Innate Agility

This ability raises your base Agility by 2 points for each ability level.
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AA Caps
# Feb 02 2015 at 11:18 AM Rating: Decent
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I show all the Innate caps have been raised from 5 to 15 for each ability. I myself have 8 in Int, and 7 in Agility.
I see getting an extra 5 points for each point spent after the intial 5, costing 3 AA's each
This works, but here are some thoughts
# Oct 19 2012 at 12:17 AM Rating: Decent
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The Innate (stat) abilities do indeed work, but there are some vital things to keep in mind to avoid ineffectively spending AAs.
1. The new defiant gear gives way more stats than older on level gear did.
2.Even with the AAs that raise your stats (such as Planar Power, Innate Enlightenment, Dreamlike (stat), etc) you will likely find that you will gain no benefit from these AAs.
3.Even with gear that grants heroic stats (barring, perhaps, raid gear) you still may find that you will gain no nenefit from these.

As an example: My 85 warrior main is equipped in mostly req. level 85 gear, has all the Planar Power AAs, some progression stat cap increases, and approxiamately 100 heroic stats from gear. I do not have the earthen stat increases, or the dreamlike ones (whichever two are available to an 85 character), which would give me an additional 75 to each stat. I have hardly any of these innate AAs. I think I have 3 of the innate stamina ones. Even with my heroic stats, I am well over 100 points of stat that are not being used. I will be taking the stat cap increase AAs (because those will be immediately beneficial) but I won't be taking any more of these innate AAs until I can get enough heroic gear (if it is even possible) to make them useable.

I would advise waiting for these AAs. They are cheap, and it wouldn't take too long to come back and max them out when they become more beneficial. I hope this helps others, especially the newer players coming to experience this timeless game.
Does not work
# Sep 04 2010 at 4:49 PM Rating: Decent
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BEWARE! THis AA does not work. I have spent several AAs and my AGI didn't raise at all.
Does not work
# Oct 11 2012 at 11:50 PM Rating: Decent
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You have to raise your cap with other AAs before you will see a raise in Agility. Agility is initially capped at 255. If you are at 255, this AA will not benefit you until you get some of the later stat ceiling increasing AAs. Do get this AA, just not right at away at level 51.

Edited, Oct 12th 2012 12:51am by Philliden
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