Old Bloodfields: Holding the Fort  

Quick Facts

Type: Outdoor
Continent: Seeds of Destruction
Instanced: Yes
Keyed: No
Level Range: 85 - 85
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This is the instanced zone involving the group task "Holding the Fort" in which you defend General Vurig the Imposing and his dragorn forces from invading muramites.
Hall to the GreenfieldsGeneral Vurig and His DefendersDragorn DefendersInvading Muramites
A Fallen DragornBattle!The General Will Need Some Help...
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A named spawned after 2nd wave started called Chaxyl, dropped

Chaxyl's Voulge
Magic, Lore, No Trade
Race: ALL

Size: LARGE AC: 41 Base Dmg: 106
Weight: 9.4 HP: 1170 Corrupt Dmg: 3
Req Level: 85 Mana 1135 Delay: 34
Skill: 2H Slashing End: 1135 Dmg Bon: 67

Strength: 40 Magic: 61 Attack: 60
Stamina: 55 Fire: 23 Hp Regen: 2
Intelligence: 65 Cold: 56 Mana Regen: 1
Wisdom: 22 Disease: 51 Spell Shield: 1
Agility: 25 Poison: 24 Combat EFF: 3
Dexterity: 17 Shileding: 1
Charisma: 58 Dmg Shield: 4
Dot Shield: 2
Avoidance: 5
Accuracy: 12
Stun Resist: 2
Strike Thr: 2


Slot 1. Type 4 (weapon General): Empty
Effect: Freezing Strike V (Combat)

Freezing Strike V
Spell Effect: Strikes your opponent with a freezing attack that causes between 200 and 200 hit points in damage.

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