Race:High Elf
Deity: Tunare
Level: 54
Money: 0
Server: Vazaelle
Ruins of Kunark Enabled
Scars of Velious Enabled
Shadows of Luclin Enabled
Planes of Power Enabled
Lost Dungeons of Norrath Enabled
Gates of Discord Enabled
Omens of War Enabled
Weight:40.4 / 93
Primary Melee: Witchdoctor's Cudgel
Secondary Melee: Skull Marked Shield
Ranged Weapon: Idol of the Underking
Ammo: None
Left Ear: Protean Earring
Right Ear: Silver Hammer Earring
Neck: Lava Engraved Choker
Face: Blessed Full Mithril Visor
Head: Imbued Koada`Dal Mithril Helm
Shoulder: Obulus Death Shroud
Left Finger: Circled Toe Bones
Right Finger: Glittering Ring of Judgment
Left Wrist: Blessed Full Mithril Bracer
Right Wrist: Savagefang Bracer
Arm: Donal's Vambraces of Mourning
Chest: Blessed Full Mithril Breastplate
Back: Lodizal Shell Shield
Feet: Boots of Flowing Slime
Legs: Death Embracer's Leggings
Waist: Chitinous Belt
Hands: Crystal Chitin Gauntlets
Charm: None
Food: Fresh Fish
Drink: None


Owned by: Iluien Email: Not Public
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