Sporali Caverns: Way of the Freemind  

Quick Facts

Depths of Darkhollow
Level Range:
65 - 75

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This is the instanced zone involving the group monster mission Way of the Freemind.

After eating a spore from a mushroom in Undershore (what were you thinking?), you feel the urge to speak with Freemind Cipher... Upon speaking with him, you may just find yourself in this place in the form of a sporali.
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The skinny
# Sep 14 2006 at 12:07 PM Rating: Default
59 posts
Alright here is what I know about this mission. A group of us (66 Sk, 70 Cleric, 70 wizard, 70 chanter, 70 mage, and 70 warrior) did this mission yesterday. Now I was snare pulling mobs in this zone. you will almost always get at least 2 if you dont paci the ones that are low enough level. A chanter/bard is a must for this group as there is no room to kite any adds at all until much deeper in the zone. A place you cant get with out a mezzer. We had to collect 5 different drops and we had to get 2 of each. A note about this is that you can get drop off any mob in the zone, it all random drops. None seem to be any rarer than the others. When we completed this task we all got a 35 HP/Mana/End +4 Regen aug that fits type 7,8 slots. Hope this bit of info helps
Rebuin Dazes 75th Tank-Chant
Valdaimon Purevil 75th Shadow Knight
A Little info
# Oct 26 2005 at 8:21 AM Rating: Decent
10 posts
Did this last night with no chanter, not recommended. The shrooms move at Bard speed or better. Average hit was around 1K on the puller (Me) and fast. I'm a 70 Necro with Time or better gear and they ate me for lunch 5 times. This was the easy mission. We had to clear half the zone in order to complete the mission, about 2.5 hours. They are hard to split and resist snare about 50% of the time, casters are a problem and will gate. The little one's (Lite Blue) mezz and they all appear to have damage shields.

Reward was a +4 regen aug and a earing with 120 ish hp/mana and stats.
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