This ability gives you the ability to cast an extremely fast-casting, no mana cost evacuation or succor spell.
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Instant succor
# May 20 2008 at 8:40 AM Rating: Decent
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For any class that can purchase this AA, place this high on the priority list. If you are good at knowing when to bail out of a bad situation (hopefully not on someone's epic) you will be invited back to any group when you use this wisely. Refresh timer is just over one hour (can be lower if you purchase the AA to speed up the refresh timer).

Casting this is like a warrior taunt. Keep it as a hot key. It is your panic button. Press it and POOF - everyone in your group (works most of time but has been known to fail like a succor leaving someone behind) is at the succor point. Zero casting time. Zero mana needed.

You're able to cast this even before the idea of bailing out hits anyone. Can make you look like a true leader of a group or a true wimp when pressed pre-maturely.
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