Spell Icon Psalm of Veeshan  


1: Increase Damage Shield by 2 (L63) to 17 (L79)
2: Increase All Resists by 11 (L63) to 90 (L71)
4: Increase AC by 3 (L63) to 11 (L73)

Details   Raw Spell Data, Lucy Spell View

Mana: 0 Skill: Singing
Casting Time: 3 Recast Time: 0
Fizzle Time: 0 Location: Any
Time of Day: Any AE Range: 50
Fizzle Adj: 5 Deletable: No
Blockable: Yes Focusable: Yes
Dispellable: Yes Interruptable: Yes
Short Buff Box: Yes Target Type: Group v2
Spell Type: Beneficial Source: Live 03/13


Cast on you: Crystalline scales gather around you.
Effect Fades: The crystalline scales fall away.

Game Description

Calls the crystalline scales of Veeshan around your group, granting them protection from all types of magic. Any creature that strikes these scales is damaged.

Items with this effect

Quick Facts

Song: Psalm of Veeshan

Bard level 63

Expansion: Planes of Power

3 ticks
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Stacking Issue
# Dec 12 2008 at 7:06 PM Rating: Decent
61 posts
Not in a raid, I get the resist bonus from this song. However, with a raid force and those buffs, I no longer get the increased stats. I checked lucy and did not find a single spell on me that conflicted with slot 2. I had 12 buffs on me. Does a block on any other slot render this song useless (i.e. no benefits are gained from it)?

Edit: I figured out it was Composition of Ervaj blocking it.

Edited, Dec 12th 2008 10:37pm by dewraith
DS guide by Calliopeia from Mith Marr
# Jan 24 2008 at 11:33 AM Rating: Decent
319 posts

so it wont get lost, here is the excellent guide written by Calliopeia. A bit outdated but much of the information is still very relevent and hard to find

"A discussion on the SK boards brought Lord Daeth asking about damage shields and I got curious. With the help of Lucy, some knowledgeable bards, SKs, and warriors, I started doing the math.

Like all spells, you can have one damage shield in each slot at a time. If you have more than one spell with a damage shield in the same slot, generally the highest one will take priority. See the stacking rules in Lucy for the exceptions.

Bard songs are exceptions to the slot stacking rules. Songs will stack with other spells in the same slot.

Since we're bards, let's start with the...

Maximum Possible Bard DS:

Assuming a level 70 Bard with JF3, IM3, IIM, SM3, ISM, AT3, EoT3 AAs; Shadowsong Cloak; Songblade of the Eternal; and Blaring Horn of Fire:

War March of Muram (BRD/68) - 113 DS
Psalm of Veeshan (BRD/63) - 58 DS

If you'd like more information on the other DS songs and how they work for lesser-geared bards, please check out Reed's spreadsheet in the Bard Files section.


Slot 1 DS:

Highest Slot 1 DS:
Fireskin/Circle of Fireskin (MAG/66-70) - 62 DS

Other Slot 1 DS:

Nettle Shield/Circle of Nettles (DRU/67-70) - 55 DS
Flameshield/Maelstrom of Ro (MAG/61-63) - 48 DS
Ward of the Hunter (RNG/70 - Self Only) - 45 DS
Shield/Legacy of Bracken (DRU/63-65) - 40 DS
Ancient Legacy of Blades (DRU/60) - 36 DS
Cadeau of Flame/Aegies of Ro (MAG-56/60) - 35 DS
Protection of the Wild (RNG/65) - 34 DS
Shield of Blades (DRU/58) - 32 DS
Legacy of Thorn (DRU/59) - 32 DS
Shield of Briar (RNG/66) - 32 DS
Boon of Immolation (MAG/53) - 25 DS
Shield of Lava (MAG/49) - 25 DS
Shield of Thorns (RNG/62, DRU/49) - 24 DS
Legacy of Spike (DRU/51) - 24 DS
Warder's Protection (RNG/60) - 21 DS
Barrier of Combustion (MAG/39) - 20 DS
Shield of Spikes (RNG/58, DRU/39) - 17 DS
Inferno Shield (MAG/29) - 15 DS
Shield of Brambles (RNG/49, DRU/29) - 12 DS
Banshee Aura (SHD/54, NEC/16) - 12 DS
Feedback (ENC/29) - 11 DS
Shield of Barbs (DRU/19) - 9 DS
Shield of Flame (MAG/20) - 9 DS
Shield of Thistles (RNG/30, DRU/9) - 6 DS
Shield of Fire (MAG/8) - 6 DS
O'Keil's Levity (WIZ/29) - 5 DS
O'Keil's Embers (WIZ/12) - 3 DS
O'Keil's Radiation (WIZ/4) - 2 DS

Spells from Items
Unity of Fire (Cast from Harnessed Flame Dirk) - 35 DS
Aegis of Bathezid (Cast from Regal Band of Bathezid) - 25 DS
Shield of Lava (Cast from Lava Diamond and Ro's Breath Potion) - 25 DS
Inferno Shield (Cast from Lava Potion) - 15 DS
Sonic Feedback (Cast from Humming Orb) - 12 DS
Shield of Flame (Cast from Singing Steel Bracer, Blazing Vambraces & Charred Black Staff) - 9 DS
Shield of Thistles (Cast from Two Handed Practice Sword & Essence of Rose) - 6 DS
O'Keil's Embers (Cast from Greater Seal of Fire) - 3 DS
O'Keil's Radiation (Cast from Giant Thunderbolt Eyepatch) - 2 DS
Blessing of Nature (Cast from Razor Fang of Xygoz) - 1 DS


Slot 2 DS:

Highest Slot 2 DS:
Kilva's Skin of Flame (shaman potion) - 33 DS

Other Slot 2 DS:

Illusion Fire Elemental (ENC/34) - 17 DS
Guard of the Earth (RNG/67) - 13 DS
Call of the Rathe (RNG/62) - 10 DS
O'Keil's Flickering Flame (WIZ/34) - 5 DS
Call of Earth (RNG/50) - 4 DS
Force of Nature (RNG/49) - 3 DS
Riftwind's Protection (RNG/30) - 2 DS

Fire Elemental Form V (MAG) - 30 DS
Fire Elemental Form IV (MAG) - 30 DS
Fire Elemental Form III (MAG) - 30 DS
Fire Elemental Form II (MAG) - 20 DS
Fire Elemental Form I (MAG) - 10 DS

Spells from Items
Vengeful Guard (Cast from Cloak of Retribution) - 20 DS
Scorching Skin (Cast from Kilva's Blistering Flesh Potion) - 18 DS
Illusion: Fire Elemental (Cast from Lute of the Mischiefmaker, Adventurer's Stone of Flames & Veil of Flames) - 18 DS
Frostreaver's Blessing (Cast from Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV) - 10 DS
Shield of the Eighth (Cast from Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring and Velium Coldain Insignia Ring) - 8 DS
Fiery Might (Cast from Chestplate of Fiery Might, Leggings of Fiery Might, Leggings of the Fiery Star) - 5 DS
O'Keil's Flickering Flame (Cast from Gauntlets of Dark Embers) - 5 DS
Tempest Guard (Cast from Crown of the Tempest Guard) - 5 DS
Chromatic Chaos (Cast from Fitz's Chromatic Earring, Rlua's Chromatic Ring, Sarthis's Chromatic Hoop) - 5 DS


Slot 3 DS:

Highest that can be cast on a warrior tank:
Spikecoat (Cast from Girdle of Living Thorns and Gleaming Bauble for a tank) - 4 DS

Other Slot 3 DS:

For the most part, Slot 3 is reserved for the druid and ranger self-buffs, but there are a few items that are castable by anyone with the Slot 3 effects.
For druids, the highest Slot 3 DS is:
Nettlecoat (DRU/68 - Self Only) - 17 DS

Other druid Slot 3 Spells
Brackencoat (DRU/64 - Self Only) - 13 DS
Bladecoat (RNG/63, DRU/56 - Self Only) - 6 DS
Thorncoat (RNG/60, DRU/49 - Self Only) - 5 DS
Bramblecoat (RNG/39, DRU/29 - Self Only) - 3 DS
Barbcoat (RNG/30, DRU/19) - 2 DS
Thistlecoat (RNG/15, DRU/9) - 1 DS

For rangers, it's:
Briarcoat (RNG/68 - Self Only) - 8 DS

Other ranger Slot 3 Spells
Bladecoat (RNG/63, DRU/56 - Self Only) - 6 DS
Thorncoat (RNG/60, DRU/49 - Self Only) - 5 DS
Bramblecoat (RNG/39, DRU/29) - 3 DS
Barbcoat (RNG/30, DRU/19) - 2 DS
Thistlecoat (RNG/15, DRU/9) - 1 DS

For warriors, there is also:
Bramblecoat (Cast from Bloodstained Burlap Cloak, Golem Spines, and Spined Chain Mail) - 3 DS

Bramblecoat is available for shaman on the Jaundiced Bone Breastplate and for Beastlords from their class-specific tunics (Bestial Tunic, Chestguard of Beast Mastery, Chestguard of the Beastlord, Savage Chestguard, Wild Lord's Tunic).


Slot 4 DS:

Highest Slot 4 DS:
Frost Guard (Cast from Pauldron of Dark Auspices) - 24 DS

Other Slot 4 DS:

For the most part, Slot 4 is reserved for spells cast from items, although there are still quite a few items that cast spells that take up other slots.

Spells from Items
Frost Shield (Cast from Cerulean Painted Veil) - 21 DS
Icicle Shield (Need item information) - 18 DS
Shield of Torment (Cast from Girdle of Intense Durability) - 15 DS
Shield of Pain (Cast from Puresteel Mantle) [Not to be confused with the Worn DS effect that used to be called Shield of Pain I through Shield of Pain X]- 10 DS
Icicle Aura (Cast from Bone Chill Shield, Cloak of Icy Shadows, Mantle of the Accused) - 6 DS
Thorny Shield (Cast from Cloak of Thorns, Crystallized Serpent Eye, and Ring of Thunderous Spirits) - 4 DS


Slot 6 DS:

Slot 6 is reserved for disciplines and self-only buffs for tanks and hybrids.

Highest Slot 6 DS:

For Shadow Knights:
Cloak of Discord (SHD/70 - Self Only) - 13 DS

Other Slot 6 DS:
Cloak of Luclin (SHD/65 - Self Only) - 10 DS
Cloak of the Akheva (SHD/60 - Self Only) - 5 DS


Slot 7 DS:

Slot 7 is reserved for the druid AA ability Wrath of the Wild. There are 3 ranks of this ability and there is a damage shield component to each. The damage shield lasts for a single hit only and the disc has a 4 minute recast time.

Highest Slot 7 DS:

For Druids:
Wrath of the Wild 3 - 650 DS

Other Slot 7 DS:
Wrath of the Wild 2 - 500 DS
Wrath of the Wild 1 - 350 DS


Slot 8 DS:

Slot 8 is reserved for the druid damage shield AA abilities. There are 3 ranks of each ability and they provide a group damage shield. The duration is 5 ticks with a 15 minute recast time. The AA cost for the Gates of Discord AA Spirit of the Wood is 4/3/2. The AA cost for the Omens of War AA Spirit of the Grove is 5 per level.

Highest Slot 8 DS:
Spirit of the Grove 3 - 70 DS

Other Slot 8 DS:
Spirit of the Grove 2 - 65 DS
Spirit of the Grove 1 - 60 DS
Spirit of the Wood 3 - 55 DS
Spirit of the Wood 2 - 40 DS
Spirit of the Wood 1 - 25 DS


Slot 12 DS:

Slot 12 is reserved for the magician burst damage shield. This spell lasts for 3 ticks and has a 13-second recast time.

Highest Slot 12 DS:
Pyrilen Skin - 420 DS


Slot 1 Reverse DS:

Reverse damage shields are cast on the mob and cause them to take damage whenever they hit something.

Highest Slot 1 Reverse DS:
Mark of the Righteous (CLR/65) - 34 (reverse) DS

Other Slot 1 Reverse DS:

Mark of Retribution (CLR/54) - 15 (reverse) DS

Burning Spasm (ROG/40) - 1 (reverse) DS

Spells from Items
Mark of Retaliation (Cast from Karn's Armplates of Retaliation) - 35 (reverse) DS
This can only be cast on the cleric wearing the arms. Since clerics don't normally tank on purpose, Il assumed we're looking for the highest DS that you can stack on the tank, so Il used Mark of the Righteous.


Worn DS:

There are also worn damage shields. The worn effect used to be 'Shield of Pain' followed by a roman numeral (i.e., Shield of Pain I through Shield of Pain IIX). When they changed Flowing Thought and Vengeance to be actual item attributes, they also changed the Shield of Pain to just show as 'Damage shield: +1' and so forth. Worn DS stacks with itself like Flowing Thought and Vengeance to a cap of 15.

Highest Worn Damage Shield:
Damage shield: +15 (On Tome of New Beginnings) - 15 DS

Other Worn Damage Shields:
Damage sheild: +12 (On Abhorrent Breastplate of Darkness) - 12 DS
Damage shield: +8 (On Talisman of Vah Kerrath) - 8 DS
Damage shield: +6 (On Wristband of Chaotic Warfare, Radiant Cut Citrine, Radiant Citrine of Minor Healing, Radiant Citrine of Minor Sight, Radiant Citrine of Pure Sundering, Radiant Citrine of Pure Haste, Radiant Citrine of Minor Dexterity) - 6 DS
Damage shield: +5 (On Shroud of Haunting Visions, Cape of Broken Sanity, Frozen Feratha Eye, Muramite Chain, Dragorn Scale Cloak, Blackened Pauldrons of Disruption, Polished Earring of Animosity, Dragorn Runemark, Aegies of Midnight, Shroud of Eternity, Stone-Worked Pauldrons, Reflective Orb of Energy, Enchanted Orb of Hardened Mud, Sharp-Edged Pearl Shard, Geomantic Compact Chanting Stone, Nightstone of the Vampire Slayer, Heart of the Beast, Azure Trinket of Despair, Bloodfire Cabochon) - 5 DS
Damage shield: +4 (On Crystal Shield of Remembrance, Icedrop Pearl, Brilliant Cut Citrine, Razor-Edged Shield of War, Weighted War Cloak, Cape of Woven Steel, & Ring of Celestial Harmony) - 4 DS
Damage shield: +3 (On Blue Flame Necklace, Petrified Bazu Bone, Tained Cloak of Treachery, Charmweaver's Mittens, & Stone of Portal Calling) - 3 DS
Damage shield: +2 (On Pyrilen Bloodrunes, Moonshadow Cloak, Thorny Stone of Bitterness, Black Scaled Cloak, Citrine of Minor Dexterity, Citrine, Earring of Sand Tides, Chiseled Steelsave Shield, Shard of Shrunken Bone, Sharp Gravestone Shard, and Gleaming Sandstone of Deflection) - 2 DS


Alternate Advancement DS:

Shadow Knight AA Ability:
Intense Hatred 5 - 15 DS

Intense Hatred is a GoD Alternate Ability that gives 3 DS per level. There are 5 levels at an AA cost of 3/6/9/12/15.

Ranger AA Ability:
Coat of Thistles 5 - 15 DS

Coat of Thistles is a GoD Alternate Ability that gives 3 DS per level. There are 5 levels at an AA cost of 3/6/9/12/15.

Magician AA Ability:
Fire Elemental Forms are listed under Slot 2 DS since they are Slot 2 for stacking purposes.


Using the highest Bard Song, Slot 1, Slot 2, Slot 3, Slot 4, Slot 6, reverse DS, and worn damage shield, the max damage you can do to a mob when it hits a warrior tank is:

113 + 58 + 62 + 33 + 4 + 24 + 34 + 15 = 343 DS

Druids can provide an additional burst damage shield using Slot 7 and Slot 8 and their AA abilities. The Slot 7 ability lasts for a single hit while the Slot 8 ability lasts 5 ticks. Now with Omens of War, magicians can add a Slot 12 damage shield that lasts for 3 ticks. The highest possible burst DS is:

650 + 70 + 420 = 1140 Burst Damage Shield

If you have a Shadow Knight tank, the max damage shield including their Slot 6 self-only spells and alternate advancement DS is:

113 + 58 + 62 + 33 + 4 + 24 + 13 + 34 + 15 + 15 = 371 DS

If you have a Ranger tank (Gar down!), they can get the following fairly sustainable damage shield including their Slot 3 self-only spells and AA abilities:

113 + 58 + 62 + 33 + 8 + 24 + 34 + 15 + 15 = 362 DS

All totals assume the tank is at the worn DS cap of 15.

May the unslowable mobs feel the pain...

Muse Calliopeia the Bardess

Mithaniel Marr

8/16/2004 - I made a number of corrections. I updated spells and items with the new stuff from Gates of Discord. I also added some corrections to the damage shield amounts since Lucy is reporting new numbers for Flameshield/Maelstrom of Ro and a few others. They may have changed for the pending level 70 increase in OOW. I also added the the Warrior discipline Barrier and the Druid AA Spirit of the Wood. I made the worn DS amount 15 in the totals since that is the cap AFAIK. Please post any updates or corrections in the Forums under Kazumi's Guide of Preservation.

8/17/2004 - Some lovely rangers at EQHunter.com brought it to my attention that they also get the DS AA ability like Shadow Knights and they can sorta tank too. I added a ranger DS listing.

8/20/2004 - Removed the Warrior Slot 6 Barrier Discipline since it never went live. Thanks, Steel Warrior folks! Does anyone else find it sad that the primary tank class in the game has a lower maximum possible DS than a ranger?

8/23/2004 - Added the ranger disc Wrath of the Wild. Thanks, EQHunter!

8/27/2004 - er, Wrath of Wild is a Druid AA! Thanks, rangers.

10/6/2004 - Updated for Omens of War. Please note that the total damage shields may appear to go down but that's because I moved the Spirit of the Wood/Grove spell to the Burst Damage Shield Category because it only lasts 5 ticks.

10/13/2004 - Added the mage burst DS and updated the recast time on SoTW. Thanks, Merlota and Panali."

Author Profile: Calliopeia the Bardess - - Mithaniel Marr
good hunting
# Apr 24 2005 at 10:47 PM Rating: Decent
58 posts
Which epic? The old epic is only a 1.8 multiplier. Without knowing all the info it is tough to determine exactly what goes into the total resist calculation.

There are several ways a bard can add to the power of their voice:

1. Other voice augment items - there are other items that will add more than the old epic.

2. The amplify song. There is an "amplify" song. Bards know about this, but for many classes, the ability of bards are a secret. The amplify song gives your singing skill stuff a good bump, but some things don't multiply and some do. Anyway, Amplify allows a bard to add to their singing skill - and it lasts for 30 seconds. But it takes 3 seconds to cast and it only adds to singing. So you don't play it when you are dotting because the dots are drum, brass, or lute (that I know of). Also suppose that it is questionable whether you want to play it - Do you want to delay other songs for amplify? If you are slowing, you want to get the slow out there - and the percent slow is not affected by amplify even though this is a voice song (if it were it would always be worth playing), although the other effects, like the AC debuff for the L51 slow/snare is: In that case, I use my /melody command as follows: say there are 3 songs, one is a singing song, and there are two others. Supposing that those songs are on 1, 2, and 3 and amplify is on 4.

/mel 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 4

If I get to the end of the melody I get a pulse of amp which will last for the next run through. It might allow 1, 2 and 3 to fall - or it might not.

3. Singing AA's. You can buy a permanent addition to the power of your voice. It comes in three levels.

4. The "Puretone Discipline".

If the bard had a better voice aug than 1.8, or has hit his disc or amp, then you would have seen more than the minimum.

The DS multiplies, according to the bard spreadsheet. When you are grouped with the tank on a raid to play him overhaste (which he can't get anywhere else, and he needs it to hold aggro better) and you are playing raid resist and raid regen, during the fight you might not be making that much mana, but the MT might get hit 300 times as the clerics use the rolling heals to keep him alive. It might be worth playing this instead of raid resist. This is why:

Killing the mob is done by removing hit points from the mob. Assumuing those 300 hits, adding 12 points to the MT's DS does 3600 points of damage. Adding 25 points (if it multiplies, and you have a epic, voice aug, AA, etc.) will do like 6000. At this point, you are being really helpful, and the resists and AC are always helpful.

Most people do not know all the things that bards can do, and even low level bards don't know them - there is a huge spreadsheet that is a labor of love that allows you to put in level, instruments and the like and it will calculate many things.

The spreadsheet indicates that "Amp" and "Puretone", a L60 Bard discipline also works on this song. It also indicates that I can do 33 points of DS with puretone on - and being able to add 33 points to the DS of the guy that the boss mob hits 300 times would be almost 10k hit points of damage. This is starting to become seriously significant on a long fight. (I'm talking about Grummus in PoD. We took a 12 group raid there. We killed him with no deaths on Grummus. We had deaths on other mobs because we were not 100% concentrating and had people go LD.) But the fight lasted longer than I thought was possible for a fight with that many people casting, dotting, stunning, and whaling.

I've had bards tell me, "During a melee, I just keep my dots going, I do 150 HP a tic with three dots."

If your group is not totally lame, 50% haste will be worth close to or more than that. That is two songs. 30% slow will be worth the rest because it will save your cleric that many heals and you won't have to stop the mob. Snaring it instead of rooting it means you don't have to fight it if it is less than 20% and fleeing, and it might keep the party from wiping if the mob can't run for help and start a train.

So I find it hard to imagine the group where you are not better off chanting haste, overhaste, and slow/snare during fights. Assuming that you are meleeing and not kiting.

Every now and then I kill ice giants for a couple hours - I like the plat and they are still light blue to me.

Even though it is just me and I am not a good melee, I can kill them faster fear kiting them and chanting my own haste than I can twisting 4 dots (at L58/59 - the disease, fire, poison, and the slightly weaker one for magic, with the Thunderous Drum of Karana.) Fear Kiting them and stabbing them in the ankle is faster. By at least 30 seconds per giant and frequently more like a minute. If I had a real tank in the group, they would be able to do even better.

And this is one of those other songs - if everyone has all the main haste that they can use, they might not have all the resists that they can use.
Brassband - Bard of Terris Thule
# Mar 26 2004 at 1:57 PM Rating: Decent
43 posts
was with a bard who had epic...when he sang this song my resists when from 105ihs to 475+
70 Monk
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