Upon using this ability, you will be transported back to your starting city.
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starting city, or original rez point?
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Even though I'm a non-gating class, I've held off buying this AA since there's so many others I need and frankly a port to Cabilis isn't all that much better than (say) the port to Crescent Reach from Scepter of Draconic Calling. If I want to go to Cabilis (say, to turn in tribute items) I use Return Home at the start of the session.

But recently, the /charinfo command got changed so it reports TWO bind points, the one you go to via Gate or death, and... what's the second one? On my monk, it says Field of Bone. On my halfling druid it's Misty Thicket. I remember back when my monk was young, before I ever got rebound anywhere, on death I'd show up a little ways in front of the Cabilis gate in FoB. Is that where Origin would send me? That's actually noticeably closer to PoK than the monk's guild inside the city would be, and I might be willing to pony up 7 AAs for that.
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