Advanced Fury of Magic Mastery

This ability further increases your chance to score a critical hit with your direct damage spells.
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Casters beware!
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Let’s keep this simple.

"Balance is the key to succeed with everything we do in our lives"

All true Casters take note, PLZ. Although its nice to see those 7,8,9 or even 10k nukes (Smak`en that Arzz) land, its balance that lets you do it and NOT draw agro away from your Melee. Good formula to follow is this.
1. Wait until the Mob/Npc is bellow 80-85% before u start casting your dmg spells.
2. Never start your casting with your largest dmg spell.
3. Use your dmg over time spells for your 1st hit followed by your largest dmg spell.
4. Never chain cast. (Unless necessary) place your nuks about 10-15 sec. apart.

As a Mage (Orbieus of Cazic Thule 69) I have seen many of good grps go south because a "Triger happy, I have all my aa`s spent in critical hitting don’t know what im doing here fool" sends in the boom for 7k smak`a witch lands him/her agro. The Cleric being the loving Cleric sends off a HoT to save the fool only to find out its not going to do it so she follows it up with a quick heal. Now the Cleric has agro and dies... Hmmm.... kind a sounds familiar to ya doesn’t it. We have all been here.

Listen peeps, I’m not chewing on the leather here, I’m just passing on a little bit of knowledge. Let’s keep it fun for all is motto... TY ;-)

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you tell me
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what is going on here.
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