This ability will reduce the damage that you take from falling.
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# Jun 07 2009 at 5:55 PM Rating: Decent
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This AA is really great for rogues!

I have a lvl 72 Rogue on Zek, and I've noticed that since I put 1 into this ability, whenever I encounter lava, such as lavastorm, lavaspinners, etc, I do not just fall in a pit of lava and freeze up. Oh no, On occassion (bout 1 in 3 odds) I jump out of the lava. It makes you hit the lava and bounce out, sometimes it'll keep bouncing until my toon is fully out of lava and on safe land.

The other thing I have noticed with this ability is that if I'm running across a steep hill, IE in Eastern Wastes (zoning in toward Kael Drakel) I don't touch the wall really. It gives me extra space under my toon's feet so that I neither fall nor slide. When I do slide, it's not just a scoot over fall off, it's more like slipping slowly, it's not as sudden.

Great AA to put into, really gives a Rogue more stability and it's funny to watch my rogue jump into a pit of lava and bounce out. Very funny!
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Lena craft
# Dec 25 2003 at 7:24 PM Rating: Excellent
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Is there a use for this skill besides being able to go a little bit higher on the Dreadland spires without fear of death?

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RE: Use?
# Feb 10 2004 at 6:51 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm a monster. rar! lol

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