Lightning Reflexes

This ability further increases your chance of completely avoiding incoming melee damage. You may train in this ability once each level after reaching level 61.
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# Jul 25 2007 at 10:33 AM Rating: Decent
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I agree with you bout this being the best over innate defense SOE needs to imrpove the migation BADLY its seriosuly nerfed to hell and I have level 8 on my warrior at level 65 and Yet to really see the difference but level 8 lighnting really reduces the hots i have to toss on her while she tanks for me in bot. For any tank maxing these are a MUST if you dont max your freaking defense aa's then start a new character cause your the most retarded noob on this planet.
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The nameless.
This is GOD for all Classes!
# Oct 18 2003 at 12:28 AM Rating: Default
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Im sorry but this AA is so great all melees should hit this as soon as they have satisfied their need for underpowered Melee skills and other AAs that are nifty but not as everyday usefull as these little 15 AAs here. Im sorry but my paladin is in eh ok gear i guess but i used to be a punk until i maxed this AA now healers request me by name and some people wont accept hybrid tanks at all unless they have a few ranks in this skill.... Now the main reason for posting as i hope most melees already know to invest in this is CASTERS!!! I am talking with a healer or chanter in Grp about AAs and we are like yeah LR is great etc etc ... and like 9 outta 10 casters (mages and druids you know who you are 'others too but i think those 2 would benefit as they often do ghetto crowd control') are like LR whats that? Im always like omg you need to get this it saves lives the mitigation or avoidance rather far outpaces the similar AA line of Innate deffense which i have maxed also and do not find to be that impressive. While with LR 5 i have tanked named mobs that i have not even dreamed i could have with my average gear in the past. And xp mobs? man i hardly notice when a regular *non kriger mini named mob* is not slowed! Its a big jump in how much you get hit clerics and druids notice the diff in you big time. And caster can survive where they woudl normally get chewed to tissue paper in heart beat in time for a patch heal or 2... Well thats my rant agree disagree as you like ...

Berdilio 65th lvl Paladin on Mithaniel Marr
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