aggro, at least not all the time. In one fight last night, with an elder and an aggoed minor, another minor strolled right thru the fight and kept going. In another fight, with a warrior on a Mino on the main central path, and me a distance aways and against the wall, 2 minors decided out of nowhere to join in, on me.

Another, and perhaps not the final, implication of these changes to the Gorge is that zoning in from EK is no longer the risk-free proposition it once was. Now, after zoning to the Gorge to shake off the pack of aggroed dogs, snakes, kitties, bandits, spiders, and griffs from EK, you could be greeted with a message along the lines of "An Evil Eye begins to cast a spell".

I wouldn't be surprised if similar changes were applied at some point to the EK side of the zone, where there is (currently) another excellent kiting and fighting area.
RE: New pathing and spawns
# Jul 28 2001 at 7:16 AM Rating: Decent
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I've been in the Gorge for a while now, never saw anything near the EK zone, not counting the mobs i brought there. You sure there are spawn points near the EK zone?

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Tarew Marr
NOT anymore - RE: New pathing and spawns
# Jun 05 2001 at 10:58 AM Rating: Default
I went back to the Gorge-to-EK chasm again, and all appears to be as it was before the patch, i.e., great kiting zone. Don't know if the chasm changes I saw after the patch were just a fluke, a bad idea that didn't work, or what, but it appears that the chasm to EK has returned to its pre-patch condition.

Is this what Verant means by "the dynamic nature of the game"? Seems like status quo ante to me....
re: strange ee
# May 31 2001 at 8:29 PM Rating: Default
It probably happened because someone else was fighting it and died or ran or somehow zoned away. Then shortly after that you hit it and it was so low from other fight, it died and since the person that did most damage wasn't there you did the most of the people in the zone, so you got the exp and stuff.
Strange EE
# May 16 2001 at 8:16 AM Rating: Default
I was hunting evil eyes in the gorge when I saw one wander by. I went to pull it and I know it had a full life bar, but when I hit it to aggro me, the thing died. I hit it only for 10 and I got the xp for and faction. Although when I looted it nothing dropped, but thats normal. Any idea why this happened?

Hafling Warrior
19th Season
#Anonymous, Posted: May 16 2001 at 8:12 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post)
Evil Eye camping
# Jan 31 2001 at 12:33 PM Rating: Excellent
3 posts
OK - quick strategy sharing from a few hours spent in the throne room:

I am a lvl 23/24 Mage (depending on how long I've gone w/o dying). I camped one of the eye spawns on the side of the throne last night.

The first tip I have is to set up your camp spot directly in front of the throne. i.e. - as you come into the throne room, go around to the complete other side of the room, up against the wall and a rock outcropping. If you are in the right spot, you will be able to look down the edge of the ramp leading up to the throne and see the eyes spawn point clearly.

The reason this is a good spot is threefold:

1) Due to the unique pathing of this zone, there is no real direct path for the mobs to travel to get to you. They must double back toward the room's entrance and the circle around toward you. This will buy you time to get in a whole casting of a spell!!

2) This spot is ALSO just out of the casting range of the eye itself. Therefore, the eye has to travel the above mentioned circuit to even GET INTO casting range to try to charm/fear/warp you. By the same reason as above - you basically get in 3 blasts before the eye can even get into range to hit you.

3) This spot is far enough away from the path to not be in aggro range of the Gorge Minotaurs, Muddite Minors and Goblin Lookouts that wander around the room. You can sit there to med and not have to worry about wandering mobs attacking you.

Now then - if the eye does NOT have a pet out yet... it is very easy. Target - cast until its dead - look both ways - loot - med - repeat. HOWEVER - you MUST quickly target the eye and blast it before it can summon a pet... Otherwise - it gets more difficult.

If the eye DOES have a pet - try this strategy:

1) Summon an earth pet (yes I know!!) Immediately after summoning, use the /pet guard here command!! This will freeze him right there next to the wall so he can't wander off and get you into trouble.

2) Set up a hotkey with the /pet get lost command!! If you manage to kill the eye quick, leave him out to help you kill off the pet or other mobs aggroing on you. Since there is no chance of him being charmed and trained on you now - he can only make it easier on you. However - if the mob starts to wander in the direction of the other eyes, use the hotkey and kill him off. ALSO - if you get the mob down to JUST the eye, kill the pet off before it gets charmed!!!

3) Now then... target the eye's pet. Give your pet the /pet attack command. Remember above where I said that this is a good spot because you are out of range of the eye's spells?? Well - you're also out of range for the pet to run off and attack its target, so he just stays put (for now).

4) Next - target the eye itself and cast away!! The eye (and pet) will have to follow the pathing to come after you - so you can get in your blasts. Also - as the eye's pet comes after you, he comes into range of your pet and your pet goes out to extend a formal greeting, stopping the eye's pet and allowing you to cast freely w/o interruption. Keep in mind what I said in tip #2 above and be ready to kill the pet when needed.

5) As soon all mobs aggroed on you are dead - kill the pet. He will only get you into more trouble than it's worth, and he's too hard to control. Even if you try to keep him out of the way, if something goes by him that is aggroed on you, he will hop out and attack... trouble.

6) Set up another hotkey for /time. Hit this button as soon as the eye itself dies. This will give you a time stamp - you now have a little over 6 minutes before the next eye will spawn. Med up!!

7) Keep hitting the /time button. Once 6 minutes have passed, stand up and get ready. AS SOON AS the eye spawns - target it and start blasting!!! You MUST get it before the eye has time to summon it's pet!! Follow the strategy I listed above for an eye without a pet.

Now - you noticed I mentioned that my level depends on how long it has been since I died... that's right - I DIE!! So this strategy is not foolproof!!! These eyes can mess you up pretty quick if things don't fall your way. Problems occur when the following things happen:

1) I am a little bit slow (fizzles, clicking doesn't work etc.) in getting my spell off, and he manages to get out a pet... The FIRST thing the eye starts doing is summoning the pet. Blasting it interrupts that spell usually, but you don't have much time!!! The pet causes YOU to be interrupted and therefore the eye has more time to cast on you (god help you if you get charmed.)

2) My spells get resisted/ don't do full damage. Usually this is only a problem when going up against either of the lords, Sviir & Syrkl. Against these guys - it takes 3 (maybe 4) full blasts of 152 damage to take them down. If one of those blasts gets resisted of even does half damage... I now need to cast 1 more time, and that gives him time to cast on me.

3) He gets close enough to cast on me - and goes for the big one first. Most of the time he goes for a Sanity Warp or something else minor first, and I usually resist these. But if he comes out and goes straight for the Charm spell, he can make it stick. This delays me just long enough for him to cast his pet - and now I'm screwed!!!

4) THIS IS THE ONE YOU NEED TO BE MOST CAREFUL OF!!! Watch out for other things wandering around the room. Minotaurs, muddites and goblins, although minor as far as mobs go to me right now... they will attack you directly and interrupt your casting enough to allow the eye to start ******** with you:

The only time these mobs come along after me seems to be when the mob is either right in front of me when I start blasting - OR - MOST dangerously - when they are right behind the eye on the other side of the throne (where you can't see them). This means that the mob has stopped right at the entrance to the room, and the blast is close enough to make him think it was meant for him... so he comes around with the eye. THIS one is the one that usually gets me.

All in all, the main reason I came here was to get some +INT items. The 2nd eye I killed had a Polished Bone Bracer on him. After almost 3 hours, that remained the only Bracer I looted. I did manage to get a Polished Bone Hoop in there somewhere. Other loot was about 15p in coins, lots of Onyx Rings (+5 HP), lots of other rings (Jade, Mithril), stones, words, optic eye nerves and Amulets. I sold 3 hours worth of loot in EK for about 40pp. As soon as I get another PBB (and maybe another hoop) I will be heading back out to EK. As far as experience goes - I find it MUCH easier to kill the crag spiders in EK, and much less dangerous.

There you go!! I hope it helps, or maybe just ignore me and find your own way.

Felchan Elfantastico
Human Mage
Rodcet Nife
Bards are nice to hunt EE's with.
# Nov 29 2000 at 6:36 PM Rating: Default
When you go in to hunt there is a very good chance that someone (probably the one smaking the Evil Eye) will be charmed & attack the party instead. I took my bard in w/ a Druid & we were fantastic group. Unlike most other casters in the game, the bard when charmed will become a rather weak tank w/ NO spell ability. EQ has never figured out a good way for the artifical intelligence to do what you normal bard does (this is why you see so many dead mail-bards across Norrath).

Under his or her own control, you bard can sing songs to up your groups magic resist, weaken mob & do damage to it. Meanwhile they are also duel welders, so lots of chances to interrupt the EE's casting. If your bard plans for attacking you as battle goes on...they can be using an instrument attack (1 hand puching) but stronger song effects, or quick lower damage weaps (hands even) for more chance of interrupts, but less chance of hurting party. This will free up the casters to sit back & nuke to their hearts content, with only small distraction when bard becomes a pest.

So go find a blue-berry wanna-be & hunt those EE's (They are also nice to have when moving around gorge for the group invis).
Nice Zone if you're careful.
# Oct 31 2000 at 7:17 AM Rating: Good
6 posts
Great zone I think. Gobbo's are good when low, minotaurs offset by the muddy's and evil-eyes you just learn to avoid like the black plague if you're a tank based group.

The muddites aren't too bad if you have some good armour and tank with a caster friend. Arrows can work wonders on the minors too if the muddy is snared. Yeah, you need to be slightly twinked (I was in full bronze donated by a guildmate wielding a froglok crusher) and the combat did get a bit hairy but we managed. We only faught a few on the outskirts of runnyeye for a short period.

Mino's we didn't hunt much as a group but in retrospect it would have been a good idea. We really could have cleaned up there.

As for evil eyes, be **** careful. At level 27 with an MR of 58, I can't kill them because of charm breaking through on a 5th attempt, and it healing what little I've done by the time it breaks. Sure, it has troubles killing me but I just can't hit it enough so evil-eyes just equal downtime. At lower levels they = death, so careful.
lot's o' fun
# Oct 14 2000 at 10:59 PM Rating: Decent
30 posts
I am a lvl 23 magician. This place was great to me for many levels including this one. magicians can loot those darn mudites from the large blocks of clay and not get weighted down. plus if you go ld you're not wasting too much stuff in your weightless bag. I can't go to that leadge so I personally always pull to the runnyeye zone and nuke the heck out of anything i pull..if i get into trouble, i hunt in runneye. It's great. No one is rarely in either of these zones and I have been in this zone at rush hour for eq and been the only one in here. I recomend the best fighting is with a group lvl 20-24 heavily with casters. This zone was almost made for casters. Anyway, I'm done now.

Respectfully submitted,
Hobie Wan
Terris-Thule server
Hello, I'm a mage. I enjoy long walks on the beach with Goner. I wanna be like Goner.
RE: lot's o' fun
# Oct 27 2000 at 3:30 PM Rating: Good
41 posts
Another great place to solo is pulling to the EK zone. Nothing comes by the tunnel, so you only have to pull chasm/gorge minos and muddy elders a little ways into the tunnel and nothing else will help. Beware of getting blinded at the worst times though.
Rakluz Roksmasha - ubertroll - 35 Troll SK - <The Storm's Eye>
-=Nameless Server=-
Evil Eyes
# Sep 21 2000 at 10:22 PM Rating: Excellent
36 posts
What was an interesting camp has just gotten more interesting. A few warnings if you'd like to hunt evil eyes... first of all, there's probably a high level caster there farming PBBs. Annoying, but true. Assuming though you can get a spawn, the trick to fighting an evil eye is to take it down fast. The faster you can kill it, the less time it has to really ***** your party over. Personally. a good option I know of is to have a fairly caster-heavy party there. If you have 3 or 4 casters in the party, and they all start casting at the same time, you can possibly take the eye down before it even moves. Then you just have it's pet, which is extremely weak. This is far, far preferable than trying to tank it. They charm, throw you against the walls, blind, and all sorts of other nasty stuff.


A lot of people think that if you're charmed, you will only cast your bottom slot spell. This used to be the case, but not anymore. Sometime or another, Verant fixed this little bug. So expect anyone who is charmed to lash out with whatever nasty spells that they were planning on using on the eye. You've been warned!
RE: Evil Eyes
# Nov 04 2000 at 11:32 PM Rating: Decent
If you are lucky enough to be in a group thats 4 nukers, a cleric, and maybe a tank you can kill the EE's really easy. Like said in the previous post the trick is to kill it ASAP. Eaiser said than done though, casting all at once will work if you are all wizzies, but if not your casters should hit it w/ the DOT's first, then nomral nukes. Also have EVERY ONE who can cast cancle magic have it memmed, this will be needed when your necro mage starts casting shock of blades on you. This job is left mostly to the cleric. If you can kill the EE quick enough its pet will just die most of the time because if a pet does nto ahve a target when the master dies it just goes away,
Hope this helped
RE: Evil Eyes
# Nov 15 2000 at 12:01 PM Rating: Decent
Don't know if anyone has tried this yet, but here's a little trick for messing with the evil eyes. First thing.. use whatever resistance debuffs you may have available, then.. Flash of Light.. they wander around stupidly for a few seconds, during which the nukers unload full bore. if the sucker's still up, have nukers continue onslaught, use up all their mana if they can. A charmed wizzie who is OOM is by and large not so much of a threat, and the eye will typically not attack the tanks who have not engaged them yet.
RE: Evil Eyes
# Dec 06 2000 at 2:43 AM Rating: Good
If my memory still serves correctly, my lil wizzy was here from 16-20 hunting EEs..it was GREAT xp!! The wizards get a bolt spell at 16, which has EXTREMELY long range, so.. you go to the EE place, and back yourself up all the way back against the wall. Watch out for wandering minos/mud ppl, and cast your bolt spell. Cast one after another, and finish off with your regular shock. The beauty of this is that your 1st bolt will hit the EE and at that instant, the 2nd will already be on its way. You should be able to fire 3 bolts before he/she/it comes within charming range of you. usually 3 hits is enough to kill the EE, and after that, you just blast the crap outa his weak pet (2shots maybe??), and go back and med. PBB is great loot, and ive obtained quiet a few while i was there.. anyhow, hope that helps for fellow wizzies..

p.s. - get sow.. helps a lot..
How to hunt here at lvl 17-19
# Sep 05 2000 at 6:04 PM Rating: Excellent
41 posts
Go down the long tunnel until you get the three way fork. Dont go down these tunnels yet or you most likely wont get out.

Instead, set up base camp around halfway between the fork and the bend near the zone ent. When you see a gorge or low conning chasm mino come by, pull it to that spot so nothing can help it. DO NOT pull when muddites are too close. Their hits, unfrequent though they may be, can put a good deal of extra hurt on you, especially that mud spell that blinds.

Thats it, pretty easy eh?

Another thing you might want to note is a lvl 15 imp spawns here rarely (Yymp the infernal) who drops a minotaur ribcage (16ac 5str 5sta -9cha, HUM ERU HEF only) that can be sold up to 600pp (i sold it for 500 on nameless).

Be careful, he is quite hard for his level, hits about average but hits often and casts random fire spell like all imps
Rakluz Roksmasha - ubertroll - 35 Troll SK - <The Storm's Eye>
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Muddites - urrgh
# Aug 25 2000 at 5:18 PM Rating: Good
141 posts
The worst thing about this zone are the muddites. I personally think these are the worst Mobs in the game. They hit way too hard for their level. I've been wiped out by a group of green muddites who aggroed on me far too many times. They also sling mud in your eye and blind you. On top of that, their loot is terrible. Yeah the large blocks of ore sell for a decent amount, but they weigh 10 pounds each, so nobody bothers to loot them. Just a fair warning to anyone looking to play this zone. Avoid the muddites. They may con blue to you, but they will hit like they are yellow. Many a player has learned that to his regret and faced a long run back to his corpse. Of course, they are probably making up for the Minotaurs which really con higher than they should.
RE: Muddites - urrgh
# Sep 05 2000 at 6:01 PM Rating: Good
41 posts
Muddite Elders are lvl 15 i think, and hit for 44 max (same as most lvl 21 mobs), minors were always green to me and hit for 36, around the same as medium ranged ghouls and such.

I think muddites hit less then most things their lvl, but its pretty irrevelant with how hard they hit (I was lvl 19 so how often they hit me wasnt really a fair trial)

Edited: I forgot to mention that I have seen a muddite elder drop a bar of electrum once, and have killed around 25-50 of them all told. That may be one reason to kill them when you can
Rakluz Roksmasha - ubertroll - 35 Troll SK - <The Storm's Eye>
-=Nameless Server=-
RE: Muddites - urrgh
# Oct 20 2000 at 12:07 PM Rating: Decent
I, too have received Electrum AND silver bars from these Muddites. I believe even off of Minors. However, at 19 with a strong pet, I have greater fear of the Minors than Elders. Minors DO hit harder, so much so that the frequency does not matter as much. Best bet is to throw a damage shield on if you can and hope to offset the difference. Otherwise, run for it if you can. Like fire beetles, you can always outrun muddites... (Unless badly wounded)

Order of the Kindred Souls
E'ci Server
RE: Muddites - urrgh
# Feb 27 2001 at 12:17 AM Rating: Decent
14 posts
At level 14 muddite minors still conned blue to me and elders are yellow (mostly) or red (rare). Combating the minors was a learning experience, I expected them to be slow but found they could catch up to me pretty quick. SOW took care of that but I kept casting while out of range at first (stupid me) and getting wholloped upside the head before I could react. I found the best bet to be to Snare, Ignite twice or so and then move in more the kill.

Take your first right from Runnyeye side to hunt the minors. There tends to be one just past the curve where the goblin is tucked away in. Of course, be sure to wipe any goblins clean, they join the fight too easy and believe it or not have cost me the battle numerous times. I learned to scout just past the target minor (run up the wall to pass to play it safe) after I was killed and run off twice by a second one rushing to join in.

Their loot does suck but the xp is good and the gratification of watching them drop face down dead is worth the fight.

Good hunting.
Rumguzzle, Druid and Wandering Adventurer.
Torvonnilous server.
Pets and Pathing
# Aug 23 2000 at 9:39 AM Rating: Excellent
Hail -

As Sparr mentioned, the pathing in this zone is "unique". This not only applies to mobs but to your PETS. As a mage, I could not believe the strange twists and turns my pet would take when he was following me around.

So, a few tips for the pet classes. Use your "pet guard HERE" command (not pet guard me) to keep your pet in one spot...then pull to him. This will keep your little buddy out of trouble for the most part. You do NOT want him wandering in this zone. Apparently Enchanters do not have this type of command for their pets - in that case I would suggest chanters not use pets at all here if possible.

It has also been mentioned that you should not use your pet when fighting the evil eyes here. I'm afraid I have to agree with this. My earth pet got charmed against me twice, rooted me solid and beat me to a bloody pulp:) Wait until you have a group with some tanks to keep the eyes off of you, then nuke the eye quickly before it can charm anyone.

One more tip...when fighting eyes, keep cancel magic memmed at all times. Myself (level 23)and a level 30 druid had the eyes all to ourselves recently when I got charmed against my friend. He didn't have cancel memmed (to cancel the charm spell) and I nuked him so badly he had to zone:(

Overall, this is a great zone - most of the times I've been there, there's only around 10 people in the place. Only downside really is that the eyes are usually camped ALL the time by high level players farming the eyes for the Polished Bone Bracers. The eyes still give me XP, but the majority of these "farmers" are greedy and won't even share the spawn with you. Fair warning - and happy hunting!
Pathing Issue
# Aug 22 2000 at 9:37 PM Rating: Excellent
141 posts
The pathing in this zone is somewhat unique. Imagine a straight line running down the middle of each gorge, and a circle in the EE area. These are the main paths. Now imagine lines radiating off these paths to the walls, these are the secondary paths. If you pull a monster up a secondary path, and run perpendicular to it, then the monster will path back to a main path, then towards you on the best secondary path. What this means is that you can pull a mino up a wall, strafe 5 feet left, and the mino will run back down the wall, then 5 feet left, then back up the wall after you. THIS IS CONSIDERED EXPLOITING so do it at your own risk.
RE: Pathing Issue
# Jan 23 2001 at 1:41 PM Rating: Decent
2 posts
I am having a little trouble visualizing this even with the map of the zone open.
RE: Pathing Issue
# Jan 23 2001 at 1:41 PM Rating: Default
2 posts
RE: Pathing Issue
# Oct 20 2000 at 12:15 PM Rating: Good
Just for the record, I have seen this posted before, and strafing, or vectoring is NOT considered exploiting. No GM or Guide that I have talked to has stated that it is, rather that the function exists to be used.

Now, if you were refering to using knowledge of pathing to lose a Mob... Don't know... What I DO know is I never got a res from being killed by a Phantom Avocet on the ground while I was in the penthouse so who can say what is "Fair" at this stage... most others say the same...

Good luck, best bet is park your pet and run back to where the pathing is clean...
# Aug 22 2000 at 7:07 PM Rating: Decent
In all fairness Beholder is a zone you can level quickly in. When your a lower lev player stay next to the zones. The best way to make it pass the mobs is get a SoW and run along the right hand wall and if your low lev, never stop running no matter what and when you reach Runnyeye ZONE! Then come back to have fun. Evil Eyes are fun as well but if you can make pets don't use them,they will be quickly charmed and turned against you. You can start soloing the Eyes around lev 23 24 if you have what it takes and far as firepower. And you can go all the way to lev 30 even though i would rather be in South Karana at that time.
The Safe Spot
# Aug 22 2000 at 4:18 PM Rating: Good
141 posts
Folks hunting minotaurs generally stand by the runnyeye zone and pull them there. This is indeed a good place to pull. However, when it is taken, there is another place you can fight which also offers a safe spot (to med, not to run, which is why the zone area is probably better if not taken). This is right outside the evil eye area. There is a ledge that runs across the passage. You can walk up there and med or rest in complete safety (unless you have a pet). And right below you are 6 mino spawn points, meaning that you can rest there, keep and eye out for the minos, run down and attack one as it comes by or spawns, retreat and be fairly safe. Since minotaurs have a relative low amount of hit points for their level, you can take them out quickly. This makes it possible to solo at this spot if done carefully and patiently. Just try to get sow so that you can make it back to the zone if you get in trouble.
RE: The Safe Spot
# Aug 24 2000 at 7:39 PM Rating: Good
8 posts
Yes, the ledge leading down to the eye area is a very good spot. Excellent experience. Keep an eye out for muds, they hit very hard and can easily turn one more mino into a nightmare.

Occasionally an eye will wander thru this area and even on the ledge they can agro. Eye trains are also pulled thru here. Occasionally you will find a pet here from when a caster has been charmed. They hang out till killed and offer no exp.
The Nameless
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