The Seething Wall  

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Prophecy of Ro
Level Range:
65 - 75

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This is the instanced zone involving the group task "Into the Wall".

Oathmir the Outcast speaks of a disturbance causing problems among the undead within the wall of The Devastation. You've been asked to investigate the problem and restore the balance within the wall.
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Into the wall task
# Jun 12 2006 at 4:45 PM Rating: Decent
Killed 30 mobs then named popped during respawns

katog the Deviating (red) 193k hps not including necro dots (estimate 250k hps)
hit for 200-1200 against AC 2.9k (normal) with defensive running

casts thorny vines

dropped Mangled skin slippers:
magic item No-Trade
AC13, Str +6, Dex +5, Sta +3, Cha +8, Int +5, Agi +6, HP +145, Mana +145
Fire +10, disease +4, Cold +7, magic +6, Poison +4
Recommended 68, Required 64
wt 2.0 size medium
class Nec Wiz Mag Enc
Race All
slot 1: type 7
# Apr 04 2006 at 12:26 PM Rating: Decent
18 posts
Oathmir the Outcast gives a task called "Into the Wall" that takes you into this zone.

It is a very easy task. Appropriate loot for the difficulty. 130hps items. Pretty much a bore for anyone who is in DoN bought or better gear. Hopefully someone will find it useful, seemed like a lot of wasted dev resources considering so few have done it, and those that have are pretty lackadaisical about it. Why they consider to want to add content where there is already whole expansions designed for, I simply don't get.

The only positive was that one of the Pallys liked that there were undead. Also there are some cool looking models.

But certainly not worth your time to investigate if you have no one that would use 130hps items.
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