Through mastery of illusions, enchanters are able to create a mirror of themselves to draw the attacks of enemies.
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Doppelganger (9 Ranks 3/6/9/7/9/12/7/9/12) is an instant-cast AA which shadowsteps the Enchanter (Doppelganger Recourse is the name of this aspect) while creating a simulacrum of Enchanter where the Enchanter stood. This pet is created with one additional point of aggro higher than the Enchanter who created and will attack the Enchanter's targeted mob (within 150' range). This ability cannot be used on player characters, even in PvP situations. The Doppelganger fights with melee only and cannot cast spells. For the first three ranks, the Doppelganger has 1000 hp/rank, the HP of subsequent ranks are unknown. At level four through seven, two doppelgangers are produced instead of one, not simultaneously, but in rapid succession, the second created within one tick of the first. Passive pet AAs apply to the Doppelganger, such as Extended Swarm, Sturdy Companion, Companion's Fury and Companion's Alacrity (qv). The normal reuse timer of this AA is 30 minutes, while Doppelganger's Beckon can shorten the reuse.
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The claim is in the description that it creates a duplicate to attract the attacks of your enemies. It doesn't do that. It creates a simulacrum, true, and shadowsteps you away a short distance. It does not, however, attract their aggro. The larger mobs will still find you and still beat on you. Even the smaller mobs, if you've made them angry enough, will still break off with the tank (and your doppelganger) and pursue you. It buys a small part of a second for the tank to reclaim aggro, and that's basically it. Can it save your life? If the tank can reclaim the aggro during the split second you shadowstep away, yes.

Subsequent levelling of this ability only increases the duration of the doppelganger (provided he isn't killed before the AA ends). It would be nice if it levelling this ability reduced the refresh time, or perhaps gave you additional doppelgangers, sort of the Enchanter version of the swarm pet. But you will always get one doppelganger, always be stuck with the same refresh time (I believe it's 30 minutes), but levelling will give you a longer lasting doppelganger.

The doppelganger cannot cast spells, but only melees, double hitting for about 25.

And before anyone dismisses the idea of a spell casting doppelganger as unreasonable, let me remind you that Necromancers can employ Wake The Dead on your dead carcass and have a spell-casting pet. If necros can create spell casting mobs out of corpses, then we should be able to have a caster AA pet, too.

I think there are many possibilities for improving this AA, and I think the benefits derived from levelling this ability are rip-offs.
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Get it
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Get this AA even if you only sink the first 3 points in it. It has saved my life countless times now.
I too
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with too now I have an ENC friend lv 65 but she STILL doesnt have it!!
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Info on Dop
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Any has leveled this ATM ?
RE: Info on Dop
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It makes for a good speed bump whilst charm kiting
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