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If this is the warrior only ability /shield discussion. This is an invaluable asset for a warrior.

I have a hotkey set up that goes:
Line 1: /assist
Line 2: /shield
Line 3:
Line 4: /shield
Line 5: /assist (groupmates name)

Whenever the mob that I am tanking peals off of me and goes to the chanter/cleric/shaman, i hit this button.
It assists the mob, shields its target (for some reason having the blank line in line 3 makes it work), then it assists one of my groupmates, allowing me to target the mob again.

It has saved the life of so many casters and groupmates its not even funny.
No matter what we do as warriors, eventually cause of an early slow, or the mob not liking us getting heals, or resists from wizards,.. we are going to have aggro fly to a caster. And when you get into the Planes of power mobs, specifically tier 2 and further, that usually equals dead caster 50% of the time. Using this ability, you take half of the damage that that person would be getting, and you get the damage thrown onto you instead, pretty much throwing yourself in the way of their attacks, and giving them a much better chance at surviving the encounter.

What do you think would get you groups more,..
Having castes get aggro every now and then and getting triple hit for 350-500 per hit, until you get aggro back,..
or, as soon as they get aggro, you shield them, and they are only getting hit for about 175-250 per hit until you get aggro back.
There is a nice "Cleric_001 begins using Chitz as a Living Shield" message that comes out when you use it, so the casters see you are trying to protect them as well. Does alot for their morale to kno wyou are doing more then just hitting taunt to try to save em.

The ability recycles every 3 minutes, lasts for 8 seconds (up to 45 seconds with aa's), and if you are not using this /shield ability when in groups, you are not doing all that you can to ensure their survival.
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