Crystallos: Raid Instance  

Quick Facts

Type: Indoor
Continent: Secrets of Faydwer
Instanced: Yes
Keyed: Yes
Level Range: 80 - 85
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This is the instanced zone involving the raid expedition into Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened.

Events within this expedition include (links point to detailed event listings): Halls of Fire; Keepers of Stone; Ice Constructs; Aerius Windfury; Tjudawos; Kildrukaun; Zeixshi`Kar; Vyskudra; Brood Mother Visziaj; and Kerafyrm the Awakened.

For information about using the armor molds found here, see the information towards the bottom of this Secrets of Faydwer armor guide.
The EntranceZeixshi`Kar's Ice ConstructsThe Treacherous Halls of FireKeeper of the Stones
Chief Researcher EntharrThe Very Formidable VyskudraZeixshi`KarQuarters of Aerius Windfury
The Brood MotherTjudawos the AncientKildrukaun the Ancient ProphetKerafyrm's Lair

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