This ability will cause all NPCs to forget about you. If you are out of immediate combat, this ability will also make you invisible similar to your hiding ability.
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And so you are saying that in the years that this site has been up with EQ that NOBODY has anything to add/say/comment/criticize about the skill ESCAPE? does it work, not work, good/bad skill, anything?
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Well, we haven't had Escape for all the time that the site has been up, and it's fairly straightforward. Press the button, etc.

Though you need to have attack off and if you're trying to escape from a see-invis or see-SoS mob, you'd best keep running... The mob will ignore you for a few moments after you hit Escape, but if you linger around it will aggro again.

I'm not sure how long the duration on the sneak/hide portion of Escape lasts...whether it has a duration or just until broken, but I would recommend resetting your manual sneak/hide as soon as you're in a safe spot to do so.

Also, Escape does -not- work in Plane of Fear, I've gave me a message of 'This ability does not work in this zone' or something similar. ....not pleasant.
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