Stonebrunt Mountains  

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Type: Outdoor
Continent: Odus
Instanced: No
Keyed: No
Level Range: 15 - 40
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Docked ShipKejekan VillageThe RiverOld Ghostback Roars Across the Snowy Mountains
Highland Tiger Roams the NortheastKobold EncampmentDomesticated WildlifeThe Stonebrunt Mountains
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cant find door
# Jul 17 2009 at 9:41 AM Rating: Decent
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what part of the boat is the secret door? i cant seam to find it :-/
cant find door
# Jul 17 2009 at 11:17 AM Rating: Decent
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No secret door that I'm aware of.

This is the boat that is the zone-in to Gunthak? Click on the door where the dock is to zone in to Gunthak.

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cant find door
# Jul 17 2009 at 9:05 PM Rating: Decent
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Hand him 2 x Luggald Organs (not parts, which are a different item for a different quest). You can get these in Dulak. After zoning in from Gunthak, to the left is a "wooden wall" or ship. This hides a secret entrance into some tunnels. In these tunnels is a 3-way bridge, and this is where the organs dropped.

its part of a quest
Re: cant find door
# Jul 18 2009 at 6:45 AM Rating: Decent
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Refer to this reply. The door in question is in Dulak and not Stonebrunt.

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Great Hotzone
# Apr 16 2009 at 11:36 AM Rating: Decent
Not only is this a hotzone, but a great place for low levels to solo. lots of mobs, but most of them wander alone, so very few add ons. the xp is great, I came here at 16 and in 3 days of very casual soloing have made it to 34 and am still getting great XP. the only down side is the loot is not that great. FYI higher level mobs are in the northern part of zone, if you choose to hunt there after 30.
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Hot Zone
# Jan 07 2009 at 9:25 AM Rating: Decent
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This is now the 20-25 level hot zone as of January 2009.
The Kejek Trials
# Oct 08 2005 at 4:21 PM Rating: Default
Monster Mission:

Tribesman Juill is at loc, Posative 1327 Neg 504

Hail, Tribesman Juill
Tribesman Juill says 'Hellow to you. If it is the blessing of our tribe you are after you must psas the (test).'

What Test

Tribesman Juill says 'This test has been given to all of those who wish to belong to the kejek tribe. If you (wish to belong) we have a place for you here.'

TaskTitle The Kejek Trials

Objective Instructions:
Kill 10 mountain spiritlings
Collect 5 panda pelts
Bring the panda pelts to Tribesman Juill
Defeat the Kobold Warlord

For monsters you can be:
A Kejekian Warrior (level 25)
A Kejekian Shaman (level 25)
A kejekian Ranger (level 25)
A Kejekian Druid (level 25)

The mission itself is an instanced version of Stonebrunt when you get zoned in you come into the Kejekan outpost.

You need atleast three people to get the mission.
Make sure someone is a ranger so they can track the mountain spiritlings and panda bears=..
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The Kejek Trials
# Nov 17 2007 at 2:13 PM Rating: Decent
is there a faction hit involved?
RE: The Kejek Trials
# Oct 08 2005 at 4:26 PM Rating: Default
Forgot to add the rward sorry

For winning we got
Beaded Armbands of the Tribe
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seleno skymoor
# Sep 26 2005 at 5:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Anyone know where Selendo Skymoor is here? I can't track him and I need him for a quest turn in. thanks.
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RE: seleno skymoor
# Mar 31 2006 at 2:06 AM Rating: Decent
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He's by the Warren's zone.
good for rangers
# Jul 19 2004 at 12:01 AM Rating: Decent
11 posts
Hello all,
Iv'e been here on and off for about 5 levels now (34 RNG). The loot is good as are the local quests. with the advent of the new PoK stone to Gulf of Gunthak it is a must. it pretty quiet now, I'm often the only player and rareley more than 2 others. I suspect this will change though with the new stone.
in addition it seems that verant has given the zone a little love recently with more animals and fixed tracking (used to track animals that had not spawned yet).
its a good zone especially for rangers (tracking and fear kiting).
good luck and enjoy.

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good for rangers
# Jul 19 2004 at 12:01 AM Rating: Decent
11 posts
Hello all,
Iv'e been here for about 3 levels now (34 RNG). The loot is pretty good and the quests decent. and with the advent of the new PoK stone to the Gulf of Gunthak it is a must. it is pretty quite now, often the only player there rareley more than 2 others. I suspect this will change though with the new stone. in addition it seems that verant has given the zone a little love recently with more animals and fixed tracking (used to track animals that had not spawned yet).
its a good zone especially for rangers (tracking and fear kiting).
good luck and enjoy.
Without free will, there is no difference between submission and rebellion.
-- President Johnson
Fast faction for Swiftclaw Sash turn in.
# Jul 16 2004 at 6:33 PM Rating: Decent
39 posts
Feed the child kejek ( Miranda )in the city Chocolate covered marr cherries. She will hand you back some + wis. food and great faction for the effort. Get yourself to amiable and your turn in for the sash has a much greater chance of success.

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shrug unknown tunnel
# Jun 26 2004 at 3:43 PM Rating: Decent
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i found a tunnel on loc MIN3000 POS2000
see map

With woofy form i was able to check inside, it leads to nowhere.... like Nexus the 4th tunnel, like stonebrunt this docks with nothing.. is this tunnel a new branch to enter a future new zone ?.
no clue, but the tunnel is here, and you can enter in...
Druid 40 Good xp?
# May 03 2004 at 11:12 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm a 40 druid. will the experience be good here?
RE: Druid 40 Good xp?
# Oct 06 2005 at 8:59 PM Rating: Decent
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My level 40 guildy just hit 41 soloing in there, so you should do even better with your animal charm/fear spells. I suggest charming one of the snakes, as they can poison as well as hit fast.
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# Apr 03 2004 at 12:41 AM Rating: Decent
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While hunting around with a friend tonight, I discovered this zone for the first time. I was totally impressed. Although I am already level 39, I plan on staying in this zone as long as I can just to enjoy the scenery. Also, as others have stated, the loot is incredibly great.
Stonebrunt, my new home...
# Nov 17 2003 at 1:56 PM Rating: Good
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Hi.. I am a (currently) level 36 Woodelf Druid of Tunare, and I came to Stonebrunt several days ago because I heard that experience was good, and loot was decent. Well, let me tell you, I just adore this place. I find that I usually have the entire zone to myself, occasionally I will catch a glimpse of some higher level characters as they are running from port-in to the docks on their way to the Gulf of Gunthak. It is nice to have visitors once in a while, as sometimes a nice Enchanter or Beastlord will cast a mana regeneration buff for me. Otherwise, having the zone to myself means that I own everything here. I have spent over 20 hours here, and have died only once, and that was because I was running to the docks to port someone, and levitation wore off as I was directly over the docks at an altitude of about 500 feet. Splat! for 20K hp damage. Right in front of the guy I was supposed to meet. Luckily, he was a Cleric, and rezzed me.

So, I have been doing both the Wakizashi of the Frozen Skies and the Swiftclaw Sash quests. I track constantly, and look first for Heretic invaders, or Jelquar the Soulslayer (I want his Spirit Reaver, and he also always drops heretic head), then pandas, then Kejek Tigers (because I mistakenly thought the tiger skins only drop from the orange Kejek Tigers and not the white Highland tigers) to get the items for the Wakazashi quest. I avoid the gorillas for now, but when one does occasionally aggro me, and I am forced to defend myself, they can drop some nice loot, words and pendants. I also hit forage every time I am able. I was talking to one visitor, who was a level 51 druid, and was standing on the docks for several hours at a time. He was only foraging for the bamboo shoots. He says he needed them for Erudite cultural armor, and that he had been there for 2 weeks and had only gotten 2 stacks. Well, it is a rare forage, but I have about 10 so far. The Kejekan Fruit, I find, is slightly more difficult to get, but by constantly foraging, I have managed to get several of those too.

A few things to remember in this zone...
1) Most mobs in this zone, with the exception of the Kobolds, are animals, so I have terrorize animals memmed all the time, as well as snare and root.
2) Due to the mountainous terrain, I usually have levitate on.
3) It is possible to meditate while hiding, I just target a mob that usually cons hostile, and if hiding is working, I con indifferent, and can sit safely.
4) Wolf Form is not recommended. There are many wandering Kejekians running all around this zone, and they will aggro you if in wolf form. As this can be mostly annoying, possibly damaging faction if you wind up killing them, and there is no real need to use wolf form anyway, I never use it here.
5) It is possible to tell which pandas are carrying the panda claws. Get close enough to look at their right hand, and if you see extra claws coming out of their palm, they have one. Also, all pandas have a chance of having the claws.
6) I will usually mix reverse-kiting and fear kiting in the same fight, as it can make for more effective use of mana. I have been known to take on Elder Pandas with 10% mana, and although it takes a while, I always prevailed. Quad kiting is the most mana efficient method, but can be difficult in this zone because the terrain can cause the group of mobs to break up unexpectedly.
7) This has been mentioned before, but is a common mistake. Make sure the foraged items are inventoried below your food items, so they do not get accidentally consumed. I lost one bamboo shoot that way, and was very upset with myself.

I have not gotten the Swiftclaw Sash yet... I have done the Wakazashi quest 6 times now, and have 5 of them in the box, having given one to my guild leader for his bard. I will save two for my own bard, as they will be awesome when he gets dual wield and they start to proc. I have turned in heretic heads 6 times also, and have 6 headbands to show for it. However, the Kejekans had been indifferent towards me each of those times. Last night, after I did the last wakazishi turn in, I found that the Kejekans are now amiable towards me, so I will see if I start getting the sash now. I will post an update to let you know. I was also thinking of performing an experiment, having an enchanter come with me to cast some faction adjustment and charisma buffs on me as I do turn in. I will also post the results of this if I manage to do that as well.

So, with all this nice experience I am getting, the relative safety of the zone, enough money to support myself from selling the normal loot, and the potential of raking in some more serious platinum by selling the turn in rewards, I see myself sticking to this zone exclusively for quite some time. If you are on Karana server, and find yourself in Stonebrunt mountains, don't forget to say "Hi!"
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Stonebrunt, my new home...
# Jun 02 2005 at 4:00 PM Rating: Decent
29 posts
It was cool to read some your stories. I just happened on your posts by accident. I can see from your Sig that your now lvl 67 and it's almost 3 years later...the days when 50pp was a good amount of money for seeling some Bamboo shoots are gone but not forgotten reading this brought back good memories of simpler times :-)
RE: Stonebrunt, my new home...
# Nov 19 2003 at 4:08 PM Rating: Good
114 posts
OK, just an update of my life here in Stonbrunt mountains.
I have now attained level 37, and am well on my way to 38. I continue to do the Wakizashi of the Frozen Skies, and the Swiftclaw Sash quest. I now have 9 swords, and finally got the sash on the 9th try. : )
I am finding that foraging the bamboo shoots and occasionally finding them drop from pandass can be somewhat lucrative as well, as I have sold several in the Bazaar for 50 plat each!
I have also obtained the Soulforge hammer, turning the Kejekan smithy hammer in to Slider the Ancient, the snake Titan. I will further update my continued journeys in this zone, as I progress.
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Soloing 16-20 in SB
# Oct 20 2003 at 2:38 AM Rating: Good
194 posts
I (a Magician) just went 16-20 in the span of two short nights in this zone, with really absolutely no danger and pretty decent loot for the level. I particularly liked it because unlike the totally overhyped Oasis, it A) was completely danger-free, B) is NEVER camped, so you have full access to MOBs (the only people I ever see in this zone are 45+ druids camping the titans) and C) the loot is infinitely better. Here's a step by step... Again, I write as a Magician, but I think druids, necros and some other classes could do this also.

1) Right outside the entrace to Warrens, there are several kobold camps. Go to the easternmost camp out of these. Again, not the easternmost camp in the ZONE, the easternmost one out of the three-or-so camps right next to the Warrens.

2) Go to the flat area directly to the east of the camp, along the mountain wall. This is a completely safe spot. The only MOBs that occasionally come up here are emerald adders, which don't aggro. The camp itself also has no other MOBs that ever wander within aggro range of it, so once it's broken it's totally safe to just sit there waiting for spawns.

3) Break the camp with your pet. I used the lvl 16 water pet armed with staff of warding and an elemental defender, and buffed with Burnout and Shield of Fire. Just send him to attack the closest kobold, and once he starts fighting, give the Follow command and repeatedly click Back until he pulls the kobold right to you. None of the other kobolds will join. Repeat this process until you kill all four spawns. Then you can just move right into the camp and wait for respawns. If split properly, you can have all four spawning at even intervals which leave just enough time for you to med back up a little.

4) MOB info: there are four spawns in the camp. Three are easily visible around the campfire, and one is in the large tent to the northwest of the camp. The only two things that spawn are 'a savage kobold' (warrior) or 'a lesser kobold shaman' (shaman). They are always level 14 or 15 (if my math is right... they were all blue until level 19, at which point half were light blue). The savage kobolds hit harder and have more HP, and shamans have the usual repertoire of low level spells. Try to attack the shamans as soon as they spawn; they will immediately buff themselves with Inner Fire, which really doesn't matter, but then with Spirit of Wolf, which can make runners annoying. Don't let them get SoW up.

5) Killing em: They're all really easy. The only thing I variated from what I described above in terms of buffing/equipping my pet was that I wouldn't use Shield of Fire against shamans and instead throw in a Shock of Flame. As soon as any of them started to run, I immediately hit them with a Shock of Blades, which then left them with low enough HP for my pet to finish quickly. Be smart and let your pet deal with them most of the time. If you start going nuts and nuking every spawn several times, you're A) not getting proper use out of your pet and B) will go OOM after a while and likely have to back off to med for a while and let the camp respawn.

6) Loot: Shamans often have a 6-slot 10% weight reducing LORE NO DROP bag. Not bad for a non-twinked lvl 16. Other common loot includes various alcoholic drinks, low lvl gems, low lvl jewelry, soft wicker armor, bamboo splint armor, bronze weapons, kobold meat, non-magical bags of all types, and several types of no drop quest items (Kobold Molars and a few others). Pretty much every kobold will have at least one of these, and many have 2-3 different ones. Their rare drop is the Forlorn Totem of Rolfron Zek, a handheld totem that gives +2 INT, +2 WIS, -5 CHA and has 5 charges of the cleric DD Holy Might. I'd estimate it drops about every 30-40 kobolds. It's not LORE, so you can get quite a few. I got 5 in my four levels here.

I first came here because I got tired as **** of leveling up characters in the mid teens in the same few places (Oasis, windmill in LOIO, mudhole in OT, etc), and I was very satisfied. I also found this zone easily navigated using Invisibility, and bound on the ship in the southeast corner, which allowed me to easily use the Gunthak lighthouse for its bank and vendors.
SKs here too
# Jun 02 2003 at 12:30 PM Rating: Decent
38 posts
hey just wanted to let people know that you dont need track and druid stuff to solo here. I have been doing the two kobold camps in the north of SB for a couple levels. easy to pull, never died, good pp (fine steel weapons and plate armor) and kobold meat makes good steak. so in short lvl 30 eru sk no problem getting 33 in an evening.
Postcard from Stonebrunt
# Apr 11 2003 at 9:58 PM Rating: Excellent
70 posts
Some tips and information to add to what's below from my two weeks hunting in SB.

1. Don't come here for experience unless you have track. Even then, probably best to avoid if you are a bard (since I don't believe they have fear animal). Basically, it's a zone made for rangers and druids, very frustrating for anyone else. Without track and fear, you will get killed many, many times from adds.

2. Get used to a new way of running - if you just charge through the zone you will be taking a huge amount of damage from falling as the whole zone is up and down mountains. Try to salom down the drops (zig-zag left and right constantly so you keep in the same direction, but kill your downwards speed). Getting used to this quickly is very important to avoid potentially fatal damage when chasing / being chased during a fight.

3. Lots of talk about game lines in the posts below, but I didn't see any really clear ones when I was there - perhaps this has been fixed? It is, however, true that mobs walk roughly the same paths, or congregate in certain basins in the mountains. You can still fear kite here now rather than pull to safety as suggested below (which makes the hunting MUCH quicker), you just need to be aware of what is going on around you, which is why track is so important.

4. Always keep SoW, Fear Animal, Snare and Root up. Since the patch a few days ago (see date above) it seems that the aggro range of the mobs has been vastly extended - thus simply fearing an add will not solve the problem. Root and snare any adds, so you have plenty of warning to fear them when the root wears off, then deal with them afterwards.

5. Avoid mobs of the same species when kiting, as they will aggro - also, avoid pandas and gorillas in general when kiting. Tigers are only dubious to rangers, and gorillas are indiff to erudites I have been told, so this may be a class/race thing - but essentially avoid any Scowls or Threatenings, because they WILL aggro you. NB: Kejekan Tigers and Highland Tigers do not seem to count as the same species, and will not aggro if you attack the other kind.

6. Don't kite lazily (ie wait until the mob turns and hits you to fear it again). Work out roughly how long a fear lasts (I used 'x' number cycles of the kick button) and back off to fear again when it breaks. Not only does this give you a chance to check around you for wandering mobs, but it saves a huge amount of healing downtime and danger, as even the middle-range mobs can hit for 70 when they turn. By kiting well, you just have to replenish mana rather than sit and heal for ages, and have a full bar of HP if you get into trouble from adds.

7. If you see a huge, named animal, don't mistakenly attack it, this is a TITAN, on whom there is more to be found here and in the bestiary.

8. Always med / camp in the kitty city, or at the docks if hunting in the jungle. This seems obvious, but lots of people get lazy since it is a large zone. Chances are you will get attacked. Mobs will follow you into the kitty city in a fight, but their usual pathing avoids it.

9. Kejekens (the kitties) will NOT help you if you try to take a train to their city, so don't bother. Best way to get rid of a train is to root, run to city, and camp. If in the lower end of the zone, just run to warrens zone, clearly.

10. Even if you are just here for xp, DO THE QUESTS. They are really good quests for the level, and really quite easy (well, the Waki one at least). More below.


Pandas drop the best loot, with Elder/Mature dropping gems in the 40-100PP area, and Young/Cub dropping gems in the 1-20PP area. HOWEVER, the drops are not nearly as common as they are from Granitebacks. They also drop Panda Claws (for Frozen Wakizashi quest). If they are going to drop claws you can see them in their right paw, looking like Eitchtka/Pitchtka claws, but facing the wrong way. Claws are a rare drop, but seem to be restricted to no particular level of panda (ie as common on Cubs as on Elder). Also, stack up the panda pelts as they are common, and each one worth half a plat.

Granitebacks drop lots of gems, worth in the 4-20PP area, and a wealth of other things including runes, words, etc. They also drop these things very commonly. The white granitebacks of the northen mountainous region drop the best stuff, but the lower level gray ELDER granitebacks also drop very good stuff, and are the choice for farming, since they are much easier to kill.

Tigers are great xp, but rubbish loot. A few runes and words are the most to offer. Tiger skins for the Waki quest, about a 25% drop from the highland tigers (also rare drop from Kejekan tigers).

Highland Kobalds drop Wicker armour, Iron etched armour, and occasional gems. Raging Highland Kobalds drop same and better gems. If they are all green to you (HK's at 39ish, RHK's at 42ish) they are a good choice to farm solo, but otherwise the animals are better. These camps are better for non-ranger/druids in the zone, or a group of 2 with a healer.

Rabbits....nuff said. Was kinda hoping they might drop a lucky rabbit foot or something, but killed loads of the things and never a single bit of loot. Please post if you find something, out of pure interest.


2 main quests here, see page for more details.

Frozen Waki quest

Forage the items in the jungle (I know it's not meant to matter, but particularly the Palm Fruit seems to come much more easily here, so why not). Save any shoots or fruits foraged in the satchel bag for multiple quest attempts.

Get many, many Asp Sacs from N Ro before you come to SB, the quest can be a great way to make money.

Tiger Skins are quite common, as said above - kill Highland Tigers for the xp, get the skins for the quest.

All of which means you can essentially get 1 frozen waki for every 2 Panda Claws you find while hunting. Just combine, turn in, get a new satchel. Not bad considering they sell upwards of 200PP. ALSO it is great faction for...

Swiftclaw Sash

Many people come here for this, few succeed. The upside is that if you are hunting here consistenly, you should get 1 bag worth of heads every 2 hours. The heretics spawn at the northen edge of the jungle and near the foot of the kitty city mountain. Keep track on NORMAL and you will see one whenever it spawns. Take a few seconds off, kill them and do the turn in.

With 1 turn in every 2 hours, it is certainly possible to get a sash for yourself if you are hunting here for xp and loot.

IT IS ALSO possible to do this to farm the things (I have 4). Once you get your Kejekan faction to amiable, the receipt rate for the sash rather than headband rockets. Just do the waki quest about 6-10 times to get amiable, and pop to the Warrens to kill Prince Bragnar and give the dice he drops to Miranda (Kejekan kitten) for more faction. Faction is the key. It is well worth the trouble, as each one sells for 1.5-3K, as it is a rare haste item. REMEMBER, it is a lore item, so you will need to dump your existing Swiftclaw onto an alt BEFORE MAKING EVERY TURN IN. Otherwise you will get a Duplicate Lore Items...message, and realise that you just threw away several KPP.

If feel Machiavellian, and are unburdened by conscience, remember that many people look at the Sash and the FBSS (the most common haste item of that level) and see the stats bonus of the Sash, not the haste percentage of both. IE you can trade/sell a Sash over an FBSS quite easily to certain people. This both pushes the price of the Sash up to those people, or gets you a superior FBSS to sell to people who DO know the haste difference. Or perhaps I'm posting this so that everyone will know, and the trick won't work anymore...

Long post, so to sum up - great place to solo for xp and cash in the 30's if you're a ranger or druid. Just keep your wits about you, and all should be well.


That's it.

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RE: Postcard from Stonebrunt
# May 11 2003 at 9:14 PM Rating: Default
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What a complete guide! But after reading the first few lines of it, I had this strange feeling that you hated us bards. What made you feel bards couldn't survive the mobs in Stonebrunt? I am not afraid to admit that druids and rangers outperform us sometimes, but that doesn't mean we suck. Plus, who told you we didn't have fear songs?

If it disgusts you to learn you're sharing the same zone with a hunting bard, I am sorry. But please do not comment on the capabilities of a class you are not very aware of. And by the way, why would you choose to role-play an animal-friendly class (rangers, druids, or beastlords) when you enjoy slaughtering animals so much?

Anyway, the rest of your suggestions and directions is extremely helpful. We all owe you a very big THANK-YOU!

Lyreley the Selfish
lv33 songwriter of Qeynos

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RE: Postcard from Stonebrunt
# May 07 2003 at 2:50 AM Rating: Good
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Great post! I just wanted to note that if you have a train of kobolds after you and you run into the Kejek village, the Kejeks will attack the kobolds. They do not like them. However, if you get a train of tigers, gorillas, etc, you are on your own!

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been on and off all day trying to type this
# Mar 12 2003 at 12:43 AM Rating: Decent
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Why is everyone baffled by the Gorilla fangs quest? ok. a totally seperate quest is the TITANS - each one drops 1 specific titan lootable itme. Like a giant snake rattle, or a giant sabretooth fang... or whatever.. and yes I think one is a giant Gorilla fang....

but thats the difference. Just like you can loot 'Sabretooth fang' and a 'giant sabre tooth fang' thats the difference. as a matter of fact when we dropped the snowbeast - he had one of each.

If I am not mistaken the REGULAR gorilla fangs are for a quest in Paineel. somehwere. or something. I think offered byt the same guy that wants shark pieces for spiney weapons... the paladin guys?
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Necro/Sk spells
# Mar 01 2003 at 2:05 PM Rating: Decent
The guy for the necro or SK spells wants two "internal organs" from a mob somewhere in LoY. Not sure were or off what mob.
New Expansion
# Feb 27 2003 at 4:28 PM Rating: Decent
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The spell quest givers for Necromancers & Shadowknights are to be found here, (for the new expansion Yeksha). Finally found them ![:yippie:]
They are to the south of the docks, by the water at a little camp..loc -4410 -3416.
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Stone Burnt, More Populated
# Feb 23 2003 at 11:16 AM Rating: Decent
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Im sure we've all seen the docks in stone Burnt. Some people sit and look around for the view and use it to pull. NOT ANY MORE, the offical word is that those docks take you to the new EXPANSION "LOY". Also druids and wizards are getting a TELEPORT there to make it easier. Leave it to Sony/Verant to use the docks of a 1-2 yr old zone to break in the new stuff.
# Jan 24 2003 at 8:47 PM Rating: Decent
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I am a 32 magician looking for a change of pace. Would this zone be good for me? If so, what is a good place to pull to and is there any other important information concerning this zone?
some good tips
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Answering some questions:

Could a monk solo here. Well concidering you have FD and safe fall. of course you can. Grouping easily. Also look for the snowbeast he drops some nice stuff for you. If he does not eat you.

Safe zones. (one more) On the map between the waterfall and the highland kobalds there is a sort of clearing there and its perfect for pulling. You will know it when you find it, animals will not walk there.
your basically a bit further then pulling range for the kobalds...behind you is the waterfall to your right is the zone wall.

Wolf form - YES! use it. As A druid I was CONSTANTLY jumped and bombarded I was OOM and running more then I can even detail here even at lvl 34 with 155 wis. I had enough adds to give an enchanter nightmares. Even some of the NASTIEST stuff will walk right by me in wolf form. As a wolf The tigress' even conned WARMLY to me (assuming I could even Hail the snowbeast as one quest described) Even though there are some cat people that roam, they are in much less volume then the other spawns, so i went wolf form.

*WARNING* the kitty people DO NOT LIKE wolf form. You will be KOS in their little fort city, unclick before entering. Be warned some of the cat people are also shaman and I was forced to kill a few and that sucked. Although they are not very formidable close range, I was down to half a bubble of red and rooted and forced to fight he missed me about 20 times. Totally wiffed.

However if your grouped as a druid you MIGHT be able to get away with tree form and agro no one. I will try tonight. Do the whole root, snare, dot, dot Also. I did ALWAYS have Panic Animal memmed.

great cash and items. lets just say i had one gem sell for 38pp or so.... and other 12-20pp items. Wiccer or whatever armor and other weapons. The weird thing is there is little actual cash, most of it is in jems and other trinkets.

If you are charming here, it was my lifes blood solo. Safe rules.

1. make your pet guard away from you some, so you have a few moments if. I keep him busy fighting stuff away from you, then after he kills it he returns to his designated guarding location.("/pet guard here")

2. Keep panic animal always ready! This spell saved my **** a billion times. It also sticks better then my other spells like the snares and roots. (granted im cheap, using my lvl 1 snare and lvl 5 root with testament) but terrorize worked like pretty much 100% of the time.

3. I personally fear kite (or did here) so I prefer my pet to have about a bubble of health. (I know that sounds nuts) enough to take one hit while I snare and panic. and then dot while pet hits them. if charm breaks my pet is so low on HP he just walks away. I re-charm while mob is running. If my pet dies, who cares... the mob is probably an animal to be feared or charmed as new pet, or already rooted.

And levitate. I probably took more damage falling while running from mobs then I did getting hit and thats saying a lot since some of these smack for like 80 hp a swing as a druid with low ac.

The Highland Kobolds up north drop some nice iron etched armor. Heavy but good ac and some + to save vs magic. And so others know the area the GAME consideres the safe zone (according to lesser succor) is basically along the river between the cliffs edge and the icey section. In the 'lush jungle' area.

I hope that all helps some. Oh and if you track, this zone is all you :P just becareful of the epic monsters... like snowbeast you can not snare or root them and they are FAST.

NOW - MY OWN QUESTION - If you look at the map, on the right wall, up about 3/4 of the way there is a little inlet, like a zone. If you explore it, it is a large tunnel like opening that goes back some. There is a rock border... or is there? You can left click the rock to select it and RIGHT click the rock to "open" it. In which case it spins. You can walk through the rock while it spins. There are more further back. Where the **** does this go? to the hole maybe? For the HOLE in paineel it is a bolder door (that concidentally I can swim through the crack as a halfling if I swim, get momentum and duck) Who needs some level 50 key anyways?

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RE: some good tips
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The inlet you describe is for a zone not yet implemented (will it ever...). If you look on the old maps of EQ you will see several zones with names that you cant get to yet... lets hope Legacy of Y'Kesha solves this riddle..

EDIT: This inlet is also a good place to pull to - just remember to pull right to the mouth of the cave - Panic Animal as you so rightly pointed out is exceedingly useful here.

Edited, Mon Jan 27 12:41:49 2003
Update on inliet
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Been hanging around SB for a couple of levels... tried the inlet yhingy today. There are clickable boulders in the tunnel that rotate to make a crawl space. Mu HEF didn't have any problems going past like 3 of these clickables - a barb or Kitty may, 'tho.

Looks like a new zone coming up when LoY pops next weekend )it is next weekend, right?).

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What is the best way to make cash for a 41 Ranger in SB? I heard the Swiftclaw sash can sell for a little over 1k but so far out of doing the quest 5 times I have gotten the headbands. Any suggestions would be very helpful
RE: Cash
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Do the Yuio's Illness quest first, you get a pretty nice weapon the Wakizashi of the Frozen Skies. I did the head band quest twice before I did this quest, then I did the Yuio's quest and the sash quest and actually got the sash. I don't know if it will work for you but it worked for me.
RE: Cash
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Doing the Waki quest (twice) before the sash also worked for me (got sash 1st time), and for the 37 ranger who gave me some advice on the zone when I got there. Looks like an increasingly good plan for a way to get the sash.
Beastlord Epic Mob
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Does anyone have any information on the location of the Scout for the Beastlord epic and the location of the mob (Spirit of....)? Also any screenshots, mob info like damage, type of spells it casts, etc would be great. Thanks in advance.
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RE: Beastlord Epic Mob
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Scout Malom [blue]is at /loc pos3650, neg3530 on a small cliff ledge; that is the far NE corner of zone.

Give him the coin and the[red] 'Spirit of Torment'
will spawn at the very top of the cliff next to the scout. You need to use levitate to pull the spirit, a lvl 55 will-o-wisp, down to the fight area. Make sure all group members have lev because the spirit will move off the cliff and you will need lev to continue the fight. He is immune to slow and has an AoE stun and knockback spell that is rather easy to resist, I did every time during fight. The spirit is rather gimp and an easy kill for a full group of lvl 46+.

Here is a nice guide for the BST epic, , good luck ;-)

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group or solo
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would it be wise and possible a lvl.32 monk efficiently group or solo here ?

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Return to Stonebrunt
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Having spent considerable time in Stonebrunt in my mid-30's (like, 5 Wakizashi of the Frozen Skies, one Swiftclaw Sash, 2 Kejekan Headbands, Soulforge Hammer, and a whole bunch of kobold steaks worth of time ) thought it would be fun to go back and try some of the titans at level 52 (Druid) with some lower level friends. This is what I found out:

Change in aggro : the cats are no longer KOS, at least to druids. Not talking Kejekan's, I mean leopards and tigers. Panda CUBS aren't either. The gorillalalas and older pandas still attack.

While testing my new charm spell (Call of Karana), found the ONE Elder Panda still Light blue to me, and used him as the big bad enforcer of the zone. Tried giving him a weapon when I was out of room - Pandas can wield the oriental style weapons of this zone, at least. Did not try any conventional weapons. They can also dual wield, this one with a Jutte and a FS Wak.

Gave one Panda cub a weapon, that cub was a bad **** with a reinforced wakizashi bo. I ported out, and left my shaman buddy there to try and recharm him, he couldn't - game might have thought the panda was still a pet, dunno why. But anyways this Cub with a Bo stick and Savage Spirit haste (and SoW and Skin like Nature) proceeded to start whuppin' up on a 44 Shammy like no tomorrow. His spells wouldn't stick, and the Cub according to him was hitting for over 100. Then the cub just ran off. Interesting bug in charm... and for anyone on Quellious server there are a few pandas wandering around Stonebrunt with weapons and in some cases armor off the kobolds.

Still with all the critter clearing we did no titans spawned. Snowbeast or Prowler, you will be mine a different day.

Note: even with all the successful quests done here, and no Kejekan killing, I am still indiff. to the kitties.
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Where is the closest spot to get bound near Stonebrunt if you dont have bind???
RE: Bound
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thats a good question. just a guess but maybe the docks or the kitty place is like a gypsey camp? alowing you to bind? I am uncertain as it is all my toons self bind. (well my mains)
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RE: Bound
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Closest place to be bound is in Paineel right by the Warrens zone in. It's semi-safe there in that nothing patrols there and if anyone trains a Paineel NPC to the Warrens zone (very rare occurance), you'll be right next to the zone.
Soloing Rangers
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I soloed here almost exclusively from 33-40. The entire time trying to do the Swiftclaw Sash quest. This is what I learned.

The South end of the zone is lower level mobs, the further north you go the higher level. The lowest level animals are the "Kejekan" ones. Leopards lowest, then tigers. Then come the Granitebacks, difficulty is by prefix. (Mature is lower than Elder) Then the Highland animals, Tigers and Granitebacks. The Granitebacks being the easier of the two. Last is the Pandas, cubs are a little easier than the Highland Tigers, Young, Mature and Elder each getting more difficult. The Elder Pandas hit almost as hard as hill giants and faster.

I have found 3 "safe" areas in the zone. (there are probably more) When you are going to camp or med up and heal or sell, go to the Kejeken City on the Mountain in the middle of the zone. Approach from the east as this is where the gate is. I am a Wood Elf Ranger of Tunare, so I conned Indifferent to the kittys on 2 legs. I conned KOS to most other animals. DO NOT use WOLF FORM, the Kejekans WILL ATTACK YOU They will gladly sell to you or buy from you, but they WILL NOT help you in a fight. Spot #2 is in the south by the lake. There is a pile of sand at the bottom. I have sat there and healed up without any aggro. You can also pull to there with extended range spells. Note: you will be fighting in the water and on a hillside, sometimes hard to keep them in view. The best spot for me was a small flat east of the kitty city, close to where the kejekans hang out. Very few mobs wander through here, though an occasional one will.

Rule number one: ALWAYS KEEP SOW ON.

When fear kiting mobs on the flat east of the city, snare first then bring them back to the flat when you panic them, they will head south. Hit them once and they turn west. They all do this. Walk behind and attack, when you get to the base of the hill, back off and let them come back before you panic again. Doing this will greatly decrease the number of adds in your fights.

On a final note, at level 40 I made a trip to GD to do some faction hunting of Frost Giants. When I returned to Stonebrunt, I gained faction with the Highland Tigers and Pandas, not the Granitebacks. This might be coincidence, but I don't remember any other real faction swings I may have encountered.

I never got the Swiftclaw Sash, did 5 turn ins of Heretics heads, got 5 headbands. I did the Wakizashi Quest about 10 times. Nice giveaways for guildies.

May Tunare protect you.
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Killin Kobbies
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Ok question for you hunting masters. :)

As a newly dinged 31 Erud SK, I was wondering if I could safely single pull from either of the Highland Kobold camps? Found the Northwest one, went invis and took a peek around. Looks like they are all pretty close together and would be difficult to single pull from here. Haven't been to the North East one yet (couldn't find it, got lost :)) so I don't know what it's like.

I would appreciate any advice here. Thanks.

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RE: Killin Kobbies
# Sep 23 2002 at 11:28 AM Rating: Decent
Myself being a 30th level ranger when I first entered the zone i found a lot of kobolds green to me. However if they con anything above that they will attack in groups if you do not have a harmony spell =)' The NE camp is a little smaller and a little more spaced out. It may be easier to pull singles from. That camp is located along the river - just head east from zone ent. and follow river north. As I returned just yesterday at 32 I find myself managing the mobs a little better, such as the pandas.

All in all I think a 31 SK could solo a camp easy enough, however I have never played the class to know the strenghts and weaknesses.

Good Luck
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wolf form in SB
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Does wolf form cool down the animal aggro in the zone or make you look like a more interesting meal? Also, what sees through camo in there?
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RE: wolf form in SB
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YES! use wolf form. However I think they changed the agro of some of the stuff. Every 'animal' in the whole zone *USED TO* agro you before... now in normal halfling/karana mode. Mostly now, the monkeys and young/mature pandas jump me. The tigress' and jaguar's no longer jump me. In wolf form I am WARMLY even.

HOWEVER in wolf form the cat people hate you. They WILL attack you. but Where I was hunting there was less cat people, more aggressive mobs. So I opted for wolf form. he kobalds I think will jump you either way.

Edited, Tue Mar 11 20:30:30 2003
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RE: wolf form in SB
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I dont think wolf form helps at all with faction, at the very least it might get a mob thinking you look good with barbacue sauce. Nothing sees through camo except some kolbolds, I think the high shamans do.
Friends of the Kejekan?
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I'm enjoying this zone as a soloing low 40's ranger...I can find dark blue animals and use the trusty panic animal without too much fear of adds that I can't handle. I was a bit surprised to find green tigers attacking me on sight...I guess they've been talking to their cougar cousins in Iceclad about me.

Now to my question....does anyone know if there are any animals that the Kejekans are fond of? For example, the Kerrans in Erud's Crossing will attack you if you mess with their beetles---do the Kejekans feel this way about gorillas, tigers, or pandas? Reason I ask is that I don't want to accidentally **** off a wandering Kejekan while I am hunting animals, because faction with those catpeople is critical if I want to hunt here. Anyone know the answer?
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RE: Friends of the Kejekan?
# Aug 08 2003 at 11:37 PM Rating: Decent
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Actually - there are 5 animals whom killing will lower your faction with the Kejekans (not including the Kejekans, natch); the Titans - who the Kejeks worship.
Giang Ying
Slyder the Ancient
Old Ghostback
Prowler of the Jungle
They must not be very dedicated subjects, tho, 'cuz your faction can remain indifferent even after repeatedly killings. Still, it is recommended that you complete the Wakizashi of the Frozen Skies and Swiftclaw Sash quests before killing them, 'cuz theres no other way to raise your faction if you end up KoS. besides - these are some pretty lucrative (if slightly annoying) quests anyway.
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RE: Friends of the Kejekan?
# Jul 09 2002 at 7:30 PM Rating: Decent
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I haven't run into any animals that I've killed that has taken a negative faction hit with the village.
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# Jan 13 2003 at 1:22 AM Rating: Decent
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Not even Kejekan tigers will give you bad faction. Unlike if you have a coldane wolf, and a coldane wolf trainer.... These apparently are not special to the Kejekan.
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RE: Friends of the Kejekan?
# Sep 30 2002 at 8:45 AM Rating: Decent
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I don't think he was talking about faction. He wants to know if they actually see him attacking an animal will that anger them. I've read a post on another page of this site that said they will attack, but I've not got any direct experience yet.

Edited, Mon Sep 30 09:29:28 2002
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RE: Friends of the Kejekan?
# Oct 19 2002 at 2:56 PM Rating: Decent
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I dont think that they will attack you.. but they wont help either....

I pulled a small train of pandas into their city and they all just stood there....

However, you will lose faction if you are killing the ancients.
RE: Friends of the Kejekan?
# Nov 17 2003 at 9:53 AM Rating: Good
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The Kejekans will help if you are fighting a kobold, or Heretic invader.
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# May 18 2002 at 1:19 PM Rating: Decent
Erudites are indiff to gorillas. All gorillas in this zone minus the titan.

Im a erudite SK. Fear kiting can get out of hand, hut its not implausible.

Just a couple erudite sk tips.
Hunting Tips SB 101
# May 01 2002 at 7:07 AM Rating: Excellent
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Okay, now this is coming from someone mainly here to repeadedly do the Wak of FS quest, but the lessons i learned also come from having spent some time kiting the south zone wall and helping groups kill kobolds.

following is just some useful stuff for folks heading here.

1.) Idiot Hill.
Not a true hill, idiot hill is the name i give to the south zone wall right were the lake starts on the entrance side of the zone.
Mobs come here and try and run up the zone wall... why i call it idiot hill. their idiots. since mobs don't agg with each other across species lines, just target something on this wall that doesnt' have any brethren nearby, and when it comes to get you, kite or bring to group comfortably on the south wall (the only wall which is an exception to the next rule, and only most the time)

2.) zone walls not safe
Several things contribute to this. For one, both N/S zone walls are game trails (See below). for two, theirs goofy zone geography, so sometimes on a wall mobs far away gain agg on you. for three, see thing one again.

3.) game trails
Know what these are? well SB has a lot of zone lines, usually geographical on the graphics but sometimes for no reason, where mobs walk in lines down them. I mean like one line of the game where everymob type in the zone just wanders past in a straight line. Good- you can pull from this. TO A SAFE SPOT. Bad- if you fight on it, you will get adds like a cheap hooker at a frat party with full body lube.

Example... i'm there today, hunting pandas, and i watch a druid and monk of lower level fighting. they're doing okay, depsite takin a pandy i wanted, but things are tight so i'm thinkin MAYBE i'll be nice and help... then i realize were they are. game trail. no way i'm gettin in on the agg they're about to draw
within less then 30 real life seconds they have THREE gorilla adds, and as the druid dies and the monk FD's, a kej tiger wanders by too.

THIS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I SAY... DON'T HUNT THE GAME TRAILS DIRECTLY, PULL OFF THEM. all of you uber enough to say '***** that', your either overconfident and stupid, or powerful enough you don't need to be reading this anyway for anything other then **** and giggles.

4.) lull spots
perhaps because of the game trails, their are spots i could pull off too where despite the ungodly number of mobs in this zone, nothin walked by. i mean i could DoT, Root, and sit and watch for minutes as a panda died and nothing would agg. watch for long enough and you recognize these. USUALLY their flat lands in the zone, but not always. also remember that they're USUALY safe from wandering adds, not ALWAYS.

5.) agg like mad
for some reason, greens in this zone, especially the leapords, tigers, and gorillas, like to jump in. I mean stuff thats been green to me since i first came here at 28-29 or so is still wailing on me over ten levels later if i wander by. a slighty higher friend of mine says at 48 they still leg hump him if they can at times.

okay thats about it. hope i helped some of you who come here.
RE: Hunting Tips SB 101
# May 02 2002 at 6:13 PM Rating: Good
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This is a really good guide... One thing I would like to add is that fear-kiting is bad news here. As soon as you fear an animal, it heads straight into traffic. Almost everything aggros in this zone, and you will quickly find yourself with an Elder Graniteback or Kejek Leopard hammering on your backside. This is not saying that fearing mobs in this zone is a bad thing. It is almost essential for getting rid of the adds you are most likely to get while fighting here.
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Fear Kiting in SB
# Sep 01 2002 at 1:35 AM Rating: Good
I find that you can safely fear kite in Stone Brunt if you find a good camp spot off the "game trails". As an example, at the Northeast Higher Kobold camp, you can safely pull to the northeast of that camp up by the mountain wall. I pull them with an arrow and then snare them once we begin fighting at the wall. I then use panic animal and they usually begin to head south. Normally my spell will only work until they reach the first row of trees and then I run back to the wall, they follow, I fear again, etc..

Hope this helps travelers to Stonebrunt.
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RE: Hunting Tips SB 101
# May 04 2002 at 3:41 PM Rating: Decent
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LOL thank you for the compliment makes it all worth doing :)
# Apr 30 2002 at 7:35 PM Rating: Good
well, from what i've gathered after looking at the posts here and on other sites, this zone is good for about 16-21, and maybe up to 28. then after about 32, it gets better further up into the mountains at the snow line. i haven't been here meself, but i'm wondering, how high does the level range go? i'm a 40 ranger looking for exp, a little bit of plat, doing the swiftclaw sash quest, etc... anyways, info on what/where to hunt, as well as what tactics to use would be absolutely great. thanks in advance
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Loooonnngg stay
# Apr 15 2002 at 5:41 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok, I am a level 10 enchanter ATM. Can I go to Warrens until level 16 then hunt in Stonebrunt until 45 (HEH) and can then be the all knowing lord of Stonebrunt (j/k about that part)?
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RE: Loooonnngg stay
# Aug 19 2002 at 2:43 PM Rating: Excellent
To put it simply, yes, you can hunt from 16-40+ in the warrens & stonebrunt.

16-20 (warrens) if you are feeling brave, go hit the outcast kobolds outside Muglwump's room, or go hit the Smithy & foodmaster.

20-25 (warrens) go find the cave bat lord, and hit everything between the SB zone and the Throne room

25-30 (SB) right outside the "zone tunnel" in SB are 3 pops along the wall, and along that same wall is a rock sticking out of a corner. The rock is a good place to med, and the pops will be good for a while. when they start going light blue, check on the larger camp to the SE of the rock.

30+ using various kiting techniques (including root rotting), you can take on most of the pandas/cats/apes up in the hills. The safest way to get to a good hunting spot is to head over to the stream and travel north along it until you find a good place.

At 34, most of the pandas, cats and apes are hard blue to white, and drop some nice gems. The place I go to (bear with me) is just south of the "trail" to the kitty city, across the stream. as you walk south along the stream from kitty city, you will shortly pass a kobold camp on the west side of the stream, and see some grassy knolls on the east (wall) side. this spot is not directly on a game trail, but between two of them, with some nice pulls walking high up the wall.
A Spirit
# Apr 03 2002 at 8:02 AM Rating: Decent
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There is a mob called "A Spirit" that repeatedly spawns in a small hollow next to two trees South a bit from the kitty village. It looks like a pink Willowisps.

It cons "scowling" to me when all the other wisp/spirit varients are "indifferent" in this zone.

It always takes 1 hit to kill and never has any loot.

It screams place holder. But I haven't been able to figure out what for. Anyone else have any ideas?
RE: A Spirit
# Apr 03 2002 at 3:12 PM Rating: Good
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The "A Spirit" is on Heretic faction and is for the Soulfiend lance quest for shadowknights.
Yuio's Illness
# Feb 27 2002 at 11:37 AM Rating: Decent
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I have traveled to Stoneburnt in search of the AWESOME xp and the Wakizashi of the Frozen Skies. I had read many posts saying the foraged items of the quest were broke. I could not forage a bamboo shoot for two days of trying. Last night (26Feb02)I made a trip back to Toxx to sell my loot when lo-and-behold, I foraged 2 bamboo shoots in a row. I now have 3 fruits and 2 shoots with a forage of only 90. The easy parts are over, right? Skins, claws, and sacs yet to get. Hmmm...I wonder if they are transferable items? If so, anyone on The Tribunal selling? lol!

Xyrauth Goldeneagle
22 Wood Elf Ranger

RE: Yuio's Illness
# Jan 06 2003 at 12:34 PM Rating: Decent
30 posts
You prolly shouldnt buy anything, maybe the Panda Claws since they are the hardest to find. You can find the Tiger Pelts off of ANYTHING that says "Tiger" Even the Kejekan Tigers. As I said before you might want to buy the claws, but if not go track some pandas (assuming you are a Ranger or Druid since you have forage). You can look closely and see if they have claws, if not well fight it anyway lol and you can also tell if they have claws because they SLASH. And the Sacs you have to go travel to the oasis or ro to get. Hope this helps although it was not completely answering your direct question.

Edited, Mon Jan 6 12:08:21 2003
RE: Yuio's Illness
# Apr 04 2003 at 8:40 PM Rating: Excellent
70 posts
There's a much easier way to check if a panda has claws - just look =) Invis and get real close, then look in the bear's right hand. As with most weapons, you can see the claw there, looking like eitchkta/pitchkta claws execpt in the palm facing wrong way, rather than protruding from the knuckles.

This way you don't have to fight the panda to see if the slash message comes up.

Hmm, already said this - O well, there's a bit of elaboration for anyone wanting it...
How do we send in quest info?
# Jan 11 2002 at 12:04 AM Rating: Decent
116 posts
I have info on 2 forage quest in the kejekan City how do I send in the info to allakhazam?
E - mail me at
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RE: How do we send in quest info?
# Jan 16 2002 at 11:27 AM Rating: Decent
13 posts
You could post it here. Also, the site says send it to
Gorilla Fang
# Jan 03 2002 at 1:49 PM Rating: Decent
13 posts
Anyone know what it si used for? I have looted 3 of these no drop items.
RE: Gorilla Fang
# Mar 31 2002 at 11:51 AM Rating: Decent
67 posts
You guys haven't been looking very hard.
RE: Gorilla Fang
# Apr 16 2002 at 4:08 PM Rating: Decent
Sorry, wrong quest.

Titans are the giant animals of the zone. The gorilla fangs we speak of are drops off of the msasively commons gorillas in the zone.

The quest you speak of involves the TITANS. The quest WE speak of is as of yet unsolved.

If you have any information regarding the stackable NO DROP gorilla fangs, please share it with the rest of us.
RE: Gorilla Fang
# Mar 09 2002 at 8:34 AM Rating: Decent
this is exactly what i came to this discussion for, but it seems no one knows...

the ONLY thing i can tell you is that im saving mine, and that there are as of current, two zones that are blocked in SB... one somewhat across from the begining of the Kejek village path, and the other down there with the miners..

I'm hoping to god that if i hold onto them, that some quest in another zone will open wherein you give the teeth to someone, and it raises kejek faction.
RE: Gorilla Fang
# Jan 13 2003 at 1:44 AM Rating: Decent
666 posts
As I posted that location is not fully blocked. you can click the bolder and then right click the bolder, as it SPINS pass THROUGH the makeshift doorway. and more are further in. I think I will investigate this tonight. I also have "a gorilla fang" and I CERTAINLY did not fight ghostback for it. I can however logicaly assume its NOT the same. because I had a "sabretooth fang" and a "giant sabretooth fang" both came off SNOWBEAST the titan, but there is a distinction.
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Erudites are NOT Kos...
# Dec 01 2001 at 1:52 AM Rating: Decent
Erudites are NOT kos here, unless you are a heretic or something.. I have shopped in da litter box many times and the cats are cool.
The Spinning Rocks
# Nov 27 2001 at 5:00 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
We Shaman are an inquisitive lot and when I came across a small cave with a touch above the entrance I of coarse made myself invisible and headed in. A dead end, but you never know so I nosed around, oh did I mention I was levitating no, well I was. I found that the rock on the right span when I pushed it, after a few attempts I found I could move past this rock and then to another and another and then finally through the rock blockage entirely! A short passage twists and turns and leads to a very smooth and definite dead end (Sigh of great sadness) Getting out was a matter of repeating the process but on the other side, it was a fun diversion and maybe one day this information will be useful but it seams to lead no where at the moment.

For those of you who want to play, I won&#8217;t give away the exact means of progression but will say only this each rock has many faces and some warrant more attention than other.

Have fun

Icebain Legeon of Honour
Shaman of the Tribunal (28 Seasons)
FV Server
RE: The Spinning Rocks
# Jan 25 2002 at 3:13 PM Rating: Decent
17 posts
For the record, I, a rogue, was also able to find this when seeking the Wak. of the Frozen Skies. I could also find no apparent purpose, but for those of you who are not casters and would like to see it, the right side wall can be climbed enough so that you can jump on top of the rock and get through to the other side. Getting back out is slightly more difficult, as the wall on the other side is not as wide, but I was able to do it after a few failed attempts. (Please note that I am a Half elf...don't know if the larger races will have a problem with the back wall.)
Santril Veterator
Redeemed Rogue of the E.Marr Server
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RE: The Spinning Rocks
# Jan 18 2002 at 11:26 AM Rating: Excellent
Interesting. Were I to hazard a guess, you've found what will someday be the entrance to a new free zone.

If you look at the mapt of Norrath you get with the game, there are a number of listed areas for which the game has no corresponding zone. On Odus, there are The Grand Plateau, The Barren Coast, and The Vasty Deep. Just as they did with The Warrens, The Hole, and Stonebrunt Mountains, Verant probably has these areas slated for future expansion.

The spinning rocks may be a puzzle to keep the unwary wanderer from accidentally straying into what might eventually be a high-end zone.
Arjaizen Izrhume
Former Wizard of Erudin,
Current Mage of Northshire Valley
The Vah Shir, Kejekans, and Kerrans
# Nov 23 2001 at 11:06 PM Rating: Decent
Hail, Norrathens! My name is Gallius of the Gatecallers in Erudin. I am doing research on the true history of the vile Vah Shir race. I was wondering if anyone could clear this up for me: The city of the Vah Shir was obviously blown to the moon (literally) by the Erudites. But was this done by the Citizens of Erudin in a direct attempt to get them out of the way, or was this done during the War between the Erudites and the so-called Heretics? This is the last piece of information I require for my History of Odus, Part I. I would greatly appreciate any information you may have, and if you are on the Bristlebane server speak to Gallius for a reward. Thank you.
RE: The Vah Shir, Kejekans, and Kerrans
# Nov 27 2001 at 5:05 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
In the warrens there is a Kolbold who lives near to the King (Small room on the right as you face the throne) he has seven or eight scrolls of history, have you read these ? They may be interesting to you. Read all you can about the Loremaster (in the Warrens) if you need more.

Icebain Legeon of Honour
Shaman of the Tribunal (28 Seasons)
FV Server
Great zone
# Nov 14 2001 at 2:48 PM Rating: Decent
7 posts
As a solo-oriented player, this zone is spectacular.

Stonebrunt is awesome for virtually everyone from the high teens to the high 30's. Pick-up groups are kinda hard to find, so if you come, either bring your friends, be prepared to do lots of LFGs until you find a group (eventually you will), or plan on soloing. And if you can't fear or SoW (preferably both), I wouldn't advise soloing, especially in the mountainous areas.

My ranger fought here from levels 22 to 27, then returned at 32. This is an absolute slot machine not only for experience, but in some cases loot as well. Yesterday I picked up a fire emerald from a mature panda, which sold at the "litter box" for around 70pp.

This zone is by and large an untapped resource. Most people in the 20's and 30's automatically assume that Lake of Ill Omen is "the" place to go. I like that zone, and it can support a ton of people, but Stonebrunt presents a viable alternative. On my server, there's never more than 20 people here, with half of them only interested in farming pandas or heretics. Granted, both of these quests result in outstanding items, but the ensuing lack of pandas has its silver lining in lots of high-blue/white, underconning granitebacks and tigers spawning in their place.

Adds are a major problem of course, but I can usually fear them away and finish the mob I'm working on. Then I can either wait for the add to return and waste it (health permitting), or run in the opposite direction far enough so that the add won't pursue when fear drops, then camo/hide and camp out to clear hate. Cheesy? Perhaps. Effective? Absolutely.

Bottom line. In my opinion, if you play a highly soloable class (such as a ranger, druid, or necro), you'll love it here. Plus it gives groups and guilds a new mid-level place to come for good experience. It's a well designed zone, pathing problems notwithstanding, and it looks spectacular. I plan on bringing my bard down here once he gets to level 20, then group up near the "Big 10" kobold camp near the Warrens zone. This is truly one of the best hunting zones in the game.
RE: Great zone
# Nov 27 2001 at 8:15 PM Rating: Decent
12 posts
"...if you play a highly soloable class (such as a ranger, druid, or necro)..."? Don't forget, Bards rock when it comes to outdoor soloing.

Don't believe me? Check this out:

That screenshot was in SB with about 7 Raging Kobolds and a cat when my Bard was about 25.

I don't know of any other class that can take on 7-8 mobs and win. And with no down time, btw.

Your Bard will do well in SB, friend!
~ Excelsius Pulvereus, Zealot and Defender of Albion, Nimue
~ Ridil of the 31 song Serenade, Druzzil Ro (Retired)
~ Excelsius, Karana's Priest, Druzzil Ro (Retired)
RE: Great zone
# Aug 24 2002 at 12:05 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts
yes this is a great zone for a ranger to solo
i started at lvl22 and now 24 going to be here a bit longer only prob is no bank but i can live with that i can get a lvl a day if i want and ther is not many zones i know of that a ranger can do that solo and the lot from the kobolds is
RE: Great zone
# Aug 24 2002 at 12:04 PM Rating: Decent
4 posts

Edited, Sat Aug 24 13:07:25 2002
Jelquar the Soulslayer
# Nov 13 2001 at 12:23 AM Rating: Decent
4 posts
does anyone know where this guys spaws?!?!? I've been looking for him for hours asking in ooc if anyone had him on track and never saw hide nor hair of him. if anyone has info about it would be much appreciated.
# Nov 07 2001 at 1:10 PM Rating: Decent
11 posts
Ok as of todays patch apperantly there is no more tlc!

But then again it is early and Im could have just imagined reading that in the patch message (BUT I HOPE THATS NOT THE CASE)
# Oct 24 2001 at 11:31 PM Rating: Default
I just logged after fighting in the stonebrunts for several hours. Usually I can find panda's to kill almost non-stop using my tracking. Tonight, however, I was unable to find one. I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

Thanks, Caddwy lvl 38 ranger of Lost Wages, Xev
Odd Bronze Necklace
# Oct 17 2001 at 3:31 PM Rating: Default
Does anyone know what an "Odd Bronze Necklace" is for? I have about 6 of them and I dont know what they are for. They are no drop so I cant sell them. They came off Kobold Greater Shaman I belive. Also will the pelts in this zone ever be used for tailoring. I have an "excellant Gorilla Hide" and I dont know what its worth. Any help would be apprcieated. Thanks.

P.S. For you lower levels who want to get through the warrens. Dont bother with the invis. Just learn the route, sow and run if you keep your bearings(sp?) about you you will be fine. Everytime I try to invis I get aggroed and attacked but now I just sprinit it and I make it everytime.
RE: Odd Bronze Necklace
# Oct 26 2001 at 6:32 AM Rating: Decent
243 posts
The only reference I can find is buried in one of the, i beleive Cleric, quests that come out of Erudin. I had almost 2 bags of these that I was saving, until I discovered that the only quest I could find for them was pretty much useless to my druid.
If you hold it and have a friend cast Indentify on you, I beleive it is a Greater Totem of Ralfron Zek.
I had one idea to maybe try combining the necklaces in a shaman bag you get from the kobold shamans to see if anything happens. Or maybe combined with the dolls...Anyone tried that?
Anyway, maybe Verant will make these worth something some day. And maybe spiritlings will actually drop spiritling stones on Quellious...


"In waking a tiger, use a very long stick." -Mao Tse-Tung. Did he go to Stonebrunt too?
MY zone... :)
# Oct 09 2001 at 2:33 PM Rating: Default
9 posts
Just so you know... a lvl 30 druid friend of mine got killed in Stonebrunt just by the wandering mobs that aggroed on him... of course, he didn't knew the animals would attack him on sight since usually they don't aggro on druids and rangers... but I guess this zone is a bit weird...

When you understand how the zone work, you understand that you need tracking and a way to deal with animals (panic? calm?) Also, you gotta keep your eyes open for any mobs coming your way while you fight... I'm fear kiting in there (lvl 33 ranger kicking pandas!) and I often stop following my mobs so that a wandering mob can pass without attacking me... little delay but I can finish my mobs that way... when fear drop, I pull back to a safe distance before casting fear again... some of the big panda can hit for more than 70 damage so no way I'm gonna stay there while casting...

So... strategy... tracking... keep your eyes open and don't try to be a hero... just pull back if any problem happen... if you got a group and you start to aggro too many mobs, don't wait too long to give the run/evac/gate signal... snare all mobs and keep sow on... levitate if you can too...

The refresh on the mob position is also a pain in the &*#^#& but I don't know if it's me lagging or what... mobs do short teleports when they get a position update! Sometimes that mean you would be able to go between two mobs easy and POP... the road is suddently close by a teleporting mob and it aggro on you... kinda like when a mob get stuck in kedge... POP... a mob kick you and you are stunned! :)

"Don't wake the tiger with a stick if you don't want him to kick your [...]" -Me
quit flammin this place it rocks for xp and loot and you nee
# Oct 09 2001 at 11:12 AM Rating: Decent
alright i didnt bother to read all 100 posts here but i did see i few i would like to flame..SBM rules i have gone from 20-28 in a few days of camping here i started at the nice big 10 tent and went to lvl 25 very easy i pull singles all the time and groups make it good but its better to solo there till when some of those turn green is when you go to the highlands in the zone not a dangerous journy if you know what to do .first you travel to the docks..from the docks to the river all the way up and turn left at end of river to highlands..theres a nice place above camp where there are no wondering MoBs i know will need at least 3 ppl lvls 23-27 to do this camp it is very eacy to single pull i do it as a rogue and im not even meant to pull will be able to go to 32 here if you wish so for all you who flame this place stuff it at 28 all the highland tiger and pandas and crap like that are yellow and even..with full group you can take out ne thing in zone cept titans at that fo ryou wh flamed it STFU you never had a good xp here and you need to go back to this badda$$ zone

28lvl rogue
nameless server
mistaura poisonweaver

one of my 1st posts BTW
Trolls in the Town?
# Oct 07 2001 at 10:55 PM Rating: Default
can a troll warrior get into the town unattacked? Id prefer a response from someone who knows or has seen someone get in, this is assuming that the troll didnt work on faction. It would make sense that all but euradites could get in seeing as the kitten people have been isolated for so long, but not sure.

RE: Trolls in the Town?
# Oct 08 2001 at 7:37 AM Rating: Decent
243 posts
I know that a darkelf was able to go in, but he was dubious, so he couldn't buy/sell. I don't know if he was agnostic or not, though. But, I would suspect that if the answer is yes, then buying/selling might still be out for you.
Unfortuneately, I haven't seen a way yet, outside of quests, to raise faction. And without faction, how do you get quests...yada yada yada. I imagine that the main reason 'bolds don't give faction is to keep Erudites from being able to wander into town.
Oh, make sure you do NOT get shared wolf form or anything like it cast on you before going. While Wolfie works on brownies, illusions make the kitties KOS you. Guess like true cats they can see through illusions and take it as an insult?
"In waking a tiger, use a very long stick." -Mao Tse-Tung. Did he go to Stonebrunt too?
RE: Trolls in the Town?
# Oct 20 2001 at 8:49 PM Rating: Default
The cat people are just one of the types that hate wolf form, much like the Fiorna Vie gaurds, Kunark Dragons, and the Barbarians will KOS wolf form even if they normally like you. I think wolf form is also hated by pretty much everything in Velious.
RE: Trolls in the Town?
# Oct 13 2001 at 8:43 AM Rating: Excellent
366 posts
I don't think cats need to see through an illusion to dislike dogs ;)
Gorilla fang
# Oct 07 2001 at 3:57 AM Rating: Decent
11 posts
Looted a gorilla fang off a elder highland granitbeck the other day. Its nodrop and stackable, any ideas on what it is for?
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