Divine Arbitration

Using this ability balances the health of your group such that all group members end up with the same amount of damage taken. The first rank does so at a 20 percent penalty to the average, the second rank does so at a 10 percent penalty, and the final rank does so at no penalty. You may train the ranks of this ability at or after levels 61, 63, and 65.
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divine arbration; saving the day since 2000
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this is an AA you can purches. you need 12 AA in regular spells and then 3 AA per level; but your probably want to buy the full strength AA all at once so consider it a 9 AA ability. It will even out the health of your team; healing those with lot of damage at the expense of hurting those with nearly full health.

I know many clerics that swear by this AA. Originally this AA didn't seem too strong since it didn't heal anyone; thus I still had to waste the mana and get the agro healing. The power of this is if something goes wrong and you see one toon is so low on health you can't possibly heal him quick enough this will raise that one toon health fast enough to get a remedy off on him.

this is good for situations when an toon you didn't expect to get agro somehow gets hurt fast, maby because of adds. it is also good for those times when you start a CHeal and then realize it just won't hit in time and you have to stop it to cast another spell (we have all been there; just hopefully not too often). when fighting a hard mob that hit too hard for CHeal and you are chaining regular heals and tank hp still going down you can heal tank for while use this and get back to healing with regular heals to keep him alive longer.

this works extreamly well with celestrail regain since that will heal everyone. Every time I click divine arb I immediatly consider using cel regain to heal the damage I just dished on everyone. While fighting a hard mob where I knew there was a risk of my going OOM I have let the tank get extrealy low on health, clicked this to raise his health to something like 76% (lots of melees with high hp in group) and then clicked cel regain. it was like a free half a CHeal at no extra cost.
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