Here or Over There?  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Task
Quest Goal:
  • Experience
  • Loot
  • Money
Quest Items:
Related Quests:
Era:Ring of Scale
Group Size:Solo
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
Entered: Wed Nov 8 21:17:23 2017
Modified: Sat Jul 21 08:08:20 2018
This is the first of a tradeskill oriented quest line (6 quests total) introduced with the Ring of Scale expansion.

All Crestra's Earring combines require a minimum skill to attempt. For fishing this is 200. For the 202 trivial combines the minimum skill is 202. All other combines require a minimum skill of 300..

Crestra is an alaran located in The Overthere at +2392, +1778 on the docks.

You say, 'Hail, Crestra'

Crestra says, in Alaran, 'Oh! It's the adventurer _____. Before you try and kill me, I have a proposition for you. I only arrived here recently, and since you are obviously much more experienced and capable than I, would you [explore:Sure, I can decide if I want to kill you later. Where do you want me to explore?] this area for me? If you do I'll give you instruction on how to make an effective earring.'

You say, 'Sure, I can decide if I want to kill you later. Where do you want me to explore?'

Crestra says, 'In the end I will want you to explore this entire local area, but for now let's begin with this, uh, charming port city. Well, outside its walls. Don't kill anything inside these walls, it would cause too much trouble. I'm making a [gift] for my beloved, and I need a survey of the materials available for its creation. And so there is no deception, I happy to tell you why I, an [alaran], is here.'

You say, 'What is the nature of this gift?'

Crestra says, 'I want to make ali an earring. The best ever seen. And I want it to be exotic, using materials unknown to the vast majority of Alarans. Thus, I came here. But, though I am in no way defenseless, I'm not as skilled as many Norrathians. That is why I need a being like you. Are you willing to accept this [task:Yes I will accept this task.].'

You say, 'Why is an alaran away from your continent?'

Crestra says, 'Well, since the veil broke and you Norrathians came in, I decided we must also be able to go out. In honor of the great Oseka, savior of the Alarans, and sailor before alir ascension, I decided to venture out into the rest of this world. And well, I want to prepare a [gift] for my beloved.'

You say, 'Yes I will accept this task.'

You have been assigned the task 'Here or Over There?'.

Crestra says, 'Great. Kill one of each creature outside the walls. After they are dead, examine the remains for anything that might be useful in crafting in general, not simply for jewelry. When you are done with that, come back to me and we will discuss what you discovered.'

  • Kill one of each creature in the Overthere 0/7

    These steps will appear as you kill one of each creature :

  • Kill 1 Sabertooth 0/1 The Overthere
  • Kill 1 Chokidai 0/1 The Overthere
  • Kill 1 Cockatrice 0/1 The Overthere
  • Kill 1 Golem 0/1 The Overthere
  • Kill 1 Rhinoceros 0/1 The Overthere
  • Kill 1 Scorpikis 0/1 The Overthere
  • Kill 1 Succulent 0/1 The Overthere

  • Converse with Crestra about the [creatures] you killed.

    You say, 'creatures'

    Crestra says, 'Great, your reputation is well deserved. So tell me what you [killed]?'

    You say, 'Well, the interesting creatures I killed are Saber-tooth Tigers, Chokidai, Cockatrice, Golems, Rhinoceros, Scorpikis, Sarnak, and Succulent'

    Crestra says, 'Okay, tell me more about the [saber-tooth] Tigers.'

    You say, 'The pelt and canines are the most interesting features of a Saber-tooth tiger, but the meat might be interesting to some.'

    Crestra says, 'That may be a bit common though. So, what about [the chokidai]?'

    You say, 'You probably have not experienced anything like the chokidai. They are a hybrid of a draconic and a wolf. Quite interesting. The most useful items from them may be their scales, either from the body or their crest. They also have nice horns, claws, and teeth, though not as impressive as the cats.'

    Crestra says, 'Draconic. Dragons? Do dragons protect them? Be careful if they do. Horrible things dragons! But, you are correct, the scales sound interesting. Go on, tell me about the [cockatrice]'

    You say, 'The cockatrice are also a weird hybrid of sorts. They are giant flightless birds with more lizard traits than most avian. Their Feathers and beaks are probably all that is interesting, though perhaps their eyes if the rumors that they can petrify with a gaze stand true, though I experienced none of that.'

    Crestra says, 'But that's just a bird. Yeah a weird bird, but birds are common. Oh, don't think I don't appreciate your work, it's still helpful as an elimination point. So what about the [golems]?'

    You say, 'Golems are, of course, mostly stone and mud. Certain stones may be more enticing to observe than first look.'

    Crestra says, 'That is an interesting observation. Thank you. I've seen a few of the [rhinoceros] from the walls, they look impressive.'

    You say, 'I think we should leave the rhinoceros be. Many people put a false sense of usefulness to their horns. Really the horn is just a funky fingernail. And while their hide may have many uses, it is very thick for something like jewelry. They are better preserved to be mounts.'

    Crestra says, 'I can understand if you feel protective over the rhinoceros. I'm happy to leave them be. Tell me about the [scorpikai]. I don't think I've seen them at all.'

    You say, 'You probably haven't. The scorpikai stay in the chasm to the southeast. They are horrible amalgamations of a scorpion and an Iksar. They have a nice chitinous shell, large pincers, and venom.'

    Crestra says, 'That sounds horrible. But I may have to encounter them anyway. We'll see. And do your plants move here? The [succulents]?'

    You say, 'Magic has a way of affecting everything. The succulents are not really sentient, and rather edible, if you can get around the spines. Their flowers and pollen may also be useful. Perhaps pressed and preserved in resin?'

    Crestra says, 'Norrath is an amazing place. Now the [Sarnak] are definitely an intelligent species. Are they a problem?'

    You say, 'Well, the Sarnak are not particularly friendly. They of course have equipment and like many people here on Kunark, are scaled. I did notice the Sarnak near a broken statue had some interesting stone from the statue.'

    Crestra says, 'Great. Thank you for that summary. I think I know what to do with this information. With it, I can instruct you on how to make a [simple earring].'

    You say, 'How do I make a simple earring?'

    You have learned the recipe Crestra 's Simple Earring!

    Your task 'Here or Over There?' has been updated.

    Crestra says, 'Well, simple is a descriptive term, not an indication of the skill you must have to make the earring. Assemble a [chokidai scale earring mount], [golem pebble bead], [hardened Scorpikis venom bead], [succulent spine earring stem], [aged sebilisian marble bead], and [polished sebilisian marble bead] with a raw conflagrant diamond.'

    You say, 'How do I create a chokidai scale earring mount?'

    Crestra says, 'Using the tool inherent to a tackle box or a fly making table and sculpting Tools, shape the scale so jewelry can be mounted on it.'

    You say, 'How do I create a golem pebble bead?'

    Crestra says, 'Use a pottery wheel as a centrifuge to help separate the silt from the pebbles, and then the sculpting tools to bore a hole in one of the nuggets.'

    You say, ' a hardened Scorpikis venom bead sounds interesting. How do I make it?'

    Crestra says, 'This sounds odd, but use an oven to bake down the venom until it turns into a nice green bead. Baking spirits will combine with the water and give it a lower evaporation point to help the process along.'

    You say, 'What is the method to make a succulent spine earring stem?'

    Crestra says, 'With your fletching tools and a whittling blade, form yourself a an earring stem from the spines.'

    You say, 'I'm not sure what the aged sebilisian marble bead is. Please explain.'

    Crestra says, 'Check around the statue you mentioned for some loose marble. Then using baking spirits and the evaporator of a brew barrel to clean the pebble.'

    You say, ' Does the polished sebilisian marble bead need any additional treatment?'

    Crestra says, 'Carefully use ink of tranquility and ink of the Nameless to highlight the veins in the marble already polished by sarnak hands.'

  • Collect 1 Sea Salt Impregnated Chokidai Scale(s) 0/1 The Overthere
  • Collect 1 Golem Mud(s) 0/1 The Overthere
  • Collect 1 Scorpikus Venom(s) 0/1 The Overthere
  • Collect 1 Succulent Spine(s) 0/1 The Overthere
  • Collect 1 Polished Sebilisian Marble(s) 0/1 The Overthere
  • Collect 1 Aged Sebilisian Marble(s) 0/1 The Overthere
  • Collect 1 Conflagrant Duamond(s) 0/1 The Overthere

    It has been reported that you can be given these drops and it will update these task steps.

    Scales drop off chokidais, muds off golems, venoms off scorpiki, spines off succulents.

    Aged Sebilisian Marble is a ground spawn on the top of the broken statue surrounded by sarnaks at loc -109, -1721, +71.

    Polished Sebilisian Marble is a common drop off sarnaks near that statue, and less common from other sarnaks in zone.

    Conflagrant Diamond is a zonewide rare drop, more frequent from nameds.

  • Create 1 Crestra's Simple Earring using tradeskills 0/1 ALL

    In a tackle box or a fly making table, combine 1 Sea Salt Impregnated Chokidai Scale + 1 Sculpting Tools to make 1 Chokidai Scale Earring Mount (trivial 348).

    In a pottery wheel, combine 1 Golem Mud + 1 Sculpting Tools to make 1 Golem Pebble Bead (trivial 423).

    In an oven, combine 1 Scorpikus Venom + 1 Baking Spirits to make 1 Hardened Scorpikus Venom Bead (trivial 423).

    In a fletching kit, combine 1 Succulent Spines + 1 Whittling Blade to make 1 Succulent Spine Earring Stem (trivial 423).

    In a brew barrel, combine 1 Aged Sebilisian Marble + 1 Baking Spirits to make 1 Aged Sebilisian Marble Bead (trivial 423).

    In a research kit, combine 1 Polished Sebilisian Marble + 1 Ink of the Nameless + 1 Ink of Tranquility to make 1 Polished Sebilisian Marble Bead (trivial 423).

    Finally, in a jewelry kit, combine 1 Chokidai Scale Earring Mount + 1 Golem Pebble Bead + 1 Hardened Scorpikus Venom Bead + 1 Succulent Spine Earring Stem + 1 Aged Sebilisian Marble Bead + 1 Polished Sebilisian Marble Bead + 1 Conflagrant Diamond to make 1 Crestra's Simple Earring (trivial 466). This recipe is NOT a no fail recipe.

    Note: Crestra gave you the earring recipe earlier. Failing the final combine produces 1 Crushed Conflagrant Diamond.

  • Deliver 1 Crestra's Simple Earring to Crestra 0/1 The Overthere

    Crestra appreciates the assistance and would like you to gather information about Skyfire next.

    Crestra says, 'While this is great work, I think there is more we can do. I hope you don't find anything useful in the next region because I barely want to think about it. Are you willing to continue to assist me and scout in [Skyfire]?'

    212 platinum 5 gold
    You gain experience!
    Crestra's Simple Earring

    This unlocks the next quest in line, Details of the Sky.
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    Gathering Components
    # Feb 11 2018 at 8:30 PM Rating: Good
    278 posts
    Pre-looted items cannot be teased into counting for part two of the quest.

    I had three pieces pre-looted. I tried putting into trade window with mercenary and cancelling. I tried dropping on ground and picking up. I tried completing a trade with a friend and then receiving item back. None worked.

    Conclusion: The patch note relating to the quest that item became no-trade applies in part to these elemental item components -- tradable but do not count.
    Gathering Components
    # Apr 29 2018 at 4:59 PM Rating: Decent
    3 posts
    Hand them to a pet. Instantly returns them with the update.
    Gathering Components
    # Feb 20 2018 at 2:17 AM Rating: Decent
    60 posts
    This does work. The trick is that someone must give you the items while you are in the Over There.
    Gathering Components
    # Feb 12 2018 at 3:34 PM Rating: Decent
    5 posts
    worked for me by buying them of a NPC trader, got update that way
    Gathering Components
    # Feb 14 2018 at 9:49 AM Rating: Good
    278 posts
    Tried the bazaar trader method. Gave my item to friend. Bought it back in face to face purchase in Bazaar. Did not tick off in task. Retried as a remote purchase with delivery by parcel. Did not tick off in task.
    Using a Draught of the Craftsman
    # Jan 06 2018 at 7:06 PM Rating: Decent
    17 posts
    also important to note that using a draught will not prevent the final combine from using the diamond.
    I know it says not no-fail but just as an FYI

    ETA: it returned a conflagrant diamond as well as crushed conflagrant diamond. Im not sure that it returns this everytime. Would need to verify.

    Edited, Jan 6th 2018 8:10pm by pureangel28
    Wonder if No Fail Combine
    # Dec 22 2017 at 9:46 PM Rating: Decent
    65 posts
    that's a lot of work, not to difficult, will let you know soon though
    Wonder if No Fail Combine
    # Dec 22 2017 at 10:23 PM Rating: Decent
    65 posts
    sigh! yep you can fail
    Collect includes Given
    # Dec 22 2017 at 12:59 PM Rating: Decent
    109 posts
    You can give extra drops to people and it will update their collect tasks.
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