Large Brick of Ore (Small Brick of Ore)  



EverQuest icon 3 x Small Brick of Ore - Crafted, Bought, Dropped
EverQuest icon 1 x Water Flask - Foraged, Crafted, Summoned, Bought, Quested, Dropped


Skill: Smithing
Innate Recipe
Trivial: 27
Class: ALL
Expansion: Original

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# Apr 02 2003 at 11:28 AM Rating: Default
Okay, this doesn't make much sense. I take 3 Small Pieces of Ore and combine in a Forge to make 1 Small Brick of Ore. But then I'm supposed to take a chisel and break it back down to 3 Small Pieces of Ore, just to combine them together again with a Flask of Water to make 3 Small Bricks of Ore?
Wouldn't it be easier to just get 9 Small Pieces of Ore and combine them (separately of course) with 3 Water Flasks and get 3 Small Bricks of Ore. Or is there a difference between the first Small Brick of Ore and the final product of 3 Small Brick of Ore?

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RE: Confused
# Apr 02 2003 at 1:18 PM Rating: Excellent
Well it is a little confusing as written here.

Summarized from EQTRADERS:

3 small pieces of ore + water = 1 small brick

1 small brick + 1 smithing chisel = 2 small pieces of ore

3 small bricks + water = 1 large brick

1 large brick + smithing chisel = 1 small brick

3 large bricks + water = 1 block

1 block + smithing chisel = 1 larger brick

So basically for most of these, there are two recipies, one combining multiple smaller sizes to make a bigger one, and one cutting a bigger piece down to a smaller one. And if you try to go back and forth between big and small sizes, you will lose ore in the process (I guess they end up as shavings under the forge).

You are correct in that you can combine 3 sets of 3 small pieces to make three small bricks, ten combine those small bricks into one large brick. Or, you can get a block and chisel it down to a large brick.
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