Raid Expedition: Atrebe Sathir  

Quest Started By:Description:
Maximum Level:110
Monster Mission:No
Can Be Shrouded?:No
Quest Type:Expedition
Quest Goal:
  • Advancement
  • Experience
  • Loot
  • Money
Success Lockout Timer: 108:00:00
Quest Items:
Related Zones:
Related Creatures:
Era:Empires of Kunark
Group Size:Raid
Appropriate Classes:
  • All
Appropriate Races:
  • All
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Say large force to Praetor Tellik in Gates of Kor-Sha to trigger the raid.

Say ready to enter the raid instance.

This event occurs in Kor-Sha Laboratory: Assault on Atrebe after defeating the Ancient Dragon, and mostly takes place in the northeastern end of the zone, in the open room with the crater and floating island. Late in the event, you will also need a few people in the colored portal room west of the Ancient Dragon event, but more on that later. The crater has a floating rift bubble that covers a large area, and will fling you to the south if you get too close. All aggressive mobs originate from the floating island. The mobs will take the teleport pad to come down to you, or they may warp directly down to you if you get on aggro too early by being too close to the island.

a servant says, 'You are expected. Invaders like you would have to come, sooner or later. The king asks you to leave, right now. He will [not] ask twice.'
You say, 'not'
a servant says, 'Your decision is predictably foolish.'
Atrebe, the Lost King shouts, in Lizardman, 'So, you have come. I have heard about strangers, invaders, that came to our homeland like an insect swarm while I was, otherwise disposed. You were not responsible for the fall of my people, the people I was born to, but you finished what others started. You came here and ground your heels into what remained of them. Some of them you even turned from their own people and made into your servants. They stand alongside you as allies against me, their true king. This I cannot abide.'
Atrebe, the Lost King shouts, in Lizardman, 'I have lived longer than you know and I have dominion over things you will never understand. My children have outpaced you and they will help me restore the empire.'

Atrebe himself cannot be fought directly, but he will cast spells to interfere with the raid. He will pick random targets to cast Deathly Touch (multiple versions, 135K-235K DD and 50-70% snare) or Forced Displacement (a shadowstep) on. Atrebe will also pick a random target to cast Weathering Blast at (multiple versions, small range AE 65K-125K DoT that also slows melee 20-45%, slows spellcasting 10-30%, and caps HPs/mana at 90-80%). Weathering Blast is cast every 75 seconds and comes with a 10 second warning.
Atrebe appears next to you and drains away your life just before he teleports away. Deathly Touch hit.
Power flows from Atrebe and makes you feel queasy. Forced Displacement hit.
It is time to show you just a fraction of my real power, Yourname. Weathering Blast warning.
You feel weak and tired. Weathering Blast hit.
Once the event is triggered, a timer is started. An event-wide AE fires every 70 seconds. The effect starts off using the Weak Siphon Pulse spell (massive range 145K AE that saps 4200 mana and 1200 endurance), but the spell upgrades every 5 minutes. Eventually the effect will use Moderate Siphon Pulse (160K/4200/1200), Siphon Pulse (185K/5200/1700), Powerful Siphon Pulse (205K/6200/3200), Ultimate Siphon Pulse (225K/9200/7200), and Final Siphon Pulse (255K/18K/12K).
A pulse of strange energy assaults you. Siphon Pulse hit.
The siphon pulls energy from another reality, growing stronger even as Atrebe takes that power for himself. Siphon Pulse, Deathly Touch, and Weathering Blast powered up.

The event begins with a staggered wave of 7 shissar remnants. The shissar are simple trash, they do nothing special. Do not kill any of the shissar until all 7 are on aggro and engaged with the raid, or else the event will reset.
Atrebe, the Lost King shouts, 'Defeating those feeble old corpses is no accomplishment. Let us see how strong you really are.'
Now you will have to deal with a staggered wave of 7 ancient iksar. As with the shissar, do not kill any until all 7 are engaged with the raid or the event may reset. Killing an iksar causes a “corpse” mob to fall to the ground, and triggers the activation of haulers. One hauler per “corpse,” up to a max of 4 at once, will come to attempt retrieval of the corpses and drag the corpses back through the teleport pad to the island. Haulers can be attacked, affected by forced movement abilities, and will drop 3 portal key fragments when slain. Haulers briefly become aggressive at low health. The key fragments allow travel to the floating island; without the fragments, the island will reject you even if you manage to get there by some means other than the teleport pad (such as levitation or a Steamjet Pack).
a hauler briefly panics for fear of being unable to perform its tasks and starts attacking wildly.
If you kill a hauler before allowing it to retrieve a corpse, another hauler will spawn and continue to attempt corpse recovery. If you kill a hauler after allowing it to pick up the corpse but before it returns to the floating island, that hauler is done and will not respawn. If you allow a hauler to complete its mission, Atrebe will reanimate the corpse as a skeleton; this can happen up to 7 times, one for each iksar corpse. The skeletons use the Bone Curse spell like all other skeletons in the EoK expansion, and they also leave a “corpse” which haulers will attempt to retrieve. Skeleton corpses can be reanimated by Atrebe as jagged bone dervishes, which can also cast the Bone Curse spell and spawn up to 7 times.

Atrebe, the Lost King shouts, 'So you resort to killing innocent helpers? That only proves your weakness. It is time to end this. Meet my child Garssilor.'
The death of the first hauler triggers the spawn of Garssilor, Cinderscale at the location of the slave that started the raid. Garssilor spam-casts Burning Scales (a 12K damage shield) every 5 seconds, Gust of Atrebe (a 55K directional AE DD that saps 9K mana and 6500 endurance) every 20 seconds, and Aura of the Kar`Zok (a PB AE 45K DoT that also drains 4500 mana per tick and reduces incoming healing by 60-80%) at random intervals. The Gust of Atrebe and Aura of the Kar`Zok can be ignored by anybody who has completed the Essence of the Dragon I (Group) achievement. The Burning Scales buff can be removed with any priest reverse-DS. Garssilor also flurries and has full damage area rampages.
Once Garssilor is active, a timer starts. Every 65 seconds, the rift bubble erupts into a flaming aura that fills some of the crater and uses the Gathering Flames spell (multiple versions ranging from 165K-210K damage). The center of the aura is safe from damage, and players must be in it to force the aura to collapse. If the aura is not closed within 25 seconds (because it was ignored or not enough players are present), it will grow stronger, increasing in size and damage every 30 seconds thereafter until it eventually covers the entire raid event. If the aura has grown, it will require more players in the eye of the firestorm to collapse the aura.
Garssilor shouts, 'It's time to make you all burn!' The first-stage aura is active.
The sphere of flame grows larger and hotter. The aura is stronger, and needs more people.
As you enter the core of the rift, you feel its power cling to you and protect you, and the flames burning outside grow slightly weaker. In the safe zone at the center of the aura.
The power of the rift bubble flings you back. The aura is not active, and you cannot remain near the rift bubble.

At this point, you should have access to the floating island for about 2 groups of people with portal key fragments looted from the haulers, while Garssilor is offtanked. On the island, you will find 2 skorpikis model guardians. These do not do anything special, but must be defeated to target the dervish model power siphon. Destroy the dervish to stop the power siphon from blasting the raid and prevent Atrebe’s spells from powering up any further.
As the power of the energy siphon fades, you see that Garssilor looks vulnerable.

As you beat down Garssilor, Atrebe will summon skeletal reinforcements at 70%, 60%, 45%, 30%, and 10%. The skeletons have colors that determine an additional ability that they use. Azure plaguebones buff themselves with Frozen Bones (a 4600 point damage shield), carmine plaguebones cast Plagueburn (a 205K DD) on their target, emerald plaguebones cast Grasp of Bones (an AE root) on their target, golden plaguebones cast Bone Plague (a short range viral 139K DoT) on their target, and violet plaguebones cast Gravegust (a knockup/knockback) on their target. All plaguebones additionally buff themselves with Armor of the Ghostly (mitigate 90% of melee damage and 80% chance to reflect spells for up to 80% damage). Plaguebones are vulnerable to Decapitation.
Atrebe shouts, 'So, let's see if you can find the proper way to control THESE spirits!' Skeletons incoming.

Atrebe is hinting that there is a way to deal with the skeletons. The room with colored portals, west of the Ancient Dragon event, will spawn a colored spirit that matches the current wave of skeletons. The spirit is rooted in place and does not summon, but will fight back. The spirit is vulnerable to 1 of 3 possible types of crowd control: root, mez, or charm. Using the correct type of CC causes massive damage to the spirit and a successful emote. Kill the spirit and click the colored platform the spirit was standing in front of to transfer the spirit’s vulnerability to the skeletons back at the main event. The skeletons will now have their Armor of the Ghostly buff stripped and take massive damage from the correct type of CC. Spirits and their skeletons are not always vulnerable to the same type of CC (ex: azure plaguebones are not always weak against root). It’s also important to note that experimenting on skeletons or attempting to use the wrong type of CC can have drastic consequences. The skeletons can cast Reflected Charm, Reflected Enthrall, and Reflected Root (all are AE around the target), so you can accidentally mez or charm half of your raid.
Your attempt to control the ghost's mind works breifly, making it and its linked skeletons vulnerable. Charm success.
Your attempt to befuddle the ghost's mind works breifly, making it and its linked skeletons vulnerable. Mez success.
Your attempt to stop the ghost's movement works breifly, making it and its linked skeletons vulnerable. Root success.
By transfering to the broken cavern the magic link from the colorful spirit transfers through the colored portal to the skeletons, who grow weaker because their spirit is weaker. Spirit vulnerability found, spirit defeated, and colored platform clicked.

It is possible to trigger another wave of plaguebones before you have finished dealing with the previous wave. Garssilor’s health will lock at 1% until all plaguebones have been defeated. Finish off Garssilor to complete the event.

Each player earns 10 Ancient Sebilisian Coins and 1 Seal of Charasis on a win.

The chest drops 2 pieces of Amorphous Velazul armor, 2-4 pieces of other loot, 3-5 Runes of Kunark for Rk. III spells, 2 Ancient Sebilisian Coins, 2 Seal of the Kar`Zok, and a chance for 1 Element of Kunark. "Other loot" includes:
Circle of the Kar`Zok
Dragon’s Honor
Eye of the Archmage
Hammered Band
Hero’s Band
Planebender’s Ring
Ring of Blaze
Staff of the Dragoon
Targalon, Dragon Slayer

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