What Makes a Scorpiki?  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Quest
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Loot
  • Money
Related Creatures:
Related Quests:
Era:Ring of Scale
Group Size:Group
Min. # of Players:1
Max. # of Players:6
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Pre Requisite Quests: Testing the Waters and For My Information.

Seek out Krama Alaeus in The Overthere in the outpost just inside and to the left as your heading in. At /loc +1425, +1274, +1.

This is a shared task.

Krama has asked you to help her learn about the scorpiki.

You receive Ancient Iksar Message.

  1. See if the ancient message can be used to convince one of the combine enchanters to disguise you as an ancient iksar. 0/1 (The Overthere)

  2. Task Window Says: Talk to the Combine spell casters to find one that can cast an illusion on you so you can look like an old iksar merchant. Krama figures that is they dealt with merchants back then, maybe they will now.

    Find an indagator materia salus that roams the southern wall of the city inside and hand in the Ancient Iksar Message. This seems to only work for the person who requested the quest however and doesn't work for other people in the shared quest. Let us know if this step actually involves something else for other people in the group.

  3. Use your illusion to learn something. 0/1 (The Overthere)

  4. Task Window Says: See if you can speak with the scorpiki with this illusion.

    From the previous step, if you got the iksar illusion cast on you, head down in the valley where all the scorpiki are. I got the update for this step near the entrance of the tunnel leading to Howling Stones.

    If you die with the illusion on you can go back to an indagator materia salus and say restore to get a new illusion cast on you.

  5. See if you can find these Manus and learn something about them. 0/1 (The Overthere)

  6. Task Window Says: Find out about these Manus scorpiki that the exiled scorpiki mentioned.

    Even when you have the illusion, there are some mobs that are KoS to you in the valley so be careful.

    Visit the eastern temple in the valley and say Manus to the scorpiki until the task updates.

  7. See if you can learn something about the Tarsus. 0/1 (The Overthere)

  8. Task Window Says: It seems that there are several clans or tribes of scorpiki. See if you can find the ones called Tarsus.

    Say Tarsus to scorpiki down in the valley until the task updates. Is this in a particular area?

  9. Defeat the monstrous scorpiki the Tarsus talked about. 0/1 (The Overthere)

  10. It spawns out of the valley up top and should be roaming northeast of the valley. Kill it.

    Once dead, everyone in the group will be given a Massive Scorpiki Tail.

  11. Give the massive scorpiki tail you harvested to the Tarsus. 0/1 (The Overthere)

  12. Task Window Says: Blank

    In the western temple in the valley, someone in the group give the tail to one of the scorpiki. (Which scorpiki?)

    You have been given: Sacred Scorpiki Scroll

  13. Show the scroll to Karama. 0/1 (The Overthere)

  14. Task Window Says: Open the scroll and read it. Maybe Karama can understand the writing. Try giving it to her.

    1 person in the group give Krama Alaeus the Sacred Scorpiki Scroll.

    Krama Alaeus says, 'Interesting! I'm afraid I'm no great scholar, especially not in things related to ancient iksar. Maybe you can find someone that is an expert. Perhaps some iksar scholar someplace.'

    You have been given: Sacred Scorpiki Scroll

  15. Find someone that can read the scroll. 0/1 (ALL)

  16. Task Window Says: ???

    In Plane of Knowledge, hand in Sacred Scorpiki Scroll to Scholar Klaz over by all the Research vendors near the small bank.

    Scholar Klaz says 'What is this? He opens the scroll with great care. 'I Haven't seen anything this old since someone brought me...wait...this handwriting looks familiar.' Klaz pulls a thin book from his robes. 'This is a [treasure] recently given to me by an adventurer.' He opens it and holds it up next to the scroll.'

  17. Speak with Krama about what you have found out about Atrebe and the scorpiki. 0/1 (The Overthere)

  18. Task Window Says: Blank.

    Hail Krama Alaeus in The Overthere outpost.

  19. See if you can learn something about the Aculeus. 0/1 (The Overthere)

  20. Task Windows Says: See if you can find the Aculeus mentioned in the scroll. It seems logical that they would hold the largest temple.

    To get the iksar illusion again say restore to an indagator materia salus roaming the south wall of the outpost.

    Then head to the Howling Stones area in the valley. Go into the tunnel and go straight all the way back and to the east end room. Hail one of the scorpikis with your illusion on. It should update the task.

  21. Defeat the sorcerous scorpiki. 0/1 (The Overthere)

  22. Task Window Says: ???

    a sorcerous scorpiki spawns near the entrance. Kill it.

    It casts Poisonous Cloud. PB AE that does 95959 damage and 4500 mana drain every 6 seconds for up to 24 seconds. Also has a 35% chance to interrupt spell casting every 6 seconds.

    Other scorpiki will not assist in the fight as long as you have the illusion on.

  23. Speak with Krama about the sorcerous scorpiki. 0/1 (The Overthere)

  24. You say. 'Hail, Krama Alaeus'

    Krama Alaeus says, 'Well, that's interesting. So it seems they have learned a lot since being created and subjugated to Atrebe. If one of them has learned some powerful magic, then I wonder what is next for them? I thank you for what you have taught me, but I don't think we should continue this line of research. More tampering will undoubtedly cause harm to their community.'

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