This ability will allow you to strike everything in a small radius.
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There are two ranks of this AA now. It is a click it and forget it ability. It is instant cast, and strikes everything in the area around you one time each. I a not sure how many attacks the second rank allows, because it is level 86 and I am only level 85.:( It has a 10 minute cooldown base, but it can be reduced to 4 minutes through AAs. As a Warrior, I would advise taking this ability. Since the introduction of the scowl and bellow lines, and the Cyclone Blade-type line of abilities, it is not as vital, but it's free attacks. Free attacks that can crit, and can activate weapon procs. In addition, as a tank, Agro is obviously very important. Every hit matters. Also keep in mind what Taunt does, and you can see how this plays into it. Taunt is not like the Scowls and Bellows. Taunt does not carry any threat value. What it does, if it works, is move you up to just ahead (pretty much 1 point) of whoever is highest on the threat list. After that, you are on your own. Using this ability just after taunt works gives you a better chance of shooting yourself back up to a safer distance ahead of people.

Additionally, this is a good way to hit multiple monsters that are incoming. The Cyclone Blade-type line is better, but Rampage doesn't cost endurance, and it works well in conjunction with the Cyclone line.

I hope this helps.
How long does this effect last?
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This only tells you what the skill does.... I am wondering How long does it last? i have a 72 warrior and use rampage all the time but not sure if i see the effects... anyone know?
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