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Swimming Skill-ups
# Dec 03 2010 at 9:34 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi all,

I head out to Plane of Tranquility, huge Sea Area with no agro.
Not that you need a huge area since I use the "Swim in Circles" trick, but it's easy on the eyes than the PoK Fishing Pool and less likelyhood of being disturbed.

Trick 1
1) Get yourself a piece of Compartmented Trio Jewellery, may as well get a level suitable item as Gemmed up they are pretty good stats wise.

2) From a FIRE OPAL cut yourself a OVAL CUT FIRE OPAL will give you EFFECT: Enduring Breath (Worn)

Trick 2
In Windowed Mode, Hold down 2 arrow keys UP + RIGHT, keep then held down while you ALSO press ALT+TAB
This will switch you to another window, ALT-TAB back to EQ and you will be swimming in Circles.

The Cap is way up now from 200, my Level 50 ALT is now max skill 250 at Lvl 90 it's 400.

Also need to add it is very slow to skill-up, how SOE ever expect you to get it up simply by playing is beyond me.
In 6 hours my lvl 51 ALT has gone from just 216 to 234 / 255. It's a few days left swimming overnight and if SOE wanna be so petty as to ban me (you) fine, feeling like its time to move on anyway. As I believe the EULA states / is interpreted you cannot play AFK.
Not sure which Stat effects Swimming Skill-ups, presume it is Int / Wiz.
The big change now is that Swimming Skill is now needed for ACHIEVMENTS > GENERAL > SKILL > UTILITY PROFICIENCY
The Level 50 Proficiency needs a skill of 250/250


Lord Zycon
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All the best!

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# Aug 22 2008 at 12:23 AM Rating: Decent
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Go to the pond in PoK.

Put something heavy on your right arrow key and press numlock.

I recommend minimizing EQ or you might have a seizure.

Go do something fun for an hour and you'll be maxed out in skill.
# Dec 04 2008 at 11:18 AM Rating: Decent
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Yes true do go to the pond in PoK but.... I had 250 swimming an decided to max it so i jumped in. I hit num lock and put a giant gummy bear on the key board. I then went to sleep, but when i got up 8 hours later my swimming had only increased to 374/400. So yeah it works but it does take quite a while. And no he didn't stop at any point he was swimming in a complete circle. Just thought i would add!
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# Apr 25 2004 at 5:17 AM Rating: Excellent
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The common way of getting your swimming skill up, which I did by swimming into the wall in Felwithe, has since changed. In a recent patch you now swim into the wall then bounce back and stand up repeatedly, rather then keep swimming.
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# Apr 18 2008 at 11:04 AM Rating: Decent
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i've found that this doesn't happen if you swim down a foot or two. Just find where your air meter starts to move and move slightly above that. Of course the easiest thing to do is go kill Hadden for the Fishbone Earring and not worry about it. Just swim down to a corner and leave it overnight (preferrably somewhere safe like in PoK).
Piranahs BASH
# Aug 28 2003 at 11:46 PM Rating: Decent
i figured i could try these tricks in rivervale, since the catchy music is so relaxing... i went into a corner and hit autorun, and walked away.... came back.... hey thats nice.... im at my bind point, i check my log... after passing many, you are outta food and waters' i see a piranah hits you, piranah hits you, piranah hits you, piranah bashs you, piranah hits you, piranah hits you, you have died.... piranah couldnt have took out more than 2%... i tired again, but watched intently, piranah attacked again, he bashed me.... after i was bashed... i sank... i musta drowned, i guess autorun stops after u get bashed, just an FYI when looking for safe swimming place, dont pick places with piranahs
Easy in FP
# Aug 28 2003 at 11:30 PM Rating: Default
Near monk guild in Free Port, there is a waterway, with bridge to monk guild. Jump off bridge to the left, while crossing to go to the guild. There is a set of bars blocking the hole, put your head in the groove, start swimming. Leave there, no drifting, no drowning, and watch yer skill rise! Course you better not be KOS :-(
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My obsrevation
# Aug 03 2003 at 9:42 PM Rating: Decent
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From reading the posts here, I've gathered that the swimming skill will max out at 200, which is all I was looking for when I looked up the skill. Also, the main stat. for developing any skill is intelligence, (wisdom in some cases), but stamina is the governing stat. for more successful swimming by maintaining endurance and holding breath longer.

I know that it will help prevent your cast from being interupted if you stand with your back in a corner while a mob beats on you, so it makes sence to me that swimming into a corner is a good time to practice spell skills as well, as long as your not bobing much! (Thanks to Iteck's post for the tip)

By the time you get to lvl 10-20, you will probably know a few good places to swim safely. A stable corner with no risk of mobs or jumping over the corner is the best to just set the autorun and practice spells, or in my cast, look up the max for the skill. I like the pool next to The Hole zone in Paineel. It's quiet, no spam or anyone around to annoy with that treading sound, and no mobs. I got my lvl 9 wizzard swim skill from 3 to 45 in 20 minutes there with int. of 162. However, my 54 ranger with int. of 144 has been swimming for over an hour now! I started swimming with the skill at 182 and it's only 197 now. I decided to look up the skill max to see if I only had 3 points to go, or if I should just take a nap! =P

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Easy way to raise swim, or die?
# Jul 08 2003 at 7:38 PM Rating: Default
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Some of these posts are fine, if your not in deep water. You'd drown =(
Turrilet Bitterdagger of Twilight Crusaders
# Jun 03 2003 at 5:31 PM Rating: Decent
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when you are about 20 just go to bb and go to the water and just swim swim swim as if you were a fish it will rase your skill level
RE: swimming
# Aug 28 2003 at 12:51 AM Rating: Decent
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If your faction is fine, Felwithe is a safe place to up your swimming skill, as well.
Piny Honeybubble
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what stat?
# Feb 12 2003 at 9:14 PM Rating: Decent
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what stat is used in swimming skillup?
37-200 overnight
# Dec 22 2002 at 10:35 AM Rating: Good
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Ok this worked for me. I was waiting for Phinny to spawn in Kedge Keep. Kedge keep is an underwater zone.. but here is what I did.. I was at the zone.. (Agro free) Noone ever comes to this zone unless they are working on their epics.. So I was at the zone and I swam into a corner.. pressed num lock (auto run) and fell asleep waiting for the 12 hour Phinny spawn time to count down. By the time my alarm went off 10 hours later.. my skill was at 200.. It was great.. I got my raiding party ready.. went down and killed PHinny.. Epic piece didn't drop though.. But a few raids later.. I finally ripped out his spine and now time to rip out Trakanons guts.. Well thanks for listening.. Oh one last thing..there is a room full of fish close to the zone. if someone decides to come and hunt there.. which hardly happens. but if they do. they could pull a couple fishies to the zone.. they do hit hard and with quite a few you would be screwed by the time you got back. But it is usually non camped.. I have never seen anyone there unless for the raids on Phinny.. then the first room is usually killed or invis'd past..
RE: 37-200 overnight
# Jul 08 2003 at 8:54 PM Rating: Good
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Just as an addendum, this strat works in any zone, and I'm sure you could find MUCH safer places to skill up swimming than Kedge. Most town zones have a pool of water in them, Qeynos Temple of Life comes in to mind, try it out there.
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skill increase
# Dec 19 2002 at 1:28 PM Rating: Decent
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theres a pool of water in PoK, near the back left with two Barbarians doing a lil fishin, that has high edges and you can go there and auto run and wont pop out like it makes you in alot of other places. Worked for me

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Enduring Breath
# Aug 04 2002 at 3:57 AM Rating: Decent
Will your skill in swimming not go up if using Enduring Breath? I've been swimming under the spires of S.H. for about 30 minutes. I'm at 71 but no change.
The Imperial Consortium of Lowca
# Jun 20 2002 at 7:41 PM Rating: Decent
do Iksar's cap at 200? I am lvl 32 and my swimming won't go up anyhigher. I figured since I started with 100 more in the skill that it would cap higher then the other races. Is that true?
Troll Skald
#Veryboredude, Posted: Nov 19 2002 at 10:03 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) Nope, sorry. I haven't seen a skill yet that can go above 255, and I doubt Iksar swimming is one. No, I don't have this from Verant, but I'm pretty strongly sure on it. Swimming 200 seems to be a universal cap.
RE: Iksar???
# Jul 03 2002 at 9:40 AM Rating: Decent
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I think your max skill cap is the same as everyone else, you just get a starting bonus. I don't know if the lvl skill cap is the same cus I seem to remember my iksar SK getting a skill rise in swiming and he's only lvl 9 at the mo.
# May 24 2002 at 4:15 AM Rating: Decent
i have a skill of 157 now, is the trick with the docks still going to raise my skill, or do i actually have to move now?

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RE: question
# May 24 2002 at 9:21 AM Rating: Good
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I've got my skill to 200 using this method (although I did use the falling off the boat method to start off :).

My favourite place to practice in West Freeport. There are some small water filled ditches (one of them is by the monkís guild), which providing you are wood-elf size or larger size, you canít drown in.

If you are a caster, you can also practice your under-utilised casting skills while you are swimming as you donít move and so donít get spell interruptions.
swim be fun fun
# May 07 2002 at 8:32 PM Rating: Decent
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i too fell off the boat right at zone time from oot into bb so i have to swim all the way back to the dock a the very beginning of the oot luckily i had jaxan's jig of vigor to keep my stamina perfect if u do that your swimming willl get to at least 50 or so
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For Dark Elves
# Apr 23 2002 at 4:58 AM Rating: Decent
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To cap your swimming skills safely, Go to Neriak.
Go to the Neriak commons and head for "The Blind Fish"

Go downstairs and head to the window which has the under water view.

Click on autorun and go do laundry, eat, go shopping etc etc..
When you come back your skill should be capped with no danger of drowning.
# Apr 14 2002 at 3:06 PM Rating: Decent
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Oftentimes the Golden Maiden to Odus from Qeynos is buggy; swim when the shuttle doesn't move, to the front of the big boat & you'll be scooped up inside.
Some Diff
# Apr 14 2002 at 3:04 PM Rating: Decent
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Some places are MUCH harder to swim than others. I earned high skill in swimming in the cold of Halas & the wierdnesses of BlackBurrow. But the Kobold Warrens have this teeny tiny river that is terribly difficult to stay afloat in.
# Mar 01 2002 at 2:56 PM Rating: Good
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Wel, might as well be the first one to post...If you wanna up your swimming rather easily, find a dock and jump in, then hit the num lock key(keeps you walking or running without holding it down, in case you didn't know) and aim towards one of the posts or wall or anything you can't climb up onto and just sit there, very easy to get you past those first couple skill points.
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RE: Swimming
# Apr 03 2002 at 4:01 PM Rating: Good
190 posts
Or do like i did and accidentally fall off the boat as a newb and have to swim to the nearest island...i did that about 3 times hehe
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