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So far the consensus on the use of taunt is thus:

When attempting to max it out, just mash the button like crazy.

When using it to retain aggro, use only when necessary. I believe parsing has been done that shows that it puts your hate at the top of the list +1 so it should immediately grab aggro from whoever's got it. Most good tanks (warriors included, and I'm referring to the skill, not good tanking classes) will only taunt 3-4 times a battle. If you're mashing the button, what you're doing is decreasing your chances of being able to pull aggro off somebody else. Most of the time I can hold aggro with my SK through spells and bash aggro but if I lose it I just flip taunt on once and it pops right back. I usually taunt once per fight. I know with my 44 war I never had good luck taunting mobs off with the mash strategy.

I'm sure there's some underlying reason why you also don't want to mash it like crazy. My guess would be is that it lowers your aggro back to +1 of the next person on the list so you have a good chance of losing aggro again, but that's only speculation.

I have also seen instances where I regain aggro even though I failed taunt. That is possibly from bash though.

Hope this helps somebody.
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most of what you said should be very helpful to most.

However, i have a different strategy on the use of taunts. Taunt is an agro list mover (moves u to top of list +1). If you are already at top, then taunt does 1 agro point.

To maximize it's use, it is best to get agro spikes through the use of timing. Yes, it is wise to save it on some circumstances so as to take taunt back from an over-agroing groupie/raidmember. There is a better way to use it IMHO.

Taunt Spikes:
Immediately after taunt, a war can hit their throwstone, kick, bash, disarm, provoke-line disc. (either or all of them)
... since taunt is max agro +1, if a war or tank class isn't at top of list, they will be now as well as gain the agro from the listed skills (or others)

1. I believe taunt should be used in this manner to not only skill up and have maximum effectiveness, but also to always be ahead of the group in agro by a kick/bash/disarm/etc.
2. In warrior's cases the provoke line doesn't require to be skilled up, so i can be spamed as taunt but not necessarily. It can be used for an inc mob who is about 10-20 distance from u to "slide" the mob directly into the MT. Or to pull mob from an "overnuke" (provoke also usees endurance, so should be saved incase)
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I don't get it.
So you are saying to repeatedly hit taunt, and just follow it up with more taunting abilities and skills?

You are already at top. Why hit it again? just using the same skills and abilities will still keep you ahead.
You are already on top of the hate list. It has no benefit whatsoever to use it again unless you want 1 more hate point and ensure that your taunt isn't avaiable.

Yes, taunt is hate+1.
It takes hate+4 to turn the mob. Usually a taunt and a swing covers that.

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Let me see if I can break this down a little as to why you use taunt sparingly.

First let's cover the basics(very basic overview her coming so no smarty pants trying to show off please)...

All mobs (Mobile Objects...Just think monsters and non playing characters here) have something called a "hate list". Whoever is at the top of the hate list is the person the mob will attack. It is that simple.

When a mob is standing there and no one has attacked it or gotten into it's "agro range" (This just means got close enough for it to run after you just because it doesn't like you) etc then it's hate list is empty.

When someone walks to close to the mob and they are KOS(Kill On Sight...meaning they don't like you and will attack if they see you, even if you're just foraging around looking for some berries)...they are on the hate list.

When Someone walks up and attacks the mob....they are on the hate list.

If someone else walks up and does anything considered "beneficial" by the mob, to the person on it's hate list....well, they are on the hate list now too.

Different things players do to mobs or each other will have different values or get more or less "points" added to the monsters hate list.

For example, If I walk up to a KOS mob and just stand there...I will be on it's hate list but I will have VERY few(possibly on 1 point on its hate list). Now if while it's attacking me, someone else walks up and heals me...well guess what? They will be added to the hate list and will be HIGHER on it than me? Why? Well there are longer more in depth explanations but suffice it to say actively doing something is going to add more points to the hate list than just standing there being ugly.

So to sum that up ... some things add lots of points to hate list some very few. Now on to an example with some arbitrary numbers.

Let's say Warrior runs up to Monster and hit's it for 10 points of damage then runs back to his group with Monster hot on his heels.

When he gets back to his group we will say he is the only person on Monster's hate list and he has 10 points.

Now, let's say he beats on the monster for a while longer and everyone in the group is watching him in admiration for his skill and toughness. He has gotten quite a few more hate points now from all the damage he has done. He has 100 hate points.

Now, his health is getting low so Healer heals him.

Now Healer is in on Monster's hate list too! But it was a small heal and only added 50 points to the hate list, so Warrior is still at the top of the hate list and Monster is quite happy just beating Warrior and leaving Healer alone for the time being.

Now, Wizard sees that Warrior is getting all the glory and adoration. And he wants some too! So he casts a powerful spell on Monster that hurts Monster.

Now Wizard is on Monster's hate list and what a spell! He's got 80 points on the hate list! He's only 20 points behind Warrior!

So Warrior keeps swinging, and gets another 50 points on hate list and now has 150 points! Everything is going great! Healer heals him again and now has 100 points. But Wizard gets a little spell happy and casts his big power spell again and now he has 160 points on the hate list! Wizard is now at the top! Monster turns away now from Warrior and starts to beat on Wizard! But oh no!!! Wizard is wearing armor made out of Silk!!!!! It's not doing him much good and he is dying fast! What to do!?

Warrior hits Taunt and it is successful! Monster immediately turns away from Wizard and goes back to beating on Warrior and everything is good again.

But why?

Well, when Warrior realized that Wizard was at the top of the hate list and was dying quickly...Too quickly say to just keep hitting Monster and wait for his hate points to slowly get back to the top of the list!....he hit his Taunt button.

What Taunt did was look at the hate list and say "hmm, who is at the top and how many points do they have?" It saw that Wizard was at the top with 160 points. What did Taunt do then? It said " hmmm, OK...well that's not good! I know, I'll take Warrior's points up to 160 so he can be tied with Wizard...AND then I'll add one more point just to break the tie and put Warrior back at the top of the hate list!"

And that's just what it did. and everything was fine...until Wizard got bored and probably suffering from some blunt trauma to the head....cast his spell AGAIN!

OH boy! Warrior JUST got to the top of the list! He hasn't even been able to swing much! His hate points were at 161 from Taunt and then he got to swing a few more times and his points went up to 180...but Wizard cast that spell again and now his points are at 240!!! And Warrior can't use Taunt again for a few seconds! What will he do!

Well he has some other skills that he can very quickly use to try to get back up at the top! like say Throw Stone...that will give him Say 5 points! OK! up to 185. Then he can use Whirling Blade and that gives him 15 to up to 200! Looking better! Then he can use his Berate! and it adds 50! And he's up to 250! Yay! He's back at the top!

But oh no! Wizard...well, poor Wizard didn't last long enough. /mourn Wizard

So what could Warrior have done different besides not invite Wizard?

Well immediately after using Taunt the first time. He could have THEN used all the skills I just mentioned above to build a "buffer" between him and Wizard in the hate list!

Remember before Wizard cast that last spell Warrior was at 180 points and Wizard was at 160.

If Warrior has cast those abilities after Taunt then he would have been at 250 points when Wizard cast his spell(which remember only took him to 240 points on the hate list) and Wizard would have been OK.

So that begs the question, in some minds, "why not just keep hitting them all all the time?".

Well let's say Warrior is fighting again and everything is going great for him....he has 500 point on the hate list and the nearest person in the group only has 200 points and everything is great. Then Warrior gets stunned!!! nnd he can't attack for a 6 whole seconds! Well, by the time warrior gets to get back to swinging EVERYONE in group is higher on hate list than him!!! Silly group!

So without thinking he Throws stone, he Berates, he Whirling Blades, he bashes, and swings his swords and THEN he hits taunt! Well now he is back at the top again....with 501 points! All the other skills he use have been wasted. they added quite a bit to his points...but then he hit Taunt and it just took him to the top of the list by 1 point. And now he's used all his skills! He cant use them again for a WHILE! What is he going to do? Probably watch his party die and not know why and yell and scream at everyone else....because he didn't know what Taunt was and how it works.

But now YOU do!

I hope that helps any newbies either to game or to Taunting classes :)

Best of luck to you all!

Good hunting!

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Same here
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Yep, My taunt has maxed there as well. Don't think that it can go higher for Pally's. I'm 44 now and still sitting at 180 but works rather well. I know that warriors have no stun spells so it makes sense they can reach 200.

As for keeping aggro if stun and taunt ins't getting it done, my 1 hander has Planar Stun proc and that really pisses em off.
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180 Max??
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I am a 42 Paladin, and I OFTEN taunt, pretty much whenever I can, but it seems my taunt has stayed at 180 since level 35, when it first capped there. Is 180 the taunt max for Paladins?
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Hot button taunt
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To set up a button that does 3 of any ability is the same. Lines 1, 3, 5 are /doability (1-6 [Numbered left to right from 1 in upper left to 6 in lower right]depending on which slot you put your abilities on the abilities tab of your action menu) and lines 2 and 4 are /pause 50(or whatever length works for that skill) .
To test the length of the pause, hit the button and watch the ability in question on your abilities window. If the ability works 3 times with long pauses in between the time that the ability button releases and represses, decrease the pause number on your button. If the ability button only works 2 times with a long pause in between the release and the repress of that ability button, then increase the number on the pause line of your button (you attempted to do the ability before the button released and by the time it released you were into the second pause line). Also I find it best to leave a little extra time between release and repress to allow for lag and glitches. As a warrior when I group I prefer to have bash on a 3 press button (you can only have one 3 press button working at a time) and I save taunt for when I need it, but nothing beats the 3 bandage button while you're healing up. I also find it helpful to have the abilities menu visible. The new 3 ability button depresses only once at the very beginning and wont let you know when your 3 shots are finished, The ability in the abilities window will depress and release as if you were hitting that button. Hope this helps.
Taunt and charisma
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I have a 53 warrior with a taunt skill over 200 yet I still get frequent failures when I taunt. I was wondering if my charisma (low 60's) would have any effect on taunt. It seems that a glib tongue should help if you're trying to verbally abuse a mob. I know it's not a prime stat to focus on, but with the new radiant cut skyflow stones I could increase charisma without settling for lesser armour. I also think that being able to successfully taunt more often would make me a better addition to a group. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
3 Taunt
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Anyone know how to setup a hotbutton to taunt more then once, using the /pause ?
Taunt knowledge
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Taunt used to never skill up until you "primed it" by training at least one skill point with your guild master, this supposedly was fixed in a patch.

Taunt skill determines the percent chance that taunt will actually work when you use it and may also factor into how MUCH extra aggro you get from taunting. There may also be a minimum amount of added aggro from failed taunts although this is hard to test and may be negligable.

Taunt does not work every time you use it, this can be tested on MoBs such as splitpaw gnolls who give a message on a successful taunt but do not always give that message when you use the taunt skill on them. Pets however seem to either always succed with taunt skill or just not tell you they are taunting unless they succeed, again noticable with splitpaw gnolls.

Taunt skill is good to have maxed for every class who gets the skill this means its best to taunt whenever it is feasable and not only when it is needed ie at lower levels, when you solo and on occasion when you are not the main tank. You do not need to use taunt skill on experience MoBs to get skill so it is possible to get skillups by going to a newbie zone and taunting level 1 MoBs.

The cap for all classes who get taunt skill is level * 5 + 5 at lower levels and then it has a hard cap depending on your class such as 155 for rangers.
taunt up
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go to a green zone and find someone fighting and just taunt dont attack and you will help them and yourself a lot
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i think that what ur skill is in taunting that whenever u click it, it increases ur hate with that mob by whatever ur skill is. just my five coppers.
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every time i want to point a direction I end up just pushing somebody, often me, & shouting YEAH YOU!
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