Catacombs of Dranik C  

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Level Range:
55 - 75

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CATACOMBS OF DRANIK: The Catacombs of Dranik are located in the northern section of the city ruins, and may be entered after speaking with Grand Historian Rygua.
CrematoryThe Catacombs of DranikBurial GroundThoughtfouler
Dranik RuinsStone Dining TableBat CavernElite Nocs
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Catacombs of Dranik Caza
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Grand Historian Rygua says, 'You have chosen to explore the Catacombs of Dranik. I have heard tales of frightening creatures of great power that lurk in the darkest shadows of the catacombs. Should you come across an ukun known as the Master of the Watch, or an ikaav mage named, Elite Pixxt K'illiga, prepare yourself for a tough battle. The battle might be hard fought, but some would say the riches are well worth it.'
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Catacombs of Dranik Caza
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Dragorn Marshall Greshka and High Enchantress Zy'chia - Cat A
Master of the Watch or Elite Pixxt K'illiga - Cat C
Elite Overlord Vijaz or High Sorcoress Vi'tara
Enterable at 55
# Jun 01 2009 at 4:13 AM Rating: Decent
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Did this yesterday with the family.

56 warrior, 55 cleric, 55 chanter, 55 wizard and 55 rogue.

The Grand Historian gives the Catacombs out at 55. However, he refused to give the Sewers.

The Zone Level chart should be changed to reflect that Catacombs A, B, C are enterable at 55.
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